Aliexpress Dropshipping Assistant Chrome Extensions

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Dropshipping can be very time-consuming. There are many online tools and browser extensions available that will make your job much easier.

Dropshipping extensions can help you automate your product selections, track your competitors, and automate your order picks. To help you, I’ve compiled a list of the top Chrome extensions dropshipping store owners and managers can use.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

DSers: Product Importer

Powered by AliExpress and DSers, DSers is one the most popular dropshipping companies out there. You can also download a Chrome extension to dropship from the company. This extension allows you to manage, import, and locate products while browsing.

  • The DSers Chrome extension allows you to import AliExpress products to your Shopify and WooCommerce stores for free.
  • This extension allows you to track your order status updates while browsing.
  • You can also check the synchronization of tracking numbers from AliExpress and DSers while on the move.
  • Automate dropshipping for DSers with migrations from other services like Dropified or Oberlo with the extension

Aliexpress Dropshipping Assistant BigCommerce

Dropship Products on to BigCommerce in 1 Click’s Assistant allows you to import products with just one click.

What does our extension do?

Drop Shipping will be automated by the Assistant.

Aliexpress Assistant allows you to search for products and then import them with one click.

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The Assistant can help you export the URL of your product in CSV format.

Ask a question like “Why should you install it?”

Dropshipping is possible with the help of this Assistant. With the help of App Aliexpress DropShipping from CedCommerce, this will automate the process for getting products to your BigCommerce shop.

Chrome Extension compatible features

– Search Products at using keywords (like shoes).

dress,etc.) You can import your clothes with just a click

CSV export – All products URLs on Aliexpress Category Section

product page

Aliexpress Dropshipping Assistant – Magento

Dropship products from to magento shop

Dropship Products at

Aliexpress Dropshipping assistant for Magento 2 – Advanced works that allow you to add products to your Magento Store with just one click on

The Assistant is compatible with the following integrations:

Magento Integration:

It can also handle orders from your Magento Store to with just one click.

This is our own Service Offered by the Blog Author.

shopify dropshipping store set up

It’s now time to learn more about our extension.

Using the Assistant, you can filter products on Aliexpress and then import them to your Magento store. In the form of a zip file, the Product and details are retrieved.

Aliexpress to Magento 2 store – Single and bulk product imports

Magento API or zip file allows you to add Product data to jobs in Magento stores.

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You can add the job to Magento and the Product is imported automatically by cron.

Get price data and product inventory for a selected product.

– Add Data to your Magento Store with the Chrome Module, and have Your Store execute it by cron

– The Assistant allows you to export your products in a JSON zip format.

Why is this extension so special?

Aliexpress Dropshipping Assistant for Magento 2 is an essential extension for anyone who wants to get started with dropshipping. This extension automates the process of shipping products to your ecommerce website.

Compatible with Assistant

Compatible with Magento 2 Store

– – Search Products with Keywords (like shoes)

dress,etc.) You can import them into your store in just a click.

Json Zip – Access product data, inventory, and price information for all products listed on the Aliexpress product page.