Solution to Add Weight As A Selection in Squarespace

Squarespace is a website builder designed to accommodate people and businesses without extensive coding or website-building experience. Their templates are sleek, minimal and user-friendly.

Like any website builder, Wix has its limitations; one such limitation involves product variants. If you sell t-shirts online for instance, offering customers various colors might be important to keeping customers coming back.

How to Add Values

Squarespace provides you with all of the tools to easily customize your site with. Their templates have all been designed with best practice in mind; however, should you require greater flexibility than these provide, adding custom code is easy and can add unique touches to your website.

Squarespace now offers a new tool called Design that gives you quick and easy access to all of the settings for fonts, colors and other elements on your site. It’s a fantastic way to quickly make changes that match up perfectly with what you envision for your site!

With their recent update of 7.1, Squarespace has simplified their font customization system. Gone are the old style options; now there is an easier ‘font pack’ feature which offers a collection of fonts that work well together and provides a much simpler solution.

How to Add Variants

Squarespace allows you to add variants – individual options for a product like colors – as individual products in your catalog. When someone clicks “Add to Cart,” these variants will appear as drop-down box choices in their cart; for example, customers could select from red, green or blue variants when shopping a t-shirt for example.

Variants also play an integral part in setting product pricing and inventory levels. You can view and modify all these details on the Product Details page; additionally, there’s also an easy-to-use list showing every variant combination and image associated with your product. Should an accident happen while editing this list, just tap Undo immediately – should any deletion occur, tap Undo as soon as you realize!

Using Squarespace for business, Zaps can connect form blocks to other tools and services, like Pipedrive or Slack, making filling out forms more efficient by automatically creating items in Pipedrive or sending notifications directly into Slack when someone fills them out.

How to Add a Shipping Rate

Squarespace provides plenty of ways for you to customize your website, from page elements and fonts, to the layout. Since 7.1 launched, many of these configurations have been moved centrally within the home menu for easy access.

To add a shipping option, select the ‘Add Shipping Option’ link and choose “Depending on Weight”. When setting up rates for individual product variants (for example ‘small works’, ‘medium works’ and ‘large works’ rates), edit each page accordingly with these rates and weight values – this way Printify can calculate shipping costs more accurately and use them to build them into retail prices instead of being built directly into them; to achieve more transparent shipping setup consider selecting “Carrier Calculated Shipping”.