EPROLO vs Chinabrands Dropshipping Platform Differences

Finding a better supplier is always a to-do list of sellers. EPROLO and Chinabrands could be the options.The two platforms are free to use and make online business simpler. Both of them have massive dropshipping items. Suppose you are a seller, you may wonder which one is better for B2C merchants.

Take your time. This article could be helpful. Here, a comparison between EPROLO and Chinabrands is listed. You can choose the right one that meets your needs.

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EPROLO vs Chinabrands Dropshipping

EPROLO and Chinabrands position themselves as dropshipping suppliers from China. They provide numerous items for global sellers to dropship. Here is a chart to clear their services.

EPROLO Dropshipping

What is EPROLO Dropshipping? You can simply understand it as using EPROLO for your product supplier. Being an all-in-one platform, EPROLO takes over the work in the supply chain to support global ecommerce businesses. It has integrated with Shopify, WooCommerce, Shoplazza and other platforms.

So, what are the features in detail?

Import Products to Stores

Firstly, you can use EPROLO to import thousands of products in one click. If you’re looking for an item to sell, you can choose from its product listing of over 300 thousand. Those products cover 107 categories such as clothing, beauty, home decor, baby, electronics, etc. But, this is not the end. You can use EPROLO to import AliExpress products. The operation can be easily done in the dashboard or with its Chrome extension.

Free Product Sourcing

Second, product sourcing is available. EPROLO assigns an exclusive customer service representative to every user when he registers. Dropshipping business owners can contact their agents via live chat in the dashboard. If you have a product and want to get a lower price, just turn to your agent for help. You will get a quotation after submitting a sourcing request. The benefits are obvious. EPROLO dropshipping platform is responsible for product checking and fulfillment. That is to say, you only need to send product links and pay. It greatly saves sellers’ time.

Auto Fulfillment

Thirdly, EPROLO provides fulfillment from packing, shipping to tracking. EPROLO runs warehouses in China and overseas. This makes the following services possible, such as quality control, private inventory, ship all items in one package, and custom packing.

Freely Manage Multiple Stores

Fourth, freely manage multiple stores with one account. As you get deeper into the online business, running only one store may not be enough. Then how can you handle different stores conveniently? The problem is solved by EPROLO. You can connect different stores under one account and manage all your orders. Unlike other tools, the feature is free to use and with no restrictions.

Print on Demand

When you log in to EPROLO dropshipping platform, you may notice a POD button at the left corner. It meets the demand of selling self-designed products. By using POD, sellers can have their logo on products like hoodies, t-shirts, accessories, pet supplies, home decor, etc. Those products are supplied by factories from China, the USA, and Australia. One thing worth saying is that there is no MOQ. Many suppliers require a minimum order quantity and cause stress to sellers. Because sellers have to face inventory problems if they fail to sell more. The good news is that EPROLO frees the worry. Dropshipping business owners can order POD products according to their needs.

Custom Packaging

Custom-made labels, hangtags, gift cards, scotch tape, and packing bags are available. The access is in My Account > Custom Packing. Here you can upload your logo and start to build your brand.

Chinabrands Dropshipping

Chinabrands is an ecommerce platform and wholesale supplier from China, which has more than 100 thousand items. Online business owners can use it to start dropshipping and fulfill their orders. And this is what is called Chinabrands dropshipping.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Then, how does Chinabrands help?

Support Multiple Platforms

Chinabrands has launched a Shopify app to support dropshipping business. Besides, there are twelve more platforms that can be authorized in Chinabrands, like Amazon, eBay, Wish, Lazada, and others. It should be noted that there is no Chinabrands dropshipping WooCommerce plugin. Woocommerce store owners can not use Chinabrands at present.

Import Products

Massive items are displayed on the homepage. Categories include accessories, toys, home and garden, sports, lightings, etc. For Shopify sellers, you can easily visit Shopify Dropshipping and add products to the store. If you are a seller of other platforms, you can click Product Publish to import. You will jump to the publish page and need to fill in the product SKU. Then you can click loading SKU to publish.

Order Fulfillment

Chinabrands dropshipping platform is responsible for order fulfillment from picking, packing and shipping. It has over forty warehouses including nine overseas warehouses. Those overseas warehouses are located in the U.S., the U.K., Spain, France, and Russia. Some warehouses will not process orders during the weekend. When it comes to public holidays, the delivery arrangement will be notified separately.

Order Processing

To process dropshipping orders is an essential part of the two platforms. One thing in common is that both EPROLO and Chinabrands handle orders themselves.

Some store owners, especially those who just start dropshipping, concern about the supplier info and do not want it to show on packages. The worry stops people outside the door. And EPROLO and Chinabrands rest those sellers. With self-operating warehouses, the shipping package will not have a supplier name on it.

Let’s keep on reading. How do EPROLO and Chinabrands dropship products?

EPROLO Order Processing

EPROLO warehouses are located in China, the U.S., and the U.K. They assume the work of inventory management, product picking, packing, and shipping. Orders will be processed according to shipping countries.

If you’re new to EPROLO, this introduction is helpful to understand how EPROLO works.

When you receive an order from your customer, the store order will be synced to EPROLO automatically. You will see it appears in Orders with product detail and shipping info. Then you can choose a shipping method based on needs. If it’s an order of AliExpress products, it will also auto-sync to EPROLO in Ali Orders.

EPROLO provides several shipping options such as CNE, 4PX, DHL, US Express, and EU Express. Delivery time is varied according to the method you choose and shipping countries. In general, the shipping time is about 5 to 15 days.

Now you can pay the order if the info is correct. There are three ways to pay. You can use PayPal, credit card, or balance. When payment is done, your order will be processed right away.

The platform will send the order to its warehouse teams. Staff members will pick the product and prepare it for packaging. Different items in the same order will be put together. Product quality control is an important part. The team will check before shipping to screen defective items. Then, the product will move to the packing segment. If you have ordered custom packing, the package will be shipped with your brand.

When the package leaves the warehouse, a tracking number will generate immediately. EPROLO will update it in the dashboard. Now you can track the status by clicking the number. It’s convenient, right?

Next, you only need to wait for your customers to pick the package and provide after-sales service.

Chinabrands Order Processing

One advantage of Chinabrands dropship services is that it integrates with many platforms. Here, we take Shopify for instance.

If there is an order placing on your store, it will be synced to Chinabrands Shopify Dropshipping dashboard. You can check it in Orders > Pending Orders. Then you can choose a shipping method, like CN post, ePacket, DHL, etc. The avg. delivery time is 7 to 25 days.When it comes to payment, you need to click Pay for Sales and jump to the payment page. After filling in the payment password, your orders will start processing. Please noted that products in different warehouses can not be placed together. For example, if the order contains products in China and the U.S. warehouses, you have to pay them separately in different orders.

To track package status, you need to open the Order Overview page. The tracking num is under the shipping method. Click the shipping method to jump to the logistics website, then you can use the tracking number to check.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Pricing Plan

The pricing plan is quite different between EPROLO and Chinabrands. EPROLO is completely free to use while Chinabrands is partly free.

EPORLO Pricing Plan

EPROLO does not have a pricing plan and of course, there is no membership.

All tools developed by the company are free to install and use, such as the EPROLO Shopify app, WooCommere dropshipping plugin, AliExpress Import extension, and the POD app. Those tools give great supports to various store owners.

According to the sale amount, EPROLO users do have levels. There are five levels among users from V1 to V5. Limits are different. V1 users can import 500 products to the store while higher-level users can import more. The picture below shows the differences visually.

And there is a reward system. Sellers can earn extra rights and balance by finishing tasks. If you become a follower of EPROLO social platforms, you could get 200 e-coin and an extra product import allowance (100 e-coin = 1 dollar). Leaving reviews for EPROLO will get more bonuses. It’s a good way to enjoy more benefits.

Chinabrands Pricing Plan

Chinabrands is free to register and browse products. If you’re a new user, you can enjoy a 14-day trial VIP membership. During the period, you can download the product list, export product descriptions, connect your store, etc. Once the trial ends, those functions are unable to use.

Chinabrands sets six levels to its users which are Registered Member, VIP Trial Member, VIP Member, VIP Member(Bronze), VIP Member(Silver), and VIP Member(Gold). Rights are different in discounts and download limits.For the VIP member subscription, Chinabrands charges $ 7 per month. You can pay monthly or annually. VIP users can enjoy 1-3% product discounts when placing orders. The higher level of the membership, the higher the discount rate.

Chinabrands creates CB points to encourage sellers to subscribe or use specific payment methods. The points can be used to deduct partial warehouse and shipping fees. And the proportion will not be higher than 3.5% of the total order amount. Further, new items, promotional products, and clearance are invalid to the rules.


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