EPROLO vs Oberlo Comparison and Differences

Are you looking for dropshipping suppliers to help you find them? This comparison of Oberlo VS EPROLO may help you get an idea.

EPROLO and Oberlo both offer dropshipping services. These platforms are part of dropshipping’s business model and take care of order fulfillment. It eliminates the need for online store owners to search for suppliers for every product. This takes a lot of time and can be difficult to manage. Drop shipping platforms can help you order products, arrange delivery and organize customer orders. Dropshipping store owners need only to look for trending products and make the most sales.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Statisticians estimate that there are over 24 million online shops worldwide in 2020. Drop shipping is used by 22% to 33% of online retailers as their main method of fulfilling orders. Dropshipping is illegal and not profitable, despite what many others may have said. However, growing numbers of dropshippers will prove this. Start a Dropshipping Business, and then follow our steps to find a reliable supplier.

Dropshipping model for a business

What does Oberlo do?

Oberlo was founded in 2015 by Shopify, its parent company. This was a popular option for Shopify beginners to connect Oberlo with Shopify. Although there are many options for online store owners, it is only available for Shopify dropshipping. How does Oberlo work?

Oberlo is a platform that connects Shopify store owners with wholesale suppliers. They import AliExpress products. Oberlo allows users to search for products and view their details on AliExpress. This includes reviews and product suppliers. It’s up to you whether the supplier follows, positive feedback, life-time and customer reviews make it possible for you to choose.

Oberlo can automatically fulfill orders

Oberlo does not automatically fulfill orders. Once you have received customer orders, you will need to log in to Oberlo, create an AliExpress account, and then fulfill them. If the order is not synced in Oberlo for some reason, please contact our support team. You will be redirected directly to AliExpress. Next, select the shipping method you prefer and place your order. You can repeat the process if you have products from different AliExpress suppliers. Multiple products may be included in an order and sent together with multiple packages. Oberlo can also handle multiple orders for customers who have a pro-plan.

An Oberlo account will make it easy to locate suppliers and products wherever you are.

Install the Oberlo app in your Shopify store. CSV file drop shipping is not an option. You can add products to your Shopify store and begin selling them with just one click. Use the Oberlo chrome extension even if you can’t find the products you are looking for online. This extension makes it easy to import AliExpress products into your dropshipping shop.

You can view information about the suppliers for each product. You can then compare different suppliers to find the best one. The more people who follow and trust the online store, generally speaking, the better. You can also check the AliExpress opening times for suppliers. It is essential to have dropshipping success by choosing a reliable supplier who fulfills orders with quality control, and guarantees delivery time.

What is EPROLO?

EPROLO is more than a dropshipping platform. It’s also a supplier. EPROLO, unlike Oberlo does all the ordering. It is responsible for purchasing products, quality control and inventory management.

EPROLO is not only compatible with Shopify dropshipping but also works on other ecommerce platforms like WooCommerce dropshipping or eBay dropshipping.

Shopify App Store has the EPROLO dropshipping application. You can install the EPROLO app to your Shopify store and find and import products in just one click. EPROLO has a chrome extension that allows you to import products from AliExpress if you can’t locate the dropshipping product you want to sell. EPROLO also offers a free WordPress plugin for dropshipping. Install the plugin if you have a WooCommerce shop. You can then import products from AliExpress and EPROLO to start selling products online. EPROLO can also be used for dropshipping on eBay. EPROLO can be used by anyone who registers an account.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

EPROLO fulfills orders automatically?

Yes. All orders received will automatically be synced to your EPROLO account. It is easy to order. It is not necessary to import multiple orders and manually pay each one. EPROLO allows bulk orders and automatic order fulfillment without additional fees. EPROLO takes care of purchasing products so unlike Oberlo you don’t have to pay twice as much to different suppliers. Dropshipping store owners with many orders per day can use it to free up their hands and reduce their time selling products.

EPROLO eliminates all worries about suppliers and products, as well as quality control issues. The sourcing team continues to find new products and is always improving. EPROLO has two quality control processes. The first occurs when the product leaves factory. The second occurs after you have sold products and EPROLO has delivered them.


EPROLO Pricing

EPROLO Dropshipping App is great for beginners. It’s free to use until you receive orders.

Register for an EPROLO account and connect to your dropshipping shop. Next, search for products and then import them to your store to sell online. You don’t have to pay anything until now. Log in to EPROLO to make payment when your customer orders products. EPROLO will process your orders and sync tracking numbers to your account.

Oberlo Pricing

Oberlo offered free Basic Plan ($29.90/month), Starter Plan ($29.90/month) and Pro Plan ($79.90/month) for drop shipping in 2020. Oberlo’s pricing has been updated.

Oberlo has made a major change after so many complained about its Pro Plan’s high price and poor customer service. It now offers three plans at $29.90 per monthly. Explorer ($7.90/month) and Grad ($7.90/month) users can import 500 products and manage unlimited monthly orders. However, bulk orders cannot be placed and order tracking can not be provided. It is very disappointing. The shipping time is an important aspect of customer retention online businesses. When customers inquire about the shipment, we need to know where it is. Oberlo charges $29.90 per month for shipment tracking. The most expensive membership plan allows you to have multiple staff accounts, an affiliate program, variant mapping, and a CAPTCHA solver.

Oberlo offers dropshipping services as well as “Learning” and “coaching” for each plan. This helps beginners get started. Oberlo also shares success stories from dropshipping businesses. Good news is that it’s easy for beginners to get lost in the details of starting a dropshipping company. Oberlo seems to not be as committed to improving the drop shipping service quality. Oberlo’s score on Shopify dropped to 4.2.

Tracking and delivery times

How do EPROLO VS Oberlo ship products?

  • EPROLO ships the package on its own. It continues to ship the products from China’s Warehouse until now.
  • AliExpress suppliers fulfill orders including shipping. Most products are shipped from China while some are sent from the United States or Turkey. Most packages are delivered from China, but some may be sent to other countries.

Which shipping methods are they using?

  • EPROLO offers many shipping options. It also develops the EPROLO express shipping channel in some countries. You can also choose EPacket or DHL in other countries.
  • Oberlo drop shippers use AliExpress premium and standard shipping methods in all countries. Some support DHL, EMS and other shipping methods. Shipping costs will vary depending on the shipping option.

What are the delivery times for these products?

  • EPROLO express shipping takes between 6-15 days. Shipping times for other methods will vary depending on the shipping method. EPROLO recently released a revised refund policy. The policy states that customers can receive a full refund if the delivery deadline is missed by EPROLO (in normal circumstances).
  • Oberlo suppliers typically use AliExpress standard shipping to ship the package. This takes approximately 45 days. They generally don’t accept returns. If the estimated delivery date of your order has passed, you can get a refund.

How to find shipping times

EPROLO and Oberlo allow you to see the shipping times and costs before you import products to your Shopify dropshipping shop. Each country has its own shipping method and associated costs.

You can select different countries when you search for products in Oberlo and EPRLO. Also, you can see shipping costs, delivery times and shipping costs. Dropshipping products are often the most expensive and have long shipping times. You can alter the shipping method and country before you import products to your online store. You can also calculate the cost and see the profit. The same applies to EPROLO dropshipping platform.

It is possible to reduce the time it takes to upload products by setting up pricing strategies in advance. This option is available for Oberlo and EPROLO. This is because the Oberlo account’s base price is the product’s price per unit, while the EPROLO account’s base price is the product price plus shipping fees.

How do I track my orders?

Drop shippers deliver products directly to customers after they have sold them. To provide superior customer service, however, online store owners must monitor the delivery of packages.

AliExpress dropshipping providers will update tracking numbers on the Oberlo within 3-7 business days after an order has been shipped. Explorer ($7.90/month) and Grad users can copy the tracking code and paste it into their tracking website. It is not an efficient way to save time if you have many orders. You will need to access multiple tracking websites to check each package’s status. Different shipping methods may be used for different packages. If you purchase the Oberlo Boss Plan ($29.90 per monthly), you can also track your orders directly from your Oberlo account.

After the package delivery, tracking numbers are automatically synced to Shopify Dropshipping Store on EPROLO . They will also be available online within 24-48 hours. This function is free for all EPROLO customers.

Dropshipping for brands


Oberlo and Shopify are the best for building your own brand. Oberlo Business Name Generator is available to help you name your online company. You can then go to Hatchful, Shopify’s free logo maker tool. That’s all. The AliExpress dropshipping providers on Oberlo do not offer customized packing methods. You should be grateful if they don’t include your AliExpress store information inside the package.


It can help you build your brand in two ways.

EPROLO claims that it will not include any information that could indicate that you are a third-party in your package. You can request it to customize your packaging, which includes customized scotch tape and box, as well as stickers. 500 pieces is the minimum order quantity. Your account reaches level 4. The total sales amount is $10,000. You can use customized scotch tape for free. You will need to pay for it if you don’t want it. $30 for 10pcs customized scotch tapes featuring your logo or company name. Each roll is 100m long and can pack approximately 100 packages. EPROLO launches Branding Project, which builds brands for clothing store owners.

EPROLO, on the other hand, developed a Dropshipping App. Online business owners have the option to create custom designs for their products. This includes artworks and the company logo. EPROLO drop shipping products are available in any quantity. There is no minimum order. Your products can be designed in your own way and uploaded to your online shop. It’s easy to remove products that don’t sell and upload them to your online store. Online business is not all about success. There are 99 failures, but continuous improvement is likely to bring you the last success. Continuous improvement is what is important. If they are successful in selling, it’s great. You can also ask EPROLO for fulfillment of orders.

EPROLO VS Oberlo review


Let’s find out what dropshipping customers thought about the app, which has an overall rating at 4.7. To view EPROLO reviews details on Shopify, click here

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Oberlo review

Oberlo has received a rating of 4.2 overall. Let’s find out what customers thought about Oberlo. To view more information about the Shopify app store, click here