Alidropship Hosting Review, Plans, and Performance

AliDropship is a great platform for dropshipping. They provide tools to help dropshippers and web hosting for WordPress website owners who want to launch a dropshipping company.

Dropshipping communities worldwide voted this company the best WordPress solution.

This detailed Alidropship Hosting review will examine all features and promises to help you understand what it offers before you actually use it.

Here are some areas that I will be looking into:

  • Reliability: Your website will be available 24 hours a day using Alidropship Hosting.
  • Performance: How fast does your website load on Alidropship Hosting?
  • Features: How can their features help create and manage dropshipping websites?
  • Pricing: Are Alidropship Hosting Plans worth it?

These are just a few of the many things we will be looking at in our Alidropship host review. This will help you decide if Alidropship Hosting is right for you.

Let’s get right to it.


Alidropship is a more international IT company that works in the global market to provide solutions for AliExpress dropshipping.

The team consists of drop shippers and developers who came together to create a WordPress solution for AliExpress drop shipping.

Our company’s team has a diverse range of professional backgrounds and tailors its services to meet the needs of each client.

Its primary goal is to make drop shippers worldwide money via eCommerce. These are achieved via their plugins and add-ons.

Alidropship Hosting: The pros and cons

As you probably know, there are pros and cons to almost every product or service. Alidropship Hosting is just like any other service. Here are the pros and con of Alidropship Hosting.


  • Alidropship Hosting guarantees 99.9% uptime
  • SSL Certificate Free: All plans… Silver, Gold and Platinum come with a complimentary SSL certificate to secure your website. This will help you save some money that could have added up to your costs.
  • Optimize for Alidropship Plug-in: The hosting server has been optimized for Alidropship. This will make your dropshipping business perfect
  • Cpanel management is easy: This hosting package includes an easy-to-manage Cpanel and a newbie-friendly interface


  • Domain name not included: Alidropship hosting does not include a domain name. This means that users will need to buy their domain name elsewhere, and then change the DNS to Alidropship. Users can still purchase domain names at
  • You can only pay upfront for one year, which is not flexible.

Alidropship Performance

Your website’s performance is crucial. You won’t like signing up for web hosting and then finding out that your website is slow and disappears all the time.

You will likely be furious and decide to cancel your hosting account. This will not only be difficult, but it will also result in a loss of time and money.

This is why it is important to carefully choose your web hosting. You need reliable web hosting with stable performance.

As a result, I ran a test on Alidropship Hosting by using one of their largest dropshipping stores for an example.

There are over 800 products in the store and tons and tons of images.

Alidropship Hosting Response Time

Hokagestore, a large dropshipping site, should offer less. Because the site content has a significant impact on page load times,

This is especially true if a website contains too many images. This will increase page load times.

To satisfy my curiosity, I want to know how Alidroship hosting will react to such a situation. Bitcatcha is a tool that I use to do this.

Bitcatcha is different from other speed testing tools for websites. Bitcatcha does not load all content on a website, but it tests the server’s response time.

To get an average response time for each location, the tool can also be used to test multiple locations around the globe.

The image below, which is after the text, shows the Alidropship score.

This allowed me to conclude that Alidropship Hosting was fast.

Next is an Alidropship Hosting Uptime image showing Alidropship 100%. This will ensure that your website is always online.

Alidropship Hosting Plans & Features

Alidropship offers three plans starting at $48/year. Silver is the first plan, and Gold and Platinum are the second and third.

The best thing about these plans is the free SSL Certificate that you can use to protect your webstore.

Below is a breakdown of each plan.

Silver $48/yr.

  • The Silver plan includes a free SSL certificate and unlimited bandwidth. It can host up 5 websites.
  • It also comes with a 3GB disk space and an IonCube Guard Loader. You can also have up to 20 email addresses.

Gold $86/yr.

  • The Gold plan includes up to 8GB of disk space, 40 email addresses, and the ability to host up to 10 websites.
  • It is just like all the others and comes with a free SSL certificate, IonCube Guard Loader and unlimited bandwidth

Platinum $220/yr.

  • Platinum, which is of course the largest plan, has a disc storage up to 17 GB
  • You can host up to 30 websites with an email address of up to 80 characters
  • It comes with an unlimited bandwidth and a free SSL certificate.

Alidropship does not offer domain names. You can get your domain name anywhere else and then change its DNS to Alidropship hosting.

It is very affordable to get a domain name through NameCheap. If you already have hosting, you can always get your SSL certificate via NameCheap SSL. They are the most affordable you will find.

Alidropship Hosting is a better alternative to purchasing a new SSL certificate.

Alidropship Hosting Support

Alidropship’s hosting support service is excellent and available 24/7. They will also set up your website.

Support can be reached via the support email, or users can start a chat with the chat widget.

Upgrading Alidropship Hosting plans

Hosting plans are available in three different types, as you probably know. You can upgrade your plan to get more features.

Log in to your WHMCS Account to do this. You can always do that via

Log in to access your dashboard. Once you are logged in, click on “services”.

Next, select the service that you would like to be changed.

Click “Upgrade” on the left-hand side.

Next, select your hosting plan and click on the “choose product” button.

After the cost has been calculated, the payment options will be displayed. After payment is received, you can choose your preferred method. Your hosting plan will be updated immediately.

Conclusion: Is Alidropship Hosting right for you?

Let us know your thoughts. It is optimized for use with the Alidropship plugin, so I recommend you get it.

This will give your dropshipping business an extra boost. Alidropship is a great tool for taking your dropshipping business up the next level, regardless of whether you’re a seasoned Internet professional or a total novice.