Dropshipping Genealogy Products and Its Importance

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To improve the quality of their finished goods, manufacturers track product genealogy in a quality management system. Managers can see every component, sub-assembly and final assembly in real time to identify quality problems before they become a problem.

Product genealogy records important manufacturing information like raw materials, equipment used and inspection results. It also includes dates, lots numbers, serial numbers and products supplied by vendors. This information can be used to compare the quality of each stage of manufacturing against the intended product specifications.

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Product genealogy is powerful information that can help improve quality, increase efficiency and provide the following advantages:

Comprehensive Product DocumentationTracking product genealogy within a quality management system increases confidence that comprehensive records will be electronically maintained for audit readiness. A documented audit trail can provide complete traceability for all materials, parts, and finished products. Quality records include associated as-built/as-maintained configuration records and nonconformance dispositioning. The system also contains a digital thread that stores historical production data.

Better Quality Tracking
Manufacturers can track specific specifications for a product or component. They can also assign different levels of control to a product, lot or shipment. To track a product requirement, unique identifiers are possible.

Less Product Defects and Product Recalls
Parts management is a way to reduce risk and provide a means for tracking, recalling and disposing of any suspect items. Problems can be identified quickly and can often be avoided by tracking back to the raw material. This improves visibility and reduces the number recalls and warranty claims that a company might otherwise have to process.

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Assists in maintaining regulatory compliance
A quality management system can be used by manufacturers to manage their quality processes and comply with regulatory requirements. A quality management system can manage standards to ensure product conformity throughout its entire life cycle. This is a valuable tool in a constantly changing regulatory environment. This makes it easy to reference and validate industry standards like ISO, DFARS and AS9100D within the system. It also eliminates audit concerns.

Streamlines Shop Floor Operations
Managers can make better business decisions when they have access to the product lifecycle information in real time. Each stage of the production process is automated, ensuring that quality and time savings are maximized.

Holds Suppliers Accountable
Vendors are held accountable for their product genealogy. Using serial and lot numbers can quickly reveal areas of failure. Continuous improvement is possible when suppliers are transparent about key metrics at every stage of the product’s lifecycle. For improved traceability, manufacturers can associate sub-tier suppliers with their first-tier suppliers.

Increased customer satisfaction
The product quality lifecycle of manufacturers can be assured that it is being monitored closely. Customer satisfaction is improved by fewer product recalls and defects.

Your organization can benefit from effective tracking of product genealogy in many ways. Companies in highly regulated industries need to ensure component traceability and complete product lifecycle records. TIP Technologies is able to help companies achieve this high level of quality. Its TIP QA Quality Management System will monitor the quality of all parts manufactured and supplied to ensure that the industry’s highest standards are met.

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Select a Drop Ship Supplier

Once you have a clear idea of what you want to sell, it is time to search for dropshipping suppliers that offer these products. Shopify can help you locate dropshipping suppliers that will help you reach your ecommerce sales goals.

Oberlo, another product marketplace, allows you to create your product wishlist and locate dropshippers that offer these products.

To help you make the right decision, you should consider price, product availability, customer reviews, shipping locations, shipping costs, and shipping cost. You should also carefully consider your dropshipping suppliers options. This is an important piece of the puzzle and you want the best dropshipper.

Explore Dropshipping Apps

Dropshipping apps can help you locate products and build your inventory. These apps are essential for finding dropshipping companies, browsing their product range, and choosing the products that will make your online store a favorite destination for shoppers.


Sprocket, a dropshipping platform, helps you in every step of the process. Sprocket allows you to connect with European and U.S dropshipping suppliers, and to choose high-quality inventory for your store.

Sprocket is simple to use. It is easy to add the Sprocket App to your Shopify Dropshipping Store. Browse the catalog and select the products you want to add to your website. Sprocket has three pricing options. You can choose the one that suits your budget and needs.

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AliDropship, another dropshipping platform to consider when creating your product catalog. This plugin connects AliExpress owners and AliExpress products to their WordPress websites.

The AliDropship app can be used for WooCommerce sites and to source inventory from AliExpress. A $89 one-time fee is required to access the AliDropship app as well as AliExpress products for life.


WooDropship is an AliExpress plugin that imports products into your store. It has inventory and price sync elements and a simple-to-navigate interface that helps beginners ecommerce store owners.

WooDropship is $14/month and comes with free hosting and SSL.


Dropified makes it easy for you to select products for your ecommerce site and start selling online. This app is compatible with eCommerce stores such as WooCommerce, GrooveKart and CommerceHQ.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Dropified offers two monthly rate options, the Dropified Builder plan at $47/month and Dropified Premium plan at $127/month. You can choose which one best suits your selling needs.