EPROLO VS CJ Dropshipping Pricing and Fulfillment Comparison

Are you drawn to the “dropshipping platform reviews” terms? Continue reading this report. Here is a comparison of two popular dropshipping providers – EPROLO & CJDropshipping. This report may help you make a decision.

EPROLO vs CJ Dropshipping Overview

It can be time-consuming to find suppliers. There may be many recommendations from Google and other social media. You still have to make a decision.

It is not just you who has difficulty choosing suppliers. Commenting does not help you make a decision quickly. This is likely because comments contain both negative and positive reviews. Polarization of words leads people to a crossroads.

Many factors can influence judgments. It is important to understand your needs. Each platform has its merits. It is up to you which platform meets your needs best. The overviews of EPROLO or CJ Dropshipping are helpful.

EPROLO Overview

What is EPROLO?

EPROLO is an online drop shipping platform that allows you to ship products directly from your ecommerce store. EPROLO covers all aspects of fulfillment, including product sourcing, custom packing, shipping and tracking. EPROLO also supports other services. EPROLO allows online store owners to search, edit, and import products. They can also customize print on demand products, boxes, and tapes. Recurring commissions can be earned. It’s an all-in-one solution for ecommerce shops.

What does EPROLO do?

EPROLO can be found in Shopify, WooCommerce, and eBay stores. Shopify users can find EPROLO Shopify Dropshipping App in their app store. WooCommerce users have the option to install the plug-in on their website and import products. EPROLO is an official partner with eBay and can be used by storekeepers as their product supplier.

EPROLO is only accessible to those with an email address. To connect EPROLO with your dropshipping shop, you will need to create an account. Once you have connected, you can access the following features: Find 300k+ dropshipping products; paste links to edit product details; push products into shops; track customer orders and track their status; set pricing rules that automate pricing; personalize packaging tapes and boxes; and more.

EPROLO will automatically sync customer orders when you receive them. It is possible to choose the shipping method that you prefer. This will only cost the product and shipping costs. The platform will handle all the shipping costs and fulfill orders. You can also track the status of your delivery by clicking on the tracking number.

EPROLO developed a Google Chrome extension called EPROLO- AliExpress product importer to make it easier for dropshippers of Shopify and WooCommerce. The extension can be installed by online store owners and taken to AliExpress. The extension allows them to browse the most popular products on the site and pick their favorites. The product will have an EPROLO icon located at the bottom right. Dropshipping business owners will be able to import the item from the icon and then push it to their stores.

CJDropshipping Overview

What is CJDropshipping?

CJDropshipping, an e-commerce site that offers drop shipping products, is available. It can accept sourcing requests and offers CJ fulfillment services. It is compatible with Shopify, WooCommerce and eBay as well as Shopee. Its home page lists a large number of popular products. Storekeepers can also source products through shopping sites like AliExpress and Taobao. It is similar to EPROLO and supports product sourcing, quality control and custom packaging as well as shipping.

What does CJDropshipping do?

First, you need to create an account on CJ Dropshipping with your email address. Log in to the platform and authorize your stores. Once authorization is complete, users will be able to add products to their stores, edit them, check inventory and order status, request product videos, manage multiple shops, and so on. Shopify store owners have the option to connect products that they already sell to CJ Dropshipping. You can calculate the shipping costs and product price if you import them through CJ Dropshipping.

Below the product image is a List button. Click to go to the detail page. You can then choose from a variety of variants and edit prices. You can also list the item instantly with no modifications. All products that you list will be added online. You can manage products and customers’ orders by going to My CJ to review the details.

CJ Dropshipping will require an extension for sourcing requests. After installation is complete, return to the homepage and click Source More. Below the button, AliExpress 1688 and Taobao appear. Select one to jump to the website. The source button is located at the bottom right hand corner of each product. You should note that 1688, Taobao and other shopping sites only support Chinese. You may need a translator if you wish to order products from these two websites.

EPROLO vs CJ Dropshipping Order Fulfillment

Fulfilling orders is the most important aspect of dropshipping. It is the most important thing to think about when you make the decision to use a platform. How about EPROLO’s fulfillment service and CJ Dropshipping’s? The following will be a comparison: warehouses; shipping times and methods; and package tracking.

EPROLO Order Fulfillment Service

EPROLO has warehouses in China and overseas. These are located in Shenzhen and Yiwu, the US and the UK. Dropshipping platform manages inventory and keeps it updated by its own staff. All products, even those sourced from other websites, are packaged and shipped centrally in the warehouses. This has many benefits. One advantage is quality control. During order processing, the platform will inspect product conditions. Damaged products will be refused delivery. The unified package is two. Multiple items can be shipped in the same box. Shipping info management is three. The package boxes will not contain the information of suppliers.

EPROLO’s delivery times and shipping methods can vary depending on the product, country and busy season. Usually, packages take between 6 and 15 days to arrive. Sometimes delays are inevitable. Shipping delays can occur due to Black Friday, Christmas, and other emergency situations. EPROLO will notify online business owners by email in advance to reduce shipping delays. EPROLO offers seven shipping options, including US Express, CNE Standard Standard, 4PX and DHL. Dropshipping business owners will be able to check the estimated delivery times and shipping methods from the product page.

When items are shipped, tracking numbers will be updated. It will be displayed in Orders automatically. You can track your package by clicking the number. The shipping status page will appear.

CJDropshipping Order Fulfillment Service

CJDropshipping has several warehouses located in China and other countries, including the USA, Germany, Thailand, Germany, etc. The warehouses offer an FBA-like service and can accept private inventory. It’s a CJ fulfillment service that allows you to ship your products to our warehouse, and we pack and ship it for you.” Shopkeepers must submit a request with product details. After that, the team will review it. If there are any problems with the warehouse or product, the request will be denied. Private inventory is not available at all CJ warehouses. CJDropshipping stated that they only charge a few service fees. Online store owners: Please verify that you are really interested in using it.

CJ shipping takes between 7 and 15 days. This does not include order processing time. Sometimes, it may take up to 40 days for delivery. CJ Packet is the most popular shipping method supported by the platform. What is CJ Packet shipping exactly? This is a company-created method that delivers electronic and ordinary products. You can also check out other shipping options on the product page.

Dropshipping Orders will display the tracking number. Find your tracking number at My CJ. Tracking is as easy as opening the CJ Packet shipping site and entering your tracking number. You can also track your package using other apps or websites.

EPROLO vs CJ Dropshipping Pricing

Prices can cause hesitation. People are more cautious when purchasing an item that has never been used. If you don’t have the right information, it can be difficult to pay. EPROLO and CJ Dropshipping remove this worry. Both platforms can be used for free.

EPROLO pricing

EPROLO charges no fees for installation or use. Online business owners pay only when customers place orders. Dropshipping stores can be seen as a bridge. Customers pay for both the product and shipping costs. EPROLO is a great choice for those who want to start a drop shipping company . The shopkeeper can lower investment costs because there might not be an order at the start.

EPROLO has a rewards system. To receive additional benefits, users can complete tasks. You can use E-Coin to earn dollars or other benefits.

It is becoming a popular trend to create your own brand. EPROLO Print on Demand was created to meet this need. The app is free. Shopkeepers will be able to find POD products and design their products directly on the app. It features a variety of trending products, including bags, curtains, towels, wall decos, doormats and clothes. These print on demand products do not require an order quantity and are produced by cooperative factories in China, Australia, and the USA.

CJDropshipping pricing

CJDropshipping can be used for free. Online business owners generate costs when they receive orders. The website charges service fees to anyone who uses its warehouses. Due to the availability of products and warehouses, the service fee may vary. It includes a processing fee and shipping fee. For example, take the USA warehouse. The processing fees are $0.6 to $5 for each item and $2.4 to $7 for each kilogram. The USA warehouse fee is $0 to $1.5 per hour.

EPROLO vs CJ Dropshipping Refund Policy

Customers and storekeepers are both dependent on after-sales support such as a return policy. The supplier is responsible for the after-sales support of drop shippers. Store owners should read the supplier’s return policy. A customer asking for a refund could result in loss.

EPROLO’s refund policy

EPROLO provides protection to dropshipping merchants in two ways. The shipping guarantee is one, while the refund policy covers order, product, and package.

All packages come with a shipping guarantee. EPROLO will offer a full refund for packages that are not received within the delivery timeframe, which is typically 30 to 40 business days. It can vary depending on the shipping country and the busy season. The delivery time begins from the moment the package leaves the warehouse.

Refund policy protects orders, products, and packages. EPROLO will need photos or screenshots in order to verify the condition of a refund claim. EPROLO will require screenshots or photos to confirm the condition. Online business owners can contact customer service and provide more details. EPROLO will offer a full replacement or refund in the following situations: order cancellation, product damage, loss, misplaced, or out-of-stock; shipment is lost or damaged during delivery; and so on.

CJDropshipping’s refund policy

CJDropshipping offers three options for disputes: refund, resent, and return

CJ Dropshipping will take care of delayed orders. Due to differences in shipping methods and countries, counting times can vary. It starts from the time the order left its warehouses. It takes 60 days to process an order. CJ Dropshipping will issue a partial or full refund depending on the circumstances. Or, the platform will send the product back. Contact the customer service team immediately if anything happens.

EPROLO vs CJ Dropshipping Review

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