8 Best Shopify Partners Blogs to Learn More

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Without the rich and diverse ecosystem of Shopify partners and affiliates, Shopify wouldn’t have been the ecommerce platform that it is today. The Shopify partner blogs provide a wealth of information that allows merchants to tap into the vast resources of agencies, developers, designers, and marketers available.

Shopify, as a company, generates great content on its own. Shopify partner blogs allow you to discover new perspectives. The agencies and developers are more specific in their content and can offer solutions to Shopify’s more complex aspects.

This article lists the top Shopify partner blogs in a range of countries and regions. Keep checking back as we add new Shopify partner blogs to this list.

Wave Commerce

Wave Commerce is a group of digital enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds who have come together to create and deliver unique digital experiences. Digital marketers, software engineers, and designers work together to develop digital marketing campaigns that scale. Our collective efforts in this area have reached millions of users around the world. We have the experience of working with both local and international brands, which allows us to address the challenges of delivering to a diverse global marketplace.

Shopify Partner Tenure: 5+ Years

LocationHong Kong

MO:Digital marketing, customer loyalty, store building

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Notable Clients: Gap, Time Magazine, YesStyle

Wave Commerce, a Hong Kong-based agency, is an expert in ecommerce. They are able to fulfill all Shopify merchant requirements and serve the global market. Visit their Shopify Partner Blog to keep up-to-date on their activities and the latest Shopify topics.


“We fell in love with digital marketing in 2007 and haven’t stopped learning since. We are now experts in launching websites, businesses, and marketplaces, and this is evident in our quality work. We have clients all across the US. From Florida to New York to California to Washington, we have the 50 states i>.

Shopify Partner Tenure: 6+ Years


MO:Digital Consultation. Web Development. Marketplace

Notable clients:Green Acres. Deep Sentinel. Pro Compression

This agency specializes in data analytics and digital marketing for the US market. The Shopify blog of their partner is a useful resource for information on data visualization and industry news.


A clear strategy is essential for every project. To offer you the best long-term growth, we will get to know your company and your customers.

Shopify Partner Tenure: 8+ Years

Location: Minsk, Belarus & Illinois, USA

MO:Store development, migration, Shopify app and theme development

Notable clients:NewAge Products. Arnobernard. Kingsbottle.

SpurIT’s Shopify blog is dedicated to educating readers about retention and the many benefits of Shopify. They help merchants maximize their ROI with digital strategy and creative design.

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Blue Stout

We help ecommerce merchants design and build their online store to increase conversion rates, order values, repeat sales, and other factors. We help you make more .”

Shopify Partner Tenure: 3+ Years

Location: Oregon

MO:New Website Development, Site Makeovers, Audits, Coaching, and Training

Notable ClientsTAFT Clothing and Heat Free Hair, PureLei

Blue Stout is able to help merchants improve their Shopify Plus websites for maximum conversion. The Shopify Partner Blog discusses the best-in-class growth and sales strategies.

Bold Commerce

Bold empowers entrepreneurs by giving them tools to make their eCommerce sites truly amazing. This means your store can fulfill all your business’s needs – and more. We understand that every merchant is unique, and we empower you to make your eCommerce platform perform in ways you never thought possible i>

Shopify Partner Tenure: 

Location:Manitoba (Canada)

MO: App Development, Design, Digital Advertising, CRO

Notable Clients: Earth + Hide, Nutri-rich, Jessica Rose

Bold creates the most popular Shopify ecommerce apps. These apps are designed to increase sales and loyalty for store owners. The Shopify Partner Blog contains many tips and tricks to increase sales and capitalize upon high-revenue events.


Sunbowl was founded in Canada’s Pacific West Coast. It is a group of people who believe building an ecommerce business should be fun, challenging, and energizing. Our approach to our projects is the same as how we live our lives: with purposeful balance. We are a team that does the right thing .”

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Shopify Partner Tenure: 

Location: Vancouver

MO:Consultancy Web Development Marketing

Notable Clients :Tense Watch OHM Cycles Bailey Nelson Canada

This agency is a consulting firm for Shopify merchants. They help them plan and implement design and customizations to their website. The Shopify partner blog is very personal and offers “how-to” information.


“TaskHusky” is a web studio located in Kalamazoo (Michigan) that focuses on providing exceptional service for eCommerce store owners using Shopify and Shopify Plus. We are experts in working with small businesses that have a growing or new eCommerce presence .”

Shopify Partner Tenure: 

Location: Michigan

MO:Graphic design, Web development, Marketing

Noteworthy Clients:Dogs and Horses. Break Shuttle. Kippo.

This Shopify partner blog tracks trends and hot topics, as well as the sophisticated integrations that TaskHusky offers.

Expert Village Media

Expert Village Media is a small-business web design company that specializes in providing professional web design and web development services to businesses of all sizes. We provide web designers in the USA and also have dedicated web developers. Our web design and internet marketing teams will provide the best services to your business, no matter how small or large. Since 2008, we have worked with clients all over the globe and have gained trust and respect. Web Development Company NYC, USA. We focus on quality and customer satisfaction.

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Shopify Partner Tenure: 

Location: Long Island, USA & Indore, India

MO:Store development, App development, Marketing

Notable clients:Magnolia Wholesale and Mary + Marie, LuxurySnob

Expert Village Media is a web development agency. This blog informs merchants about the latest trends and best practices in the industry.

Carson Ecommerce

Shopify merchants can get help from Carson for small jobs that don’t require the same overhead or cost as larger, medium-sized projects. Our service is quick, reliable, and straight-to-the-point. Our team is aware of the challenges involved in making an eCommerce project profitable. It’s difficult to find the right help for small tasks while also running a business.

Shopify Partner Tenure: 

Location: Intercontinental

MO:Troubleshooting and Graphic Design, Web Development, “Task Catalog”.

Notable Clients: Azura Jewelry, Alpine Rings, Contessa Volpi

Caron maintains a wide variety of blogs. This blog is an excellent resource for any ecommerce merchant. It covers everything from functionality to design advice to holiday preparation.

Stilyo apps

“As the owners of 4 different Shopify e-commerce shops, we have always relied heavily upon apps from the Shopify app shop to improve our stores, increase conversion rates, and improve our customers’ shipping experiences. We still saw a few functions that were not intuitively designed or missing from the merchant’s point of view. So we created the functionality we needed. We make amazing apps for merchants. Our mission is to help merchants improve their stores with the Shopify UI and i>.

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Shopify Partner Tenure: 


MO: App Development, Customer Retention, CRO

Shopify App Store –500+ Downloads with an average rating of 5 stars

Stilyo is well-known for their ReConvert app, which automatically targets purchasers to upsell through multiple channels. You can’t miss their Shopify partner blog.

The Hope Factory

Shopify can help you win with any product or service that you offer. If you are looking for an ecommerce partner to help develop, grow and design your online store .”

Shopify Partner Tenure: 9+ Years

Location:Melbourne (Australia)

MO:Web Design, Strategic Consultancy

Notable Clients: Williams Woolshed, Jennen, Henry Bucks


Show the right ads to the right customers at the right time with Customer Journey Retargeting.

Shopify Partner Tenure: 4+ Years


MOIntegrate Shoelace retargeting with your Shopify store

Notable clients:Rhone and 9Five. Beach Babe Swimwear

Shoelace makes great tools to retarget customer journeys. Their Shopify partner blog is focused on the customer journey and how they interact to an ecommerce website.


“Since 2014 we have been on a constant mission to help and empower customers small and medium-sized ecommerce merchants. We simplify complex email marketing features and make them accessible to all .”. Our customers also benefit from stronger connections with customersi>.

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Shopify Partner Tenure: 5+ Years


MO: App Development, Automation, Campaigns, Content

Notable Clients The Cake Store, Dixxon Flannel Co. and Harper Liz Boutique

Omnisend allows push notifications and SMS to be added to your email marketing campaigns. The Shopify Partner Blog will provide great tips and advice for Shopify customers on how to market Shopify.

Recharge Payments

“We started as three people working in an apartment to develop Shopify stores under the brand Bootstrap Heroes in early 2013. We discovered that we could help store owners solve their technical problems by working with Shopify. We realized that our mission was to empower store managers by focusing on the most important problems they face i>.

Shopify Partner Tenure: 6+ Years

Location:Santa Monica (California)

MO:Subscription Boxes, Recurring Products, Subscriber Incentives

Notable Clients: Native, Hubble, Death Wish Coffee

This company is an expert in subscriptions, an opportunity that is often overlooked by ecommerce. This is because many people don’t understand the model. However, this Shopify partner blog will help.

Shopify Theme Detector

“Back in 2017, we noticed many entrepreneurs using Shopify, and less leaning towards WordPress, than we used to. Since then, we have written hundreds of tutorials, FAQs about Shopify and eCommerce. Our team is highly skilled in Web development, SEO and user experience. We are able to combine our skills and knowledge to provide a lot of information to both the end-users and young entrepreneurs who want to break through that barrier and become serious online marketers.

  • Shopify Partner Tenure: 5 Years
  • Location: Rishon Letzion, Israel
  • MO, Shopify. eCommerce
  • Notable Clients: None.
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OK Digital Ltd. owns this blog. They focus on different aspects of digital technology. There are many websites and blogs they have that provide information on various CMSs like Shopify, WordPress and Squarespace.