8 Best Shopify Analytics APP (Free and Paid)

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Are you looking for valuable information about customers, sales and your business? You’re probably already using analytics tools to get this information. Knowledge is power, and nothing is more true than getting concrete insights that will support your marketing and sales automation strategies.

Analytics offers a number of benefits including:

  • It is possible to collect accurate data in order to provide better customer-focused marketing and service.
  • Track the results of your marketing strategies to improve your results.
  • Get a real feel for customer retention & churn

We’ve compiled a list of the top Shopify analytics apps, with so many benefits to choose from. We’ll give you a quick overview of each app, as well as its pros and disadvantages, and the pricing.

There are many things to do, so let’s get started:

KISSmetrics from Five Thrive

KISSmetrics creates customer profiles for every customer who visits your eCommerce store.

KISSmetrics gives customers information across all devices about their behavior, activity and sales conversion.

KISSmetrics tracks and charts your success in marketing channels such as Google Ad campaigns. The app provides data on conversion revenue, average ROI and average revenue per user.

KISSmetrics also tracks the average time it takes for a conversion to occur, which is from the moment a customer visits your online store until they make their purchase.

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It is possible to access engagement metrics such as customer interaction, abandoned cart stats and purchases.

These insights will help you to optimize your marketing campaigns for success. KISSmetrics’ dashboard makes it easy to access all data.


Access to an intuitive dashboard is available

You can try it for free

KISSmetrics records every visitor to your website and creates a user profile.


Its website doesn’t contain any pricing information beyond the basics.

Reviewers have complained that there is a steep learning curve


Prices start at $34.95/month, with a 14-day trial available.


7.600+ companies use Heap, including Snapfish, Freshworks and Esurance. Heap is a service that offers data on all customers’ websites, even those that are not visible with other tools.

Heap can be integrated with Shopify in just one click. Analytics will show you which customers are leaving your sales funnel and whether they have completed the entire customer journey.

This data can be used to determine the customer’s driving behaviors:


Encourage repeat purchases

Loyalty to a brand

If reviews are more valuable than other orders

Data will also be provided on which marketing channels are most effective in converting sales and ensuring repeat purchases.


You can try it for 14 days free

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Shopify integration is easy


At the time of writing, there are no prices on Heap.io.

Shopify doesn’t have any information about Heap.io


At the time of writing, there were no pricing options on Heap.io. There are four pricing plans available: Pro, Growth, Premier and Premier. These plans include Heap’s entire suite of features, not just analytics.

Crazy Egg

This app has been in existence since 2005, and is used daily by more than 300,000. This app is used by Shopify retailers to provide a great user experience.

Crazy Egg is easy to install and gives you information about the performance of your paid campaigns. Crazy Egg offers analytics on your:

Organic content

Email marketing

Social media

What customers do with your website, and when they leave.

How many sales opportunities are you missing?

Crazy Egg can integrate with Google Analytics and Survey Monkey as well as WordPress, Wix and Segment. A web-based heatmap provides visual reports on clicks, scrolls, and time spent on your website.

You can filter, segment, cross-reference clicks and drill down to every click on your website.


You can try the software for 14 days free of charge

You have three pricing options to choose from

The Basic plan is affordable

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It is easy to install and use


Telephone support is not available

Monthly pricing plans are available only. There are no yearly discounts.


There are four options:

Basic: $24 per month. Data includes data on 30,000 visits per month, 100 recordings and three months of recording storage.

Standard: $49 per month. Data on 75,000 visits per month, 500 recordings and one year of recording storage are included.

Plus: $99 per month. You receive data on 150,000 visits per month, 1000 recordings, and 2 years worth of recording storage.

Pro: $240 per month. Data is available on up to 500,000 visits per month, 5,000 recordings and two years of recording storage.

SEO Products Optimizer by Axel Hardy

Axel Hardy, a solo developer, created the SEO Products Optimizer App. This app is a great tool to increase visibility for your SEO. The app displays a live SEO score for each product. The score is then displayed in an emoji to show you where you are at the moment. A user-friendly interface offers SEO recommendations to help you optimize your score and get a higher ranking.

Some recommendations include creating product descriptions with keyphrases, writing longer SEO titles, meeting minimum description lengths and other things. The app offers a checklist that will help you make sure you have covered everything.

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The app can also be used to generate structured data in JSON-LD for your products. It takes just one click to organize your products so they appear in search engines.

In just a few mouse clicks, the SEO products optimizer allows you to add ALT text directly to your product images. It also generates SEO tags using Google AI.

Hardy’s SEO Optimizer is an easy-to-use app. It’s also very affordable. You can read more about this below.


This provides a clear path for product SEO

It automatically generates SEO tags

All images can be easily given ALT text

It is easy to use, and has an intuitive interface

A free plan is available


This plugin is only for products. You’ll need another strategy to manage the rest of your site.

Premium plans include many features that are not available to the general public.


SEO Product Optimizer offers a free plan that includes limited features such as the SEO score, automatic tag generation, and Google Preview.

The Premium Plan costs $14 per month and unlocks the remaining features.

Snowplow Event Tracker by SnowcatCloudInc

Snowplow Event Tracker lets Shopify store owners collect data from both the storefront, i.e. where customers are, and from webhooks (i.e. data from your servers).

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It is possible to collect data about the success of your marketing campaigns, and then create more personalized campaigns for customers.

Snowplow creates one customer profile for every visitor to each website. The user is able to view store/inventory information, track page views and load time, cart abandonment rates and page performance, as well as the number of refunds received.

You will need a working Snowplow data pipe to use this app. You don’t have to sign up for the Snowplow cloud service, which starts at $750/mo. However, you can still use the Snowplow event tracker app with your Snowplow installation.


It is free to use


It was difficult to find and expand on all the details about this app and its features.


This app was still free at the time of writing.

Mixpanel by FiveThrive

Mixpanel makes it easy to integrate this tool with Shopify. Mixpanel, like all analytics apps, provides data about your customers’ behaviour. Mixpanel gives you information about your customers’ buying habits, who they are, what their preferences are and where they are losing customers. It also lets you know which marketing campaigns have been most successful.

Mixpanel tracks orders cancellations, returns, and refunds and links them back to customers.

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You have data access on every customer’s lifecycle for each visitor to your website.

Mixpanel didn’t create this app, as they don’t have an official plugin for Shopify. FiveThrive created Mixpanel. Mixpanel, the data analytics website, states that the app “might be worth looking into if you are looking for an easy and quick solution.”


Fast analytics are available to you

The installation is easy


Support is a subject that has received mixed reviews.


The app costs $34.95/mo at the time of writing. Additional external charges might apply, but it’s not clear what they are.

Lucky Orange

This software offers more than an app. You get 10 apps for the price one. This software will help you increase sales conversions and provide data about the most important aspects of your store.

This includes information about:

Why customers don’t buy

What point do they leave your store?

Cart abandonment rates

Your store is where customers are most likely to engage

Your site’s overall journey with them

Mixpanel allows you to monitor each scroll and mouse click and watch your customers interact with it live. You can also view customer visits outside of real time.

Lucky Orange has a heatmaps function that provides additional information about how customers view your CTA.

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You can also use live chat to engage customers and offer discounts and polls to keep them on your site.

Lucky Orange is compatible with Google Analytics, HubSpot WordPress, Optimizely and Google Tag Manager.


You can try it for 7 days free

You can get a free plan

You have a wide range of pricing options

Live chat can be installed on your website

Website visitor recordings are recorded in real-time. There are no snapshots. Instead, you see the entire picture

Every price plan includes unlimited recordings, funnels and surveys, analytics, as well as 30 days of recordings.


The free trial is much shorter than other apps on the list.

Recordings can only be kept for 30 days


There are four price options:

This includes 500 page views per month, and analytics for one site.

Starter: $10 per month. This includes 25,000 page views per month and analytics for one site

Small Business: $20 per month. This unlocks 60,000 page views per month, analytics for three websites, and provides $20 in monthly costs.

Medium: $50 per month for 200,000 page views and analytics on eight websites

Segment by Littledata

This app was created by Littledata and seamlessly integrates with Shopify It allows for automated tracking of browsing behaviour, checkout steps, sales, and customer data. This will help you to refine your cross-selling and upsell strategies.

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The app automatically connects Google Analytics and Shopify, and sends Segment accurate Shopify data. Users can also push data to any Segment destination including Mixpanel and Hubspot.

Segment can be integrated with Google Analytics, Facebook ads and Google ads.

Littledata is not just for eCommerce managers, business owners, or agencies. Littledata can be used by developers to grow the eCommerce sites of their clients. Littledata’s purpose is to help you improve your KPIs and track every customer touchpoint.


It can be used with headless configurations

It is fully automated

Plus plans include analytics training

You can try it for 30 days free


It is expensive

Standard plans only support 1,500 orders per month

Only Pro plan and Littledata Plus customers can use headless setup


There are three options:

Standard: $99/mo (or $79/mo if paid annually) Includes unlimited connections

Priority support is available for Pro (from $199/mo, or $159/no if paid annually)

Littledata Plus (prices may vary) includes analytics training and Shopify support

Oribi Marketing Analytics

Oribi was designed with marketers in mind. Its purpose is generate business analytics that will enable you to make fast and smart business decisions.

Oribi makes it easy to determine which social media ads are more successful and which aspects of your website, such as your blog convert the most sales.

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This information will help you make informed decisions about how to spend your marketing budget. This will also give you an idea of how much money each marketing dollar costs.

You can also:

You can create custom analytics reports that are specific to your time frame

You can monitor eCommerce funnels to determine when people visit your site. You can also identify the pages that convert the most visitors.

Track the entire customer journey of specific website visitors by following them.

Orbis Marketing Analytics is compatible with Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Google Analytics.


All pricing plans include one year of data history. This is significantly more than many of the competitors we have listed.

One-click integration is available.

Oribi was designed with marketers in mind.


You can only get a 7-day trial for free

It is expensive, starting at $400/mo


There are three pricing options:

Basic: $400 per month (10000 site visitors per month).

Standard: $600 per month (100,000.00 site visitors per month).

Pro: $800 per month (1,000,000 site visitors per month)

These plans are designed for agencies that have multiple clients and sites with high traffic. The volume of analytics data generated is much higher. This is why the prices are high. However, reviews have negative comments on the Shopify App Store about Oribi’s cost.

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Google Analytics Toolkit

This toolkit will tell you if your Google Analytics account is properly set up and running at its best for Shopify. It then assists you in making any necessary adjustments.

This toolkit provides enhanced order tracking via Google Analytics. It takes only one click to integrate.

Other noteworthy features include:

An audit of your Google Analytics account is free. This will help you to create a game plan that will optimize your website.

A dashboard integrated with live data

Weekly email reports about visitor demographics, search traffic and which pages load quickly or slowly. Also, metrics by the hour.

For any questions they may have, you can reach the support team.

Google Analytics Toolkit can be integrated with other Google tools, including Google Search Console or Google Analytics.


It’s also affordable

This includes a free audit for your Google Analytics account

Many users have positive experiences with customer service.


We don’t know of any, but it is a useful tool for a single fee.


To set up your Google Analytics account, you will need to pay $49 for one time.

Peel Ecommerce Analytics

This app automates business analytics such as lifetime revenue, cohort analysis and customer repurchase rate.

Peel automatically pulls data from Shopify, Google and Facebook ads. This data allows you to better understand your customers and create better marketing materials that will increase your profits.

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Peel’s data can be used to create a dashboard for users. This will show them the relevant information. This means that you won’t need to use a spreadsheet anymore to evaluate your business statistics. You can see analytics on customer behavior and engagement, as well as the success of your advertising campaigns.

Peel automatically converts currencies for you, if your store is located in more than one country. You also receive daily email/Slack reports about the trends on your website.

Peel can be integrated with Slack and Facebook Ads, Google Ads. Klaviyo, Bold, and Recharge.


Get a free 15-day trial.

Peel can be set up in under two minutes.

You can also create your own dashboard.

All plans include access to email/Slack daily reports, unlimited users and stores, as well as metrics, segments, goals and analysis.


It is expensive, with minimum prices starting from $149/mo


After the free trial, users have access to four pricing plans:

Starter: $149 per month, this includes data for up to 1,500 orders each month

Medium: $199 per month; data on up 1,501-4,500 monthly orders

Large: $299 per month, this includes data for up to 4,500-7.500 orders each month

Pro: $399 per month, this includes data for up to 7,500-100,000 orders per month

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Our Verdict

We hope that you found this tour helpful and that it provides insight into the best Shopify Analytics app for your company.

Some of the costs are quite high, as you can see. While we don’t recommend any app, it is wise to make sure you have enough money before you commit to an analytics application that has more functionality than you actually need. Also, do your research. Identify your needs and explain them.