List of Dropshipping Suppliers in California and Texas

Finding an appropriate dropshipping supplier for your store is of utmost importance. Look for one offering an array of products and capable of meeting different customer needs while offering superior customer service.

Greendropship is a dropshipping company located in California and Texas that specializes in American-made products and can assist you with managing inventory. Furthermore, they manage returns and refunds seamlessly on your behalf.


eWorldTrade is one of the world’s premier B2B platforms that connects sellers and buyers worldwide. Offering a full suite of digital services that support businesses to expand profits, this platform also boasts an extensive selection of Chinese products perfect for dropshippers as well as the option to create virtual storefronts to promote products to an international audience.

This B2B website also features comprehensive research tools that enable buyers to quickly locate the appropriate product for their online store. With access to an impressive selection of wholesale and dropshipping goods spanning home goods, furniture and electronics – not forgetting its user-friendly search engine – buyers are sure to find something suitable. Furthermore, with their free trial period you can see if their service fits with their business.

eWorldTrade stands out with its extensive product catalogue that is organized by product type and manufacturer. This enables users to save time when searching for specific items. Furthermore, its search engine allows for filtering results by price or category to quickly find wholesale dropshipping suppliers who meet their budget needs.

While eWorldTrade may be more suited towards businesses than individual entrepreneurs, its user-friendly interface and cutting-edge capabilities make it an excellent way for individual entrepreneurs to promote their goods and services to an international audience.

eWorldTrade’s trusted suppliers offer an assortment of high-quality arts and crafts, apparel, electronics, sports, beauty & health and pet products that can meet all of your needs. Additionally, their reliable logistics ensure your orders will arrive on time.

eWorldTrade stands out from their competition with their comprehensive product offerings and dedicated customer support team that is always ready to assist you. Should you require any help with any product or service offered on their platform, simply reach out via email or phone and connect with an individual from this team – these individuals have extensive industry knowledge that can answer all your queries quickly and efficiently.


Beginners or experienced dropshippers alike require a platform that connects them to suppliers and inventory sources. Importify provides an impressive suite of tools for discovering, importing and selling products on popular marketplaces – streamlining the product sourcing and management process to allow you more time to dedicate towards expanding your business.

The company offers an expansive product list ranging from electronics to clothing, and their wholesale suppliers are regularly verified so you can be confident you are dealing with reliable suppliers. They also provide detailed product descriptions and pricing information so you can make informed decisions, including an editor that allows users to customize product descriptions and rules; easy supplier switch functionality; seamless order management are among their many features.

Selecting reliable dropshipping suppliers for your eCommerce business is of utmost importance. Not all providers offer equal services or quality standards; some may have language barriers that impede communication while others might not maintain updated inventory levels. Furthermore, some suppliers might not agree with your brand guidelines or policies, making strong relationships with your suppliers essential to better service and favorable terms.

As the ecommerce industry expands, more businesses are searching for alternative fulfillment strategies. One option available to them is dropshipping; using such suppliers to deliver high-quality goods quickly will save money and lower shipping costs significantly.

A reliable dropshipping supplier should be able to fulfill orders quickly, and offer excellent customer support. They should also communicate in your preferred language and adhere to brand guidelines. Ultimately, choose a dropshipping supplier with an established track record.

An effective dropshipping provider not only offers an impressive selection of products, but they will also allow you to white-label their items – giving your customers an easy shopping experience and maintaining consistent branding across channels. Furthermore, such companies have established relationships with suppliers which helps speed up product flow and minimise delays during shipment.


Target is a nationwide retailing company offering general merchandise such as clothing, electronics, toys and home goods. Target is well-known for their premium offerings and trendy fashion lines as well as their bullseye logo and mascot – it even offers doorstep delivery and curbside pickup! In addition, the company is currently focused on improving their digital and omnichannel capabilities to remain competitive.

Target conducts random audits on sellers to ensure they adhere to responsible sourcing practices, using its Supplier Diversity Standards as the guideline. This requires suppliers to meet certain social, environmental and economic criteria while not engaging in bribery or forced labor practices; additionally Target requires its vendors to maintain transparent supply chains while communicating about manufacturing locations with the company.

Target made every effort during the COVID-19 pandemic to provide their guests with all of the items they needed, as well as providing team members with one-time bonuses and virtual healthcare to cover basic needs. Furthermore, paid leave was available so team members could take care of family or attend to medical issues without worry or disruption to work.

Target has recently implemented an initiative to speed up their shipping operations by using its stores as fulfillment centers, thus cutting shipping costs through same-day and drive-up service deliveries, plus installing sortation centers which will organize digital orders packed by local stores for fast neighborhood deliveries, this model promises reduced shipping costs while improving efficiencies.

Additionally, the company has expanded their Shipt subscription service and introduced a user-friendly e-commerce website that gives customers a convenient shopping experience online. They have also made changes to their physical stores such as upgrading lighting systems and creating brighter designs – remodeling half of its stores so far and planning hundreds more renovations.

Target accepts products offered through electronic data interchange (EDI). EDI allows two parties to exchange business information through standard protocols in an efficient and seamless fashion, commonly used between retailers and their suppliers; but can also be used for inventory, orders and invoices.