Common Reasons Why Your AliExpress Order Got Closed

People using DSers often find success quickly; however, AliExpress wants to ensure that those using their service do not engage in fraudulent activity.

There are steps you can take to prevent your orders from getting closed, and in this article we will look at some common reasons for why yours might have been.

The product is out of stock

Product is out of stock at seller’s store or warehouse and cannot fulfill your order. This can often happen during busy holidays such as Christmas when there are too many orders coming through for servers to handle properly – in these instances it would be wise to wait a few days and check again to see if item has come back into stock.

Aliexpress orders often get cancelled because there is an issue with payment. If your payments don’t arrive by their specified due date, the seller will automatically cancel them to protect buyers from scammers.

Your Aliexpress order could have been cancelled due to sellers engaging in suspected fraudulent activity, for instance dropshipping at an increasing pace which may raise suspicion with AliExpress as you could use a VPN or proxy server to hide your IP address and location, making it harder for them to verify your identity.

Be sure to use the same computer when accessing your Aliexpress account; this will ensure your IP address does not fluctuate and cause suspicion among sellers. Also use a VPN with secure encryption as otherwise your information could be stolen and your account could close due to fraudster activity. If this occurs contact AliExpress customer service immediately as they will typically respond within days with your refund request.

The product is not genuine

If a seller suspects you of using your account to commit fraud, they may close your order. This could happen if you place several orders within a short period from one location; in such an instance, contact them and inquire what has happened; if their explanation doesn’t satisfy, consider opening a dispute against them.

As a dropshipper, it is critical that you offer only genuine products to your customers. Doing so will increase customer satisfaction; should it ever become evident that an item purchased was counterfeit, avoid purchasing from this seller in future transactions.

Make sure that you inspect your products thoroughly prior to selling them. Ideally, test them for at least several days prior to shipping them out – this will save time in the long run and reduce losses due to bad quality products.

AliExpress has earned itself an outstanding reputation as an online marketplace. But you still need to keep certain points in mind when using it: For example, experienced sellers with numerous orders to process should setup multiple payment methods in their Nimble accounts in order to process payments more quickly and ensure customers receive their orders on time. Furthermore, offering customers free shipping methods such as ePacket could attract even more customers and boost your sales significantly.

The product is not available in your country

Once in awhile, it may happen that the product you want to order is unavailable in your country due to various reasons; these could range from shipping restrictions, counterfeit or illegal products being shipped, and other factors. Before placing an order online, always check first if your country supports it, this can save both time and money over time.

Aliexpress may have closed your order out of concern that it involves fraudulent activity; this is often seen with dropshippers due to their potential to make quick profits quickly. If this has happened to your account, consider using a VPN or proxy server in order to conceal both IP address and location details.

One common cause for order closure on AliExpress can be that too much is being purchased from one seller. AliExpress will start to notice your purchases from that specific seller and may close your orders as a precautionary measure. If this occurs to you regularly, contact the seller immediately to seek an extension before all your orders get cancelled by AliExpress.

Restoring deleted orders can be accomplished by going to the My Orders tab of your Aliexpress account and selecting Restore Deleted within five minutes after an order is cancelled, though extended time frames may apply during major sales events. Bulk Pay Selected is another handy way of processing multiple orders at the same time – ideal if your bank limits how many orders it allows per day.

The product is not available in your size

Many buyers often discover that products they ordered are no longer available in their size due to sellers having run out of inventory of that item. If this occurs, you will need to select another product or cancel and refund your order – otherwise contact customer support as soon as possible.

AliExpress may have closed your order due to suspicion of fraud. This could occur if you were ordering multiple items from one seller at once or shipping your orders across multiple addresses – in either of these scenarios AliExpress may suspect you of trying to acquire merchandise illegally and thus close down your order.

Before finalizing an order, always take the time to double-check its condition and all required information is present. In addition, always retain proof of purchase, such as an invoice or video footage of unpacking the product.

Remember to treat vendors with dignity. They’re running businesses just like you are and if you open too many disputes against them, they could get annoyed and limit purchases or flag your account altogether. Be patient and remember they are there to protect against theft and fraudulent activity; if the issue with a vendor can’t be resolved directly then contact AliExpress customer support immediately by clicking “Help and Customer Support,” selecting “Chat with an Agent Now,” and being polite when speaking to support reps will allow for speedier resolutions of disputes!

The product is not available in your color

AliExpress allows customers to select the color they’d like their product in. Unfortunately, sometimes this choice might not be available and your order could be closed as a result; to prevent this from happening again, always double-check product colors before placing an order.

AliExpress orders may also be cancelled if the vendor suspects you of engaging in fraud. When DSers start making quick money quickly, AliExpress may become suspicious of your activity; for this reason it is highly advisable to utilize VPN and/or proxy servers in order to conceal your IP address.

If there’s an appropriate reason to restore an order, reach out to the seller as soon as possible and explain your situation politely and clearly. Most sellers are willing to work with customers to restore an order since this fosters long-term customer relationships.

You could try opening a new account. If this fails, contact AliExpress customer support and explain your situation and request that they remove any block on your account. They may ask for additional documentation such as copies of your passport or driving license; be sure to submit this as quickly as possible to speed up the process. Be patient while dealing with customer support; they can take some time responding. However, should the problem not be resolved within several days, consider moving onto another vendor instead.