Alibaba vs AliExpress vs Chinabrands Dropshipping

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Today we will explain why AliExpress vs Chinabrands is better for dropshipping to China. We’ll also provide tips and FAQs about dropshipping from China.

Which is Better for DropShipping from China?

Chinabrands and AliExpress are two well-known online platforms that offer drop shipping services to a wide range of countries. Alibaba is well-known for its B2B market.

They offer a wide range of products at very competitive prices, which is why they are so well-known.

Which drop shipping method is best for china: AliExpress vs Chinabrands? What is the difference?

B2B and B2C

AliExpress has specialized in providing a B2C (Business-to-Costumer) service while the B2B service also supported by some suppliers in its online platform where both small businesses and individuals can buy in small or large quantities within their varied and extensive catalog from AliExpress wholesale.

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Alibaba, however, is more focused on B2B services where the majority of buyers are trading companies, resellers, and manufacturers. All of these buyers are responsible for buying large quantities, customizing products, and other bulk purchasing behavior.

Chinabrands is a Chinese wholesale supplier of dropshipping products. They also offer dropshipping services for international customers. Chinabrands also offers a great B2B service, which allows small businesses to access wholesale prices at very low prices.

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Dropshipping is a business that requires a dropshipping supplier to be able to compete with Alibaba.

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ).

Dropshipping is possible only if you have the MOQ requirements in mind. We will show you how these wholesale suppliers operate with minimum orders.

AliExpress does not require a minimum order quantity (MOQ) because it targets small businesses and individuals. The MOQ for bulk orders on Aliexpress is generally 10 units. This obviously affects the product prices.

Alibaba has a higher MOQ requirement because the wholesale suppliers don’t stock the products and the suppliers often manufacture the products to customers’ specifications. The MOQ requirements apply to specific products.

Chinabrands is a better choice for dropshipping suppliers: they don’t require minimum order quantities and drop shipping is one of their most important services.

Depending on your dropshipping company’s financial situation, you can invest in any product that interests you. You can find a variety of products on the website.

Dropshippers who offer low MOQs are ideal as dropshippers. Most dropshippers start with a small quantity, or even one pc. In this instance, AliExpress and Chinabrands can still be better dropshipping suppliers than Alibaba.


AliExpress offers static prices on its website. It is difficult to find wholesale prices directly on AliExpress until you have reached out to suppliers and negotiated the bulk price based upon a minimum purchase quantity.

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Alibaba wholesale prices are very competitive since most suppliers are direct producers. However, MOQ is always required.

Chinabrands offers wholesale prices at very competitive rates to its customers. You can select the item and how much you want and then pay according to your budget.

For small businesses, it is a good idea to get additional wholesale discounts from Chinabrands.

Dropshipping pricing is a top priority for Chinabrands. This is because Chinabrands offers the lowest price for qualified goods compared to other dropshipping companies.


AliExpress has less than five delivery options for worldwide shipping.

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Alibaba is the marketplace for manufacturers, with air freight and sea freight most commonly used to bulk quantities.

Chinabrands is the leader in logistics management, beating the 3 wholesale suppliers. They offer over 200 options that are ideal for dropshipping or small businesses like yours.

Did you ever find the best dropshipping supplier between Alibaba vs AliExpress and Chinabrands?

Personally, I prefer to choose Chinabrands.

Product Categories

Alibaba is usually focused on a single product since most suppliers you will find are companies that specialize in a single industry.

This means that you cannot buy all the products you need from one supplier. If you want to have a wide selection of products when you choose, you will need to search for many suppliers.

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AliExpress allows you to view many product categories online. You will still need to search for different suppliers for different products.

This could cause you to lose some time and make it more difficult to compare products from different suppliers.

The problem is that the more providers you deal with the greater the chance of quality control issues (and the loss of valuable time).

Chinabrands may be the best choice for wholesale or dropshipping. Chinabrands offers more than 1,000,000 products on its website. This allows customers to find and purchase different products simultaneously, making their shopping process much easier.

Chinabrands also guarantees the quality of every product it sells! Dropshipping online retailers can therefore trust Chinabrands to manage the supply chain.

Nature of Products

AliExpress has fewer products that are “ready-made” than Alibaba’s.

Chinabrands are just like AliExpress in this regard. Chinabrands can also prepare

Alibaba promotes “made-to order” products and not “ready-made”. Alibaba allows you to order products made according to your specifications and preferences.

Drop shippers are looking for wholesale suppliers who can produce your products according to your requirements. Chinabrands or Alibaba are two options.

Branding and customization

Alibaba allows you to design and print your logo on the products. They also offer custom product development according to your specifications, such as materials, logo design sizes, components, colors, and other details.

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AliExpress doesn’t allow you to change or modify the products. AliExpress has many advantages, but it’s not the best site for small businesses that need customized products.

Chinabrands, for its part is capable of offering both ready-to-use and customized products. For more information about Chinabrands’ customization services, please contact them.

Processing Time

Orders from Chinabrands are shipped within 24 Hours

AliExpress orders usually ship within 2-7 business day.

Alibaba takes longer because most manufacturers don’t have stock. Depending on how large your order is, preparation can take anywhere from 15 days to 6 months. The longer the order, the more customizable it is.

Find out who is the best fit for your dropshipping company.

Are you still looking for more ideas?

It’s time to…

Here are some tips to help you find the best dropshipping suppliers in China

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Dropshipping in China can make it easy to grow your small business. We’re going to give you some tips to help you find the right supplier for your business.

Dropshipping suppliers with years of experience are best.

This is an important aspect because the longer the supplier has been in business, the better their ability to manage businesses.

You can also search online for reviews about these dropshipping professionals to see if they are efficient and if their products meet your expectations.

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Dropshipping companies with good reviews are the best.

Dropshipping is a great way to start your business if you don’t have much knowledge about Chinese wholesale suppliers.

It is possible to look at the customers who visit their e-commerce sites more often. Although this indicator is not the most reliable, it is an important one.

Dropshippers with better product quality should be chosen.

For you to be successful in a long-term business cycle, quality is key. This is an essential part of your small business because if you buy for dropshipping, your customers will see the quality in your brand.

Your small business will be remembered for its quality.

Dropshipping suppliers that take less time to process and offer flexible shipping options are the best.

Dropshipping is a business that requires flexible shipping options and quick processing times.

Dropshipping costs can be affected by the way you ship your packages.

Your customers will be satisfied with your efficient processing times.

Let’s look at the differences in processing times between Alibaba and AliExpress vs Chinabrands.

Orders from Chinabrands can be shipped within 24 hours.

AliExpress orders usually ship within 2-7 business day.

Alibaba takes longer because most manufacturers don’t have stock, which can take more than 20 days.

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Dropshipping companies that offer lower wholesale prices and more flexible payment options are the best.

Dropshipping suppliers might offer discounts depending on how many orders they receive. Choose suppliers that offer discounts if your order total increases.

Drop shipping companies that offer flexible payment options are ideal for dropshipping retailers. Dropshipping companies that accept Paypal are better.

Dropshippers offer a wide range of products.

This is a fundamental point. This is a crucial point, especially if you’re starting a dropshipping business.

Drop shipping vendors that can automatically update stock are the best.

The efficient stock control ensures that the right products are always available at the right time and place.

Dropshipping sellers love the automatic stock update. They can see which products are available and when they can be promoted, and they can also know how inventory is going.

Dropshippers who offer blind shipping should be chosen.

This is a term that means the parties don’t know the identity of the shipper, receiver or both.

This method is why you should use it.

This works well for distributors who want to have their suppliers deliver the order to their customers. The customer will also know that you were the main seller. It will not be necessary to include promotional material from your supplier with the products delivered to your customer.

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This option will also save you time and effort, which could be spent on contacting other suppliers to request this.

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Dropshipping companies that offer great after-sales support are the best.

This section is crucial because it covers the return of funds as well as sales disputes and warranty issues. For cases like the ones below, refunds are usually issued.

The customer received the wrong items, such as the wrong size, color or model. The evidence must be presented to support this claim.

The package arrived damaged. The evidence will also be required.

The item arrived in very poor condition. It is necessary to provide evidence.

The order was lost.

The delivery estimate has expired.

You should select one dropshipping provider that offers after-sales service, as it is crucial.

Chinabrands, a dropshipping company with great customer service, is an excellent choice. They respond within 24 hours.

Drop Shipping from China: Frequently Asked Questions

Do you want to dropship from China?

Yes. Yes. China is now the world’s leading producer of almost any product you can imagine. All suppliers from China are very affordable, which is great for small businesses, and they also deliver quickly.

Which is the best supplier for dropshipping to China?

Chinabrands: One of China’s most prominent wholesale suppliers, Chinabrands is a company that focuses a lot on dropshipping. They have won numerous awards for their quality. They have more than 1,000,000 products in multiple niches, and their prices are the lowest. Not to mention the fast shipping.

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DHGate: This website looks very similar to AliExpress or Chinabrands, as it connects buyers with suppliers in China. Although it may not offer as many products as AliExpress, its range is impressive.

AliExpress: This platform connects international buyers with small businesses from China. AliExpress offers buyers a great service in the form of protection.

How can you find reliable suppliers for dropshipping

Manufacturers. If your business is small, this may not be an option. However, contacting manufacturers directly is the best way to go.

* Google Search. This is the most basic and common way to search Google. However, it is not the best.

Filter your search, using keywords.

Do your extensive search! Do not limit yourself to the first page of Google’s search results.

How do you find Chinese suppliers to dropship products to U.S. customers?

There are many options, but this is the best way to find Chinese suppliers to dropship your goods.

Locate a local warehouse.

Locate a shipping company located in China.

With the warehouse you have, receive the goods from your Chinese supplier.

Ship to your country in the case of the U.S.

Are there other products available than AliExpress and Alibaba from China for dropshipping?

There are many options. But we will only recommend the ones that best suit your needs, based on low costs, efficiency and quick shipping.

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Chinabrands: Recognized almost everywhere for its quality, and price competition.

Dhgate: A bit smaller than Chinabrands, but still offering a surprising range.

Gearbest: This is a trusted platform that’s free from scams and offers competitive prices. It receives more than 95,000,000 visits each month, and it is ideal for dropshipping.

Which dropshipper is better, AliExpress oder Alibaba?

AliExpress is the best option for small businesses for two reasons.

Shipping costs. AliExpress supports Chinese post air shipping because it is more cost-effective and will reduce your shipping costs.

Wholesale and retail prices are available for those who start. You can purchase the exact amount you need because there are no minimum order requirements.


It can be difficult to find the best dropshipping supplier from China because of the high competition. However, each one is unique and can meet your needs in different ways.

Dropshipping is possible with AliExpress, Alibaba, and Chinabrands. Each of these companies has a few restrictions and offers better shipping options. Start growing today by finding dropshipping suppliers.

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