8 Top CCTV Camera Wholesale Companies and Suppliers

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Wholesale CCTV Camera Suppliers & Companies

1. Winsafecctv.com

Winsafe Technology is a leading provider of CCTV cameras and PTZ Video Cameras. We also offer audio microphones, home and office security wireless IP Cameras. Winsafe is a ISO9001 certified company and has CE and FCC approvals. Winsafe has over 14 years of industry experience.

There are dozens of patents and software duplicates in the company. The R & D team includes over 40+ engineers, including Master and Senior Engineers who specialize in face recognition, video motion tracking, HD and IP tech.

Their products are well-received by customers because of their quality. They offer OEM/ODM services as well as live chat for customers to speak in various languages.

2. Hdcctv.co.uk

HDCCTV is a UK-based wholesale supplier of CCTV. They offer a wide range of excellent services and solutions to satisfy customers. They are more than just box-shifters. They understand their products and provide quality services. These services include:

* There is a 3-year warranty that includes free shipping with Xvision products.

* HDCCTV offers a lifetime UK technical assistance, and can help with any issue even after the warranty expires.

They have a live chat/phone email answering promptly and always reply to all queries without delay. Live chat allows for immediate answers if you are not able to call.

The videos are produced in-house and showcase the products. They also offer tech-tip videos that you can watch at your own speed.

* They also offer quibble-free returns.

* Their products are simple to use, safe, reliable, and have very high resolution. There is no monthly cost and you can store up to one year of video for as long as you want.

*HDCCTV Payment Options are MasterCard, Visa Card, and Visa Electron.

3. Sulekha.com

Do you want to connect with a variety of verified suppliers and CCTV wholesale buyers? Sulekha is the platform for you.

India-based company connects thousands of buyers with thousands of service partners. It leverages intelligent technology/process IP as well as deep domain knowledge.

In a matter of seconds, buyers can connect with verified, matched service providers and SME become a paid partner.

Sulekha receives over 200 million visitors annually. They work with more than 20,000,000 partners and 65,000 paid services partners. Sulekha boasts more than 10,000 paid service partners in India.

4. 2mcctv.com

2MCCTV, a leading wholesale supplier of CCTV in Arlington, Texas has close to 15 years experience and operates offices throughout the US. Their online store is convenient and offers great pre- and post-sales services, a strong product solution and design.

They only work with the best manufacturers to ensure that you get trendy, up-to-date, and high quality products. They sell, install, and design Closed-Circuit Televisions, Access Control, Intrusion Detection and Fire Alarm Systems.

There are approximately 5000 security dealers, wholesalers and distributors in all 50 US states, plus 40 other countries, including Japan, Germany Brazil, UAE, UAE, Brazil, UAE, UAE, and Japan. They have top brands like McDonald’s, LEGOLAND Florida, Dallas ISD, the United States Army, and LEGOLAND Florida as customers.

2MCCT has a bilingual team of customer service that provides support in English and Spanish. They offer MasterCard, Visa Card, Discover and American Express payment options.

5. Magictelesystems.com

Magic Tele Systems, a supplier, trader and wholesaler of CCTV cameras, is located in New Delhi, India. They offer a wide range of Telecommunication, Office Automation and Monitoring & Surveillance Systems. There are many products available from Magic Tele Systems, including Access Control System, CCTV Cameras, Conference Phones, Telephone Instruments and others. These products can be configured in many different ways to meet client needs. Magic Tele Systems was established in 2005. They source their products from well-respected vendors and suppliers. Each product is a perfect blend of technology and design. You can contact them online via a Send SMS’ or ‘Send Enquiry’ option. They also have a ‘Product Showcase’ option that is Adobe Flash enabled on their website.

6. Ca.hikvision.com

Ca.hikvision.com is headquartered in New Delhi, India. However, it has a huge Canadian market. It is still one of the most trusted suppliers of video surveillance products in the world. More than 2,400 partners are available to them in 155 countries. Hikvision boasts a R&D team that includes more than 7,181 engineers. This is one of the largest video surveillance providers.

Hikvision’s important R&D services include video image processing, audio codec, video content analysis and streaming media network transmission control.

They are partners with top technology companies like Intel, Texas Instruments and Ambarella.

7. Planetsecurityusa.com

Planet Security USA is a recognized leader in audio and video surveillance solutions. Their reputation is well-earned and they offer customized solutions that meet each customer’s needs.

* They have an incredible inbound and outbound product logistics system that is accurate, fast, and secure. You will also receive the correct item at the best and most competitive market price.

*Planet Security USA offers great services, complemented by a wide range of high-quality products. We offer industry-leading warranties and lifetime technical support for our products.

* They serve over 30,000 customers in the US, Latin America and Canada, including small and large businesses, integrator partners, government agencies, law enforcement and government.

*Planet Security USA offers a wide range of product development options, including custom integration, direct source, OEM solutions and private labeling.

9. Milesight.com

Milesight, a high-tech company, is one of the most trusted and reliable CCTV Camera suppliers in the UK. Milesight was established in 2011 and specializes in the manufacture and design of top-of-the-line video surveillance systems, including NVRs, security cameras, and software.

The company exports products, services and solutions to over 80 countries, including the US and China. They work with some of the most respected sellers and distributors around the globe.

Milesight provides real-time technical support as well as sales service. They offer R&D services and innovative products. Customers are satisfied with custom solutions.

The product range includes a variety of IP video surveillance solutions. It includes everything from NVRs and network cameras to video management software, from the entry-level to the top.

10. Bestbuy.ca

Bestbuy is Canada’s leading CCTV camera manufacturer. They offer the following services:

1) No Shipping Charge on Orders Above $35 This service is not available for the following categories:

  • Marketplace sellers sell and ship items
  • Some large items may require scheduled delivery
  • Air delivery is required for certain items or locations
  • Geek Squad Services

2) All products purchased through Bestbuy are guaranteed to be the lowest price

3) They offer pickup and reserve services for all customers, repeat and first-time.

4) They offer excellent product exchange and return policies for customers, subject to certain terms and conditions.

5) Customers can track the status of their orders by filling out a form that Bestbuy offers online.

6) Bestbuy offers only Visa Card and MasterCard payment options.

We have now learned where to buy a CCTV camera. Let’s learn how to choose reliable wholesale suppliers.

How do you select CCTV camera wholesale suppliers?

These are some details you might find useful.

1. What price are you selling?

You should ask your wholesale suppliers of CCTV cameras whether they offer wholesale or retail prices. Wholesale prices are required. If it is wholesale, are the prices competitive? Will they swallow my capital as well as my expected profit margins. This information is crucial before you make a decision.

2. What quality assurance are you offering?

Check out the brand names of the suppliers partners. You must insist on quality CCTV cameras and you should demand them. Wholesale suppliers must offer quality products and provide a warranty. You risk losing your brand.

3. What are my options during Payout?

You should also ask about payment options. Many suppliers don’t accept digital payments, which could be a problem if you are buying bulk. Look for suppliers who offer a range of payment options.

4. Which discount can I receive?

It’s impossible to spend so much money on certain products that you don’t get the results you want.

Discounts that offer value Do not hesitate to ask your wholesale supplier if they are offering discounts.

You will get a huge and competitive discount, but it won’t swallow all of your profits.

What are the differences between IP and CCTV cameras?

It is important that you understand that IP cameras work within your LAN network. It can be wireless or wired. They typically log in using a computer to enter their IP address. CCTV cameras operate on their own system. They connect to DVRs via cable.

What are the Top CCTV Camera Brands In India?

These are just a few suggestions:

1. Hikvision

It is considered one of the most prestigious brands of camera. This camera brand was founded by HIK Information Technologies in 2001. Its Indian headquarters are located in Mumbai, India. Camera brand demand is rising.

2. CP Plus

CP Plus was founded in 2007 with its headquarters in Noida. It offers the best quality cameras and recorders. It is German-based and offers a large variety of cameras, including Hidden, Night Vision, HD, Zoom software, Analogue, DVRs VPD, Spy wireless, outdoor, indoor, IP, Bullet cameras.

3. Zicom

Zicom ships its products to 5 countries. They offer a wide variety of high quality products that are reliable and durable. They offer products such as CCTV, Fire, intruder alarm system and Fingerprint locking system.

4. Sony

It manufactures and ships advanced security products worldwide. Sony cameras are not manufactured in India. Some of its products include Fixed, Minidome and PTZ cameras. SONY is known for making high-quality, premium products.

5. Samsung

With 19 branches around the globe, the company’s headquarters is located in New Delhi. There are many types of cameras offered by the company, including IR and zoom, PTZ, thermal, Doom, and box cameras. These cameras can also be used in ATMs.

6. AVtech

Avtech products are durable and can be used in a variety of environments, including at home, schools, offices, and colleges. These products can record voice and videos.

China is a good place to buy wireless outdoor security cameras

Absolutely! The China market has amazing wireless outdoor security cameras. China market is home to many manufacturers and wholesale suppliers. Chinabrands has you covered when it comes to high-quality wireless outdoor security cameras.


It’s time to sell. Don’t wait! Use the information and tips in this post to avoid dealing with scammy CCTV wholesale suppliers. Your profit margins for either your e-store, or offline shop will be doubled if you use the tips and information in this post.