7 Most Popular Wacom Tablets for Graphic Designers

Wacom has long been dedicated to meeting the needs of artists and designers, offering premium feel models like Cintiq with stunning displays and multi-touching capabilities.

Although expensive, this computer can run heavy creative applications such as Adobe Illustrator. Furthermore, its pressure sensitivity and customizable shortcut keys make for an excellent user experience.

What is a Wacom Tablet?

Wacom tablets are specially-designed to let you digitally doodle directly into your computer. They combine a computer mouse with a college-ruled pencil, as well as providing access to an HD monitor capable of showing off your sketches to their best effect.

Wacom tablets aren’t only for drawing and sketching; you can also use one with photo editing software like Photoshop to make stunning edits. One key advantage of using one for photo editing is being able to touch your screen directly and manipulate images without using traditional mice or trackpads.

The Wacom One tablet is a fantastic option for beginning editors. At an economical price point, its quality still meets Wacom standards – however, Android users will not be supported.

If you’re seeking an immersive professional experience, the Wacom Cintiq digital pen display may be just what’s needed. Offering more natural handling than working on traditional laptop or desktop computers, its large display and high resolution color accuracy make it the ideal choice for graphic designers.

The Intuos Pro tablet is another fantastic choice for professionals. As its premium offering from Intuos, this high-quality stylus provides pressure sensitivity with zero tilt lag response time and customizable ExpressKeys provide quick access to frequently used commands.

Touch Ring, a circular control area that can be tailored specifically to any application, is another great feature. You can configure up to four distinct locations around it that each execute a specific command based on what’s best suited for that situation.

Wacom has made some savvy overtures towards animators with its tablet lineup. Both the Bamboo Capture and Intuos Pro tablets can work seamlessly with animation software to speed up production time when making cartoons. And these tablets aren’t just limited to children – the Intuos Pro features an excellent collection of tools which can benefit animators of all skill levels!

The Wacom Cintiq Line

Professional digital artists require a Wacom tablet as an essential piece of equipment. These tablets connect directly to their computers, replacing your mouse with a responsive stylus that opens an intuitive virtual realm for digital art and design. You’ll often find these tablets in the studios of graphic designers, illustrators, CAD drafting professionals, 3D game design specialists, special effects animators and special effects animators.

These tablets offer more sensitivity and provide a superior drawing experience compared to using an ordinary monitor. Although more costly, they deliver an enhanced drawing experience.

Cintiq offers several 12-inch models, two 22-inch models and two 24-inch models that stand out with their LCD displays that enable users to draw directly on them. These tablets are best used professionally; you can bundle Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom apps for optimal use.

Cintiq models differ from Intuos lines in that a Cintiq can act as an extra monitor. All that’s necessary for use is power cord and separate display cable; its display will show all Windows or Mac OS X applications running on your computer while its stylus allows users to draw directly on screen.

Wacom recently unveiled their budget version of their Cintiq Pro creative pen display: Cintiq 16. This tablet display aims to introduce younger artists to tablet displays while remaining more cost effective than prior Cintiq displays with similar quality and price points.

The Cintiq Pro 16 is an entry-level device with a nonglare display, minor parallaxes and excellent scratch resistance. Though its color gamut falls short of that found on pro models (with 72% NTSC color gamut as opposed to 99% Adobe RGB for Adobe RGB displays), this screen remains one of the best at this price point and comes equipped with its own high-quality, rechargeable battery-free stylus – one feature found exclusively on more expensive Cintiqs.

The Wacom Intuos Line

Wacom’s more economical models, like Intuos line tablets, provide affordable access to pressure-sensitive pen for design, drawing and photo editing. Graphic designers, photographers and illustrators all require ways to turn hand-drawn ideas into digital realities; many prefer having something solid in their hands rather than mouse or trackpad controls for this process – with Intuos tablets specifically tailored for this use case; pen can communicate to computer how thick or thin a line should be drawn.

Cintiq tablets, like those in their Intuos line, are designed to act as monitors in addition to your computer, providing you with another layer of viewing and drawing space. But even cheaper Intuos models provide similar experiences; their tablet surfaces correspond directly with screens; moving a pen over one surface moves its counterpart on your monitor screen – it feels far less awkward than expected and may even increase accuracy!

The Intuos line features a sleek, minimalist design with free downloadable software* to get you up and running quickly. It is incredibly user-friendly, featuring an extremely small footprint that fits nicely on most laptops without taking up too much desk space. Choose from various colors, styles and sizes of tablet and pen; there are even additional pieces like colored rings or pen-holder tags available as personalization touches!

With Intuos pens, switching up your setup is as easy as pressing a few buttons! ExpressKeys provide instantaneous customization while Bluetooth connectivity provides Bluetooth compatibility and connectivity with other devices. Plus, these comfortable yet durable pens boast great battery life for working with either left or right handed users!

Bamboo Capture, for instance, is specifically targeted toward photographers. Equipped with Adobe Photoshop and multi-touch capability, it enables easy zooming or airbrushing images. However, the Bamboo Connect is more of a basic tablet, including only AirRage as its painting/drawing application.

The Wacom Bamboo Line

Wacom tablets provide digital artists with a more tactile experience, making it the ideal solution to mouse control. Their stylus mimics pen, pencils and pieces of charcoal in terms of shape and response to pressure – enabling users to navigate menus and applications much more quickly than they would on trackpad. Furthermore, this pen also works as a brush and recognizes multi-touch gestures more readily than its trackpad equivalent would allow.

Wacom Bamboo tablets represent its first consumer-oriented line and aim to offer an enjoyable user experience over previous models. Ideal for those who are just getting started with tablets but may not yet commit to Intuos or Cintiq options.

At present, the Wacom Bamboo line includes an entry-level tablet for $80 called Bamboo Connect that comes in two different sizes. Next up are bamboo Capture ($100) and Create ($200), both offering touch-sensitive surfaces with programmable buttons near their pen areas for quick shortcuts launching shortcuts; compatible with both Windows and Mac systems and connect via USB.

These tablets are tailored to specific users and designers. For instance, The Capture was specifically made to appeal to photographers as it comes equipped with Adobe Photoshop and Nik Color Filters that enable zooming, airbrushing or editing photographs and images. In contrast, The Bamboo Fun caters more towards children than adults by including art-oriented SketchBook Pro and Corel Painter Essentials apps.

Wacom One, an entry-level Cintiq alternative for those on a tight budget. Compatible with both Windows and Mac computers and multi-touch input, its 13-inch tablet offers 1024 levels of pen sensitivity as well as two finger gesture recognition. Users can select their software suite or app of choice such as Adobe Photoshop, SketchBook Express or Corel Painter from a selection of software suites & apps such as Adobe Photoshop; SketchBook Express or Corel Painter while its built-in HD display makes for convenient use; plus it weighs less than its counterpart!