AliDropship Custom Store vs Premium Store Comparision

You’ve probably thought about starting your own business if you have been considering it for some time. It can be difficult to start from scratch. From finding a product to making sure you have enough inventory, it can be frustrating.

What is AliDropship?

AliDropship, a WordPress plugin that allows AliExpress dropshipping, is your one-stop solution. Dropshipping is an online platform that allows customers to dropship products via AliExpress.

AliDropship automates the entire process of dropshipping, so you can start your own business quickly, no matter how experienced or newbie you may be. AliDropship offers useful tips and information to help you start a dropshipping business with minimum effort.

AliDropship offers proven eCommerce solutions that can help busy business people get their website online quickly and with minimal setup. We will be comparing two of them: AliDropship Premium Stores and AliDropship Custom stores .

AliDropship is a pioneer in the eCommerce industry, offering dropshipping to entrepreneurs and business owners around the world.

Today, we’ll be talking about AliDropship Custom Store vs Premium Store. Two AliDropship dropshipping store types will be discussed:

  • AliDropship Premium stores
  • AliDropship Custom Stores

We’ll discuss what they are and their pros and cons. This article will help to choose the right store for you to open your business.

A Custom Dropshipping Shop eCommerce website is created for a customer according to his or her requirements. A Premium Store, on the other hand is an eCommerce store that uses dropshipping.

AliDropship offers a Premium Shop which is a copy of one its highly successful stores that generates large revenue. You get the entire premium store website when you buy it. This includes the site structure, product data and imported products.

AliDropship Custom Stores were created by AliDropship professionals in order to serve a particular niche and demography. Premium Stores can either be general or niche-related. AliDropship can help you purchase one and make it your own.

To view the full list of premium dropshipping stores, visit the AliDropship website and click on the Premium Dropshipping Shops page. Click on any store listed to find out more information, including profit, niche, number and design.

Advantages of Premium and Custom Stores

Let’s now look at the benefits of AliDropship Custom Dropshipping Stores.

Delivery time:

These two store types have very different delivery times. A Premium Store usually takes 1 to 2 business day to deliver. Next, we will provide you with a copy the original site and all files necessary to install it.

These steps can take anywhere from one to two business days. Additional packages, such as Marketing or Installation, will take longer to arrive.

Custom Dropshipping Stores can take anywhere from 12 to 25 business days for delivery. The product or packages that you have chosen for your website determines the delivery time. A Custom Store is a website that you create from scratch based on your preferences. Please be patient!

AliDropship’s team needs your input in order to create a Custom Store. Keep in mind that the faster you communicate with your website manager and share your visions and goals, the faster their team can get to work.

Customer Care and Customization

How does customization work for a Premium Store and Custom Store? A Custom Store allows for customization, while a Premium Store does not.

A Custom Store is a dropshipping website that you can customize to suit your needs. It will be created for you according to your requirements.

These details will be discussed with your personal manager who will contact you following the purchase.

The manager can also help you find the right niche in your initial contact. The manager will review your interests and make suggestions. He will also tell you about trends, the number of products available, how competitive your niche might be, and what potential risks.

AliDropship’s designers will design a website that is unique and clean for you. This includes a logo, header images and banners. The team can also help you install payment gateways that are specific to your country and the location where you plan to dropship your products.

This allows you to give feedback and answer questions. Your personal manager will be available for assistance for one month after the sale.

AliDropship Premium Stores allows you to choose from pre-selected dropshipping stores so it’s easy. You first need to determine which website caters to your niche and what goals they are pursuing.

You will be emailed the contact information of your manager after you have purchased a Premium Store.

AliDropship managers will contact you to confirm your purchase of additional packages. A premium store has one distinct advantage: you don’t have to try out different niches, look for reliable sellers or test different products.

You’ll receive a copy of a top-pick online store that has been tested and proven to be reliable.

Dropshipping Software (AliDropship Plugin).

The AliDropship plugin is used to build all the stores. You’ll get a license for it when you purchase a Premium or Custom store. You will be able use the plugin in your own work after creating and installing the store.

It allows you to import product information from AliExpress sellers, such as descriptions, images, and customer reviews, directly into your store.

Extra Services and Tools

Site setup is where there are differences between types of stores.

Hosting is not included with AliDropship Custom Store. Hosting must be purchased separately in order to receive it. There are three packages available with Custom Stores:

  • Basic
  • Advanced
  • Ultimate

Although each package offers different features, all packages include the installation of site elements as well as the creation and setting up of a domain. Your domain will be pre-paid for one year and is included in the package price without additional fees.

When buying a Premium store, there are only two options: “Buying a purecopy” or “Copy + installation package”. A pure copy does not come with any additional packages. You will need to setup your own hosting and domain.

You can also add the Installation package to any order. This means that AliDropship will handle all technical work necessary to get your website up and running.

The installation package includes a domain name, hosting services, and professional help in setting up a payment gateway. You will also receive a store logo to represent your brand.

The team will then install your store on the host and give you a ready to go website.

AliDropship premium, custom and standard stores come with additional add-ons to help you optimize your marketing efforts.

Three add-ons are available when you purchase a Premium Store

  • Facebook Business
  • Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce
  • Cart abandoned

You can purchase a Custom Store and add the Ultimate package. This gives you access to the Social Rabbit plugin, which automates your social media marketing.

The following add-ons are available if you select the Supreme package

  • Abandoned cart
  • Review Page
  • Promo Banner
  • Urgency
  • Social Rabbit

Our Social Rabbit plugin review is detailed.

There are many products available for sale

The Premium Store contains all products that were imported to the original store. You can obtain a copy from one of the stores. They can contain anywhere from one to 100 products, depending on which store they are located in. A custom store will contain 50-200 pre-imported items, depending on the package.

The products will be pre-edited with images, titles and descriptions. This means that they don’t need any additional work. You can also import AliExpress products directly from AliExpress if you wish.

Additional/Monthly Fees

AliDropship tools do not require monthly payments nor processing fees. You only need to pay one time in order to own your store.


Both in Premium and Custom Stores, profit is dependent on your marketing efforts. This includes your strategy, ideas and budget.

Social Media Networks

Social media marketing is an integral part of any eCommerce marketing strategy. You can generate interest in your company or increase customer trust by sharing content, giving away giveaways, and conducting surveys.

You will be responsible for creating social media accounts and content when you purchase AliDropship Premium Store.

You will need to set up a Facebook store page if you choose the Marketing Package. However, you will be able to use the materials provided by AliDropship to promote your original store.

You will also receive a detailed description about the target audience you should be targeting when you run ads. You will receive all marketing materials as well as instructions for setting up and running marketing campaigns. This will allow you to promote your store using proven and tested strategies.

Social media for custom stores

Once the work is done, you can become an owner of your dropshipping shop and begin promoting it. AliDropship’s team can help you create social media accounts for you website.

They will then create and add design elements like avatars and covers for your social media pages. Finally, publish your first posts to make your accounts trustworthy.

You can also have social media widgets and buttons integrated into your store. You can set up pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram depending on which package you choose. They can also assist with basic search engine optimization.

The Ultimate Package includes one promo video and a social promo plugin.

Additional Materials

Let’s say you make the decision to purchase a Premium Store. You will receive an email with all necessary plugins and licenses, as well as links to the AliDropship knowledgebase (where you can find information about how to set up the store and a guide for beginners).

This guide will provide more information about how premium sites work. You will also receive instructions for setting up and running marketing campaigns if you have purchased a marketing package.

A Custom Store will give you a promotional guide as a free video course. This guide will help you create your first advertising campaigns and build your marketing strategy.

AliDropship Custom Store Prices

AliDropship Custom Stores start at $299. There are three options for packages and one special supreme package. You can choose from three packages and a special supreme package.

AliDropship Premium Store Prices

AliDropship Premium Shop starting at $300 This will increase the cost of your store if you do not choose any additional packages. You will be charged $200 more if you add the marketing or installation package to your order.

Which AliDropship Store is right for me?

Which store type is right for you? AliDropship Custom stores can be purchased by those who wish to have a store that is unique and custom-made according to their needs.

Alidroship will handle the technical aspects, but you can still choose the niches and product types that interest you with the support of your manager.

The turnaround time for store orders can take between 7 and 21 business days depending on the package, but it gives you an opportunity to start your own online business.

Dropshipping is easy with AliDropship Premium Stores. You can create your own website and products by purchasing a Premium Store.

You can have all of the setup work completed and your original store collateral used to promote the products by adding the marketing or installation package.

You don’t have to wait as most stores are delivered the same day or within a few days if you choose an installation package.

We hope you found this article on AliDropship Custom Store and Premium Store helpful in understanding the differences between Custom Stores & Premium Stores.