Alidropship Success stories From Different Countries

Dropshipping means to provide goods directly from the manufacturer to the customer or retailer. An online store acts as a middleman between the buyer or the manufacturer.

Alidropship can be used to dropship.

Why Alidropship is better than other e-commerce solutions?

  • Pricing. The Alidropship saves you a lot
  • It offers features like auto order and auto pricing updates. You can edit images, upload products, and change the size.
  • Alidropship is a standalone setup or can be integrated to Woo-Commerce.

I won’t bore you with too many stories so let me tell you what the “Top Ten Alidropshipping Stories to Kickstart Your Career” are. These success stories were shared by Alidropship users

Rahul Patil’s Made $12,000 In 5 Months With A Single AliDropship Store

Rahul Patil, an Indian man who made $12,000 in five months working at an Alidropship store.

He was familiar with business strategies, including choosing products that solve people’s problems right now; and choosing products that excite his target audience.

Daniel Mickoh Earns Between $80,000 and $120,000 Monthly from His Dropshipping Websites.

Here’s Daniel from Uganda, an Internet Marketer. Although he has been in the online business world for some time, he chose Dropshipping because of its automatic features. He was able to start his business without the need for inventory because of the automatic features. On average, he earns $80k to $150k per month. After just 4 hours of advertising on facebook, he made his first sale. He was able to sell 4 products in just 24 hours. He has virtual assistants who manage his stores, making it easier for him. He considers the trends in 12 months before deciding on a product.

Victoria’s Dropshipping Never Give Up Spirit

Victoria started Dropshipping after realizing how simple it was to do business through Dropshipping.

Alidropship plugin was used to launch her Dropshipping shop in January 2017. This plugin allowed her to choose her niche with ease. After a month, she made her first sale. She had limited funds, but she prepared by editing product pages, creating promotional materials, and creating store accounts on social media. Her first sale resulted from an ad placed in Google Adwords.

The most important thing for her was that the plugin saved her time.

Kate Runs A Dropshipping Store That Generates A Minimum Of $32,000 Every Month

This is Kate, who makes $32,000 per month through her Dropshipping shop. She is also a project manager at Alidropship. Although she was new to Dropshipping, she has made great strides in her business. She was able to achieve this because of the automated solutions that she used, which include social rabbit plugins and abandoned cart. Fan merch is her niche. She promotes her store through social media networks like facebook and instagram to ensure that her products are always up-to-date. She was dynamic. Her first sale was a $5 diamond.

Dropshipping Makes More Than $10,000 – Having No Experience

This is P Rin from Estonia. He also has zero experience in Dropshipping but now makes an average of $10,000 per month.

At first, he set up a woocommerce site on his own. However, selecting products and placing orders took too much time. Once he switched to Alidropship, it was easy to fill orders and add products.

He makes about $1000 a day.

Alidropship saves time. He spends only 2 hours a day filling orders, and responding to customers.

Dropshipping Made $1358.41 From France In 52 Days

Yan, a Frenchman who made $1358.41 over 52 days. He initially owned an online business but wasn’t making enough money to make it profitable. He found Yaros Dropshipping Forum 16th November 2017. He purchased the plugin and joined our forum. He was not an expert in Dropshipping but the Alidropship Codex helped him tremendously.

The automatic solutions, such as the recent sales pop-up, customer gallery add on and the abandoned cart extension, gave him a boost in sales.

His site was launched at the beginning of December. He made $442.55 from 29 sales and $1358.41 before January.

Martin Makes 4100+ Euro In 3o Days Using Alidropship Plugin

Martin, a Dutch internet marketer, is here. After blogging for some time, he decided that Alidropshipping was the best option since it offered no risk. After trying a few plugins, he was not satisfied with the Alidropship plugin. He concluded that it is the best plugin because it does everything in one plugin. He was also able to get his Dropshipping model without any delays.

He currently has six dropshipping websites using the Alidropship plugin. According to him, he also has a pricing formula that allows him to create selling prices. His site takes him on average 2 hours per day to maintain. He concluded that dropshipping is a lucrative 24/7 online marketing business. This means you need to be available almost every day. His first sale was made in August 2016, ).

The Most Successful Dropshipping Story Ever

Here’s zappos. A former Dropshipping shop owner who now controls the US shoe market. An online store based in the USA that makes more than $1 billion in annual gross sales.

His business was struggling before he started Dropshipping. They had very little sales and had no business life. He began Dropshipping, which allowed him to reduce storage and delivery costs as well as invest his hard-earned cash on client support. By creating a unique brand image, he transformed the business to be a major player in the market. Dropshipping enabled the team to grow their business at minimal cost and provide the right experiences. His philosophy is to ensure that customers are at the heart of his business. His Dropshipping success story is one of the most inspirational.

Alex Grew A $6000 Revenue Store In 4 Months Using Alidropship

Alex made $6000 in just four months. Although he had no experience with online trading, he was keen to learn about online sales technologies. Alidropship is a model he found extremely easy to use and he loves the simplified product selection. He was also attracted to the idea of selling at a high profit without needing to store the goods. His web store was launched in July 2016, but it went live in August. By October 20, his revenue had reached $6,000. He promotes Dropshipping on Facebook and Instagram. He earns an average of $900 per day and $2,400 each week. He also praised the Alidropship team for their prompt and professional support. It takes only 10-20 days for delivery.

Avaro’s Dropshipping Business Got Him A Lot More Than His Fat Salary

Meet Alvaro, an Israeli entrepreneur who made a career out of online marketing. Although he has a lot of experience in online business, it was more theoretical than practical. He had never started any e-commerce venture. Although he eventually opened an affiliate website, he was not satisfied with the profits. He began to look for other options and discovered Alidropshipping. He didn’t give up on his dream, even though he had no industry-based knowledge. For each of his stores, he bought the exact match domains. He believes that it takes 3 to 6 months for a store’s success to begin to flourish, but the wait is worth it. He owns about 20 ecommerce stores and makes a $1,200 monthly profit. He stated that the revenue generated outweighed his 9-5 salary of $14,000 and $3,500 respectively.

Alidropship Business From Ukraine: Vladimir’s Story

If you are from Eastern Europe, how do you set up an online business? What demographic should you target and what promotion channels should you use? How can you make it legal? An ecommerce novice must address many questions!

Vladimir is the owner of two online shops and today we are talking to him about his experience in this field. He is a dropshipping entrepreneur with a lot of experience and wisdom. Let’s meet him and find out how he got his start in Ukraine.

Please introduce yourself, Hi!

Vladimir was born in Ukraine and is here to say hello. Online marketing and advertising has been my passion for more than 12 years. I also launched my dropshipping company 3 years ago.

Do you know why and how your Ukrainian business was started using dropshipping?

Dropshipping is an ecommerce strategy that allows you to make decent profits without having to have any experience or spend a lot of time. I am a technical person, but was not taught how to run a business. My long experience in digital marketing was enough to get me started.

Dropshipping was something I had heard of a while back, but it wasn’t something that I considered serious. After reading AliDropship materials explaining the business model, I made a change of heart in 2017. It was great to see tools that made dropshippers’ lives easier, as well as a support team that is qualified. For a beginner without any experience, the knowledgebase was very detailed and helpful. That’s what made me want to give it a try.

How did your dropshipping journey begin?

Within two days of my store’s opening, I had my first dropshipping sale. A client from the USA purchased a multifunctional set of screwdrivers. This order brought me almost $20 in net income. It was a great experience that made me happy.

To make this first sale, I did not do anything unusual or difficult. It took me only a few minutes to buy a domain and pay for hosting. I also imported products from with the extension provided by AliDropship. Finally, I posted links to these products on my social networks. The result was quick and easy.

Now, I have two dropshipping shops. These are their most recent performance numbers.

What is your product strategy

When choosing niches for my business, I considered the product’s popularity, demand, and price. I now monitor for new arrivals, and add them to my shops if I like them. When choosing products, I consider the supplier’s rating, order volume and customer reviews. It is important to have a reliable supplier if your business wants to succeed.

I usually double the prices to get a 100 percent price markup. Sometimes it is less than 100%. I compare final prices with Amazon and eBay prices to try to make them lower.

How can you manage your business every day?

Management is something I devote 1-2 hours each day to. This time is mostly used to make interesting videos reviews of my products. I sometimes have to complete business tasks that take a lot of work and look for ways to speed up the process. For example I use AliDropship pluginSocial Rabbit plugin, Google Merchant and Facebook Business. These tools are invaluable when I need to import new products and create ads.

How can you promote your store?

Paid ads were placed in Google Merchant and Facebook when I first started my business. I have decided to stop using paid ads. My stores are promoted primarily through social media, such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Video reviews of products I use social media for most of my posts. My target audience is diverse. My returning customers include people of all ages, from different countries and different genders.

What can you do to deal with difficult customers?

My business was set up in a way that minimizes customer complaints. So customers have no problems placing orders.

Last year, there was a very difficult case. One person swindled his money by combining my store with another store from which he had previously purchased something. He wrote me to demand that I return his money. Then he wrote a PayPal complaint, but PayPal did not take any action on me as I had never received any payments from him. He even tried to sue PayPal!

I asked him to take a picture of his payment and include the name of the product that he purchased. I received it from him and typed in the product name into Google search. I found several websites that had products that matched the name of the product in the screenshot, and I sent them to him. I asked him to take a look at the results and recall which one he bought. Within a few days, I received a reply from him saying that he was mistaken and that he had many regrets.

Have you registered your online business?

Yes, it is legal. It was registered in Wyoming, USA. It is easy to register, even if you’re not a resident. Only the registration fee and payment for intermediary services are required. It costs about $200 annually.

How has your life changed after you start a business?

Many ways! First, I make more money now. I’m not dependent on a job, have no boss, plan my time and work on my own. This business makes me happy.

I intend to continue working on the business and develop it further. This will allow me to increase my sales and profit. I’m also thinking of new ways to market my products.

My family and friends help me manage the business. They ask me how it is going, but none of them are yet ready to open their own business.

Ruslan Alidropship Success From Cyprus

How can a newbie dropshipper start an online company? People tend to seek out ready-made solutions that take away the hassle of setting up and managing complex technology tasks.

Ruslan, today’s guest has also followed this strategy. For an easy promotion, he chose a store that had a clean layout, pre-made product range, as well as tailored advertising materials. Let’s take a look at how his decision turned out!

Please introduce yourself, Hi!

Ruslan Pintea, a Cypriot entrepreneur, is my name. I own a cosmetics and perfumes store. I’ve been selling online for a while, but had never done any e-commerce. This was how I gained firsthand knowledge and practical experience in business administration, management, marketing. When I saw the AliDropship ad, I was intrigued by the possibility of owning an online store.

How did you get started in ecommerce as a dropshipping novice?

I was intrigued by the idea of purchasing a store that has been made and tested by a professional team when I saw an advertisement for Premium shops. I chose the Buy it Carl store to copy for me and received the Marketing package to assist me in my new business promotion.

The team’s instructions have paid off. My first sale was made within 15 days of the launch of my website. It was a $49 set of car organizers, which made me feel really happy.

What is the performance of your business right now?

My store had 22 orders in the first 1.5 months (July 22-September 10), totaling $650. You can see that I don’t just sell to my country. My store is global and can target customers anywhere.

Although the numbers are not large yet, it is a promising beginning. I am confident that I can reach my goal using all the recommendations and instructions included in the package. I also plan to make the profits I desire and plan to. Thank you to Alidropship for your support and guidance.

How can you promote your store?

Facebook and Instagram are my only promotional channels. I use all of the instructions in the Marketing package that came with the site. These instructions provide detailed guidance on how to setup advertising on Facebook.

Now, I want to make small adjustments to my marketing strategy. To allow Facebook to optimize my site’s algorithm with minimal ad spends, I will only set the “Add to Cart” event in my campaigns. This was only a test period to see how sales would go. It’s not much, but it is difficult to start. Facebook just needs to take time to apply the algorithm on my site.

I am also looking for new products to add the store. Now I am selling the products that have been optimized by the team. These prices were initially established by Alidropship. To help the store grow, I will also draw on my personal experience and knowledge of the target market.

Dropshipping is a new business. Is it difficult to manage the store?

The store is run for about 2 hours each day. This time is used to process orders and analyze the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. I am trying to create a business plan and follow it.

The most difficult part for me is right now is going through the initial period. Problems with customer service and human factors are not an issue. However, I did have to deal with a case once where the order arrived late and the buyer wasn’t happy. As an excuse, I gave them a gift and everything turned out well.

What has changed in your life? What are your future plans?

My confidence has been boosted by the opening of an online shop. I know that I made the right decision during this difficult time.

My goal now is to increase store sales. I want to have a stable income for my family.