How to Dropship Digital and CCTV Security Cameras?

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Although it is true that creativity and composition are the most important tools for photographers, you will likely one day outgrow your camera’s capabilities.

Cameras and lenses are large investments. It’s possible that you will want to sell your older digital camera to make room for a newer model.

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Photography gear can be a complicated business. If you don’t take the right approach, you could lose what your equipment is worth. The right approach to dropship your digital camera to potential buyers can help increase your chances of getting the best price.

If you are looking to dropship your DSLR or lens, these top tips will help. Here are the steps to follow from the moment that you buy your gear to the moment that you decide to dropship it.

Keep the box close at hand

This tip applies to any product, no matter if it is a camera, lens, or anything else that you may want to dropship in future.

You can always demand a higher price for your gear if you keep the box. Why? Imagine that there are two cameras at your table: one in a clean box, the other in an old shoebox with bubble wrap. It is obvious which one will get the most attention.

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Keep in mind that the more you keep the original packaging intact, the higher your chances of making more money. This includes any manuals, software and cables.

Keep your kit safe

Cameras are meant to capture moments, so don’t wrap them with cotton wool. However, you should protect the digital camera even if it’s not being used.

An LCD overlay can protect your screen from scratches. Also, make sure you have all your lenses and body caps with you.

Protect the camera by storing it in a bag or case. To avoid scratches on the body, I remove my wedding ring before I use the camera.

Give your kit a good clean

It is important to clean your digital camera before you advertise it.

You can use a microfibre cloth for removing fingermarks and smears on the LCD screens and viewfinders. Also, brush off any dust or specks that may have slipped between the gaps in the digital camera body or hot shoe mount. You can also use a rocket-type blower.

A Lenspen is a multi-tool cleaner that includes a brush and a lens cleaner. I use it for many tasks.

Carefully consider where you want to sell

Photographers today have many options for dropshipping their cameras.

It is a good idea to not sell your digital camera, but instead to trade it in with one of many websites that have emerged in recent years. This is a much simpler route. You simply need to post the gear and wait for approval. Then you can get in-store credit so that you can spend on something else.

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The website must make a profit so you will get less than dropshipping privately. The website will also restrict you from purchasing your equipment from that company. This is not ideal if the item you are looking for is unavailable or elsewhere. It is a smart idea to plan ahead for your next steps.

Other options

You might consider visiting a shop that dropship second-hand stock if you live near one. You may also be able get your new product there.

You can also list your digital camera or lens on an online auction site. However, you will need to pay a small commission if it sells.

Another option is to make use of social media to market your kit. It’s easy to find a buyer by selling groups on Facebook. But, be safe and make sure you pay all the money.

Advertising should be honest

Falsifying the condition of your kit is counterproductive. Nowadays, most people pay via services such as Paypal. If you make a mistake, they will reimburse the buyer.

Potential buyers will want to know details such as the model and condition of the camera, as well any damage or defects.

This is our own Service Offered by the Blog Author.

shopify dropshipping store set up

You can provide the exact number of shots taken by a camera, just as you would with a car’s miles. An entry-level camera is usually rated at around 80,000 actuations. However, pro cameras can be rated up to 200,000 actuations.

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If your camera does not have a manual shutter, these figures might not be applicable to it. They can also be falsified and not trusted by everyone. If you are honest and someone buys your digital camera based on how many shutter actuations it has experienced, then you have done your part for transparency.

To stay competitive, offer extras

You will be competing with other photographers who are dropshipping the exact same product if you sell on online auction sites.

You can attract attention by lowering the price but that will make you lose out. If you’re switching lenses or digital cameras, it might be a better option to include extras.

Extra batteries, memory cards, microfibre cloths and UV/polarizing filters are all things you can add to your package.

You must pay someone to send an item out. You can add a shipping fee to your listing. However, you have the option to include it as part of your main fees. This will allow you to offer free delivery to buyers.

Dropshipping CCTV Security Cameras

Are you looking to dropship more CCTV systems for small businesses?

Small business camera system revenue is an important and lucrative part of most dealers’ business. However, many dealers have difficulty generating leads in this market segment.

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This post will share a proven promotion that dropshipping more CCTV systems to small-businesses. This promotion is a winner:

  • It works. You’ll be able to dropship many CCTV systems to small businesses.
  • Advertising doesn’t have to cost a lot.
  • You don’t have to reduce your price. In fact, I encourage my clients to maximize their margins.
  • Prospects are available to you, so don’t worry about finding them.
  • Multiple small business owners can be sold to at once – all from your office or home.
  • This will make you a more knowledgeable expert who can solve problems than a product seller.
  • This promotion can be implemented and you will see amazing results in just 30 days.
  • For future marketing activities, you’ll be building your contact list.

Continue reading to find out the components of this promotion.

Let’s look at some numbers… California has more than 70,000 restaurants. Let’s assume we partner with California Restaurant Association and they promote to only 10,000 eateries.

If only 3% attend the webinar, 300 companies will be there! 15% of the attendees grant you an appointment. That’s 45 companies that attended the webinar, and invited you to visit their businesses and conduct a survey. What number of these highly qualified prospects are you able to sell?

My bet is very large. Even if you close only 10% of the deals, that’s nearly five deals!

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What about a chamber for commerce? The Atlanta Chamber has 4000 members, 3000 in Indianapolis and 4000 in Philadelphia. There are also 2900 members in Phoenix and 2200 in Seattle. There are many opportunities out there.

You might be smarter than I am. Perhaps you have an idea for how to dropship surveillance camera systems via the internet or over the phone. You may have already figured out how to sell digital amera surveillance systems over the phone or via a website landing page. This promotion will work well for this type of business model.

Execution is key to any plan. This promotion is a must-do. To invite people to your webinar, you must have excellent promotional materials. You must provide engaging content and quality content for your webinar. Follow up must be professional and timely.