7 Free and Best Shopify Countdown Timer APPS

You’ve probably read our Shopify Review. It is clear that Shopify places a lot of emphasis on apps. Visual cues like Countdown Timers are one of the reasons eCommerce sites sell so well.

Countdowns can refer to 2 things:

The beginning or the end.

It could be the start/end of a sale or discount, or the launching of a new product, or the introduction to the market of a new idea or concept.

A countdown basically introduces an emergency that spurs the user to action. The countdown also triggers subconscious awareness, as the human mind is sensitive towards the time that has passed.

You can call it a sleazy tactic for cornering customers, but stock is not going to go away by itself. Now you understand the psychology. Let’s now see which shopify apps are best.

Countdown Sales Timer

Name could not be more obvious. The Countdown Sales Timer does exactly as it says. You can use it with multiple themes, such as Flash Sales, Winter Sales or Christmas Sales.

The dials can be customized to fit your site’s design. You can also use the performance monitor to track all clicks and views in order to determine how effective your countdown strategy is.

Let’s now get to the price. There are 2 options:

  • The Basic Plan allows you to publish one timer at once and has 6 themes available
  • The Premium Plan gives you unlimited timers, 17 themes, advanced targeting, performance tracking, advanced target, and many other benefits.

Cart Timer

Cart Timer allows you to set expiry dates for hours, days or even years. You can also use Cart Timer to get coupon codes, custom text/button next to the timer and redirect a message when the countdown ends.

Cart Timer offers POWR, which you can use for creating your own custom timer that you can add to any website. You can contact them for help with any questions, tips, or to resolve grievances.

There are 4 pricing tiers available:

  • Although the Free Plan is ideal for setting up simple countdowns, it does not have many essential features.
  • The Starter Plan is $4.99/month and removes the POWR tag. It also includes a custom button, tag, and an automatic repeat. Animation effects are included as well.
  • The Pro Plan is $11.99/month. It includes Starter Features, Countdown Per Visitor and Count Up Per Visitor as well as Custom CSS.
  • The Business Plan costs $79.99/month. You get all the business features and an upgrade to al POWR apps. This is cool, but not worth the price.

Countdown Timer Ultimate

Yes, they will be and alike. These clocks have customizable fonts and colors, as well as 12 clocks. They are also packed in a mobile-friendly package. You can use it for flash sales, daily deals, and special day sales.

You can also customize transition styles such as double flip, single flip and pull out center. Get a free 3-day trial that includes all features and 24/7 customer support.

There are two plans available:

  • The Free Plan includes everything you would find in a pro, with the exception of the KILATECH badge. You can argue that most people won’t notice it.
  • The Paid Plan is $3.95 per month and can be worth it if CTU is your long-term choice.

Urgency Bear

Urgency Bear is ready to go straight out of the box. You can also customize the Urgency Bear to fit your brand’s needs by changing its color, text, or design. You can also change the position of the timer on the page.

You can also choose to display/hide the timer on mobile or desktop using language support. You can also customize the timer with the custom CSS or JS if you have any issues.Pricing is not an issue with Urgency Bear. All customer support and concierge services are free.

Sales Countdown Bar 2.0

Yes, it is an upgrade to the 1.0. Sales Countdown Timer bar has the smallest customization options, in comparison to all other apps. Some people may find this a problem if they want to match the app with their website.

If you look at it, a timer with a different feel to the rest of the website might be more appealing. You can edit basic things like fonts and colors.

There are 3 pricing options available:

  • You can use the Free Plan to set up individual timers on a specific product or page, but you are limited to fixed-length countdown times and scheduled timers.
  • Unlimited Plans cost $8.95/month. It allows you to access unlimited products and pages, with all the benefits of the plan.
  • Priority Support is $17.95/month. You get unlimited plan features, a dedicated manager and priority customer support. Additional assistance is also available.


Widgetic is an evergreen timer that loops continuously and resets with a small buffer. It can be customized to match your website. You can also personalize your time-up message.

Responsive on all devices, with added customization for CTA links that can be embedded in the countdown. Many users consider the customization options to have been a blessing, in addition to other features.

Although it isn’t the most feature-rich of the apps on the list, it is certainly free for the things it offers.

Perfect Countdown Timer

Perfect Countdown sales timer sounds amazing. It offers unlimited timers for both plans. This is in addition to all other features such as scheduled event/daily timesrs, customizing options and responsiveness for mobile/desktop.

Manually setting timers can be used to control whether the timer appears on all pages or only certain pages. This is called Page Targeting. You can also assign a device-specific priority to users, so that mobile users won’t see the timer and vice-versa. This is known as Device Targeting.

You have 2 options to choose from. One is free.

  • It’s not always free. The 30-day free trial allows you to set event timesrs but not other features. You can have as many event timers as you like for 30 days. This is a great deal that you could probably sell.
  • The Professional Plan is $5.99/month. It includes pretty much everything except page targeting, which is not included in the free plan.

Smart Countdown Timer

What is so clever about this? It is simple to install, requires no coding, responsive on every device, customizable scheduling, custom fonts and colors, and personalized messages for visitors. There are many themes that can be installed.

They are ideal for all sales opportunities and discounts. Additionally, they offer 24/7 customer support for any help or grievances.

There are two pricing levels, with a free trial and a paid plan.

  • The Free Plan features a standard countdown timer and less customization options than the other plans.
  • The Basic Plan is $2.99/month and includes unlimited timers, priority support, and all other features


You might feel like you are running out of time just by the name. It does all you have been looking for, but at a very affordable price. Despite this, there are many customization options available.

Overall, the app feels high-quality. However, user reviews have many complaints. One user complained that his store was damaged. This is a concern, but customer service has reached out to all users.

You can try the product for 3 days at no additional cost.

  • You get all the features, customizations, and unlimited timers you need for $0.99 per month


Urgency and scarcity go hand-in-hand. You can even create a countdown timer to remind customers of receding stock. It is easy to install and modify in one click. There are support for all themes and carts.

To keep things dynamic, the timer resets when the page is refreshed. You can customize the timer to set what happens after it ends. For example, the cart will automatically delete itself if it is not checked out.

There are two pricing tiers available:

  • The Free Plan is only available for testing sites, and not for regular usage. You have unlimited timers, which is a great deal.
  • The Basic Plan is $1.99/month. It allows you to add a timer at the touch of a button. Compatible with all carts, themes, and offers complete online support

Shopify Countdown Timer Code

Countdown timers are a common feature that can be found on nearly every store. This powerful tool can be used to encourage online shoppers to make faster purchases. It’s not something Shopify allows you to do out of the box. An app is the best way to add a countdown to Shopify. This tutorial will show you how to add a simple Sale Countdown Timer in your Shopify theme. It is simple and straightforward.

Step 1 – Add a new theme.

First, add a new snippet of code to your theme. Navigate to your Theme Editor from Shopify Dashboard

Add new snippet with name shopifyexplorer-countdown-timer

After creating a new file, copy the following code and save it.

Step 2: Add recently added snippet

Include the snippet file wherever you wish it to appear. It would be best to place it on Product Page, where you can increase sales the most. To include this snippet, use the bellow structure:


  • **title**param can be changed to any content that you wish
  • end_date parameters must be entered with the correct format: Month, Year, and **MUST**be in future. You can enter Aug 30, 2018, for example.

The screenshot below shows how to add code for **Product Template** with Debut Shopify theme

This is just a suggestion as to where you should place this snippet. You can use it anywhere in your theme. Be sure to observe the structure.

You can also change the style of my theme by changing CSS.

Evergreen Countdown Timer for Shopify

How do I use an evergreen countdown timer?

A repeating countdown widget displays the time it takes for a user to receive the offer. It is easy to attach all components and modify them visually in the live configurator. In just seconds, you can set up the widget settings and create a popup which draws the most attention. You can add your own clock widget anywhere you like.

  • Ecommerce website (Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento).
  • Social platforms (Facebook Page, Tumblr etc.)
  • Website built on any CMS (Squarespace. Wix. WordPress. etc.
  • Blogs for personal use (Ghost, Blogger, and many others).
  • Share the widget by linking to an individual page.

You don’t need any coding or programming skills to integrate the widget.

  1. Register through the demo to access the chosen template
  2. The embedding code can be saved to your Elfsight Apps page.
  3. Copy the code into the template code of the site or paste it to the page you wish to embed the widget.
  4. Save the changes. Success!

You can modify your widget anytime you wish in your Elfsight Apps account. The website code doesn’t need to be modified.

How do I create my own Evergreen countdown clock?

The Elfsight configurator allows you to modify any template in any way that suits your needs. You can change the colors, layout, alignment of text, font size, and performance of any widget.

Shopify Countdown Product Timer

What is a product countdown timer?

An eCommerce store’s product countdown timer displays a countdown clock that counts down to a particular sale. It can be found on the product page of products currently on sale.

Summer holiday sales

The eCommerce industry tends to slow down after the holiday rush. Businesses tend to make less money than shoppers, and they tend to save more money for holiday expenses. A summer sale is a great time to start one. A Canada Day sale, July 4th sale or a general discount could be set up for the summer. This could help you get rid of old inventory and bring in new stock. It can also help you gain new customers during the summer months.

How to set a countdown timer for product sales

Once you have logged in to your dashboard, click the “+ Add Widget” button. This will bring up a list of all the widgets that you can add to your eCommerce website. You can search for the widget using the keyword “timer” or scroll down until you find it called “Product Sale Countdown Timer”.

How to modify and customize the holiday countdown clock

This is the fun part! You can customize your holiday countdown to look and behave the way that you like it to. You can choose from five tabs that include location, content, behavior, and conditions.


This tab allows you to choose where the content will appear on your Shopify pages. You can select the page you want the timer to appear. This will default to ‘product view pages’. You can choose the location where you want the timer to appear by using the “Location on Page” selector. The drop-down allows you to select where the timers will appear on your site. You can choose the URL that you want to appear. Click to select an element. After you have selected a location, your widget will appear in the preview window to the right. Your widget can also be customized with filters. This allows you to limit the widget’s display to those who have visited a specific URL param or a referral URL.


This tab allows you to choose the content that you want to display to your customers. You can choose the message you want to display on your product pages using the Content tab. This article explains how to edit the timer template. You can also choose the date and time that the timer will countdown to. This will indicate when the sale is finished. This will make customers feel more urgency and encourage them to buy now, rather than waiting.


You can choose the color, font size and other details that will affect how the timer appears on your site.


This tab contains the JavaScript editor, which is available to your engineers and coders if they wish to be more creative in editing or modifying the timer.


This tab allows you to choose when your countdown timer should be displayed. Here you can define triggers and conditions. This is useful if the timer only needs to be displayed on certain products (or only on those from a particular collection) or only to customers who are from a certain country.