8 Best WordPress Blog Web Hosting Providers

The most critical component of starting a blog is finding the best WordPress hosting. The WordPress hosting service you choose has a significant impact on your blog’s performance, uptime, search engine ranking, and user experience.

But, with so many choices like WP Engine, Bluehost, SiteGround, and Nexcess, how do you know which is the best fit for your blog? Especially if you’re just getting started. I mean, there are thousands of hosting services, all claiming to be the greatest, in addition to the ones mentioned above.

This is where we can help. When choosing a host for your blog, there are a few things to consider, such as uptime availability, which refers to the promise that the host will make your blog available to users 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Alternatively, load time speed is impacted by server location and ensures that users do not have to wait long to view your content. This is necessary to avoid bouncing, which might harm your search engine ranking.

There’s also the issue of customer support to consider. Choose a WordPress hosting firm that offers a variety of customer support options, including phone calls, live chat, and email. As a result, you’ll be able to contact them quickly if you have any problems.

So, to help you choose the best WordPress host, we’ve done the legwork for you and compiled an in-depth list of the finest WordPress hosting companies for your blog that meet all of the criteria for a successful website.

Let’s get this party started.


You must utilize a managed WordPress hosting package to have excellent customer service with your blog’s WordPress hosting. It is far more expensive than shared hosting options, but you get a level of support that well transcends everything else.

SiteGround is a beautiful alternative for WordPress users who demand high-quality assistance but aren’t ready to commit to a costly managed plan. Although the company advertises managed WordPress hosting, it offers both collected and shared WordPress hosting. As a result, you can get a lot of the benefits of managed WordPress hosting for a price comparable to shared Hosting with other providers.

WordPress officially recommends SiteGround, and the web hosting provider has routinely received excellent evaluations. They’ve even won two Stevie Awards.

SiteGround’s WordPress hosting plans all come with platform-specific customer service. Customer care is available 24/7 via live chat, ticket, and phone for everything from plugin troubleshooting to migration.

In addition to excellent customer service, SiteGround handles security updates and caching configuration, ensuring that your blog loads quickly for visitors. Other benefits of this best WordPress hosting include:

  • Automated WordPress installation.
  • A free website builder.
  • WordPress performance optimization.
  • Free SSL certificates.
  • Free WordPress migrations.
  • Unlimited free email addresses.

Every plan has a cheap initial rate, but it increases significantly when you renew it.


SiteGround offers three WordPress hosting plans, as shown below:

  • Startup: The Startup plan is $4.99 per month, which is a savings of $14.99 a month.
  • GrowBig: GrowBig is a $7.99 per month plan previously $24.99 per month. Managed WordPress hosting, a staging space, and enhanced caching are all included with this plan.
  • GrowGeek: The GrowGeek plan is $14.99 per month, down from $39.99 per year. This plan can handle 100,000 visits per month and all of the other features found in the previous projects and much more.

If you don’t want to pay for a premium managed WordPress hosting plan but still want someone to take care of a lot of the backend work, SiteGround is the best option. In addition, SiteGround offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • SiteGround provides the best value for money in terms of plan features and prices.
  • To boost load speed, SiteGround offers free CDN and out-of-the-box caching.
  • All programmes come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • The renewal price for SiteGround has increased significantly from its inaugural deal.
  • Small and medium-sized businesses are the only ones who can use this WordPress hosting package. If your website receives more than 100,000 visitors each month, you may need to consider another solution.

Ideal For

SiteGround is perfect for small and medium enterprises looking for a managed WordPress hosting service reasonably priced.


DreamHost is one of the few hosting providers that WordPress officially recommends, alongside Bluehost and SiteGround. However, unlike the other two companies, DreamHost offers affordable monthly pricing.

This is especially appealing to WordPress bloggers who do not want to sign a long contract to receive a good deal. DreamHost offers discounts for long-term contracts, but their WordPress plan is still available at $4.99 per month. There is no contract and no long-term commitment.

In addition, DreamHost keeps your beginning costs low by including a free domain name in the bundle for the first year. You will save money on your domain name as a result of this. This best WordPress Hosting company also offers domain privacy, which protects your personal information from being made public. This might cost you up to $15 per year with other hosts.

Aside from that, DreamHost provides a full-featured website builder. You can get started straight away with over 200 starting sites for fashion, real estate, web design, and various other topics. Then there’s the straightforward drag-and-drop builder for adding content and finishing touches. DreamHost will take care of all of your WordPress updates, including security updates. For its shared hosting services, it also includes automated daily backups. This is unique for shared Hosting, and it saves you money on a website backup plugin like Jetpack.


Dreamhost has three different plans to choose from:

  • WordPress Essentials: The WordPress Essentials package costs $2.59 per month.
  • Dreampress is available for $16.95 per month.
  • VPS WordPress: The monthly cost of a VPS WordPress plan is $27.50.
  • It’s worth noting that DreamHost provides a fantastic 97-day money-back guarantee. No other WordPress hosting service gives you that much time to try it out.


  • The pricing plans for Dreampress are pretty reasonable. Its starting plan, in particular.
  • Your first year includes a free domain.
  • The privacy of your environment is ensured.


  • Live chat is limited because you can only select a few pre-programmed responses to your questions.

Ideal For

This top WordPress hosting provider is ideal for those on a tight budget who don’t want to commit to a long-term contract yet want a high-quality service.

WP Engine

The original managed WordPress hosting service, WP Engine, is well-known. It also outperforms the competition in terms of expert help and customer service. The company has also created a platform with unique capabilities to help you take your WordPress blog to the next level.

WP Engine might not be the ideal choice if you’re just starting with a small blog.

However, it’s an excellent choice for bloggers or website owners with many blogs, online stores, or other complicated WordPress hosting requirements.

WP Engine allows you to create high-performance websites without hiring a developer or worrying about upkeep. You get excellent uptime, best-in-class security, and lightning-fast speed without having to do any backend labour. WP Engine not only optimizes your IT infrastructure but also keeps your PHP and WordPress core up to date. The brand regularly blocks and monitors threats, ensuring that your blog remains safe and quick.

In terms of client service, they are unrivalled. Apart from WordPress, this web hosting provider does not host any other platform. As a result, you’ll always get a well-versed customer service representative on the platform who has a track record of dealing with similar issues. Furthermore, because WP Engine takes care of so much, you can concentrate on establishing a fantastic blog. Every hosting package also comes with 36 Studio Press premium themes to utilize.

This would ordinarily set you back hundreds of dollars, but it’s free, and you may personalize and experiment with them as you see fit.

It comes with a free CDN and SSL certificate, as well as automatic WordPress updates, free automated WordPress migrations, geo-targeted server locations, and staging and development environments.

There’s also no other WordPress host that provides several developments and staging environments. As a result, this is a valuable tool for WordPress developers because it solves some of the issues with one-click staging environments.


WP Engine provides four major plans, as listed below:

  • Managed Hosting: An annual contract for this package starts at $25. The annual fee is $300.
  • Managed Hosting Plus: This plan costs $340 per year and starts at $28.33 per month.
  • E-commerce Hosting for Beginners: This plan costs $30 per month and is invoiced annually at $360.
  • Secure Hosting: Secure Hosting costs $530 per year and starts at $44.74 months.


  • WP Engine provides a variety of development and staging environments.
  • It comes with free WordPress migrations that are automated.
  • Customer service representatives are WordPress specialists.


  • This WordPress hosting service may be a little too pricey for tiny bloggers.

Ideal For

WP Engine is perfect for WordPress blog owners who have a lot of traffic and other complicated requirements.


Bluehost is the market leader in web hosting exclusively for WordPress websites, powering over 2 million websites worldwide. It is also WordPress’s official recommendation.

This top WordPress hosting provider is a good solution for those starting from scratch with a new website. You get a free domain name for a year after you join up for their hosting service. They also offer a one-click WordPress installation.

Domain names typically cost between $10 and $15, and with Bluehost, you can save both time and money. Instead of registering a domain name and downloading WordPress separately, everything is done for you in one step.

Their WordPress hosting is likewise very reasonably priced. However, you must sign a three-year commitment to getting the best deal. Everything is straightforward to set up and requires no particular skills. Also, accessing the WordPress dashboard is extremely simple, but if you have any questions, you may contact Bluehost’s support. Their customer service representatives are available by live chat or phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

They’ve also included a slew of useful features in the service. A free SSL certificate and a free CDN, for example, are available to improve security and performance.

None of them needs to be configured to achieve safer traffic and better speeds.

They are accessible in terms of WordPress themes and layout. However, if you’re willing to invest some money, the Bluehost WordPress marketplace has many fantastic possibilities.

Unlimited traffic, automatic WordPress updates, $200 in free Microsoft advertising and Google ad credits, and secure setting of your WordPress login data are some of the other appealing aspects of Bluehost WordPress hosting.

Bluehost’s basic WordPress hosting plan includes all of these features. In addition, there are no arbitrary traffic limits for your blog, but if your site starts to harm other websites on their server, they may ask you to change to a higher plan.


Bluehost has three pricing options:

  • Basic: If billed for 36 months, the Basic plan costs $2.95 each month. It does, however, renew at the regular amount of $8.99.
  • Plus, if you pay for 36 months, this plan is only $5.95 per month. It does, however, renew at the regular pricing of $11.99.
  • Choice Plus: If invoiced for 36 months, the Choice Plus plan costs $5.95 per month. It does, however, renew at the regular pricing of $16.99.


  • Bluehost offers a low-cost startup package.
  • This top web hosting service comes with a $200 advertising credit for free.


  • The renewal fee is a significant increase over the initial cost.
  • A 36-month commitment is required for their introductory rate.

Ideal For

Bluehost is ideal for those looking for a low-cost WordPress hosting solution.


Nexcess offers a unique plan and pricing structure that allows businesses without the financial resources to use managed hosting services such as WP Engine.

One of the best things about this WordPress hosting service is that all features are included in every package. However, to receive on-demand backup and site staging with SiteGround, for example, which is another budget-friendly managed host provider, you must upgrade. Nexcess, on the other hand, allows you to upgrade from plan to plan to gain access to more powerful hosting resources, but it never forces you to do so.

Nexcess also takes care of many time-consuming tasks associated with 30-day backups and plugin updates. To put things in context, WP Engine’s managed hosting Plus package only includes this, but Nexcess has it as standard.

THIS BEST WORDPRESS HOSTING COMPANY INCLUDES A free SSL certificate, visual regression testing, free CDN, 24/7 live chat, email help, and phone support.

They also offer a lot of hosting options. For example, the entry-level plan includes 15 GB of storage and 2TB of bandwidth. This is around 5 times the bandwidth offered by comparable, more expensive WordPress hosting plans.

In addition, if your blog uses more resources than your plan allows, Nexcess will auto-scale it for free for 24 hours. As a result, you’ll be able to handle traffic spikes with ease.


Nexcess, as previously said, has a flexible price structure that can accommodate both small businesses looking for exceptional performance and Enterprise businesses looking for excellence per second. So, these are the available plans:

  • Spark: This plan is $9.50 per month with a $19 monthly renewal fee.
  • Maker: The makeup plan is $39.50 per month for the first six months and then $79 per month after that.
  • Designer: The designer plan is $54.50 per month for the first six months and then $109 per month after that.
  • Builder: The Builder plan is $74.50 per month for the first six months, then $149 per month after that.
  • Producer: This package costs $149.50 per month for the first six months, then $299 per month after that.
  • Executive: This costs $274.50 per month for the first six months, then $549 per month after that.
  • Enterprise: The Enterprise plan is $99.50 per month for the first six months, then $999 per month after that.


  • Nexcess automatically scales your plan for free for 24 hours during traffic spikes.
  • Their entry plans are reasonably priced.


  • The difference between a 6-month plan renewal and a 12-month plan renewal is significant.

Ideal For

This WordPress hosting package is ideal for bloggers who regularly experience or anticipate significant traffic surges and want auto-scaling.


GreenGeeks is a safe and environmentally friendly WordPress blog hosting service. This top WordPress hosting service includes a free SSL certificate, a free domain for the first year, free backups, free CDN, built-in cache, unlimited databases, free WordPress migration, and WordPress installation, among other things. In addition, it has a 300 per cent green energy match as a noteworthy feature.

Multi-user access, on-demand backups, and a WordPress repair tool are included in its subscriptions, such as the Pro plan. With the premium plan, you get object caching to speed up your site, a free Alpha SSL worth $99, and a free dedicated IP worth $48 per year.

GreenGeeks is also WordPress-optimized, which means they are an active member of the community and are WordPress specialists. They also offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee and have a WordPress support team on call.

GreenGeeks also uses manual and automated methods to check your website for malware and other vulnerabilities. Also, if your website is infected, offer to clean it up.

GreenGeeks is unique in that it is fully ecologically friendly. They use RECs to match 300 per cent of their total energy consumption. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) of the United States has even acknowledged them.


GreenGeeks has three pricing options:

  • Lite: The Lite plan is $2.49 per month with a monthly renewal fee of $10.95.
  • GreenGeek’s most popular plan costs $4.95 per month and automatically renews at $15.95 per month.
  • Premium: The premium WordPress hosting plan is $8.95 per month and costs $25.95 when renewed.


  • GreenGeeks is a company that cares about the environment.
  • They keep an eye on your website for security flaws.
  • For increased speed, GreenGeeks has a built-in CDN.
  • WordPress is well-versed in customer service.


  • There is a significant difference from the initial price to the renewal price.

Ideal For

GreenGeeks is perfect for those who desire a low-cost, ecologically friendly blog hosting solution.

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Flywheel is a managed WordPress hosting service for your blog that provides excellent customer care, quick loading times, and consistent performance to ensure that your WordPress website operates smoothly. In addition, Flywheel’s one-click staging features and free demo sites make building a website from the ground up a breeze.

This top WordPress hosting service is based on a reliable network infrastructure geared for security, scalability, and speed. Free website migration, CDN integration, automated WordPress updates, automatic backups, built-in caching, SSL support, and more are all included in their services.

Flywheel also offers a generous 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing users to test the platform before committing. In addition, because this hosting service is optimized for WordPress, customer assistance will be much easier because the representative will be familiar with frequent WordPress issues.


Flywheel offers four different WordPress hosting plans:

  • Flywheel’s Tiny plan costs $13 per month and is invoiced at $150 per year, with two free months included.
  • Starter: This is Flywheel’s most popular plan, with a monthly fee of $25 and a yearly fee of $300. It also includes two months of free service.
  • Freelancer: The freelance plan is $96 per month and $1150 annually. It has a two-month free trial period.
  • The Agency plan costs $242 per month and is invoiced annually at $2900. The package provides a two-year free trial period.


  • Flywheel offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • It is designed to work with WordPress websites, making support more accessible.
  • For increased speed, Flywheel has CDN integration.


  • Domains are not available through Flywheel. So, if you don’t already have one, you’ll need to create one.

Ideal For

Flywheel is the most acceptable option for website owners looking for a managed WordPress hosting service optimized for the platform.


For your blog, Kinsta provides a fully managed WordPress hosting service.

Cloudflare security, free site migrations, daily backups, Google cloud servers, and fast speed are all included. The main benefit of this best WordPress hosting service is that it allows you to concentrate on your business while taking care of your website’s technical aspects. They may even scale up and down based on demand.

Kinsta also offers WordPress-specific customer service. For your website, this hosting option also includes a personalized control panel. You can also track bandwidth and visitor statistics from the control panel and create SSL certificates from a single spot.

Automatic database optimization, 24/7 support, staging area, PHP 8.0 support, imported SSL certificates, SSH access, white-labelled cache plugin, WordPress instals, free CDN, and free premium migrations are among the other features available.

For each of your websites, you can choose from one of Google Cloud Platform’s 28 regional data centres, export WordPress support, access staging spaces, and speed features like Nginx, LXD containers, and Maria DB.


Kinsta has a variety of plans; however these are the most popular:

  • Beginning: The cheapest option is the starter plan, which costs $30 a month.
  • Pro: The monthly cost of this Kinsta WordPress hosting plan is $60.
  • Business1: A monthly fee of $100 is charged for the Business1 plan.


  • WordPress-savvy customer service is available through Kinsta.
  • You can choose from more than 28 global data centres, which is especially useful for a worldwide audience.


  • Users acquainted with cPanel may find it difficult to adjust to Kinsta’s bespoke dashboard.
  • There are so many pricing options for newcomers that it might be overwhelming.

Ideal For

If you’re looking for a managed hosting solution at a reasonable price, Kinsta is the best WordPress hosting for your blog.

A2 Hosting

Many hosting companies offer free migration services to help you relocate your WordPress website from your former hosting provider. In reality, this means you’ll need to employ a plugin to automate a significant portion of the process, which isn’t awful. A2 Hosting, on the other hand, has a team of people committed to assisting you with the transition.

The result is a smooth and stress-free move. Also, regardless of whether you choose a shared hosting WordPress optimized plan or a managed plan for a hands-off approach, this feature will operate. As a result, site migration is entirely free, regardless of which option you choose.

Free SSL certificates, ecommerce integrations, unlimited email accounts, Cloudflare, free CDN compatibility, and 24/7 help via live chat, ticket assistance, email, and phone are also included in A2 Hosting’s service.

These services are included with A2 Hosting’s basic shared WordPress hosting package, which is a fantastic deal. So if you want to move your website to a more feature-rich platform but don’t want to commit to managed Hosting, A2 Hosting is a good option.

A2’s managed Hosting, on the other hand, isn’t as convenient as out-of-the-box options like Nexcess or WP Engine. For example, you’ll need to employ plugins like Jetpack to perform a lot of the upkeep that other suppliers will take care of for you.

A2 Hosting also does not provide a free domain name, so it may not be the most excellent option if you are just getting started.


A2 Hosting offers four different plans:

  • Startup: If you pay for three years in advance, the Startup plan is $2.99 per month, while it costs $10.99 if you pay monthly.
  • Drive: This A2 Hosting plan costs $4.99 per month if paid for three years in advance but $12.99 per month if paid monthly.
  • Turbo Boost costs $6.99 per month if paid over three years and $20.99 if paid monthly.
  • Turbo Max: This package costs $12.99 per month if paid for three years in advance and $25.99 per month if paid monthly.

A money-back guarantee and free website migration are included with each plan.


  • All programs at A2 Hosting include free website migrations.
  • They offer a variety of customer service options.


  • Monthly charges are relatively expensive in contrast unless you choose the 3-year contract.
  • For efficient functionality with managed Hosting, you’ll need to install many plugins like Jetpack.

Ideal For

This top WordPress hosting service is ideal for those looking for a shared hosting solution with enough capabilities to be considered managed.


When it comes to hosting, GoDaddy has a lot to offer. Virtual private servers, shared plans, WordPress-specific services, and dedicated alternatives are all available. In addition, there are numerous features available with the basic WordPress hosting plan, including a free domain for one-year, free business email, automated backups with single-click restoration, daily malware scans, automatic WordPress core upgrades, SFTP access to your server, and out-of-the-box CDN integration.

This is a good set of features, but nothing stands out in contrast to other hosts.

However, the ultimate package includes extras like one-click staging, complete malware eradication, and hack repair. GoDaddy’s eCommerce plan also includes free access to premium WooCommerce extensions and WooCommerce subscriptions, making it even more appealing. These premium extensions are worth thousands of dollars and provide incredible value if you set up a WooCommerce store.

Their customer service is available 24 hours, seven days a week. A phone call is the most convenient way to contact an expert. Additional support options include asking for help in the community forums or exploring GoDaddy’s help articles. A live chat option is concealed on the product support page, making it difficult to find for many consumers. You must also select the United States as your region to see the live chat button, which may perplex some people.

GoDaddy has several tools that can help your blog run faster, such as load-balanced clustered server setups geared for WordPress. Plus, as previously indicated, a CDN integration and a 99.9% uptime guarantee.


Customers can choose from four different WordPress hosting plans from GoDaddy:

  • Basic: If you’re out for three years, the basic plan is £3.99 per month and £6.99 per month if you renew.
  • Deluxe: If you sign up for three years, the deluxe plan is £4.99 per month, and renewals cost £9.99 per month.
  • Ultimate: If you pay for three years in advance, this GoDaddy hosting plan costs £7.99 per month, and renewals are £13.99 per month.
  • WooCommerce: If you sign up for three years, this WordPress hosting plan costs £12.99 per month, and renewals are £19.99 per month.


  • GoDaddy has managed WordPress hosting plans at a reasonable price.
  • Premium WooCommerce extensions are available through this WordPress hosting provider.
  • GoDaddy has tools to help your website load faster.
  • There is a one-click migration option.
  • The most recent version of PHP 7 is compatible with GoDaddy.
  • All programmes include a one-year free domain.


  • Searching for and using Godaddy’s live chat support feature is quite tricky.
  • The majority of GoDaddy’s features are generic.

Ideal For

GoDaddy is ideal for a low-cost WordPress host with enough functionality.


HostGator is a ready-to-use hosting solution that has WordPress pre-installed on your account. The main advantage of using this WordPress hosting service for your blog is that it simplifies and speeds up the setup process. In addition, the solution includes the most up-to-date control panel, which allows you to perform 1-click restores, create automatic backups, and perform other account administration activities with ease.

HostGator also has a support crew that is well-versed in all things WordPress. And is available via phone, live chat, and a knowledge base 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So, even if problems develop, you can rest assured that they are in good hands. In addition, HostGator’s hosting options provide website security and daily backups.

They give a 45-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the service, which is incredibly generous. This is also a good choice if you have a lot of mid-level traffic, as their plans can handle anywhere from 100,000 to 500,000 visits.

All plans also feature a free domain, $150 in Google ad credit, free email, a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and 1-click WordPress installations by HostGator specialists.


HostGator has three main plans to choose from:

  • Hatchling: The monthly cost of the Hatchling plan is $2.75.
  • This HostGator plan is $5.95 per month, baby.
  • Business: The monthly fee for the business plan is $5.95.

The pricing stated are limited-time specials, and renewal plans are much more expensive.


  • HostGator has a variety of customer care alternatives, including live chat and phone and WordPress professionals as customer service representatives.
  • This WordPress blog hosting service is reasonably priced.
  • Every package comes with a free domain.


  • The renewal prices aren’t disclosed on their pricing list, which may catch some people off guard.

Ideal For

HostGator is ideal for WordPress bloggers looking for a simple hosting solution.

In-Depth Look at What You Should Consider When Choosing the Best WordPress Hosting

Before choosing the best WordPress web hosting for your blog, you must first understand what to look for while shopping. If the provider offers WordPress-specific web hosting, this is one of the most crucial factors to consider. Rather than generic Hosting, which can support any type of website, the plans that would work best just help WordPress blogs.

This is because such hosting providers’ servers are set up expressly for WordPress. In addition, the entire backend environment is optimized for WordPress so that rival solutions won’t be able to match. This reduces the number of crashes and improves performance.

You can choose a hosting solution that works for both WordPress and other types of websites, but it is recommended that you go with WordPress-specific one. Let’s take a look at the main elements you’ll need to consider to make the best decision for your company.

Managed WordPress Hosting vs Shared WordPress Hosting

If you’re seeking the most cost-effective choice, shared WordPress hosting is the way to go. It offers all of the advantages of WordPress-specific hosting at a low cost. If you choose shared WordPress hosting, you will be responsible for all maintenance and upgrades to keep your blog running correctly. The good news is that if you decide on WordPress-specific hosting, the user interface for maintaining your website will be significantly more straightforward to use than one created for general-purpose platforms.

However, if you don’t want to worry about your blog’s backend upkeep, a managed WordPress hosting package is the way to go. This type of hosting package entails the provider taking care of your blog’s IT, ensuring that it is simple to use, safe, and speedy, including:

  • Updates to the WordPress core
  • Backups are made automatically every day or every week.
  • Backups on demand
  • Malware detection and eradication
  • Customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days
  • Patches and updates for security
  • Staging area for website performance testing

So instead of having your staff sweat over plugins to handle all of the above, you can focus on developing exciting content with the managed solution.

Managed WordPress hosting services, on the other hand, are significantly more expensive than shared hosting, which is understandable—having someone else maintain your WordPress blog’s IT backend, on the other hand, may be a lot cheaper than hiring an in-house developer.

It’s also worth noting that managed WordPress hosting for your blog isn’t synonymous with all providers. Some companies offer the same service for less money than others since their plans have fewer features, so you should check what is included in the package.

Your Traffic Volume

How much traffic does your blog receive every month? How much traffic do you anticipate for new websites?

Your answers to the preceding questions will significantly impact which WordPress hosting service is the best fit for you. For example, a blog with 4000 monthly visitors should be on a different plan than one with 100,000 monthly visitors. A program that can handle 100,000 visitors per month will not be adequate for a site with millions of visitors each month.

While some servers, such as SiteGround, provide a specific number for each plan’s monthly traffic capacity, others merely indicate unmetered bandwidth or unlimited traffic.

For example, DreamHost, A2 Hosting, and BlueHost offer shared WordPress hosting with no strict traffic limits. However, this isn’t wholly endless because the shared server has physical restrictions. Furthermore, if your blog receives excessive traffic, it will impact resources such as memory use and CPU, causing issues for all websites hosted on the same server. Therefore, as a favour to other shared server users, such hosting companies may recommend that you restrict or improve your blog.

It means that shared Hosting is ideal for new websites, but not for those with a lot of traffic.

Uptime and Performance

WordPress-specific caching tools are available from hosting companies such as WP Engine, DreamHost, and SiteGround. Caching creates a static version of your blog that visitors may view. This decreases the amount of work your server has to do to reply to requests. Of course, you’d have to install a cache plugin if you didn’t have this, but most of the finest WordPress hosting companies for blogs already have it built-in.

Another thing to consider is looking for a content delivery network (CDN), which is usually included in most plans for free. A CDN is a network of servers that saves pages, pictures, and other blog materials around the globe. Because a lot of your content is spread, a web server with a free CDN will enhance speed and make your website much more resilient – one hardware failure won’t kill your website.

Every WordPress hosting package offered by SiteGround, WP Engine, Nexcess, and BlueHost includes a CDN. In terms of uptime, every choice on this list performs admirably. The vast majority of them offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Customer Service

Like everything else on the internet, WordPress blogs have their bad days. So, how soon can issues be fixed when they arise? It’s critical to have good, timely help, especially if you don’t want to get into the WordPress backend to fix problems.

In such cases, having WordPress-specific hosting for a blog is particularly advantageous, as customer support representatives will be familiar with the plugins and typical website issues. However, if you choose a non-specific WordPress hosting, you can’t be sure that the support will be informed about WordPress.

The majority of the solutions on our list include 24/7 customer assistance, but you should consider the availability and quality of that service. For example, will you be able to contact customer service by email or live chat? What is the response time?

SiteGround, for example, has a stellar reputation for customer service. However, A2 Hosting also offers hand-picked professionals for email, phone tickets, and live chat assistance. As a result, you should choose a support medium that you are most comfortable with.


You must determine whether the best WordPress hosting solution for your blog meets the specific requirements of your brand and website. GreenGeeks, for example, is an excellent alternative if your company promotes eco-friendly branding. On the other hand, if you’re on a low budget but still need managed Hosting, Kinsta and SiteGround are excellent choices.

WP Engine is an excellent choice if your blog receives a lot of traffic and has a complicated website. The best choice for your blog is determined by what your brand stands for and the objectives you want to achieve. If you anticipate your website increasing quickly shortly, consider Nexcess, which offers free auto-scaling, so you don’t miss out on providing a good user experience during traffic spikes.

When you match the characteristics of a WordPress server to your company’s needs, the decision becomes much more accessible.