8 Best Aliexpress Dropshipping Tools With Pricing Details

Dropshipping may seem simple but it’s a complicated business. Dropshippers must decide who they want to sell to, where they source the products, which products to sell, and if they require a website. They also need to know how to fulfill orders.

Dropshipping tools simplify the process so dropshippers can concentrate on their customers.

There are hundreds of software and agents that claim to be the best fit for your business. Dropshippers who use AliExpress may want to find tools that integrate with AliExpress.

This article will discuss dropshipping tools and the top 10 AliExpress dropshipping tool currently available.

What are Dropshipping Tools and How Do They Work?

Dropshipping tools can be software or businesses that make it easier to dropship.

Dropshipping refers to marketing a product set and purchasing the products directly from the supplier when the customer places an order. Dropshippers sometimes store products and then pay warehouses to fulfill orders.

Dropshipping can be done in these stages:

  • Selecting niche products
  • Receiving customer orders
  • Purchase of products
  • Sometimes, products can be stored
  • Packaging and shipping to customers

Dropshippers can use tools at every step. Dropshipping agents and tools can help you source products, market to customers, and analyze customer behavior.

Now, we will review the top 10 AliExpress dropshipping products.


Bestfulfill is a dropshipping agent of excellence that streamlines the entire process. All you need to do to get Bestfulfill is to find niches and customers. Bestfulfill handles all aspects of product sourcing, purchase, packaging, shipping, and distribution.

Bestfulfill sources suppliers and products from AliExpress as well as platforms like Taobao 1688. Your products can be stored in a warehouse that measures 3000-meters square. The goods are then custom packed and shipped to you from the warehouse.

Bestfulfill also offers third-party logistics, branding and order fulfillment.


  • Product sourcing
  • Packaging made to order
  • Professional product video/photography free of charge
  • After-sales services


  • Stock in bulk at warehouse stores


There is no fixed pricing. Contact sales to get a quote.


Shopify is the third most popular retailer in America, after Amazon and eBay. Shopify allows people to set up online stores using the Shopify model.

Shopify gives you a domain name and an online storefront. Shopify is better for merchants than Amazon. Shopify allows customers to browse your store without being distracted by products from other stores. Shopify allows you to customize and download themes that will make your store stand out.


  • Shopify lets merchants create their own storefronts
  • Shopify is quite affordable
  • SEO strategies can be implemented for your Shopify store


  • Only certain countries are supported by the integrated Shopify payment processor


Shopify offers a free 14-day trial. No credit card required. You can then sign up for the Basic Shopify or Shopify plans. These plans cost $29, $79 and $299 each month, respectively.


WooCommerce allows you to build and customize ECommerce websites just like Shopify. WooCommerce, however, is a WordPress plugin. You must first create a WordPress site and then install WooCommerce.

WooCommerce doesn’t only allow AliExpress dropshipping. There are many AliExpress plugins that will allow you to import products from AliExpress into WooCommerce. DropshipMe and Ali2Woo are some of those plugins.

It is completely free to set up and run WooCommerce. Only 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction via PayPal, credit card, or other means is required.


  • Open-source
  • No cost
  • Transaction fees are low
  • It can be modified to include subscriptions and other billing systems


  • Only for WordPress sites
  • WooCommerce can be installed for free, but it can quickly add up.


WooCommerce is completely free. However, sellers will need to pay a 3% commission on sales. Dropshipping plugins can be costly.


AutoDS is marketed as an all-in one dropshipping software. AutoDS is installed in an eCommerce store and you don’t need any additional software.

AutoDS is compatible with eCommerce sites such as Shopify and WooCommerce. AutoDS is an old software but it has quickly become popular due to its wide variety of features.

AutoDS connects with suppliers via AliExpress or other marketplaces. AutoDS allows you to monitor stock levels, find the most popular and trending products, gain insights into product pricing, manage customers, and analyze performance statistics.


  • There are many features to choose from
  • AliExpress Suppliers – Access
  • Automated stock update
  • Customer management
  • For optimal pricing, get insights


  • The AutoDS professional plan is very expensive


AutoDS can be tried for $1. AutoDS starter plans start at $7.99 per month. The dropshipper plan is $16.79 per month, while the professional dropshipper costs $151.99 per mo.


Oberlo was developed by a group friends in 2015. It imports AliExpress products to your Shopify store. Shopify purchased Oberlo for $15 million in 2017. Oberlo was the top product sourcing tool for Shopify dropshippers.

Oberlo can import a product from AliExpress by searching or using the product link. You can add Oberlo from Shopify to your Shopify account by visiting the Shopify app store. Find Oberlo, then install. Oberlo can also be used as a Chrome extension.


  • Oberlo imports products from AliExpress to Shopify directly
  • AliExpress Product Research
  • Shopify allows you to import products in one click


  • It doesn’t work with third-party apps such as Shopify backup apps


Oberlo’s basic plan is $29.9/month and can process up to 500 orders per month. The pro plan is $79.9 per month and allows multiple users. Oberlo offers a free 30-day trial and a starter plan which is completely free.

Ali Insider

Ali Insider, the AliExpress dropshipping software that every dropshipper must use, is Ali Insider. You can add it to your Chrome browser in just one click. Ali Insider will help you find a niche market and products that fit within it.

AliExpress is full of so many products that even experienced dropshippers can be overwhelmed. Many merchants browse AliExpress in an attempt to find the right products to dropship. Ali Insider eliminates the need to search for information.

Ali Insider gives you access to the top 30,000 AliExpress items, the list of dropshippers and the URLs to their online stores. It also provides pricing information. Ali Insider will show you a list and reliability scores for each product. Ali Insider provides insight into competitors, the bestselling countries and suppliers from outside China.


  • All-in-one product research tool
  • Niche insight
  • Competitor insights
  • Top 30,000 products
  • List of suppliers
  • The bestselling and most popular products
  • Top products per niche list


  • Only the Pro version gives you all the information.


Ali Insider has both a paid and a free version. You can get product insights with the free version, but not access to the 30,000 most popular products. For $30 per month, you can access all the features in the paid version.


Ali2Woo plugin for WordPress imports AliExpress products automatically to your WordPress site. Ali3Woo is compatible with WordPress and helps you to get your products to your store without any hassle.

Ali2Woo also created a Chrome extension that makes the process even more simple. Access to AliExpress products and suppliers is possible. You can import product information to your online shop in just one click.

Ali2Woo, one of AliExpress’ dropshipping tools, does not charge any one-time fees.


  • This tool will help you to find profitable products
  • Plugin fee: One-time payment
  • Chrome Extension Free


  • There is no advice about how to maximize profit margins
  • There are few features


Ali2Woo charges $39 one-time for the WordPress plugin. Ali2Woo offers assistance to those who don’t have any experience in setting up a webstore, finding niches, finding products and fulfilling orders. The $300 one-time fee covers the cost of this service.


Alidropship is available in two formats. Either you create an Alidropship store or install the plug-in to your WordPress site. Alidropship offers a plugin for WordPress sites only.

Alidropship is similar to Oberlo. AliExpress products can be added directly to your eCommerce shop by Alidropship. After you choose a product, images, title, description, and description will be imported. Additional automated features include pricing automation and product insight.

Alidropship includes templates and themes, and you can insert discount codes for your customers.


  • You have the option to create a store from scratch
  • Available with themes
  • AliExpress automates the addition of AliExpress products
  • Automated pricing


  • It doesn’t work with Shopify and eBay


Alidropship WordPress plugin is $89 but it is not clear if this is a one-time payment or a subscription fee.


Dropified, an AliExpress dropshipping platform, integrates with WooCommerce, BugCommerce, Shopify, and WooCommerce. Dropified automates the process of finding suppliers and products and placing orders. It also fulfills order fulfillment and marketing.

Dropified makes it easy to add products to your online store. Dropified automatically imports product information from AliExpress or Alibaba.

Dropified developed AliExtractor, a product research tool that allows you to find profitable products to dropship. You can also see your profit margins.

Dropified makes it possible to import product reviews from AliExpress. This increases conversion rates.


  • AliExtractor
  • Profit dashboard
  • Integrates with multiple platforms
  • Automated order fulfillment
  • AliExpress reviews imports products
  • 60-day ecommerce training


  • There are few differences between the build and growth plans


Dropified is different from other AliExpress dropshipping platforms due to the variety of features that are available to sellers.

Dropified’s free version allows you to add the Chrome Extension for automatic access to AliExpress, Alibaba, or eBay products. The dashboard is available to you. You can save up 500 products and have automatic profit margin markingup. One account is allowed.

Dropified is available for $19 (Build plan), or $47 (Grow program) per month.


DSM tool was designed to be an all-in one dropshipping tool. Although I cannot say that it did, DSM offers sellers a wide range of features. Advanced lister is the most used DSM feature. It finds your products and allows you to perform keyword research and competitor analysis.

DSM comes in the form a Chrome extension, which integrates with Shopify or eBay. AliExpress’ dropshipping tool source products from over 50+ marketplaces, including AliExpress. DSM allows you to search for the product you are interested in, add it into your store, and revise and optimize it.


  • Advanced lister
  • Keyword research
  • 45 videos of training for free
  • A large, engaging Facebook group
  • Source products from more than 50 marketplaces, including AliExpress


  • There are not many features available


DSM offers a free version that allows you to get started without having to spend a cent. You can only purchase products from one supplier, and you cannot have more than 25 product listings.

Basic plans start at $29.95 per month and allow you 600 active listings as well as 50 suppliers. The $80 per month business plan allows for 5000 active listings as well as 50 suppliers. The enterprise listing costs $399 per month and permits 25,000 active listings as well as 50+ suppliers.


Now you know which are the best AliExpress dropshipping products. AliExpress has a variety of tools that will help you set up an eCommerce store and ship products to your customers.

AliExpress’ dropshipping tools allow you to concentrate on your customers. Do not be afraid to make big changes in your business. Bestfulfill is always there for you.