8 Top Tote Bags Wholesale Suppliers China and US

This guide will help you find 10 great wholesale sites for Tote bags and provide useful FAQs that can be used to assist you in wholesaling Tote bag.

Carriers bags are a fashion accessory, especially for women. Women can’t dress without carrying bags. Bags are useful for shopping and protecting valuables, in addition to their fashion complementing function. The Tote Bag is a basic cotton-like bag with a handle. You can find a variety of designs and colors in totes bags, and they are very affordable as they are available on major online fashion sites.

These bags are beautiful and affordable and have been used for many purposes, including packaging and shopping. Because of their unique appearance and affordability, you will find it interesting to learn the wholesale prices for tote bags in various sizes, designs, and suppliers.

Check out these Top Tote Bag Wholesale Sites

1. Cotton Age

Cotton Age is a wholesale distributor. They supply wholesale and are a great choice for product promotion and hospitality industry. They offer good quality products at reasonable prices. They start at $3, making it easy to purchase. www.cottonage.com offers free shipping for bulk orders exceeding $250. Shipping costs will vary depending on destination and product weight.

Cotton Age requires that all items be returned within 7 days of purchase. They must also be in sellable condition, with labels still attached. A proof of purchase must then be provided.

2. Global Source

It is an online platform that allows buyers to easily connect with suppliers of tote bags. Their website will show that they are reliable in fashion tote bags wholesale. They sell bulk because there aren’t any single pieces. Start shopping starting at $12, and they ship all over the world.

www.globalources.com, however, wants its customers who wish to return purchased products to do so after contacting the customer service in writing within fifteen business days, and they can come along with a strong proof of purchase and items should be in good condition.

3. Amazon

Amazon offers a wide range of high-quality bags, and they have extensive experience in wholesale drop shipping fashion tote bags. You can find bags such as burlap and jute bags in a variety of attractive designs and colors. Its prices start at $5, despite the large selection of high-quality bags. You can ship anywhere in the world, and the charges depend on the item’s size.

Within 30 days of delivery, you can return any product purchased from Amazon.com. You can return Amazon products purchased during holidays only if they are delivered by Amazon before January 31st.

4. Chinabrands

Chinabrands offers a wide range of suppliers of cotton bags that offer exceptional quality and very low prices. Chinabrands offers great discounts on bulk orders, which is a difference from other platforms. You can ship to any country with their large drop shipping capacity. Their exotic personalized bags are available wholesale starting at $10 www.chinabrads.com guarantees to reimburse shipping costs if the item is returned within 15 business days.

5. Alibaba

This online company is regarded as the largest wholesale marketplace in the world, even at low prices. It also houses many tote bags from various suppliers. This gives buyers the opportunity to choose from a variety of colors, fabrics, and designs starting at $0.10. Alibaba.com’s unique feature is its FOB shipping policy. They ship worldwide.

Alibaba requires that you request a refund in order to return items purchased. After ten days Alibaba will contact the buyer and supplier, and mediate if there is strong proof of purchase.

6. Etsy

This online marketplace is great for finding unique bags in a variety of colors and designs. Wholesalers can reach customers all over the globe through www.etsy.com Etsy makes it easy to buy tote bags. Some bags feature writings and images. Their bag prices range from $4.48 to $55, with a standard shipping charge of $2.49. Shipping is possible worldwide, of course.

Their return policy is very different from that of other companies. Etsy is a marketplace that allows independent sellers to exchange and return items. To return an item you will need to contact the supplier.

7. Made-in-China

The Chinese wholesale marketplace has approximately six hundred and forty thousand cotton bags from many suppliers. www.madeinchina.com allows buyers to customize their bags by either the supplier or themselves. Most of these sellers are original manufacturers.

If the item is personalized with a printing logo, bulk purchases of 500 to 999 pieces will be tagged at $0.65 They do not indicate if they ship internationally. Their return policy states that items may be returned if they are still in sellable condition and accompanied by a receipt of payment.

8. Zara

www.zara.com offers a variety of stylish and sophisticated tote bags. There are many options for you to choose from: checked tote bags or braided tote bags. Zara ships all over the world. Their products are priced starting at $20

Zara will accept returns if necessary within 30 days of the shipping date. This is completely free. You have two options for returning the item. You can either present your payment receipt to the area where the item was purchased or, if you are a guest, access the return method via a link in your email.

9. Supreme Creations

The online marketplace allows customers to order bags wholesale from anywhere in the world. Just like made-in-China, customers at www.supremecreations.com have the choice to customize their tote bags to any color, shape or design of their choice. These totes bags can be customized using this online shopping platform. They are made from a variety of materials, including hessian and canvas.

Their prices are reasonable as they can be purchased starting at PS0.87 and minimum orders of 200 pieces. You can return items within 7 days after purchase. The item must be in its original condition and all labels must still be attached. The shipping costs are non-refundable.

10. Eco Bags

The platform is owned and operated by a manufacturer who makes tote bags. They also sell wholesale. They ship anywhere in the world and offer 100% cotton guarantee on all of their products.

The quantity of totes you order will determine the price. For example, if you order two hundred fifty tote bags, each piece will cost $4.16. However, 2,500 pieces will cost $3.17 each. You will get a discount if you buy bulk quantities.

www.ecobags.com has a return policy. Items must be returned within 30 calendar days of purchase. They also need to be in good condition and accompanied with a proof or purchase. After that, the buyer will receive payment within two weeks.

Which is more profitable, wholesale brand bags or white label bags?

Both the white and wholesale brand bags have similar characteristics. There are many differences in design, shape and production style as well as durability.

The white label bags can be made in any color you like and can be personalized on request. Wholesale tote bags, however, are mass-produced and don’t have this option. White label bags are also available at huge discounts for large orders. Wholesale tote bag brands, on the other hand, are available at a fixed price regardless of how many a customer buys.

White Label Bags offer more flexibility than Wholesale Brand Tote bags. It’s simple: You are in control.

Canvas tote bags for wholesale in India:

Kolkata is a great place to buy Canvass tote bags wholesale. The area’s bag manufacturers are skilled in making small cotton bags, cotton carries, cotton drawstring bags, plain cotton bags, and other high-end tote bags. These manufacturers also have a reputation for educating customers about quality fabrics.

I want to create a bag brand for my online website. Which websites allow me print my logo on bags without MOQ or fashion packing?

Online platforms are very limited in their ability to allow you to print your logo if you have created a bag branding website. There are many reasons. These can include policies from suppliers and manufacturers. Websites that allow you to print your logo include Supreme Creations and Made-in-china.

How can I get leather bags (handbags or purses) wholesale from China? Do I need to provide legal documentation?

You may be interested in knowing how to order bags from China. If you’re determined, it is easy. China is a major supplier and manufacturer of bags. You can now find high-quality designer bags that are suitable for any purpose.

It is important to do extensive research on all manufacturers. To find out if they have provided a service that has been helpful to other importers, you should also review their reviews.

Look for wholesale directories to identify genuine manufacturing companies. This will allow you to determine if there are any chances of you making a profit by importing from them.

Before one can import leather bags made in China, however, there are certain legal requirements. You will need to submit the following documents: a bill of entry and a commercial invoice, letter credit, import license, and an insurance certificate.