Fishing Lures Wholesale and Dropshipping Distributors List

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Are you looking for wholesale distributors of fishing lures? Let us answer some of your questions to help you solve this problem.

This article will tell you about the top nine suppliers of fishing lures. You can buy bulk lures from them and then sell them to your shop to make substantial profits.

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Base of Wholesale Fishing Lures and Market Trends

Over the last few decades or decades there has been an increase in the demand for fishing lures around the globe. This has resulted in an increase in the number and quality of distributors that supply fishing lures locally as well as internationally.

In the late 1900s, the modern fishing lure market was created. There are many types of fishing lures available, including surface lures and poppers, plugs and swimbait.

* Ninety eight percent of anglers purchased fish-related products in the past 12 months.

* Seventy-seven per cent of anglers fish with lures.

Wholesale Fishing Lure Distributors: Best Distributors

It is difficult to find reliable, high-quality, trustworthy wholesale fishing lures. It is important to try and test more.

You will lose most of your customers if you partner with unreliable wholesale suppliers of fishing lures.


Alibaba, a Chinese-based website, offers many fishing lures to suit any business size. They are also the largest wholesale market for China. Many lure suppliers have registered a shop on Alibaba to make it easy for customers to find fishing lures.

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You will work with distributors if you source wholesale fishing lures from Alibaba. You will always find the most affordable fishing lures for you business because of the high competition among fishing lures suppliers.

Made in China

This is also a great place to find fishing lure manufacturers who will make sure you get the product you need. You only need to choose the fishing tackles that you want to wholesale from the lowest supplier. They ensure that the wholesale clients of fishing lures are supplied with only the finest fishing lures.

Tackle Direct

Tackle Direct is a supplier of fishing lures that is located in the United States of America. Established in 1997, it is a family-owned company. The company has seen rapid growth and has been a popular supplier of wholesale fishing lures around the globe. They are affordable and they deliver quickly. You might be interested in wholesaling fishing lures from the US for your business. This could be the best option for you.

Aquaskinz Corp

This company is a professional manufacturer and distributor of high-quality fishing baits around the globe. They are a top supplier both in the United States and abroad.

They have employed professionals to provide direction and guidance so that you don’t have to worry about the quality and design of their fishing lures.

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You can reach their customer service team for any question. All your questions will be answered by them.

Anglers Corner

Anglers Corner is a well-known brand for fishing lures. They are based in the United Kingdom and not only do they put in their best efforts to achieve sales but also make sure that their retail customers stock high-quality products.

They are making great progress in the wholesale fishing lures market. This company will amaze you with their efficiency in fishing lures.

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Caribou Lures

If you are looking to import large quantities of fishing lures from Canada, this is the place to go. Their lures are affordable and last a long time. Caribou lures are loved by a large network of trusted customers who appreciate their high-quality fishing lures.

Heaven for Fishing and Hunting

The company is located in Canada and has attracted many importers to the fishing lures industry. They use advanced technologies to create high-quality products. They provide excellent customer service and ensure that your products arrive in your store on time.

Buzbomb Tackle

Buzbomb tackle is a well-known company that supplies fishing lures wholesale with pure dynamite. Your country will be the most trusted distributor of their handcrafted lures. They are known for distributing other wholesalers with high-quality lures. This gives them a great reputation on the market. You can order any number of lures and keep your customers coming back for more.

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Pro Tips for Wholesale Fishing Lures

1. Locate a reliable supplier

To ensure you get the best deal, double-check the credentials of the supplier of fishing lures. This will ensure that you don’t get scammed or receive low-quality products.

2. Decide how much money you will spend

You are buying fishing lures for resale. It is important that you do your calculations before you place an order. You will need to pay clearing, freight, inspection and duty fees in addition to the product price.

3. Identify the Port of Loading

Many countries have multiple ports. It is important to identify the port where your goods will be received in advance. After you have identified the port, your distributor can direct your distributor to drop off your products at your agent. Your courier agent should then negotiate the terms and conditions for delivery.

4. Diversify your Fishing Lures to Meet Different Customer Needs

Diversification can be a strategy you can use to increase your profitability and meet customers’ needs. This scenario allows you to add fishing lures of various types. This will allow you to satisfy the needs of many clients.

Where can I buy wholesale fishing lures in the USA

Wholesale sites like Made in China, Chinabrands and Alibaba allow you to buy fishing lures in China. These are three of the most popular b2b websites in China. These sites provide reliable fishing lure suppliers that can be trusted in all corners of the globe. These three websites are recommended if you’re interested in importing fishing lures from China for your business.

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Which are the best wholesale fishing lure suppliers in the UK?

We have included some reliable UK suppliers in our list of top UK fishing lures suppliers. They are not the only reliable suppliers in the UK, as they produce high-quality lures. Red Wood Tackle, North Devon Tackle are two examples. These companies are well-known for their high-quality fishing lures.

Canada: Where can I buy wholesale fishing lures?

Canada has many suppliers of fishing lures. However, not all are reliable in terms quality or delivery time. Buzbomb Tackle and Caribou Lures & Fishing are some of Canada’s top suppliers of fishing lures.

Where can I buy wholesale fishing lures in Australia?

If you are looking to import fishing lures from Australia, United Tackle Australia will be your best choice. They offer high-quality lures for fishing at very affordable prices. They are one of the most reliable companies in the country. Most businesses that deal with fishing lures worldwide are very interested in their lures.

Where can I buy wholesale fishing lures in India?

Indiamart can be used to wholesale fishing lures. It is a huge market for fishing lures in all parts of the globe. It is India’s largest b2b wholesale website. This site has many distributors and a variety of fishing lures.


There are many options available to you if you’re looking to start a fishing lure business. If you buy in bulk, most of these distributors offer fishing lures at a low price.

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You can base your decision on the top wholesale fishing lures distributors and your business needs. After extensive research, we have compiled the following list of suppliers to help you make informed decisions that will improve your business.