Amazon to eBay Dropshipping Success Stories and Struggles

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You have many options to learn things online. You can either read books or take courses . Or you can take advantage of all the free content available today.

No matter which method you use, the goal is to acquire the knowledge, implement, practice, and improve.

These methods have one drawback: they take time, so if you don’t start seeing results you may get discouraged.

AutoDS offers special interviews with dropshippers at different levels, knowing that learning from other’s experiences is an excellent way to get ahead in the learning process.

One of our most recent interviews was with Michael Davis. He is a long-standing dropshipper and a member AutoDS.

Dropshipping has been his business since 2016, and he has made more than $30K per month through dropshipping from Amazon. Here is his Amazon to eBay dropshipping success tale.

A Bit about Michael

Michael Davis, an American living in Europe, is Michael Davis. While he runs his own dropshipping business, he works remotely for an American company. Michael was an entrepreneur all his life. He even worked a day job.

Although he had started a few businesses in the States, he knew that he wanted to start an online business to allow him to travel wherever and whenever he wants.

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He always looked for ways to make money online in his spare time. He felt that he could do more research on the subject after a breakup.

Michael’s Dream Of Success

Michael went on a two-month trip to Southeast Asia in 2014. He met many travelers and online while he was there.

This was Michael’s dream lifestyle, and he met so many others who were doing it, that he decided to try it. He returned from his trip eventually and began to search for new ways to make money.

This was when he made his first steps in the world of online entrepreneurship. He began to look for online income opportunities. He would probably have laughed at the idea of an Amazon to eBay dropshipping success story.

The Early Struggle

Michael tried many methods to make money online.

  • Travel blogging while on the road
  • Shopify high-ticket dropshipping (contacting factories and trying to close large deals in advance).
  • Affiliate marketing

… and then eBay dropshipping! (Finally!)

Many years ago, there weren’t any automation platforms that could help with stock/price monitoring, importing products, order fulfillment and so on. Everything was manually done through eBay.

As Michael began to manually scale, he realized that the products on the supplier’s website were out of stock, but his store had enough stock. As a result, customers were unhappy with their experience and bought products he couldn’t fulfill.

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Dropshipping on Amazon Back in 2016

Michael shared that dropshipping was very different when he started dropshipping in 2016,Content about eBay Dropshipping was limited. It took longer to learn the methods for each part of the business.

He searched online for $20 to find the information he needed to be successful dropshipping on eBay.

Although the eBay dropshipping course was very basic and taught only manual dropshipping, it was sufficient to show him how to get started.

Michael gradually built his eBay dropshipping company. This was how Michael’s Amazon to eBay dropshipping success story started.

There are thousands, if not hundreds of courses available online. It is also possible to get free content from YouTube influencers, making it even easier to learn.

Michael’s first month of dropshipping on ebay

Michael began from zero and quickly learned the basics about dropshipping. Michael started selling on eBay by himself and made around $1,500 his first month. However, the lack of tools at the time meant that his profits were slower than they could have been.

Although it’s possible to work without a dropshipping platform, it is difficult and takes up a lot of time.

He encountered many problems while working manual. These included product price drops and stock being out of stock. He was so frustrated by this. This is not to mention the hours spent on order processing and product search.

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He searched long and hard until he finally found us. He was relieved to finally find an all in one tool that would automate his business. This is where the real scaling began. This is where the real success story of his Amazon to eBay journey begins.

How Michael Scaled his eBay Dropshipping Business

After your store has been up and running for a while and is proving to be a success, you can start expanding your business . There are many ways to do this.

* Expand to Multiple Suppliers

* Implement Use the Big Numbers Rule Michael has more than 60K listings

* Branch Out To More Niches

* Open Additional eBay Stores

Michael employed VAs to scale his business.

VA = Virtual Assistant

A VA is just like any other employee to help with office tasks once the business grows .

After you have mastered the basics of dropshipping you can train a virtual assistant who will help you run your store.

It will free you up to spend more time with your loved ones, implement new strategies and branding your stores. It will save you time, no matter what the reason.

Maximize Profits through Large Events

Michael was able to shift his shop to serve buyers during the pandemic, profit significantly. But we don’t have to wait for global disasters to make money.

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There are many ways to ensure your dropshipping business is making a profit throughout the year. Try a new approach if you are struggling to find the right products for .

Instead of looking at product categories or products, look at holidays seasons. This will automatically reduce the time you spend on product research by narrowing down your options.

It’s worth it.

Products for Spring, Summer and Fall, as well as presents for Valentine’s Day and 4th of July.

Seasons, holidays, or events can act as niches that will assist in your product search. It is important to adjust your stores in order to maximize these sales times.

Michael’s Top Two Tips for Dropshippers

We got to hear Michael’s top tips during the interview. His number one tip was working with. It is important to understand when it is the right time for a VA to be hired.

This will help you save a lot of time. It is possible to take a break and be more productive, while still allowing your business to run smoothly.

The second tip is to use a dropshipping software right from the beginning. Michael was amazed at the difference it made to his business and wishes he had used one sooner.

It was a game changer to have a system that could monitor his products, simplify the listing process, optimize his store, and automate orders.

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Clayton Blackshear, an experienced dropshipper and a skilled mentor, is the happy father to four children! This is his story, how it all began and how it led to the success of his eBay dropshipping company.

First Steps

Clayton was looking for an extra income. Clayton wanted the best for his family but his day job was not enough to provide for their basic needs. I wanted my family to enjoy a better quality life. “I wanted to be able to spend more time with my children.” He realized that the internet was a treasure trove of opportunities and that there were many ways to make money online. In his search for a solution, he searched YouTube. Clayton finally found videos on dropshipping so he continued to research the topic. After hours of preparation and research, Clayton opened his first eBay shop in April 2016.

Growing larger

Clayton was thrilled every time he heard the “Cha-Ching” notification sound from PayPal. He knew that he needed to learn more about dropshipping, and he was determined to make it a career. Clayton knew that he could only grow his business and achieve the financial freedom he envisioned. Clayton had to change the way he managed his business in order to grow. He could not maintain this growth on his own. His eBay business grew slowly after he paid for a dropshipping tool. He opened more shops and increased the number of online listing.

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When The Clouds Appeared

Clayton noticed something was wrong even though his business was doing well. Clayton started eBay dropshipping to give his family a better life. He wanted to travel more and spend more time together. He would spend more time working, as it seems. Dropshipping was extremely time-consuming. He worked harder and longer hours instead of sharing his earnings with his family. He realized that he had to make a shift. AutoDS was the solution. AutoDS provided everything he required: A fully automated, all-in one tool that would allow him to spend more time with his family. It did everything he needed, including uploading and monitoring. But, to his delight, it could do even more. Clayton learned about the AutoDS dropshipping platform through a friend who is also a highly experienced dropshipper. AutoDS offered many features, including automation, that Clayton needed. Clayton knew that automatic orders, schedule and regular AutoDS Finder uploads would provide him with the time he required.

Working With AutoDS + AutoDS Find

He had an extensive inventory of products in his eBay shops when he joined AutoDS Dropshipping Monitor. He could do all of it with AutoDS. Clayton was keen to be able to manage all aspects of his stores, including listings uploads and customer support. AutoDS made this possible. Clayton was also introduced to AutoDS’ amazing feature, the AutoDS Finder. This feature would automatically identify the top-selling products for Clayton’s stores. This feature would allow him to save even moreprecious hours by not having to manually search for the most popular products. Clayton discovered that he could list over 100K products and manage 7 stores with the AutoDS Locator tool. This is almost impossible to do using any other tool. Despite working a lot less, his profits increased tremendously. He was finally able to travel with his family, which is something he loves so much!

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Freedom and teaching

Clayton quit his job and is now working full-time on his eBay dropshipping company. He now wants to share his expertise in dropshipping with other people who are just starting out to avoid making the same mistakes that he made. His training is well-structured and organized, and he is supportive of his students. I am grateful for the people I have met and learned from in this industry, and I want others to have that same experience.”

Private mentoring using AutoDS

Clayton is a dropshipper and mentor. He has coached more than 100 students and shared his knowledge with dropshippers. Clayton and Lior Pozin (AutoDS CEO) became close friends because they talked about how their success could be replicated or multiplied. They both hate the fact that many dropshippers are able to teach others, but not be successful. They decided to start a mentorship program that would be free available for AutoDS users who have more than 2K listings. They would be able to succeed in their online business. Clayton already knows that dropshipping is a difficult business model for many people. They don’t use the AutoDS automation features. Their work will be less stressful, more lucrative, and optimized for maximum efficiency with this platform. Clayton has partnered up with AutoDS to provide valuable experience for his students and help them achieve their goals. “This mentor programme will provide all of the information, hints, tips and examples to help AutoDS users succeed without spending even a penny. I’m proud and honored to be a part.”

His private mentoring was very effective and quick.

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Clayton’s mentorship program started only a few months ago and his students have already achieved some amazing results. These screenshots show how Clayton’s students have already increased sales and achieved these incredible results.

To Conclude

We hope Michael’s Amazon to eBay dropshipping success story was helpful to you. Every dropshipper’s journey is different, no matter if it’s your first dropshipping venture or whether you’ve been doing dropshipping for many years.

Every dropshipper’s experience is unique because we all have our own methods and tips. This is just one of many things that we share through these stories.