EngageBay CRM Reviews, Pricing, and Customer Service

Companies must create a memorable customer experience to win the loyalty and attention they desire. You must understand your customers from the first time you meet them.

It’s becoming more difficult for businesses to view the entire journey at once. Your clients are connecting with you through many new channels. You could miss one touchpoint and have a poor view of your clients’ experience.

Engagebay is the solution. Engagebay is an all-in-one marketing solution that provides everything you need to market online, including landing pages, email marketing and automation. This Engagebay review will show you everything you can expect from this service.

Engagebay Features

Engagebay combines a CRM with a sales and service hub to provide a complete solution. This solution allows businesses to align their sales, support, marketing, and technical teams. It’s easier for you to make informed decisions and encourage conversions when you have a better view of your customers.

Engagebay provides a variety of marketing tools and resources. It combines multiple solutions to make it easy for you not to have to purchase separate services from different providers. You’ll find the following features:

  • Email marketing
  • Tools for lead generation
  • Services in marketing automation
  • Landing pages
  • Contact management
  • Task management
  • Deal pipeline
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Sales automation
  • Multiple ticketing segments
  • Help desk automation
  • Use Web forms
  • Chat software

Engagebay: Marketing Bay

Engagebay was created to provide businesses with a complete suite that can be used to manage all aspects of their ticketing, marketing, and sales needs. It’s worthwhile to look at each section before making your decision.

We’ll start with the Marketing Bay. This platform promises to make it easy for you to attract new customers and grow your business. The Marketing Bay promises to be the best marketing platform. It gives you a complete view from start to finish of customer journey, and the tools to engage them. This includes:

  • Lead capture forms Create responsive and beautiful lead capture pages that work in any way you want. Both standard pages and popups can be used.
  • Landing Pages: Attractive landing Pages will convince your customers to connect.
  • Rich email templates Create the perfect emails from welcome messages to marketing material.
  • Email broadcasts Send short emails to your audience in order to inspire action
  • Email automation: Build comprehensive email channels to engage your target audience. You can track the performance of your campaigns and increase click through rates. There are many tools that will help you boost your ROI.
  • Full automation: Engagebay’s automation solution is not limited to email marketing. Automate data syncing, event tracking and subscribing/unsubscribing customers.
  • Social media Marketing: With the all-in one platform, you have access to social media marketing tools that allow you to manage your accounts from one place. You can track everything, from Instagram to Facebook.
  • Site messaging You can instantly follow up with visitors to your site when they are most likely to be interested in your brand. You can customize the colors, icons, layouts and imagery that you use to represent your brand. Additionally, you can personalize messages to engage your audience members.
  • SMS Marketing: Powerful SMS Marketing gives you yet another channel to reach customers. You can personalize your messages by using attributes such as age and geographic location. You can also set triggers that send SMS messages to recipients after they abandon a cart or complete a form. Texting is easy with the drag-and-drop designer.
  • Push notifications: Engagebay provides intelligent push notifications that help you connect with your customers no matter where they are. Push notifications are compatible with all devices and send messages to customers instantly. This will drive new traffic and converts. Create and execute intelligent campaigns and add custom icons.
  • Video marketing templates You can connect with customers using vast video content through video marketing templates. There are many templates available and you can customize your experience with blocks of content. You can also generate thumbnail images from your video to link directly to your content online.

Engagebay CRM and Sales Bay

You also get an integrated solution for sales automation and CRM SaaS. CRM software allows you to monitor each customer relationship and keep them happy.

This CRM solution has a great advantage: there is virtually no learning curve. It’s easy to track your sales results in the sales bay. Your sales team can be organized with contact information and tasks. The Engagebay CRM/sales bay includes the following:

  • Contact management made easy: Get an inside view of all interactions with leads and keep track of information to create a happy customer base.
  • Targeted Marketing for Companies: Focus your B2B marketing on key employees within each company.
  • Visual deal flow: Track the status of your leads and examine the potential of each deal.
  • Task Management: Create tasks and assign them to your sales team to streamline processes and close deals. Show employees what they should do next to increase productivity.
  • Appointment Scheduling: Make sure that every member of your sales team has a calendar in which they can schedule appointments for potential leads.
  • Unlimited mailboxes with two-way sync: You can capture every email that your team sends using the unlimited mailbox feature.
  • Integrate all your products with Avoid miscommunications between sales and marketing with a complete CRM platform that integrates with your sales system. This will allow you to view all details about your customers at once, so that you can collaborate towards better results.
  • Contact management With the comprehensive contact management system, you can store all of your important deal information in one location. This allows for targeted marketing campaigns that are more personalized and effective. You can even filter your contacts.
  • Viewing your pipeline: Engagebay allows you to view every part of your deal pipeline, and track the status of each sale from a single location. The CRM makes it easy to move the deal through the stages.
  • Meeting scheduling Reduce the back-and-forth emails most companies receive every day by using a simple scheduling system for your appointments. This will reduce admin work and increase efficiency for your entire team.
  • Task Management: In the CRM and sales environment you can create tasks that are linked to specific deals. You can then assign these tasks to the team members with the greatest talent or experience to get the best results. You will be reminded periodically to stay on track.
  • Automatic data log: All notes, emails, calls and progress with leads will automatically be logged and tracked for a better admin experience.
  • Sales reporting Get a complete report module to find out what is driving your sales strategy’s success. You can use the reporting section to create charts, graphs, and other visual representations of data in order to increase your revenue.
  • Gamification Motivate your sales team with gamification and leaderboards. There are many ways to keep them inspired.
  • Email sync: Connect your CRM with your email solution to track communication between prospects.
  • Lead scoring Use automatic lead scoring and tracking to find the leads that are most likely deliver the revenue you desire.
  • TelephonyIntegrate calls with a free CRM system that provides more context for each call.

Your customers should be happy. This means offering them the support they need throughout the customer journey. Engagebay has a great selection of services that will help you to assist your customers. You can track and fix any problems that your customers may be facing with the features offered by Engagebay. There are many options:

  • Unlimited tickets So you can store and answer all your requests
  • Ticket Views:Adjust ticket views with customizable elements to make data tracking easier
  • Service automationsAutomate your customer support by automatically assigning people to tickets tasks
  • Unlimited groups Create as many groups of your choice as you need in order to better organize your tickets.
  • Save hours by creating canned responses Answer your clients directly.
  • Live chat with Talk to customers in real time and offer another way for them to inquire about products or services.
  • Customer experience tracking Track and understand customer experiences at all stages of the sales process with an integrated platform. It’s easy to align sales, marketing, service and support teams in one place.
  • Organization:Organize and manage all support options in one place. You can create personalized views that show agents the queue according to their ticket status, group, assignee and other conditions.
  • Full visibility: View all tickets, open and closed, as well new tickets. This allows you to see the status of each support ticket within one environment. You have complete visibility to the entire support team as well as individual agents.
  • Quick responses: Create a complete set of ready-made answers to common questions customers ask so that your agents can give better answers.
  • Productivity Help your agents be more productive by creating tasks to keep them focused. Track open and closed tasks and establish escalation rules
  • Save Time:Automation, routing and other customer service strategies can help you save time on ticket routing, task creation and escalation. It is possible to use feedback responses for customer marketing emails.
  • Reporting: Get a complete view of your support processes, numbers and more with this powerful reporting module. You will have all the information you need to make informed decisions.
  • Macros:Teams have the option to use macros to quickly respond to common questions. These allow agents to focus on their tickets, and not repetitive or monotonous tasks.

Engagebay’s service solution offers small businesses unlimited functionality, and for as long you need. It’s easier to get into your customer support or automation platform, regardless of how big your business is. There are no pricing restrictions.

Engagebay: All-in-One Package

Engagebay is a great way for small businesses and start-ups to increase sales and build a pipeline. You can use Hubspot’s one-bay option or combine all the features into a single service.

The all-in-one package includes the following:

  • Comprehensive Marketing Hub: Includes email marketing tools, templates builders, landing pages builder, marketing automation, and marketing automation. Lead generation is also available.
  • Service hub: A full stack of services that includes contact management, deal pipeline management, appointment scheduling, task managing, and more.
  • Helpdesk software helps you resolve problems faster and delight customers with a wider variety of support options. Chat software is also available

One comprehensive kit will save you thousands on support and marketing software. It also allows you to consolidate everything under one roof. It is much simpler to have a single solution for managing your business.

It’s easy to use

Engagebay has many wonderful features. These include automation and email marketing campaigns. But the best part is how easy it is.

It is often difficult to set up a CRM, email sequences and marketing. Learn how to use marketing automation software and play with the landing page creator. It can take several days to complete the onboarding process.

Engagebay has so many intuitive features that it doesn’t take much time. It’s easy to jump in and see the layout of everything to make it more accessible. Despite the many features, the interface is simple and clean.

Engagebay has several videos that will help you to improve your onboarding experience. These videos include how to use the platform and how to track sales deals. The complete kit allows you to easily switch between sales, marketing, and service. A drop-down menu will show you the details of each section.

You end up with something very easy to use and some of which is beautifully designed. This tool is specifically designed for beginners with little or no prior experience.

Engagebay Pricing

Engagebay can be purchased as either a complete stack or as a single chunk. If you have a CRM system or sales system, you can purchase only the parts you need.

These are the packages that you will need to consider if you select the all-in one service.

  • Free:$0 a month: This plan supports up 1000 contacts and 1000 brand emails. Access to basic email marketing features and broadcast, as well as autoresponders and lead grabbers, sequences and landing pages, is possible. You can also access a help desk, live chat and a CRM built in.
  • Basic: $8.99/month per user: This includes all the features of Free but up to 15,000 contacts as well as 10,000 brand emails. Additional features include a social suite, SMS marketing, website popups, third-party integrations and more.
  • Growth: $29.99 Per Month per User: This product package is designed for up to 50K contacts and 25,000 brand emails. It includes all of the basic features, plus push notifications, site messages, A/B testing and call records.
  • Pro: $47.99/month per user: Ideal for growing businesses, Pro includes unlimited contacts, 50,000 branded email proposal analytics, SSO support, marketing automation and uptime SLA support. It also comes with custom reporting, role management and phone support.

Prices shown above are for the “Biennial” payment plan. You can spend more if you prefer to pay monthly or annually.

You may choose to buy just one component of the solution if you are like most startups that already have tools for customer service and marketing.

You can also get the CRM/Sales bay and marketing options with your own free plans. There is also a $7.79 base option, a $14.99 Growth product and a $29.99 Pro plan. You can easily upgrade to the full stack, modify your plan or change your payment structure.

  • Marketing: From free to $29.99 Higher tiers include SMS marketing, tag management and third-party integrations. They also provide support for more emails and contacts, custom reporting, web analytics and SSO.
  • Sales and CRM: From free to $29.99 You can also add calling, predictive lead score, leaderboards, multi-currency support and proposal analytics to more expensive packages.

The Service Bay at EngageBay currently only offers a single “free forever” plan. This service allows you to instantly add live chat functionality and help desk functionality to any website. You don’t even have to spend a dime to get started. You can add additional features to the service bay later if you like how it works. You are not required to do this.

Engagebay Customer Service

The package you select will determine how much customer support you have access to from Engagebay. You can choose to get the free version of any service. This will allow you to do it all yourself, but you have access to many resources and knowledge tools that can help you. Engagebay has many helpful resources, including videos, articles and guides. There are also upcoming webinars that you can attend.

If you are looking for specific tips, such as successful marketing segmentation or scaling your business when moving to another country, you can always reach out to the LinkedIn community.

You can pay the highest price for the “Pro”, version of any service. This will give you additional support such as phone guidance and an SLA that will ensure your business is always up and running. Support agents are available all over the globe, from Brazil to the US.


There are only a few companies in the digital world that can offer you similar experiences to EngageBay’s, including HubSpot, ActiveCampaign and Marketo. All of these options come with high costs, making it more difficult for small businesses to invest in sales, marketing, and CRM.

Engagebay offers a unique solution to the current market because it is affordable. There are two options available: a free tier for each bay and a free option for the one-stop service.

EngageBay provides many essential tools for businesses to delight customers and increase profits. There are many options available, from strong CRM solutions to track consumer relationships to automated marketing strategies. There is virtually no learning curve, so you don’t need to worry that the service will be too complicated.

EngageBay may be right for you, but you might not know if it is the right fit. Why not try some of the features free first? It’s possible that you will find something that transforms the way your business works.