10+ Best and Free Amazon Dropshipping Tools

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Best Tools for Dropshipping on Amazon

You’ll need to have the right equipment at your side if you’re trying to start a profitable Amazon shop. Fortunately, there are plenty of choices to choose from. This provides everything from price trackers and accounting tools to all-in-one instruments to help you optimize your earnings. Read on to see the best dropshipping tools for Amazon from which you can select today.

What are the advantages of drop-shipping from Amazon?

Let’s go through dropshipping fast. This is a business model for e-commerce in which the vendor (you) does not manage any of the goods or inventory you sell in your online shop. Instead, you leave the dropshipping provider with those duties, and they oversee the packaging, packing, and delivery of these items to the end customer.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

The advantages of drop shipping include the fact that sellers are cheap, quick and low-risk.

Additionally, dropshipping directly on Amazon has several advantages, including:

  • Access to the vast client base of Amazon.
  • Since they’re a proven marketplace, Amazon has strong customer confidence.

A supplier for dropshipping such as GreenDropShip has an extensive warehouse and can supply Amazon with commodity feeds. Plus, you would have a much better opportunity to open a popular and profitable online store if you use the right Amazon dropshipping software.

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The Best Tools for Dropshipping on Amazon

Notice that you would not have to struggle with distribution or stock handling when opting to have a dropshipping shop on Amazon. Let’s take a peek at a list of software and applications for online vendors that are useful. They can be used on Amazon for any form of sale, but they are instrumental if you launch your dropshipping store.


camelcamelcamel is a free price tracker for every dropshipping shop in Amazon that is critical. It has a highly interactive graph of pricing history with parameters that can be adjusted to display the price history of a given commodity over the past 1 to 12 months. To view pricing history from other third-party vendors as well as Amazon itself, you can also use the slider bar. Which also makes it easier for vendors to see the top price drops for a single commodity? You should also sign up for updates so that the tool can warn you as soon as the price drop occurs.

For Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, this feature is available as a browser plugin. However, you can use the Chrome extension named Camelizer for optimum performance and convenience, since it delivers all of this knowledge in real-time.


Another free-market tracking app is Keepa. It is more granular in its price comparison than Camelcamelcamel. The knowledge it tracks is much more accurate, in other words, but it does not go back as far in time.

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This tool also has a highly visual user interface (UI) for keeping track of four primary colours. As follows, they break down:

  • Orange-Marketplace Amazon
  • Blue-Fresh pieces
  • Black -Objects used
  • Green-Rank of sales of a given object

Google Trends

Another essential tool for online vendors is Google Trends. Using this unique platform can provide consumers with an efficient view on what searches are trending, including historical details that can be tailored to different timeframes, to keep track of what is hot and what is not. Note, the internet rushes and shoppers are fickle-the next weeks will be outdated what is fashionable one day. Watching these diverse patterns will give you a richer view of the contours and customer behaviour of the marketplace.


Octoparse is a free “web crawler” app that you can use to scrape Amazon listings with info. In other words, through the UPC / ASIN numbers on goods, Octoparse may extract useful information, including:

  • Details of the Commodity
  • Reviews from consumers
  • The Profiles

Additionally, with pre-set extraction data fields, Octoparse includes a built-in Amazon job template. This means that, without having to resort to coding or setting rules, sellers can easily extract this info. Also, the tool exports information conveniently in a range of formats, including Excel, HTML, or CSV. This makes it easier for you to evaluate and look in-depth so that you can pick your dropshipping store’s best marketing plan.

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Unicorn Smasher

A free Amazon product testing tool produced by AMZ Tracker is Unicorn Smasher. It helps sellers to speed up their Amazon product analysis and optimize it. Its review comprises:

  • Prices of the Commodity
  • Rankings Rankings
  • Reviews from consumers
  • Details for fulfilment
  • Estimations for monthly sales
  • Estimates of Sales
  • Metrics of the Commodity
  • Analyzing Results
  • Tools for export

Ultimately, Unicorn Smasher takes all this data and determines an “opportunity score” for a given commodity.


This is an all-in-one premium product that does the Amazon dropshipping shop a variety of critical activities. There are some primary fields that AMZScout protects, including:

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shopify dropshipping store set up
  • Searches for Goods
  • Estimator for Sales
  • Calculator for Amazon Fee
  • Tracker of Goods
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Analytics with Results

AMZScout is extremely helpful in finding items that are hot on Amazon for product searches and monitoring. This knowledge can be broken down into many stages, including by day, week, month, or year. If your dropshipping store has items that are extremely popular at a given time of the year, you can even target a particular holiday or season.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is an immensely standard method for all-in-one sales that only comes as a Chrome browser extension. This robust web-based app, however, covers numerous areas that are vital to an excellent dropshipping store for Amazon, including:

  • Study keywords
  • Scout’s Keyword
  • Analyzing rivals
  • Directory for Manufacturers
  • Analytics for Pricing
  • Manager Inventory
  • Academy (with lessons that vary from introductory to intermediate for sellers)
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Its vast Product Database is a unique aspect of Jungle Scout. By using a collection of specialized and finely balanced philtres, there are over 70 million items that you can browse through. Plus, with the Opportunity Finder, you will then take the items from this index and evaluate them further. This is a valuable feature that lets vendors in the general marketplace locate high-profit, high-demand, and low-competition niches. You will search through the data using philtres like competition level, niche ranking, and the number of units sold each month by using the Opportunity Finder.


Sellics, another common all-in-one application, is cloud-based software. It covers seven key areas:

  • (PPC) Pay-per-click
  • Optimization of a search engine (SEO)
  • Reviews from Apps
  • Research on economies and goods
  • Your market control
  • Control of inventory (not required if you operate a dropshipping store)

On each of these tasks, you can use these to track sales info, keywords, metrics, and even do A / B split checking. For its simple, intuitive, and convenient GUI, Sellics is particularly praised. As there is too much knowledge and documentation to keep track of, this is a huge advantage. It’s much more economical than any of the other dropshipping tools: if the store’s turnover is between $1 and 60,000, the price starts at $47 a month. You can also download the app for free for 14 days.

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HelloProfit is a suite of cloud-based applications that comprises:

  • An easy-to-use and intuitive dashboard.
  • Sales, discounts, revenues, return on investment ( ROI), and payouts are detailed and informative accounts.
  • Analysis and study of potential markets.
  • Tracking and review the success of your shop.
  • Ranking of keywords generated using data from the Amazon BSR (Best Selling Rank) tool.

Also, HelloProfit is unique in that, to compare and contrast items, you can use different settings to group ASINs (Amazon Standard Identifier Number). This encourages you to maximize revenue by choosing goods selectively depending on their future profitability.


Try FeedbackWhiz’s Innovative Vendor Software for Amazon Today

In specific, Feedbackwhiz was designed to track, evaluate, and handle user feedback and consumer reviews. It does that by encouraging you to configure customizable mailing lists that can be tailored to complement your online store’s sound and branding.

This instrument is perfect for:

  • Configuring Automatic Emailing Parameters
  • Processing unfavourable ratings or suggestions immediately
  • Optimizing ratings of goods

You can use Feedbackwhiz free of charge, but this will restrict you to just one email campaign per month. This is typically not enough to instal an efficient plan to get the amount of consumer feedback you need to get an excellent dropshipping shop. If you’re searching for more options, then the programme has plans that start at $19 a month.

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There are two main characteristics of this Chrome browser extension:

Feedback Request System-This helps you to set up email campaigns to contact and inspire consumers to leave feedback.

Review Monitoring- This helps you to track ratings and orders quickly so that you can ensure that the credibility of your shop remains strong.

As part of the follow-up invoice that they get after making their order, AMZFinder is unique in that the Input Request System asks consumers to leave ratings. This makes the emails look less “spammy” and makes the majority of consumers more prepared to leave feedback.

The tool starts at 39 dollars a month. This simple package provides you with 5,000 monthly emails, which is more than enough for every start-up dropshipping shop.


Fetcher aims to provide sellers with:

  • Breakdowns of items sorted by ASINs
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) expenditures and review of revenue
  • Tracking actual costs and product marketing
  • Amazon annual fees (both for dropshipping and FBA sellers)
  • Tracking the refund of expenses and contrast
  • Wholesale expenses on commodities
  • A detailed dashboard of the store’s inventory
  • Regular sales and earnings with email 

The ability to tailor the regular profit and loss breakdown (referred to as a P&L Statement) is one of the best attributes of this instrument. You will make changes to your shop and plan to increase your income by monitoring this knowledge regularly.

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Pricing varies from $19 per month to $99 per month (unlimited orders) (2,500 orders per month). The simple plan would be more than adequate for most modern Amazon dropshipping shops.


If your Amazon dropshipping store begins to be very lucrative, don’t forget that when you file your taxes, you’ll have to log lots of details. This is where the Taxomate system is beneficial.

Through identifying Marketplace Settlements of Amazon sellers automatically, this cloud-based platform enables sellers to:

  • Import to QuickBooks Online for their Amazon purchases and charge transfers.
  • Summaries these purchases in QuickBooks Online conveniently and quickly.
  • Monitor the cost of sold items.
  • Reverse billing of the VAT costs or expenditures.

It is available from $9 per month package, (up to 200 orders per month) to a 5 K package of $49 per month (up to 5,000 orders per month).

Just one aspect of creating an excellent dropshipping store on Amazon is getting the right equipment. You will also need to pick the best provider for dropshipping who supplies Amazon’s commodity feeds, such as GreenDropShip. You can then list your inventory and build your Amazon shop once you select the items you want to sell and import our data feeds. All of this can be achieved with the methods mentioned above in conjunction.

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