8 Best Smart Watch Wholesale Suppliers China and USA

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This article will show you the top 10 most popular Chinese Smartwatches that can be droppedshipped online via various e-commerce portals.

A list of the top-rated suppliers of Chinese Smartwatches in China, UK, and USA will be provided as well as tips on selling Chinese Smartwatches online.

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Chinese Smartwatches Selling Opportunities

We have made huge strides in simplifying every aspect of our lives since the advent of the digital age. Smartwatches, a wearable tech gadget, are one example of this tool. They allow people to track their time, communicate, stay fit, and keep them entertained in just one click.

The demand for smartwatches will continue to grow as technology advances. This smartwatch has huge potential for sellers who want to get into the online smartwatch wholesale marketplace.

The market for smartwatches was valued at $9,264.9 millions in 2017. The market is expected to grow at 16.2% by 2025 and reach $31,070.6 millions in 2025. These numbers show that smartwatches are booming into a lucrative segment for dropshippers and wholesalers.

Here are some compelling reasons why smartwatches dropshipping can make you a successful investor.

* High Selling Rate

A 50% sell rate in an online market is a sign that the product performs well. The smartwatch has a 63% sell rate, which is a sign of its market potential.

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There are many options for smartwatches. It is important to know which smartphones work in your area, and which brands are most popular.

* Highest Selling Price

Most smartwatches have a low average price, so it is possible to make a decent profit. Even watches with a high average price can still make a decent profit for a seller.

Wholesalers often think it’s difficult to sell expensive products online. This concern is no longer valid with smartwatches. Smartwatches can be tech-enabled devices which provide added value for its users. Smartphones offer more tech value than the average smartphone user.

* Low Competition

Smartwatches are a niche market with very little competition, which makes them a good choice for business investments. The competition is also reduced because there are few major players in smartwatch manufacturing.

* High Demand

The demand for high-end smartwatches has increased due to the rapid growth of smartwatch technology. There is also a market for smartwatches that are not branded.

It is a profitable investment to invest in an online smartwatch company due to low competition and high demand.

These are the Best Selling Chinese Smartwatches to Use in Your Dropshipping & Wholesale Line

1. HUAWEI Honor

Huawei is a global leader in the production and distribution of high-quality consumer electronics and telecommunications equipment including smartphones and smartwatches. It is evident that consumers are relentlessly searching for their products.

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This sleek-looking Chinese Smartwatch is a great way to present your customers to start a Smartwatch company. This will allow you to target sports and fitness enthusiasts. This allows them to keep track of their running, and also helps them personalize their lives.

Customers want products that solve problems immediately in today’s “instant gratification” generation. The HUAWEI Honor Smartwatch fits that description.

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2. Q9 Colorful Screen Waterproof Smartwatch

Another Chinese Smartwatch you should consider is the Q9 It is ideal for swimmers as it can be submerged up to 30 cm. It is also ideal for those who are passionate about fitness.

To make long-term profits, target this market segment. This multi-functional Smartwatch is sure to sell like wildfire, as there’s increasing awareness about healthy living.

Visit giant online shops like AliExpress and Chinabrands to see the speed at which it sells. So what are you waiting? This watch is yours to sell!

3. Xiaomi Mijia Smart Waterproof Smartwatch

Many customers want vintage-looking watches that are still functional and stylish. One of these watches is the Xiami Mijia. Senior customers will love it from the moment they see it. It’s simple and minimalistic, making it ideal for many occasions.

It is becoming increasingly popular among business moguls who want to personalize their busy lives. Why? They can automatically change time zones and set up call reminders. It also has excellent Bluetooth functionality.

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Because senior and business customers are more likely to spend money on this smartwatch, we recommend that they be targeted.

4. iWOWNfit I7A Smart Watch

Another Smartwatch that you should add to your collection is the iWOWNfit 17A. It is simple to use and looks great. It allows your customers to monitor their sleep patterns and health, just like other smartwatches.

It also automates mundane tasks like messaging and call notification. Who could resist such an easy watch? None! Its top selling points are its simplicity and minimalistic design. This Smartwatch will spice up the life of your customers.

5. Kospet Hope 4G smartwatch phone

This Chinese Smartwatch will blow your mind and your customers. This multifunctional watch is loaded with amazing features that will not be missed by any buyer. It can be used as both a phone or a watch. It’s amazing! What a great way to make your customers happy.

You can also sell a watch with a camera of 8.0MP, which is more than any front camera and Bluetooth music play capability. This Smartwatch will amaze your clients and help you to sell it quickly.

This Android Smartwatch is a great buy if you look at the price. It’s affordable to buy, then sell for a good profit.

6. Lenovo HX03W Cardio Plus Smartwatch HX03W

Lenovo, like most tech giants, produces high-quality consumer electronics including smartwatches. This Smartwatch is ideal for selling online because it promotes healthy living. How? It monitors heart, motion, and sleep to ensure that your clients remain healthy.

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It also has an anti-sleep mode, which prevents drivers from falling asleep. You can actually make a profit if you target long distance drivers, as well as people who commute daily between cities. You should not overlook sports fans.

They can keep track of their workouts with it. You are also selling a waterproof watch which can be worn in various sports events. The LENOVO HX03W is a great way to promote healthy living.

7. KingWear 3G Smartwatch KW99 by KingWear

The KingWear Smartwatch runs Android 5.1. It can be used as both a phone and a watch. Customers can use it to listen to music, receive calls and messages, connect to Wi-Fi, read the weather and perform other amazing functions like browsing, music, and more.

The KingWear Chinese Smartwatch is a smart and convenient gadget that’s easy to use and carry.

KingWear is also known for making high-quality, reliable gadgets that are efficient and reliable. Selling this Smartwatch to customers will give them class, convenience and loyalty.

8. NY01 SmartWatch 1.5 inch

Another state-of the-art Smartwatch, the NY01, is a huge seller. Its simple design and amazing features will make your customers fall in love.

They’ll be able to monitor their heart rate and take photos, chat via WeChat, track their sleep patterns, and receive notifications in an instant.

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The Chinese Smartwatches are cheap and can be sold at a lower price, but still affordable to your customers.

9. L16 Smart Bracelet Watch

The L16 has a simple design that is perfect for those who are passionate about sports. The L16 can track your heart rate and remind you when to move.

The anti-lost feature allows owners to track the watch easily in case it is lost.

This Chinese watch is perfect for dropshipping or wholesale at a low price your customers can afford.

10. KENXINDA 1.54 inch Smartwatch

The Chinese watch can double up as a phone. This watch can be used with GSM networks, making it possible to make and receive calls as well send and receive messages. This watch is ideal for students, teachers, and sportsmen/women. It has basic features.

It runs on Android OS, the most widely used OS in the world. Customers will quickly get to know it. The watch is affordable and will make you a good profit once it’s sold to customers.

Top-Rated Online Suppliers for Smartwatches in China and the UK

1. Chinabrands

Chinabrands has a variety of smartwatch options. This e-commerce platform has a wide product selection and caters to all types of buyers.

Chinabrands is a good choice for someone looking to partner with an online marketplace and have their products listed there. Chinabrands doesn’t require you to place a minimum order if you want to become a supplier of smartwatches.

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Dropshipping watches is easy for suppliers who don’t wish to sell watches in bulk.

Chinabrands is a company that values its customers and only offers high-quality products that have passed quality control. Chinabrands ships the products immediately after they have placed an order.

Why Chinabrands is suitable to dropship Chinese smartwatches:

* A reasonable price range

* Simple return policy

* Outstanding customer support team

* Integration of your online shop with the supplier’s backend

2. AliExpress

AliExpress, a China-based online retail site, aims to be your one-stop shop for all things related to shopping. You can find nearly everything you need on AliExpress, including fashion clothing, consumer electronics, bags, shoes, and automobiles, at very competitive prices.

AliExpress offers dropshipping benefits

* High-quality inventory

* Professional support available 24/7

* Worldwide delivery

* Secured payments

* Mobile application

3. NovaTech Wholesale

Novatech Wholesale offers a wide variety of electronic and consumer goods since 2005. Novatech Wholesale offers a wide range of accessories and smartwatches.

Novatech Wholesale does not require you to pay any fees to become a smartwatch dropshipper. Dropshipping smartwatches with Novatech Wholesale is possible without a minimum order quantity.

Novatech Wholesale offers Dropshipping Benefits

Dropshipping is free.

* Automated order

* No minimum product order required

* All products are shipped the same day


Crov is another US smartwatch supplier. They have helped small and medium-sized businesses to make their mark in dropshipping since their inception. You can dropship a variety of products from their website.

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Crov offers Dropshipping Benefits

* Over 20 years of cross-border trading experience

* Deals with trusted manufacturers

* A solid customer support team

* One-stop wholesale destination


Aulola, the UK’s most trusted source of wholesalers is attracting millions of retailers and wholesalers. You can find a wide range of products on the website that you can purchase wholesale and make substantial profits.

Aulola offers dropshipping benefits:

* Trusted by over 13890 customers

Shipping takes 3-7 business days

* Premium products

* More than 9 years industry experience

Here are some tips to help you sell smartwatches online.

We hope you found this article helpful in understanding the Chinese smartwatch market. It is important to understand how to make enough profit to keep your company afloat.

Partner with Overseas Liquidator

You can become an international wholesaler or dropshipper for smartwatches by partnering with liquidators from overseas and reselling their products. You should also ask your supplier for a certification to legally market top smartwatch brands.

Use high-quality images for selling your products

Product photos are crucial when selling products online. High-resolution photos are essential when selling smartwatches online. They should clearly display the watch’s intricate details.

To avoid copyright infringements, images must be original. A professional photographer is recommended for clear, high-quality pictures.

* Please specify their features

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Smartwatches can be branded or unbranded, just like any other commodity. Non-branded smartwatches with the most recent technology are in great demand, contrary to popular belief. You can still make huge profits as a wholesaler of non-branded smartwatches.

Focusing on the key features of the smartwatch is the best way to sell non-branded smartwatches online. Highlight the smartwatch’s capabilities and the value it offers the user on the website.

* Verify the authenticity of Smartwatches

There is a high possibility that counterfeit smartwatches could be on the market, given the size of the global market and the lucrative profit margin.

It is important to verify that you are purchasing genuine electronic goods such as the smartwatch.

Wholesalers assume that smartwatches with brand names can’t be fakes. You can check if the smartwatches that you are going to sell is authentic by doing a thorough inspection.

* Write a detailed description of the Smartwatches

Smartwatches’ unique selling points are the features. Customers will choose smartwatches with more features. A well-maintained smartwatch catalogue will help you make an impact with your customers.

Add a table to your website that describes the specifications of smartwatches. Highlight the basic features of your smartwatches in the table.

Offer Customer Support

Building strong customer relationships is crucial in this modern age. With strong consumer support, wholesalers who deal in smartwatches could make a name for themselves in the market.

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Customers frequently have issues with smartwatches. They can seek assistance. To assist such customers, you can create a customer service center.