8 Plus Size Wholesale Clothing Suppliers Malaysia

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Malaysia’s fastest-growing industry is e-commerce. Recent estimates from Statista (Data Statistics Internet Corporation) show that Malaysia’s e-commerce platform revenues reached RM 4.2 Billion in 2017. It is also estimated that Malaysia’s e-commerce platform revenue will reach RM9.8 trillion by 2022. The world has seen how huge Malaysia’s e-commerce potential. Statista also provided data that showed how e-commerce has been an integral part many Malaysians’ lives.

Malaysia had 15.1 million online shoppers in 2017, which is 47.9% of Malaysia’s total population. The best-selling media, electronics, and fashion products in Malaysia were last year. Malaysians have been “nursemakers” since childhood. You can see this in their high consumption of media, electronics, and fashion products. Statista published a statistical report predicting that ecommerce sales in fashion, electronics and media will account for over half of all online sales in Malaysia.

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Fashion products are first to be bought and used by a specific group of people in a certain time period. They become popular and copied by the public later. These are emerging products that people advocate for in the short-term. Clothing, food, appliances, and home accessories are all examples. It is characterized by bright colors, unique shapes, practicality, and functionality. Fashion is a fashion-setting product name. Fashion encompasses all aspects of people’s daily lives. Fashion products can offer people quality, pleasure and comfort.

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Dropship plus-size clothing malaysia

According to the Malay Post a well-known Malaysian fashion critic posted on social media that he suggested that people who weigh more than 60 kg should not be allowed on the site’s fashion shows. Zaihani Mohd Zain, a well-known stylist and image consultant in Malaysia, is Zaihani Mohd Zain. He is an iconic figure in Malaysia’s fashion circles. She said on her social media, “Kalau berat badan melebihi 60kg, tak payahlah datang, sebabnya paha awak tu melimpah kat kerusi sebelah kiri dan kanan awak. It is so awkward and uncomfortable !!!” Although the comment was quickly deleted, it still received a storm of criticism from fashion circles. All of them condemned her comments that discriminated against obese people.

However, obesity is on the rise in our society. The “being thin and beautiful” lifestyle of the past has not been modified to meet the current health standards. Britain, France, and others have taken steps to end this trend. European countries have passed successive laws and regulations banning paper models. Large-sized clothing has also been launched by garment companies.

Also, a new career was created- a large-sized model. Large-sized clothing tends to be more American and European than American, due to the differences in the skeleton of American and European people. Large-sized clothes are therefore generally made using American and European model standards. The fashion aesthetics have been quietly evolving, as you can see from the rest of the world. The pursuit of large-sized figures has increased in recognition.

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The perfect person is not only qualified to enjoy fashion dropship malaysia but the large-sized people also have their own fashion. It will have a charming charm if it is well matched. Dropshippers have been launching this business in Malaysia for many years. These are the Top 5 Dropshipping and Wholesale Fashion Websites.


The company was founded in 2012 and is based in Singapore. Zalora is a platform for fashion and footwear B2C that focuses on fashion ecommerce and offers fashion and footwear products. It is part of GFG, a global fashion group. There are currently approximately 900,000.00 page views per month and about 900,000.000 unique visitors. There are many businesses in Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei. ZALORA is a distributor of international brands. Different divisions also sell local webpages.

The options for men and women are listed at the top of this page. However, men don’t have the option to select plus-size. Only women can find large-sized clothes at zalora. This is also possible with women-clothing plus size. Large-size clothes are available for them.


VioletabyMANGO, a fashion trend for young women aged over 40 years, was created by Mango Mango International. The series’ slogan is simple and concise: “Try boldly, show true me.” There are many options for knitwear, coats, and dresses. Even large girls can find the perfect yardage and style. No one says that big yards are for big aunts! You can mail orders over 400RM as long as they are not more than 400RM!

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We also entered the Malaysian market. VioletabyMANGO also has stores in Europe, the United States and Russia. 43% of Russian women want large yards or large-sized clothing. Unfortunately, there is a shortage of high-quality, large-sized fashion for women in the world. These products are not readily available in all parts of the globe.


Missyaki has a wide range of XL clothing, including business wear, casual wear and lingerie, as well as evening dresses and wedding dresses. Missyaki is able to provide clothing in sizes UK12-32, which is an amazing size.

Mis Claire

Mis Claire is a dropship brand for plus-size clothing in Malaysia. Mis Claire is a fashion-focused designer who focuses on the selection of materials. The clothing is especially tailored for women of large sizes. Mis Claire has clothing that fits all sizes, including hoodies, tops and shirts. Mis Claire offers fast international shipping for those Singaporeans who are interested in dropshipping or Brunei.

Chinabrands can help improve your store’s sales, decrease your selling costs, and make your business more sustainable. It takes only a few minutes to create an online store and choose products. The packaging, logistics, and transport will all be handled by Chinabrands. You can expect your goods to arrive in 48 hours.