Alex Becker Dropshipping Academy Course Review

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Alex Becker was the first person I met live. He spoke at an Orlando, FL online marketing conference that I attended back in 2016.

He shared the core lesson with us that he had learned when he first started doing client-based online marketing work for other businesses. After reaching a certain point of $20-30K per month, he stopped.

Because each new client he landed resulted in more work, he felt that it was becoming more labor-intensive to scale up his business.

After that, he began to develop software and launch products. This helped him grow his online business to $100K per monthly. He realized that selling software is more scalable than other services because you only need to sell the product.

He took that model and used it to sell many online courses.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Alex Becker is the best online marketing guru. He has the most products and the most fans. This is thanks to his youtube videos, which he uses to drive paid traffic.

Problem is, when you start offering multiple products, it can be difficult to maintain high standards across the board. This raises the question: Which course is best for beginners looking to make their first online dollar?

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Although everyone knows that he teaches shopify eCom dropship and SEO business through his free webinars, there is no clear answer as to which one is better.

Today I will be looking into his products and comparing them with each other. Also, I will compare them with my top recommendation for making money online, which is lead generation using free traffic. 

Source Wave University Review

This seo course was created by Stephen Floyd and Gregory Ortiz.

Stephen Floyd was the first person I came across. It was in the OMG Machines SEO course.

They will show you how to get SEO clients. (Search engine optimization).

Different businesses may pay you to rank your websites.

Many of their case studies show that students can land $1000-$2000 clients per month.

But the question is, how long can they keep these kinds of SEO clients?

This is the truth.

Average SEO clients stay for six months.


  • Many marketers fail set the right expectations and the client becomes tired of waiting. (SEO takes time).
  • They feel they can replace your service with another company
  • They think they have what they want so they don’t need you anymore
  • You don’t deliver the results you promised.

These are just a few of the reasons that SEO deals can go wrong.

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I don’t do SEO services for other businesses anymore.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

I simply want to be a lead generator, where I own 100% all digital assets.

This means that I rank the sites and the client buys them leads month after month. If they want to continue receiving the leads, they must keep paying me.

If they don’t.

I just start working with another competitor.

Because I have the assets, I am always in control. I get paid for what I do.

This is a much better business model than SEO.

This is why I think , the lead gen coaching program, is a bit better than Source Wave at the moment in 2020.

Market Hero Review

Alex’s lead and conversion tracking software is meant to help you increase your dropshipping sales.

It can also do email marketing for your business.

This is a one-stop shop for anyone who wants to enter eCom. Although it’s not necessary to be successful, I found some of these features quite useful.

This allows you to automatically calculate the value of each lead when your eCom website starts selling.

This can be done manually using an excel spreadsheet, but it becomes difficult when you need to track your Facebook ad sales and email marketing sales. It does all for you, so that’s great.

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H-Com 2020 Review

This 10-week intensive course will teach you everything about the e-commerce dropship model.

Drop shipping is also an option.

Alex Becker paired it with his lead tracking software, Market Hero, which I previously mentioned.

My drop ship business model has brought me many trials and tribulations, as my readers are well aware.

There have been many successes and also failures.

This was all in an effort to diversify my income streams, as I already had a multi-six figure online lead generation company when I began experimenting with ecommerce.

I would return to the lead generation business as my bread and butter.

Dropshipping is not for me because it relies so heavily on Facebook paid visitors. FB ads can be so unpredictable at times that they become quite costly. I found this to be very unattractive after a while, especially since my lead generation business, which runs on free traffic almost 100% of the time, was nearly 100 percent profit margins.

Drop ship businesses can also increase your workload due to increased customer service and other issues related to physical products.

e-Commerce is not as scalable, as people believe.

Review of The Black File

Alex Becker shares many of the landing pages and ads that he has created.

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These are the things I wish he would include in his coaching program, but w/e

These are great places to learn.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

This is more or less for people who already use paid traffic.

The main purpose of this guide is to help you create ad and funnels that are mass-marketable. This will allow you to scale your offer to more people than a narrow niche.

Hero Consulting Accelerator Review

Although email marketing isn’t my preferred way to find prospects and land clients, Jason W. shares some great strategies.

This training is for those who already have a skill that can help someone.

Review of 8 X HERO ACADEMY

Alex Becker – Is he a Scam Artist or a Scam Artist

Many people believe Alex Beckler is a Scam Artist.

Some people have even enrolled in one of his programs.

Alex tends to release many programs over the years. Some of his programs may not be up to the standard you might expect given the price.

Although there is a lot of great stuff, it can sometimes feel a bit messy.

My main reason people believe he is a fraudster is that he is very skilled at selling you his other programs after you purchase any of his courses or join his email mailing list.

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They are not all great quality, but I have found some value in them.

He is very professional with his webinar funnels and uses some scarcity tactics like saying that his course will only become available if you sign-up today. Also, he claims that the webinar is live when it is clearly recorded. And he’s selling the program far beyond its supposed expiration date.

Alex Becker is also contacted by many other coaches and creators of software & programs to promote their latest products to him.

Sometimes he will promote things that he hasn’t tried fully.

Many of his followers bought programs that didn’t help them or software that was too complicated but would fail constantly.

These failed products, which Alex Becker encouraged to his students, have angered many.

These are the things you can expect when you promote so many products that you didn’t make.

Alex is an entrepreneur that is brilliant. He sells software and coaching programs or digital products, which are infinitely scaleable.

You can sell multiple courses and make money.

Tai Lopez follows the same approach, and he has many programs for sale.

Although it is possible to overpromise your product or service, and then they completely scam you, many people will consider it a scam. However, Alex’s flagship programs are solid.

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Is he a fraudster? He is not a scam artist in my opinion, but he has sold questionable products in his past. Yes.


Alex Becker’s top products include the Source Wave University to learn SEO and H-Com for drop shipping business.

If I had to choose between SEO and other skills, SEO would be the most useful and monetizable to learn to become an internet entrepreneur.

Everyday, I use my SEO skills to build my lead generation company and this blog,

Alex is an expert in his field and shares lots of valuable information about his various products and programs.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

He seems to release a new product each week, which is my main complaint.

For someone who is just looking to launch their online business, it can be confusing.

Many of his programs could have been combined into 1.

The shiny objects syndrome has been a major obstacle to online success over the years.

Failure to stick with one thing, and persevering until you succeed.

Too many people hop from one business to the next, from one program or another. This breeds a weak mentality and a tendency to run away from any challenge or adversity.

This is why Alex Becker’s students are so frustrated. They’re always chasing the next shiny object.

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Bros & Sis: It’s not the THING you do that will make you successful. It’s YOU.

Entrepreneurship is a microcosm of life.

It’s about conquering challenges and becoming a better version of yourself at the other end.

You must be able to deliver tremendous value to the market in order make a lot of cash in your life.

Only by facing your problems head-on, conquering them and growing stronger can you become someone of high value.

This is how to authentically be the person who can live up to your potential.

It’s important to be tough, persevere and never give up on your dreams. You are willing to do anything to succeed. You can then channel your determination into learning just one or two high-income skills.

After going through this coach program, I was able to focus solely on local lead generation. This allowed me to quit my 9-to-5 job in 2015, and I have been self-employed ever since.

You’ll reap the rewards for the rest of the life if you put in the effort to learn that skill and become that person of value.