8 Top Shopify Theme for Pet Supplies Store

Do you want a stunning, eCommerce-ready website theme to host your online pet shop? You’re in the right place if that is your case. Take a look at our list of the 10 best Shopify themes for pet stores to help you succeed in this booming industry.

Paws Pet Store Shopify theme

Paws Pet Store is the best Shopify theme for pet stores. It will make your first impression count.

You can have total control of the look and feel of your pet store’s website with a variety of built-in features and many design options.

Paws Pet Store is easy to customize and code. To give your site a 3D effect, you can add a full-width parallax banner that your customers scroll through or hover effects to make your site more lively.

This theme is 100% compatible with Shopify 2.0.

Top Features of Animals Pets

  • Image with full-width background for Parallax enabled Full-width Background
  • For better navigation on the site, sticky mega menu (with images support)
  • Sidebar product filters allow customers to find exactly what they are looking for more quickly
  • Amazing hover effects on multiple objects (images, product images and icons, etc.).
  • Customers can add to their cart using the ajax Add to Cart to make sure they don’t leave their current pages.
  • Search bar for auto-complates
  • Store trust can be increased by displaying testimonial banners

Furrie | Shopify Pet Store, Dog Care

Your website is the first thing prospects see to form an opinion about your brand. If you want to stay ahead of your competitors in this highly competitive eCommerce market, don’t be lazy about designing a visual storefront.

Furrie is a Shopify theme that will make your website more personal. This theme is friendly, warm, and customizable to your needs.

Furrie is the perfect match for anyone who loves the parallax effect. The theme’s parallax-enabled banners on full-screen are so relaxing to look at. The theme is SEO-friendly, and has a lot of marketing features that will increase your bottom line.

Top Furrie Features

  • Parallax-enabled promo banners
  • Amazing hover effects (product images and CTA buttons icons, etc.
  • You can make it easy for your customers to shop using powerful product filters
  • Carousel of product
  • Enhanced search bar with autofill results
  • Product breadcrumbs
  • Ajax Shop with Sidebar Successful Ad Cart Notification

My Pets- Pet Sitter/Pet Shop, Animal Care Shopify

Do you want to make your website look professional and delicate? My Pets is everything you’ve ever wanted!

My Pets features a clean and modern theme layout, with beautiful product collages and product hover effects. They are all easy to customize and set up to suit your needs.

My Pets is SEO optimized, which allows you to rank higher in Google search results. It also has many conversion-focused features that will improve the shopping experience for your customers.

Top Features of My Pets

  • Multi-level sidebar product filters
  • To increase the credibility of your store, showcase testimonials
  • Simple drop-down mega menu featuring image
  • Ajax shopping cart allows customers to choose their preferred variants without going to the product detail page

Marten-Pet Food, Pet Shop, Animal Care Shopify

Marten is one of the most highly rated Shopify pet shop themes on the Envato Market. You can be sure that your pet store website will look professional and responsive across all devices.

Marten is the best eCommerce tool (literally). You will enjoy many sales benefits all year with the numerous marketing features included in this theme. This SEO-friendly Shopify theme will take your website to the next level.

What can you expect? You can expect a fast loading speed, a stunning full-screen banner, robust filter for products, and many other great features!

Top features by Marten

  • Sidebar product filters with powerful sidebar features that enable customers to apply multiple features all at once
  • Fully ajax Shop features (e.g. quick add to cart and quick buy, quick look)
  • Customers’ fear of missing out can be triggered by countdown timers on product detail pages and catalog pages.
  • Mega menu with image
  • Image hover effects and icon
  • Show customers reviews to make your store more credible

Amber – Pet Care Shopify theme

Amber is a wise choice if you need a modern, professionally-designed theme with a whole package of eCommerce-ready features.

Drag-and-drop editing makes it easy to customize any element of your website. You can display promotional banners, highlight best-selling products, showcase customer testimonials, or add a countdown to trigger FOMO campaigns.

Amber is one of the most popular Shopify pet store themes. It’s also SEO optimized to speed up page loading speeds. It also includes detailed documentation that you can read.

The top features of Amber

  • Sticky mega menu with image
  • To make your website look larger, use the Product Owl Carousel
  • Use countdown widgets to elicit impulse purchases from your customers
  • Customers can pre-order out of stock items
  • Add to Cart ajax, Quick Buy Button, Quick View without Jumping to Another Page

Pets Shop Design template Shopify Theme

Pets Shop Design template is one of the most beautiful Shopify themes for pet shops. It will definitely give you an edge over your competition!

Although this theme only has one layout, it is a great choice for any store selling pet-related products, food, or toys. You can drag and drop sections and modify the header, footer, and content until you get your ideal visual storefront.

We bet that you are a huge fan of the parallax effect and will not hesitate to use this theme. It is SEO optimized and includes a wealth of promotion tools to help you win more sales.

Top Features of Pets Shop Design template

  • Beautiful multi-purpose template featuring attractive sections & blocks
  • A sticky mega menu ensures your customers have quick access to all pages they need without having to scroll up or down
  • You can view product swatches from anywhere, without leaving the current page
  • High-functional ajax add-to cart for a better shopping experience
  • Place breadcrumbs on every page of your website to help customers locate the right place.
  • Sidebar product filters allow customers to shop by color, price, or any other criteria they desire
  • Smart search bar automatically fills in relevant results as customers type in

Boosted by CleanCanvas

Boost is the perfect theme for you if you love pastel colors and are happy to share those feelings with your friends.

Boost is a Shopify theme for pet stores that offers powerful eCommerce functionality and stunning sections. This theme is a must-have for pet accessories and toys!

This theme has many great features. You can add sections and blocks to it, which really complements each other. Boost is one of the most popular Shopify themes. It also has a lot of marketing features that will increase your conversion rate.

The top features of Boost

  • Sticky mega menu with images to help your customers shop conveniently
  • Customers can quickly find what they are looking for by ticking multiple product filters simultaneously
  • Amazing hover effects for multiple products
  • Search bar with enhanced search
  • Product swatches on quick buy pop-up & product detail pages
  • To make your website more vibrant and dynamic, embed Youtube videos all over it
  • A carousel can be used to display testimonials

Kat – Pet Store and Pet Food Shopify theme

Kate is one of the most striking Shopify pet store themes. It will grab your customers’ attention and win them over in a matter of seconds.

This eCommerce theme was designed with SEO in mind. It will help you to have a faster page load and a higher rank in Google search. Kate is similar to Boost and offers more flexibility than other Shopify themes. Kate allows you to be creative with well-combined sections and blocks.

We are certain that you will fall in love with Kate and her handy promotional features, including its breathtaking parallax background image, hover effect, and many other great features!

Top features for Kate

  • Full-screen Parallax banner grabs customers’ attention in milliseconds
  • To give your site some space, use the Product Owl Carousel
  • Breadcrumb product
  • Customers can apply multiple features simultaneously using the advanced sidebar filter of collection page
  • Search bar for Auto-fil

Pets, Birds and Dogs Shopify Theme

Bowie has everything you need to display your products and contents on a website like a pro!

Bowie doesn’t need to worry about SEO issues and slow loading speeds. Bowie has you covered with SEO rich Snippets for product listings.

Bowie is a Shopify favorite because of its strong eCommerce functionality. It can be configured to your specifications.

Top features from Bowie

  • Mega menu with custom image
  • Breadcrumb makes it easy for customers to find themselves on your site
  • Strong product filters that allow you to search for items under multiple conditions at the same time with robust product filters
  • You can make your website more interactive with parallax images
  • Sidebar product owl cartousel to maximize space on catalog pages
  • Product swatches
  • Beautiful animated buttons

Avone Multipurpose Shopify Template

Last but not least, we are excited to introduce Avone to you, one of our favorite Shopify themes for pet stores to help you smash new sales records.

This theme has a 5-star rating based on more than 300 reviews. This theme is fully SEO optimized and comes with many marketing tools and customer enhancement functions so you can win as many clients as possible.

Avone, which displays your categories beautifully in a captivating collage and engage hover effects, is one of the most powerful Shopify themes that you will ever need.

The top features of Avone

  • Hot badge and sticky mega menu to direct website visitors on any page you choose
  • To create beautiful collages of ‘Top Categories,’ combine multiple sections and blocks
  • Breadcrumb on product detail pages
  • Product owl carousel support
  • You can enable product swatches everywhere on your website
  • Search bar with auto-fill
  • Fully ajax add-to cart optimizes customer purchasing experience

Let’s launch your pet store with Shopify Pet Store themes!

The themes above have amazing visual effects and include blog sections. This allows you to increase brand awareness and educate pet owners about taking care of their pets.

The best thing? These 10 themes have a friendly UX/UI so you can customize your website easily.

We hope that you are able to find the Shopify theme that is most suitable for your business.