8 APPS better than Oberlo for Dropshipping With Shopify

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The eternal question “how to become a drop shipping millionaire” still stands on the forefront, hoping for a definite answer to approach. Coming to the question, there are tonnes of solutions flaunting one after the other. Where a part is confident with the profits in the drop shipping business while the rest are going through a deemed perception. When seen from the entire land or with a 360-degree view, the solution is not one and simple. In this context, the “one who is slow and determined will surely win the race” can’t be taken with full admiration. 

Even in the year 2020, the drop shipping business has not reached the levels that it was expecting. Even today, it is known as a business that can be started with less capital and minor risk. With this, you might interpret it as a stagnant form of business, but it is not. The level of competition is grooving high, making heads turn. It clearly indicates that if you get involved in a simple mistake during your drop shipping business, then it could turn into significant chaos of all time. On the other hand, a meagre benefit will actively turn the rollers in your side with rewards. Analyzing this paragraph, we can come to the conclusion that the drop shipping business has both difficulties and benefits that run parallel unless one is secured with where to get the products and decide what to sell.

Drop shipping is mostly called Oberlo drop shipper’s dream, and here is the reasons why. It is obvious that drop shipping is secure; however, it is combined with tonnes of steps that need be dealt like deciding the product, meeting the suppliers, updating the products, and the list goes on and on. 

Oberlo has millions of features and hereby has the potential to offer a rich experience to all the drop shippers heading by. With the help of the Shopify drop shipping mobile application, one can download n number of products directly to the store and sell them to the customers with ease. Oberlo performs the task in a streamlined manner, where it lets the drop shipper set the products under one line along with setting the store that needs to be launched and in the coming ages. Then comes the Aliexpress importing features using which it gets stress free to manage the products, customization of the product, and there are many such benefits arising. Furthermore, Oberlo lets the user automate the most tiring and annoying tasks like updating the products, setting the order, and updating pricing. Plus, the shipment tracking is amazing too. 

Oberlo is considered among the best drop shipping app as it offers a reliable platform. It supports the drop shipper in selecting the supplier as the entire task is performed by the team itself. The whole job will save a lot of time and effort too. 

Coming to the demerits, it would be tricky to find one in Oberlo. The primary concern of using this app is that it is filled with n number traders in one time plus offering the products at very similar rates. The customers of these days are smart and look for the best rates; therefore, your work is to provide them with “great deal” or “fantastic choice” level of delivery and shipping aspects. 

We guess you must not be thinking of staying stuck with Aliexpress in the coming days, as your intention might be in getting bigger with the business. Oberlo will serve the purpose and will let you enjoy the esteemed resource instead of getting perplexed with the unwanted crowd. 

Now, to lend you with a helping hand, we are here to provide you with 8 astonishing applications and the reviews. These are the high profile Shopify apps craving for your attention. Well, let us make it very clear, this listing is not based on ranking, so kindly don’t get confused. 


GoTen dropshipping platform is one of the best Alternatives to Oberlo, attracts thousands of visitors worldwide every day.Based on their specific big-data research,GoTen can help you find hot-selling products and most profitable products from low-cost and certified suppliers. It is the most easy-to-use dropshipping platform for dropshipping beginners.

You can integrate GoTen doropshipping platform to any of your eCommerce sites on Amazon, eBay, Wish,shopify etc. After the integration process, you can continue marketing any products to your customers easily.

Another unique feature from GoTen is its fast shipping process. All the orders will be shipped from GoTen’s nearest  local warehouse in 24 hours.The delivery process only takes less than 2 days to reach your customers.

GoTen Offers 24/7 Customer Support and Up to 3-Month After-Sales Period ready to deal with any issue to satisfy the customers.

No membership fees, no credit card needed. GoTen makes it easier for everyone to launch and boost their online business.

Main Features:

・Fast & Free Delivery(2~7days)

・Trustworthy wholesale suppliers

・Free Membership & Big Discounts

・24/7 support team

If you want the best dropshipping platforms without membership fees,then GoTen dropshipping platforms will be the best choice for you.


If you are looking for something to be used as a substitute for Oberlo, then Spocket will twirl out with the benefits. Even it is being observed that Spocket has crossed the Oberlo with its highly advanced features and facilities. The reasoning has come out from the suppliers who are doing business either from Europe or the United States. The reason is; faster delivery and quick shipping. Thus, if you belong to any of these locations, then Spocket is worth giving a try. 

Three preferred that makes Spocket a reliable choice are as follows 

  • First of all, its pricing is the apple of the eye. With an average discount of 30-60%, it will shutter up great margins for the drop shippers.
  • Seconds, it proffers the drop shippers to enlist its brand name on the invoice, receipts, etc. Even you can share your logo on the product in order to raise the mark of a positive impression. 
  • Third and the most attractive benefit of using the app, it will let you place orders of sample products. With this, you will have the liberty to validate the speed of shipping, match the product withthe image, descriptions, customization, and so on. In addition, it also informs the drop shippers about the automated inventory updates as well with one click order fulfilment.

If your target is to make the mark in the eyes of the customers and gain reviews and send them quality products, then choosing Spocket will be a precise decision. 


It would be wrong if we say Modalyst is just one app as it works far from what it appears. In short, this application proudly holds the name of the collection of all kinds of retail solutions under one roof. You will be surprised to know that this app shares the branding with immensely dignified ones like Calvin Klein, Puma, and so on. Approaching to the pricing, it will burn the pockets compared to what you see with other Asian suppliers. Nonetheless, with suitable time invested in research, you will end up with tonnes of opportunities with a profitable margin together. 

Some of the categories in which you can sell the products to the target customers include; men and women apparel, home wares, plus-sized clothing, beauty products, children’s clothing, bridal collection, bags, shoes, accessories, etc. 

Modalyst is closely associated with the Shopify app through integration so that the products can be launched in just one click. Features like automated updates, tracking of inventory, managing the orders, price changing, inventory updates, and real-time data feed. Hence, with the coolest interface and high-end features, it deserves to be on your list. 


The app which rocks the chart of the best drop shipping app is ProProduct, as many users claim it to be the one. On this app, a plethora of categories are listed like home goods, consumer electronics, apparel, etc. the rationale behind its popularity among the drop shipper mostly deals with companies that are based in the US. Also, the range of suppliers is trusted, and only deals in premium quality products. 

Surplus benefits are there on the ground, including around 50,000 products of the best quality without cutting the margin. Plus, the drop shippers have access to the use of an internal messenger. It is designed to let the drop shippers communicate with the suppliers directly in terms of any doubts or clarifications. Not to forget, all the suppliers are verified as well on this app.

On the other side, the application has easy tools and methods, making the usage simple. The quick turnaround, easy selection of the products, seamless payment options are few of them. ProductPro is an ideal pick for all those who want to deal with the overseas products of top quality and reliable course of profit margin.

Aliexpress UniteXpress Dropship

The drop shippers who are keen to use fast and effortless task must give a try to UniteXpress for easy managing of the products. The primary reason to use this product is its association with Aliexpress. UniteXpress ships products directly from Aliexpress, which is itself a trusted podium for a maximum of drop shippers. 

Furthermore, it gives the freedom to the drop shippers to customize the products with regard to the presentation. Suppose, you are willing to change the name, title, product description, all such activities are easy to perform through this app. Wait, we are not over yet, UniteXpress allows the drop shippers to set their own pricing rule or strategies too. 

Next, it also performs automatically fulfilling the orders, tracking, fast shipments, ePacket product filtering are the refreshing aspects of this app. 


With the name, it is easy to understand that this app works by importing the products plus brings in automated features, order fulfilment all under one click. 

The time you will enter the website, all the details and instructions will start rolling up. It indicates you will not have a tough time understanding the process. Everything from importing the products to the setting of orders is quick. Importing of product is again a stress-free task because, you just have to connect with the wholesaler’s website, connect Importify (chrome extension). At this time, you will be capable of selecting the products, followed by adding them to your store. It can be done by simply clicking on the Add button. 

Moreover, if you think the products need some changes like in name, features, descriptions, etc., then get the editing done right before importing it to your store. As discussed, you will get the steps handy. Importify has been working with the largest wholesalers along with the e-commerce platforms, say Aliexpress, Lightinthebox, Taobao, Shgate, Amazon, Etsy, Wish, Walmart, Gearbest, etc. It is just an introduction, as the list is pretty long. 

Aliexpress drop shipping 

In general, Aliexpress is the first choice for the drop shippers because it has everything they need. However, if you choose to work with Aliexpress drop shipping, the results, as well as the experience, will be amazing. The app is equipped with all the features and options that you will need without creating any further mess. 

On this app, you will not find it rigorous to search the products at all. It is for a reason; the app has n number of categories and filters, making the process simpler and less time taking. All the imported items that you see on the app are all set to reach the selling page. Also, it gives daily pricing updates, which can be accepted or terminated depending on the situation.

With the help of the chrome extension, the products can be imported from Aliexpress in one click. This extension will allow you to edit or customize the products considering the images, title, description, pricing, etc. the two features Automate pricing and Auto updating inventory are the pillars of this app. 


Dropified will flourish you with outstanding features using which you can enjoy a pleasing time in the drop shipping business. The one-step click, modifying the vendors, allotting the suppliers with the products, is at ease. The one-click process works for uploading images and products in bulk as well. 

The information related to the product will reach down to your store in one click only. Therefore, no extra job will reach on your part. All these features make it an automation tool that can trim down the tedious and boring task with a single click. Depending on your choice and demands, you can take the help of this app for setting prices and profit margins. 

Talking about the precise drop shipping sources, Dropified has all the reliable platforms like ShineOn, Aliexpress, Amazon (.com, .co.uk, .fe, .de) eBay (both .co.uk, .com), Wish, Etsy, Costco, SammyDress and the list goes up. 

Spreadr App- Amazon Importer 

Spreadr is one step ahead of drop shipping because it offers two variations; one is drop shipping, and the other is affiliate marketing by directly connecting it to Amazon. It can be articulated as a useful import tool to search for what is going on in Amazon in the aspect of popularity. So, it can be added to the store of the drop shipper within minutes. 

For instance, if you are already loaded with the products in your shop and want to magnify it with more options, then Spreadr will be helpful. This way, it will aid you in bringing a new aura to your brand with reliability and creating a long-lasting impression on the customers. 

Also, this app spreads the work structure by broadening the target audience and monetizing with a view to amplify the profits. Through this app, you will make a good commission, and every time a visitor clicks or make a purchase on the product, you will receive $$$.

What makes Spreadr a known option; One-click upload, Enable auto-sync, Bulk import, Customise product description. All these make drop shipping an attractive business podium working with Amazon. 

Let us summarise 

When do drop shippers, take a turn to Shopify? It can be avoided that the net is filled with 1400 apps and more. Each one with impressive features and in which almost half are free to use, and the list has no such end. In simple words, these apps are designed to curtail the hard work, cut down the endless hours, and shorten the repetitive tasks, all with few clicks and giving it a tech-savvy experience. 

Besides the features and advantages, these applications help the drop shippers in hunting down the best suppliers from the respective field within reasonable pricing. 

Are you confused about picking the right app for your drop shipping business? In that case, it would be better for you to give a try to all because each one of them offers a free trial. It is you who will get the feeling considering which app is suitable for your drop shipping business.

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