8 Best Wholesale Clothing Manufacturers in California/LA/NY

The American businessman has always been a big fan of clothing selling. If you’re looking for wholesale clothing distributors in California, LA, New York City, and elsewhere, you’re in the right spot.

This article lists the top clothing wholesalers in California, Los Angeles, and New York. It also includes local markets.

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To help you make an informed decision, a comparison of products made in China and the US is provided.

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California’s Best Online Clothing Wholesalers

Wholesale Fashion Square

Wholesale Fashion Square is an online California wholesale clothes store. To maintain a profit margin, they wholesale a minimum of six items per package. Wholesale Fashion Sqaure sells both seasonal and occasional clothes and accessories. This includes jewelry, scarves. makeup, hair accessories and denims. These items are made in Los Angeles and sold in California as well.

To keep buyers informed, push notifications and newsletters will be sent. Once you become part of their buyer group, you will receive excellent customer service. You can also wholesale plus-sized clothing here, which is a huge benefit for you and your future buyers.

Number One Wholesales

Wholesale prices for the latest fashion items will be 20-60% lower at Number One Wholesales. They are updated with new products on a daily base. Number One wholesale is committed to providing excellent customer service through compiled sales representatives as well as sales operation programs. Some sale items cannot be returned at their site.

They don’t offer refunded shipping and handling. Before becoming their buyer partner, you will need to get a “seller’s permit”.

Mio Wholesale

Mio Wholesale only offers high quality clothing for women. This site does not sell any low-quality fabric. Mio Wholesale is trusted by customers. They offer a wide range of fashionable and trendy items that will help your new business succeed.

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Mio Wholesale offers a guarantee on all products and sells cardigans and jackets as well as denims, dresses and leggings. For more information, visit the website.

Best Online Clothing Wholesalers Los Angeles

Jelly Bean Wholesale

Jelly Bean Wholesale is a Los Angeles wholesale clothes distributor. They strive to offer the best fashion apparel at attractive prices.

They sell dresses, sweaters and vests, as well as fashion jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Jelly Bean Wholesale offers world-class shipping via their shipping partners FedEx or UPS. Their customer service is unparalleled and they offer the fastest delivery times among all their competitors.

Vanilla Monkey

Vanilla Monkey offers a variety of cloth items in a wide range sizes and colors. Their trademarks are quality, style and low prices. Vanilla Monkey is a wholesaler in Los Angeles Fashion District.

There are over 1000 apparels available. The catalogue is constantly updated. For more information, you can always visit the website and contact them by phone or live chat.

Mint Choco

Mint Choco is an online wholesale store. This site offers everything you need, including handbags, tops and dresses, as well as apparels, tops and dresses. You can also wholesale these items in plus sizes.

Mint Choco has everything. You can find apparels for both men and women on this site. All items purchased from authorized suppliers include fragrances, scarves, and shoes. They offer a free ‘quick look’ of their products, unlike other sellers that require you to log in. Mint Choco displays a license as an “authorized website” on its front page to allow for authentication. They are a UPS partner and can provide tracking IDs to facilitate customer facilitation.

Best Online Clothing Wholesalers in NY

JCT Wholesale

Jasmine Trading Corp. is a wholesale clothing seller in New York City. It was established in 2006. They sell imported scarves, ponchos and gloves as well as hats, gloves, boots cuffs, sunglasses, and many other fashion accessories to buyers for resale.

JCT Wholesale also offers fashion products for children, teens, and men. Rapid SSL secures their site and offers special discounts for those who register. Registering on the site is free and you can get exclusive discounts and other offers.

NY Wholesale

You are looking for wholesale spring and summer fashion clothes for women? NY Wholesale is a great supplier. High quality products at amazing prices are possible. You will receive $50 credit to your account upon registration. These are the key points of NY Wholesale:

Distributors based in the USA 100%

* Stock is located in USA inventories

* Lowest price guarantee

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* The fastest shipping available from the USA

* No hassle return or exchange

* SSL payment security

California’s Best Wholesale Markets, NY and LA

1 Best Wholesale Market Place in California: LA Show Room

LA Show Room is an online wholesale marketplace that is located in the heart of Los Angeles Fashion District. They provide a platform for B2B interaction and direct contact with major brand suppliers. Wholesale of women’s clothing, footwear and handbags, as well as accessories, is possible.

LA Show Room offers an online registration program that gives you access to the market’s reward program and private labels.

Here are some of the most renowned manufacturers that you can meet: Harmonies USA, Cinderella divine and native people, DEFIOS, G-to-G, Harmonies USA, Harmonies USA, Cinderella divine and MISS AVENUE.

Address: MAIN OFFICE, 110 E 9th Street #B1111, Los Angeles, CA 90079, USA

2 Best Wholesale Market Place Los Angeles: San Pedro Wholesale Mart

San Pedro Wholesale Mart is the right place to go if you’re looking for top-quality wholesale clothe for women in Los Angeles. It’s located in downtown Los Angeles, and has been around since 1994. You will find more than 300 showrooms in this market. This is the perfect place to shop for fashion and has convenient parking.

San Pedro Wholesale Mart requires that you have a seller’s license before you make any purchases. They are closed on holidays such as Thanksgiving Day, Labor Day, Independence Day and Christmas Day.

Address: 1100 S. San Pedro St. Los Angeles, CA

Hours of operation: Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5PM, Saturdays, 8 AM to 1PM, Sundays, Closed

3) Best Wholesale Market Place New York: New York Wholesale Fashion District

New York’s Fashion District is a vibrant marketplace. It includes showrooms at the store level, accessory suppliers, corporate offices and designers. This district is home to many stores that sell wholesale and domestic women’s clothes.

Here you will find designer labels such as Ones New York and R&M Richards.

Address: Manhattan, mostly between 35th and 38th streets, but also between 6th Avenue and 9th Avenue

3. Made in USA or Made In China: Which is better for you?

Clothes made in the USA

Fashion wear is a result of the changing trends and evolving demands. The USA is known for being a global hub of fashion. Many customers search for “Made In the USA“, which shows the differences in customer ratios around the world. In 2018, the US manufacturing market grew 23%, especially in the footwear and apparel sectors.

The US apparel market is constantly changing and diverse. It tries to adapt new fashions and trends using the latest technology to improve customer experience. Below are some pros and cons to “Made in the USA”, as well as the market’s future.


* Get the most fashionable, stylish and trendy shades.

* Customers will be happy to purchase items made in America from you.

* High quality products made in the USA

* USA is the leader in the manufacturing of durable work clothes over the past 108 years.

* Engineers and designers collaborate to create outfits that reflect the latest fashion trends as well as unique fabric materials.


* Trend driven stylish, desirable quality, but high cost garments.

* Made in USA garments have size issues. Foreign buyers will not be able to access mandatory clothing sizes.

* Not all companies, brands, and manufacturers offer the plus-size option. This is a major problem for most buyers.

* It is expensive to ship items made in the USA anywhere else.

* Apparels manufactured in the USA aren’t meant for everyone. They usually target a small group of buyers.

Clothes made in China

China is the world’s largest clothing producer. The entire country’s towns are dedicated to the manufacture of specific goods, clothing, and other items. Datang, for example, is home to one-third of all the socks in the world. China’s cloth industry has long been dominated by the production of large-scale garments.

Clothing labels that say “Made in China”, indicate the growing market demand for Chinese-made products. As with all sectors, there are pros and cons. Here are some highlights from the “Made in China” industry.


* Numerous brands from France, Italy and Japan place their orders in China.

* The clothing labels look like a journey around the globe, with sweatshirts targeted at Honduras buyers and western buyers as well as scarves that target Muslim buyers.

* China produces women’s cloth at an extremely rapid rate.

* Women clothe is very affordable and of high quality.

* China’s wholesale market for cloth has a wide variety of products, which is different from the USA. This allows consumers to have a stress-free and endless selection.


* Only a small percentage of Chinese cloth products are viewed negatively by consumers.

* Currency manipulation can sometimes be unpredictable. For example, China’s export rates rise when its currency is in decline.

There are many options. But there are also great risks. The largest number of cloth-making industries in China is for women, so buyers can easily be scammed by choosing the wrong supplier.

Chinabrands Can Help You Start Your Wholesale Clothes Business

Quality is the same for clothes made in China or the US. Both the US and China can produce good quality products, but it all depends on your customers and their needs.

If you plan to wholesale clothing for multiple customers, “Made in China” items are the best option. The shipping costs for wholesale orders from China are much lower than those in the US. China also offers items that reflect trends and fashion from both east and west, as opposed to the US, which focuses on western culture only.

If you are looking to wholesale clothing from China, I recommend Chinabrands.

Chinabrands, a leading drop shipping wholesaler based in China, has an international reach and serves customers in over 200 countries.

It allows suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and other parties to connect on a global platform.

Chinabrands.com brings you a wide range of online opportunities, customized to your customers’ needs and key markets.

Below are the features that make Chinabrands more desirable than other wholesale companies:

Large Extension of Products

Chinabrands.com offers more than 500,000 items. It includes apparel, beauty, health, kids, electronics, toys, sports, computer, accessories, outdoor supplies, garden tools, and much more. Every day, there are new and exciting arrivals.

* Low Price

Chinabrands offers a wide range of products at wholesale prices to help you maximize your profit. This supplier offers low- to high-end products at wholesale prices.

Quality Assurance

Alibaba, unlike other platforms, is a third-party platform that connects hundreds of thousands of suppliers and manufacturers. This may lead to poor quality issues. Chinabrands inspects every single product before it is shipped. Each item is subject to 3-4 inspections before being sent for shipment by the Chinabrands team.

* Huge Inventory

Chinabrands will always be open with you about stock availability. Stock is almost always readily available, and you can see the stock in real-time because all inventory data is available.

Additional Discounts and Coupons for Every Purchase

You can also earn CB points for every purchase on the site. These CB points can be used as cash or rewords. Register as a member to get even more discounts and more CB points. You can get CB points and prices that are extremely low. This will allow you to maximize your profits and cut down on your costs.

* Quick Delivery

Chinabrands can deliver your order in a short time. Chinabrands has warehouses in over 50 countries and states. This makes it easy to get your order delivered on time. Delivering goods to customers’ homes takes just 2 days.

Chinabrands offers additional valuable services.

Chinabrands is the top-rated dropshipper worldwide. They are the best option for online sellers. The wholesaler provides SEO-optimized product descriptions which you can download and upload to your online shops like Amazon, Ebay, or any other online shopping site. This will make it easier for you to create product descriptions and improve your store’s ranking.

The API technology provides real-time updates and ensures seamless integration of your system with Chinabrands’s platform. Chinabrands can sync with your store to automate ordering and shipping. To attract new customers, all you have to do is one thing.

This is the best place to start a business. It doesn’t require a lot of capital and can bring you maximum profits. It is free to join.


The wholesale fashion industry is thriving all over the world. The USA, China, and other countries are constantly thriving to compete against each other and provide the best.

On the one hand, many well-known brands and designers are producing clothes in California, NewYork, and Los Angeles. On the other side, clothing brands from France, Japan, Itlay and other countries are placing orders for their clothes in China.

Despite the fierce production competition, shipping costs, customer service, and product variety all matter. China leads the world in all of these areas.