12 Fastest WordPress Hosting Services Comparison

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No matter if your business is new or established, speed is a key factor in ensuring your WordPress site grows and retains visitors.

It can be difficult to find the best web hosting service because there are so many choices and each one has its own capabilities. You might also be confused by the many packages offered by WordPress hosts.

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Here’s where we step in. We have compiled a list of top web hosts, with a particular focus on those that meet our primary goal of providing the best WordPress hosting solutions. These services are some of the most efficient in the market and can be accessed at a price that suits your needs.

To help you make an informed decision about which WordPress hosting service is best for you, we will also list our pick and runner up. Each service on this list offers customer support, backups, and security.

Let’s move on,

Why is WordPress hosting the fastest?

A WordPress hosting platform that is fast will allow you to manage your content and create it seamlessly. Slow host services will not only slow down your website for visitors, but also affect your admin panel’s speed. This will force you to spend more effort and time on basic tasks.

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Your visitors will feel more comfortable using your WordPress platform. They can click on the social media icons and comment on posts. Visitors will leave if the website loads slowly. Visitors won’t stay on a website for more than a few minutes. The worst part is that they will leave if the site doesn’t load quickly enough.

Your traffic numbers are also an issue. How does high traffic affect your experience delivery and speed? Hosting services are not all capable of handling high traffic volumes. This must be taken into consideration when choosing the best WordPress hosting service.

There are several factors to consider when choosing the fastest WordPress hosting for your WordPress site

There are many important factors to consider when looking for the fastest WordPress host.

Your Current and Expected Audience Size

When choosing the best WordPress hosting service for your business, the first thing to consider is the size of your audience. It is important to understand the visitors your hosting can handle and whether it can handle your predicted or actual growth.

Standard hosting packages usually offer a certain amount of allocated storage. Even though the host service claims that there is unlimited space, it is often not true. This can usually be found if you read the user’s agreement.

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If your site is on shared hosting, a large spike in traffic will undoubtedly slow down its speed. If your traffic spike is too large, it will cause the website to crash. Before you choose a web host, you need to know the traffic that they can handle.

Server locations

Most often, the server locations of your host are overlooked. You should pick a server close to your visitors to make sure your web host is responsive enough to their needs. Simply put, you shouldn’t host your WordPress site on a server that’s not close to your target audience. It’s more expensive.

WP engine

WP Engine is the largest managed WordPress host. If you have a large website with high traffic, it is an excellent choice. It offers staging and development environments, a robust backend and GIT integration. WP Engine offers more features than many of the other hosts on this list, and the pricing is much lower, as you’ll see. This may not be the best choice if you have a tight budget. You get daily backups, 24/7 support, free migrations, one click staging and auto-rollback in the event of issues.

WP Engine also has data centers in Australia and Canada. Their traffic quota starts at 50 GB and their disk space begins at 10 GB. The Admin Console is also custom.

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WP Engine offers four pricing options for its hosting service.

Managed Hosting

Managed Hosting Plus

E-commerce Hosting

Secure Hosting

Each pricing plan has different packages at different prices. Let’s take a look at two of the most sought-after ones.

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Managed Hosting

Managed Hosting offers the following packages:

Managed Hosting Startup: This package includes everything you need to run a blog or website. It costs $25 per month, or $300 annually.

Managed Hosting Professional: This package works well for clients looking to grow their brand. It costs $49.79 per Month and $590 annually.

Managed Hosting Growth: This package suits clients with a growing business. It costs $95.83 per Month and $1150 annually.

Managed Hosting Scale is for businesses who want to increase their website’s capacity and limit. It costs $240.67 per Month and $2900 annually.

Dedicated Hosting Custom: This plan offers high performance and is scalable. It also includes a team of strategic experts on hand to assist you. You will need to contact sales support to get a quote for the plan.

Startup Ecommerce Hosting

The following pricing packages are included in this plan:

E-commerce Hosting Startup: This package contains everything you need to launch or migrate your small business. It costs $30 per Month or $360 annually.

E-commerce Hosting Professional: This package is ideal for clients who want to increase store traffic and sales. It is $62.50 per month, and $750 annually.

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E-commerce Hosting Growth : This plan includes all the features you need to expand and grow your store more quickly. If you are billed annually, it will cost $116.67 per monthly and $1400 respectively.

Ecommerce Hosting Scale: This package has the features and capabilities required to increase your website’s limits. It is ideal for clients who want to scale up their business. It costs $291.67 monthly and $3500 annually.

Dedicated Hosting Custom: To get a quote for this plan, you will need to contact support.


WP Engine offers a large number of server locations: WP Engine can host up to 9 servers in 4 continents. You can therefore be sure that your audience will have an exceptional experience regardless of their geographical location.

This WordPress hosting service is great for high traffic websites: It starts hosting plans at 25,000 users each month. This WordPress hosting service is great for websites with a lot of traffic.

Backend easy to use: Even for beginners, the backend is simple to use.


It’s expensive: WP Engine is more expensive than most of the other hosting services listed. This may prove to be a deterrent if you have a limited budget. Its many features make it worth the cost.

This is not for small blogs: If your blog receives a few hundred to a few thousand visitors per month, you may find this web hosting service unnecessary. If you are expecting rapid growth, it is worth it.

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Best for

WP Engine is the best choice for WordPress website owners with high traffic numbers who expect speed despite their visitor volume.


SiteGround is a top-rated WordPress hosting service. This is a great option if you have a tight budget. It’s also very fast out of the box thanks to its “SuperCacher” feature. This feature allows you to cache your WordPress website on multiple levels, thereby increasing loading speeds.

SiteGround is great to use for websites with low traffic. As soon as you begin to receive high-traffic traffic, you might want to consider adding other WordPress hosts to this list.

Disk space starts at 10GB. You will also find a daily backup system and a traffic quota of unmetered traffic. There is also a cPanel admin console. It has 6 data centers located in the United Kingdom and six in Australia, Singapore, Germany, Australia, Singapore, Germany, Australia, Australia, and the United States.


The pricing for WordPress hosting is available in three options:

Startup: Startup plans cost $4.99 per month and can accommodate 10,000 visits each month.

GrowBig: The GrowBig pricing plan costs $7.99 per month and can accommodate approximately 25,000 visits each month.

GoGeek: This pricing plan is $14.99 per month, and can accommodate 100,000 visits monthly.


SiteGround is a fast cPanel host due to its “SuperCacher” feature.

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Multiple Data Server Locations: SiteGround has servers on 4 continents.

SiteGround supports websites other than WordPress: SiteGround is able to host websites on platforms other than WordPress. This allows you more flexibility.

SiteGround is very affordable: SiteGround is significantly cheaper than other WordPress hosting services.


SiteGround is not recommended for websites with high traffic. SiteGround works well for websites with small traffic volumes.

Best for

SiteGround is great if you have WordPress websites with low traffic and aren’t planning to scale.


Kinsta is similar to WP Engine. It was built on the Google Cloud Platform and optimized for speed and performance. It is managed WordPress hosting, which can be used for websites with medium traffic and large scale. Kinsta offers server locations in Brazil and Singapore as well as Australia, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, India, Canada. Hong Kong, Belgium and the United States. Traffic quota starts at 25,000 per month, with SSD storage of 10GB, an automated daily backup system and manually backed up points. The admin console can also be customized.

Kinsta does not offer tiered support but offers premium 24/7 support to all customers. All plans come with a hack-fix guarantee as well as free migrations.


Kinsta offers up to 10 plans:

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Starter Plan: This plan costs $30 per month and allows for up to 25,000 visits.

Pro Plan: This plan costs $60 per month, and can accommodate up to 50,000 visits.

Business1: This pricing plan is $100 per month and can handle 100,000 visitors.

Business2: The plan is $200 per month and can accommodate up to 250,000 visitors.

Business 3: This plan is $300 per month and can accommodate up to 400,000 people.

Business4: The Business4 pricing plan supports 600,000 visits at a cost of $400 per month.

Enterprise1: The Enterprise1 pricing plan supports 1,000,000 visits, and costs $600 per Month.

Enterprise 2: This pricing plan is $900 per month and supports 1,500,000 visits.

Enterprise3: The cost is $1200 per month and allows for up to 2,000,000 visits.

Enterprise4: This plan is $1500 and supports up to 3,000,000 visits.

Kinsta offers custom plans and virtual managers for those who need them. To get started and to find out the cost, contact sales support.


Kinsta offers a large number of server locations: Kinsta has a vast array of server locations, even in areas that are not accessible by other hosting services.

Kinsta is great for high traffic websites: It can handle up to 3,000,000 visits, and you can even request more.

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Kinsta is not flexible enough to work with WordPress websites. This is good news for WordPress users. Your host will work great with the platform.

It’s expensive: Kinsta is more expensive than the fastest WordPress host on this list.

Best for

Kinsta is great for WordPress website owners who have high traffic and want to reach a large audience.


Bluehost is a WordPress-approved provider of web hosting services. Clients get many perks such as a free domain and SSL, 50GB SSD storage, resource security, and much more.

There are many server locations available in different countries, including Canada, Japan and Australia. It is a great choice for websites that have a large audience from all over the globe and not just one location.

It is also a WordPress-approved host, so it works exceptionally well on WordPress websites. Bluehost offers WordPress support via live chat, email and phone. Bluehost also runs periodic scheduled backups and has no traffic limits on all plans.


Bluehost offers three pricing options for WordPress hosting:

Build: The Build WordPress Hosting Plan costs $19.95 per Month and includes all the features necessary to launch a professional WordPress site.

Grow: This plan includes everything you need for websites looking to expand or grow their audience. It costs $29.95 per Month.

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Scale: This pricing plan offers advanced features for clients who own e-commerce websites. It costs $49.95 per month.


Bluehost has a lot of storage: Bluehost’s plans offer plenty of storage

Bluehost does not limit the traffic that your website can receive.


Speed: Bluehost excels at many things, but it is not as fast as other companies on this list when it comes speed.

Best for

Bluehost is the best option for those who have global audiences and don’t want traffic limitations on their site.


Nexcess offers a fully managed WordPress hosting solution. It’s optimized to create a more secure and scalable WordPress website. This WordPress hosting service includes automatic updates, built in CDN, malware monitoring, instant auto-scaling and daily backups. It also offers full server access, one click staging, pre-installed plugins, and full server access.

You also have access to tons of other features, such as image compression to speed up browser loading, 8 server locations and advanced multi-layer cache for super-fast page loading. Nexcess does not place traffic limits on users or limit pageviews. There are also no overage fees.

All plans include 24/7 WordPress expert support.


Nexcess clients have 7 pricing options:

Spark: The Spark plan is $9.50/month and provides 15 GB storage.

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Maker: It costs $39.50 per Month and $79 after 6 months. It also comes with

Offers 40GB storage

Designer: The Designer plan is $54.50 per Month and after six months, $109 Per Month.

Builder: The Nexcess pricing plan is $74.50 per monthly and $149 after 6 months.

Producer: The producer plan is $149.50/month and $299 after six months.

Executive: The cost for this is $274.50 per 6 months, then $549 per monthly.

Enterprise: The monthly cost for an enterprise is $499.50 and after six months it’s $999 per month.


Nexcess Basic Entry-Level Plan is Affordable and Features-packed. This plan is great for those on a tight budget, but also offers quality resources such as 15 GB storage and 2TB bandwidth which are a lot better than other plans.

Nexcess has WordPress-specific Features: Nexcess’ WordPress hosting service offers WordPress-specific features that make it easier to use the platform.

Super Caching is an advanced caching feature that will increase the speed of your WordPress website.

Nexcess offers automatic and instant backups every day. This is very useful.


There is currently no server for Asia: Nexcess doesn’t have any servers for Asian audiences, like the others on this list. If your audience is from Asia, you might want to consider other options for speed.

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Nexcess doesn’t offer dedicated IP for low plans, but it does provide IP starting at the producer plan.

Best for

Nexcess is the best option for WordPress users on a budget who want to save money and get high-quality resources.


Dreamhost is a well-known WordPress hosting provider. It offers affordable managed, shared, and VPS hosting plans. Dreamhost is a great choice because of its outstanding features. It’s affordable and one of the best WordPress hosting services.

DreamHost offers Jetpack premium for free, and pre-installs WordPress in all managed WordPress plans. Due to the dual WordPress-optimized web app firewalls, there is increased security. DreamHost is also flexible, as it can be used on websites that are not hosted on WordPress. You can also easily migrate any WordPress website to it with no downtime, and you get an automatic migration plugin. DreamHost offers automated backups, unlimited storage, bandwidth, an easy-to-use admin panel, and exceptional speed with built in caching.

DreamHost has only 2 servers in the United States.


Dreamhost offers several managed WordPress hosting plans. We will be looking at the popular WordPress or DreamPress options.

DreamPress: DreamPress costs $16.95 per month and can accommodate 100,000 visitors monthly.

DreamPress Plus: This plan is for clients who want to scale up and costs $24.95 per monthly. It can handle 300,000 visitors per month.

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DreamPress Pro: This plan is for clients who have complex websites and require high performance and capacity. It is $71.95 per Month and can support around 1,000,000 users monthly.

WordPress Basic

WordPress Basic offers 2 plans

WordPress Starter: This plan is for beginners with a new website. It costs $4.95 per Month.

WordPress Unlimited: This plan is $8.95 per Month and is great for those who have many WordPress websites.


DreamHost offers built-in caching, which improves website speed.

Easy to Use Administrator: Even for complete beginners, their dashboard is extremely easy to use.

Backup: DreamHost has a wonderful backup feature.


Pricing Structure: For newcomers, the pricing structure can be a little confusing.

Data Location: DreamHost only has 2 server locations in comparison to the other options on this list. This means that audiences from outside the United States may experience slow speeds.

Best for

DreamHost is ideal for those who receive a lot of visitors from the United States. It also offers affordable plans for those with tight budgets.


Cloudways is an entirely new type of hosting service. It’s quite different than the other providers. Cloudways offers dedicated server hosting without the hassle of owning a VPS or dedicated server. Cloudways provides 60 locations with 5 different providers, including Vultr and Amazon DigitalOcean. It is important to remember that most hosting services only use one provider. WP Engine and Kinsta use Google as their primary provider.

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Cloudways is highly configurable and scalable, making it one of the most popular WordPress hosting services.

The disk space available starts at 25GB. It also features an automatic backup and a manual backup.


Cloudways offers many plans that can be confusing. Here are the most popular premium and standard plans:

Standard Plans: The standard plan starts at $10 per Month. For more features, $22 per Month, $42 Per month and $80 per Month are available.

Premium Plan: The premium plan starts at $12 per month. Next upgrade is $26 per monthly, then $50 per mois and $96 per mo as the highest plan.


Cloudways offers many server locations: This is a big selling point for Cloudways. Not only does it offer many server locations, but they all come from different core providers.

Cloudways has a great price, especially considering its starter packages.

It’s Flexible: This WordPress hosting service supports many other platforms in addition to WordPress. Cloudways’ configuration capabilities also make it very flexible.


They use a Unique Panel. Cloudways has a unique panel. If you are not familiar with cPanel, you might have to learn a lot.

Cloudways Support is Limited: Cloudways is still a relatively new company that is growing rapidly. This means that support can vary from time to another.

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Best for

Cloudways web hosting is ideal for users who have a worldwide audience because of their large data center locations. Website owners also looking for affordable options.


Flywheel, a WordPress-specific website hosting service, is very popular and offers plans and features that are suitable for everyone from freelancers to agencies. Flywheel is a fast WordPress hosting provider and shares many similarities with Kinsta.

Flywheel, powered by Google Cloud, features a customized dashboard for WordPress website management. It also offers a free CDN. You can also use it to cache your website, perform nightly backups and connect to many data centers around the globe. It is important to mention that WP Engine purchased 2019 flywheel, but they are still run separately.


Flywheel offers two plans: Managed Hosting and Growth Suite.

Managed Hosting

Managed Hosting pricing plans include the following packages:

Tiny: The cost of this plan is $150 per year and $13 per monthly. This plan is perfect for small and simple installations.

Flywheels Starter Pricing Plan: This pricing plan is the most popular for single-site pricing and costs $25 per month, or $300 annually.

Freelance: The Freelance Plan costs $1150 per annum or $96 per mon.

Agency: This plan is designed for companies that are looking to scale and costs $242 per monthly or $2900 annually.

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The Custom Plan: This plan is tailored to your specific needs. It also comes with a customized cost.

Growth Suite

The Growth Suite pricing plan includes the following packages:

Freelance: This plan is $1350/year and $113/month.

Agency: The Agency Plan for Growth Suite costs $275 per Month and $3300 annually.

Custom: This allows you to create a customized hosting plan with a specific cost.


Custom Caching: This custom caching can greatly increase your website’s speed.

Optimized to WordPress: Flywheel is focused on WordPress from their support team to their servers. This offers many more features for WordPress users.

Nightly Backups: Flywheel Affairs nightly backups that back up your files every night.


Flywheel doesn’t offer email hosting. This may prove to be inconvenient for some users.

Flywheel does NOT sell domains. If you do not have a website, you must register it first.


Hosting options at GoDaddy are endless. It offers virtual private servers as well as shared plans, dedicated options and WordPress-specific offerings.

The basic WordPress hosting tier includes automatic backups with single-click restore, SFTP server access and a free domain. It offers a 99.9% uptime warranty and is optimized for WordPress. They can also handle traffic spikes that could otherwise cause website collapse.

You should also mention that all GoDaddy WordPress plans include out-of-the box CDN integration to increase your website’s speed. GoDaddy has thousands servers across three continents: Asia, Europe, North America.

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GoDaddy offers the following pricing plans for WordPress hosting:

Basic: Basic plans cost PS3.49 per monthly and PS6.99 for renewals. This plan is perfect for up to 25,000.

Deluxe: The Deluxe plan is available at PS4.99 per monthly and PS9.99 per year for renewal. This plan supports up to 100,000 visitors per month.

Ultimate: The Ultimate plan is available at a cost of PS6.99 per monthly initially, and PS13.99 each month thereafter. This plan allows unlimited visitors to your site without affecting speed or browsing experience.

Ecommerce: The Ecommerce plan is priced at PS11.99 per month, and renewals are available at PS19.99 You can store unlimited visitors.


CDN Boost: GoDaddy offers a CDN boost that can speed up load times up to 50%

Hosting service for WordPress that guarantees 99.9% uptime and a money back guarantee

Access to SFTP: SFTP access can be accessed in all plans, except the Basic plan.


Restoration fees: GoDaddy charges up to $300 in restoration fees, while most WordPress hosting services don’t.

GoDaddy’s Internal Speed – GoDaddy’s internal speeds are not the fastest at times.

Best for

WordPress users with medium traffic who are looking for an affordable host provider should consider GoDaddy.

Inmotion Hosting

Inmotion Hosting offers managed WordPress, shared, VPS and dedicated hosting. Inmotion Hosting’s operational infrastructure includes a WordPress optimized stack, a free Content Delivery Network and stellar loading times.

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Inmotion Hosting is not only one of the most popular WordPress hosting services, but also offers a wide range of WordPress-specific tools and features. Inmotion Hosting offers website backup. However, Inmotion Hosting only provides data centers in the United States.


In motion offers three yearly plans, as shown below:

WP-1000S Plan: This plan is $7.99 per month, and provides 50 GB of storage. It does not offer automatic backups. It’s suitable for up to 20,000 monthly visitors.

WP 2000S: WP 2000S plans cost $7.99 per month. It offers 100 GB of disk space and automatic offsite backups. This is ideal for up to 50,000 monthly users.

WP-3000S: This WordPress hosting package costs $13.99 per monthly. It supports 150 GB of disk space, automatic backups, 125,000 monthly visits, and has a maximum disk space limit of 150 GB.

WP-4000S: This WP-4000S is $22.99 per Month and comes with 200 GB of storage, automatic offsite backups and can accommodate monthly visitors of 300,000.


Inmotion Hosting is very economical compared to other WordPress hosting services on this list.

Free CDN: Inmotion Hosting offers WordPress-optimized stacking and a complimentary CDN to increase your website’s speed.


Inmotion Hosting is able to support 300,000 visitors per month for its WordPress hosting services. This may not be the best option for users who have higher traffic numbers.

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Automatic Backup is not available for Basic Plans: Inmotion Hosting does not offer an offsite backup service for basic plans.

Best for

This WordPress hosting service is ideal for clients who have a large US audience and a midsize traffic.

Fastest WordPress Hosting Service – Conclusion

When choosing the fastest WordPress hosting service, remember that you only get what you pay. Do not choose a service just because it is cheaper. This can lead to slower loading times. Consider factors such as server locations, caching and WordPress optimization features.

Some WordPress hosting companies use affordable pricing to attract customers like GoDaddy. This is why speed isn’t one their best features.

Cloudways or SiteGround can be fast and inexpensive if price is an issue. WP Engine, which is the fastest WordPress engine on the list, is the best choice if you want extreme speed without regard to the price.

Also, consider how big your traffic is. WP Engine is best if you plan to scale beyond midsize traffic. SiteGround, however, is great if you are looking to manage a small blog or website.

Based on traffic, server locations and speed features such as super caching or CDN integration, choose the best WordPress hosting service.