The Biggest Online Purchases of All Time

Online shopping is on an exponential upward path; by 2024, global ecommerce sales are projected to surpass $7 trillion.

Roman Abramovich made history when he purchased Roman Abramovich’s Gigayacht for $168 Million via eBay – setting an unprecedented online auction record and demonstrating the power of digital marketplaces to connect buyers with their desires.

The Gigayacht

Rich individuals looking for their first yacht have plenty of options, but Lazzarini have created something bigger than any you have seen before – the Gigayacht. As it stands today, this vessel stands as the world’s biggest luxury yacht – boasting its own helicopter pad, two swimming pools, Jacuzzi tub and gym facilities as well as cinema, gym training classes and hairdressing salon facilities. Gigayacht was designed by this disruptive Italian firm renowned for their groundbreaking megayacht designs.

The Gigayacht can accommodate 42 guests at once and travel at 35 knots, boasting four staterooms, a master suite and owner’s cabin – and features four staterooms, eight jet skis and three helicopters! Furthermore, there’s also an impressive main deck featuring dining facilities and an observation platform perfect for stargazing; plus there’s a full spa featuring sauna, steam room and massage rooms – complete with dining.

At present, only a select few yachts exist that qualify as gigayachts with 295 feet or longer in length and these megayachts are owned by some of the wealthiest people worldwide.

Some are associated with Gulf royals while others belong to Microsoft founders; other yachts belong to Netscape founders; Amazon founders; and WhatsApp creators. Entertainment mogul David Geffen owns his 82-room Rising Sun yacht; other boats belong to Tito’s widow as well as UK tax exiles.

Giggyachts can boast elaborate interiors, often boasting cinemas, gyms and even restaurants on board. Additionally, these yachts can come equipped with cutting-edge technologies including alternative energy systems and hybrids that add another level of luxury.

But not everyone is enthusiastic about the Gigayacht. Some critics are worried that its size could harm the environment; others see it as an emblematic display of wealth hoarding; still others think it is just an extravagant waste of money.

The Honus Wagner Baseball Card

One exquisite piece of cardstock has taken the top spot on Robert Edward Auctions’ list of The Biggest Online Purchases Ever Made: the T206 Honus Wagner baseball card from 1926 has sold for an unprecedented $6.6 Million through Robert Edward Auctions’ sale service, shattering previous records set by 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle cards sold this January (sold for $5.2 Million and tied this April by LeBron James rookie jersey cards).

Collectors often view The T206 Wagner (1909 Philadelphia Caramel card depicting Pittsburgh shortstop Honus Wagner swinging at a baseball as the Mona Lisa of baseball cards. It was printed between 1909 and 1911 during Wagner’s prime career years – during the Deadball Era from 1900-1920 when pitches often used scuffling tactics to deceive batters; Wagner led major league home run scoring four times, slugged an amazing 1,397 homers, won seven batting titles, was inducted into Hall of Fame upon its establishment.

At his time, Wagner was an icon for racial equality and an early proponent of endorsements. He put his name to Louisville Slugger bats, gum products, cigar bands and even sponsored integrated baseball teams such as Cincinnati Reds – becoming their official ambassador.

Wagner was raised as one of nine children, and his resilience against hardship made him thrive as a professional player. Before turning his focus toward baseball full-time, Wagner worked in coal mines before giving in and taking to playing sports instead. He was initially employed mining coal before baseball pulled him away – leaving behind only bow-legged youth to take to its field!

Wagner was known for being an approachable, gentle soul who never hit fans like Ty Cobb or indulged in heavy drinking like Ruth and Mantle did. That may explain why his card has made such an appearance on collectors’ Most Wanted Cards lists; collectors like him as they see him as someone they could trust – plus his status as one of baseball’s greatest ever players!

The Ferrari Enzo

The Ferrari Enzo supercar has long been considered an elusive collector’s grail for good reason. Unveiled for sale in 2002, it was created to honor Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari while being at that time its most technologically advanced road car. Boasting an astounding amount of downforce compared to road cars of similar type; capable of hitting speeds in excess of 300km/h; as well as rapid acceleration from zero to 97 km/h in just 3.14 seconds!

The Enzo was not only an engineering marvel but also an automotive icon due to its striking design and unparalleled performance. This car was named in honor of Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari as an expression of his passion and vision; its creation allowed Ferrari to regain its position at the forefront of automotive technology.

One of the Enzo’s distinguishing features was its innovative engine: a 6.0-liter V12 that could produce 651 horsepower and 485 pound-feet of torque. As such, this road car could reach speeds up to 355 km/h; making the Enzo an outstanding example of Ferrari performance and design.

Another thing that made the Enzo remarkable was its incredible handling. This car could maneuver easily in tight quarters, as well as boast plenty of power for handling corners. Furthermore, it could reach 100km/h within four seconds making it one of the fastest cars ever manufactured at that time.

The Enzo was an eye-catcher on the street, making an impressionful statement about old royalty as well as new playboy elite. Famous personalities such as director Roberto Rossellini owned one, while Roger Vadim used his 250 California Spider to charm actresses Brigitte Bardot and Jane Fonda during filming for Barbarella.

Are You Thinking About Purchasing a Ferrari Enzo? Know That Doing So Requires an Investment of $670,000 | Carbuyers who wish to acquire one will need at least $670,000 and accessing one can often require submission of applications as well as information about financial status before being accepted for one of the limited-edition models; once selected on this list they may also have to sign an agreement that details what restrictions exist concerning what can and cannot be done with their vehicle.

The Lunch With Warren Buffett

Two decades ago, Warren Buffett’s wife came up with the concept of auctioning lunches with him for charity. Since then, 21 lunches have been auctioned off and over $53 Million raised for Glide – a San Francisco non-profit that assists poor and homeless individuals to regain their footing. On Friday, an anonymous bidder reached a record $19 Million bid in an auction run by cryptocurrency entrepreneur Justin Sun. This bid was more than double that of previous record winning bids from 2019 ($4.57 Million). Bidding began June 12 and will conclude June 27. The winner will dine with Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett and up to seven guests at Smith & Wollensky steakhouse in New York City; their experience will be recorded for an online special that will air later in 2018. In addition, the winner will also receive a check from Buffett’s foundation.

Guy Spier and Mohnish Pabrai both paid nearly $5 million for lunches with Warren Buffett; these private sessions enable attendees to pitch investment ideas directly to him while benefiting from his decades of experience and knowledge. One past winner, Ted Weschler, even received an employment offer after dining twice with him!

Power of One lunches may not come cheaply, but they still represent great value relative to what the average American spends annually on lunch. A Power of One lunch with Warren Buffett may provide insights that have contributed to his wealth as the richest person in America.

This year’s auction winner also has the unique opportunity to discuss philanthropy with billionaire Warren Buffett, who pledged half his fortune away and encouraged other wealthy individuals to follow his lead in giving. Previous auction winners have used their time with him as an opportunity to talk about giving and share their own philanthropic initiatives.