Key Differences: Squarespace Personal vs Business Plan

Squarespace personal plans are ideal for service-based businesses that primarily provide consultations and commission work, as they provide basic analytics while lacking key features that would be required by an ecommerce storefront.

Squarespace Business offers the next level up from Personal, with ecommerce capabilities. While it comes with a 3% transaction fee, this option could prove more cost-effective when selling high volumes of products.


Squarespace Personal is the lowest-cost option and best fits if you plan to create a simple website without needing extra integrations for scheduling, email marketing or ecommerce. While monthly billing may save up to 30% per year when signing up for annual subscription.

The Business plan from Squarespace includes a free domain name, unlimited storage and bandwidth space, responsive design that adjusts to any screen size, unlimited pages to add, various templates to choose from and more advanced analytics than its basic counterparts such as visitor traffic tracking or form and button conversion tracking.

All Squarespace plans allow you to host multiple pages and include unlimited storage space. Each plan offers its own set of features; when selecting one that best meets your needs, consider which plan has premium blocks or ecommerce functionality – while Personal plans don’t. In particular, businesses who require website analytics may prefer the Business plan due to its performance tracking abilities.

Squarespace allows you to customize your website using CSS and JavaScript, however additional fees will apply for premium integrations such as MailChimp, Tock or OpenTable and custom code development. To sell products on your site you’ll require the Business plan or higher.

Squarespace Personal can be used for both personal and non-business websites, including college students, family reunions or local charities. While its ecommerce tools don’t support selling digital downloads directly, third-party selling tools provide this capability.

The Squarespace Business plan offers an ecommerce tool, professional email addresses hosted by Squarespace and customization through CSS/JavaScript for websites. In addition to selling physical goods online, this plan includes marketing features like an announcement bar and pop-ups as well as free trials with 3% transaction fees for credit card payments.


The Personal plan is tailored for individuals looking to showcase their work, blog or establish a basic online presence. It offers a selection of templates, free custom domain name registration and SSL security as well as customer support; however it only permits two contributors. Furthermore it doesn’t include advanced website metrics or code access.

The Business plan allows you to sell products through your site with a low 3% transaction fee, making it perfect for businesses who wish to experiment with ecommerce without the budget for full-blown online stores. In addition, this plan offers basic ecommerce features like customer accounts, gift cards and order history along with payment integrations such as ShipStation and Xero for seamless ecommerce sales processes.

Squarespace provides two plans with more advanced ecommerce features: Advanced Commerce and Basic Commerce. For small online stores, Basic Commerce may be ideal, as it has no transaction fees and allows tracking form/button conversions as well as subscription products, more flexible discounts, abandoned cart auto-recovery auto recovery, real-time shipping rates and abandoned cart auto-recovery features.

Squarespace plans stand out from competing services due to their mobile responsive design. This enables visitors to your website from mobile devices more easily while also enabling dynamic pages such as announcements, promotions or newsletter sign up forms to be created more efficiently.

Squarespace’s ecommerce platforms are an excellent solution for music artists looking to sell digital downloads. Squarespace provides musicians with tools that make creating websites with embedded shops easily accessible by customers.

Squarespace offers three plans with various prices that may suit different website and blog needs, with the Personal plan being their most affordable plan and designed specifically to serve smaller websites or blogs that don’t require extensive functionality. When choosing between plans it is important to take into consideration which features you require before selecting one; also remember to select something scalable as your needs may change over time.

Save money when signing up for an annual plan with Squarespace; these tend to be around 30% cheaper than monthly plans. Plus, take advantage of offers or discount codes available through them for extra value!


The Squarespace Personal plan is ideal for individuals looking for a basic website without extra integrations or ecommerce capabilities, or businesses focused on digital products or services instead of physical inventory. Billed monthly, the Personal plan costs only $16 or $23, significantly cheaper than its Business counterpart which costs over three times more when paid monthly.

However, the Personal plan comes with significant limitations; you won’t be able to use the Appointment Scheduling Block on your site, nor integrate with an appointment scheduling service like Calendly, Dubsado or Honeybook. Furthermore, adding a Facebook pixel to track site traffic or conversions won’t be allowed either.

On the other hand, the Business plan features premium blocks and integrations as well as ecommerce capabilities that enable you to sell products and accept donations online. Unfortunately, there is a 3% transaction fee and limited product capacity which limit its usefulness; for larger sales volumes we recommend upgrading to Commerce plan instead.

All Squarespace plans include a free trial period, during which users are free to modify or cancel their selected plan at any time. Furthermore, this company allows refunding of pre-paid charges; new charges will be prorated. They provide four plans: Personal, Business Plus and Advanced Commerce.

The Squarespace Business plan is more robust than the Personal plan, making it suitable for small online stores. You can sell both physical and digital products, integrate payment processing via Stripe, take advantage of built-in email marketing features, create professional domain names with unlimited storage for videos and photos and customize your site using CSS/JavaScript coding.

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