Antique Dropshipping Suppliers and Companies to Start

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Why Sell Antiques Online?

While some may think that the antique industry is dying, the $1 billion dollar industry has actually been increasing at a rate of about 3.5% each year. In fact, there’s been a drastic increase in Google Trends searches for antique home decor. You can sell antique jewelry, tea sets and coins as well as Chinese antiques, Chinese coins, hourglasses, and other products. Your antiques shop can be expanded to sell vintage items like blouses, dresses and other clothing. Throwback Thursdays, Flashback Fridays and other marketing opportunities that work well with antiques stores are available.

Why Dropship Antiques Online?

Dropshipping is an alternative to wholesaling because of the wide range of products that you can sell in antiques. Dropshipping allows you to import and sell as many products or as many as you want. Unsold inventory is not an issue. With minimal risk, you can test multiple products to find the best-sellers in your antiques niche. Because you don’t have to ship or package goods, it is easy to scale your business quickly. Although wholesaling antiques is more affordable because of the lower cost of goods it can also be riskier as you may not sell all your inventory.

Who are the main distributors of antiques?

Oberlo has a variety of top-quality, experienced distributors of antiques. You can find antique items such as pocket watches, antique jewelry, wall lights and vintage maps. If you are interested in the antiques market, you will find a wide range of colors and designs available from the distributors. It is important to remember that antique distributors are often more than just selling antique products. They often add antique products to their existing line, as well as other modern or vintage household items and decorative ornaments. It may initially be difficult to find distributors who are solely responsible for antique products.

Who are the main manufacturers of antiques?

China (Mainland), India and Indonesia are the top three countries that produce antiques. China (Mainland), which accounts for 87%, supplies 5% of all the antique products. Indonesia 2% and 5% of the manufactured products. These goods are mainly sold in North America, Western Europe and the Middle East. The quality of antique products is critical. Antiques are valued for their beauty, age, condition, utility, and unique features. These antiques can be household furniture or everyday tools. You may find antique products made from alloy, rosewood or oak in China. A red seal is used to mark antiques from China. This is also known as a “chop”. This seal is put by the owner. Experts can read the chops to identify previous owners of antiques.


Why Antiques Are Great Products To Sell Online

Contrary to popular belief the antiques market is still strong and growing. If you are selling antiques, it is important to be more niche in your offerings. Instead of selling a lot of antiques in one shop, focus on specialized items.

Focus on narrowing your focus to a few areas such as grandfather clocks, various types of collectible coins and watches, jewelry, home décor, and so forth.

Don’t forget accessories! There are many accessories that can be used with antiques that you sell. Customers will want to purchase these products to help preserve and display their products for years.

You can do more if you are more specific.

How to Find the Main Antiques Distributors

It is easy to find suppliers for antiques because of the strong market presence. A quick Google search for antiques on AliExpress reveals over 241,000 products and accessories. eBay returns over 5,920,000 results. Amazon returns more than 400,000 similar items. Etsy returns more than 2,204,000 related items.

Dropified offers many options for dropshipping antiques. Dropified makes it simple to import vintage and antique products from Etsy. You can then add them to your store in a matter of seconds. It is easy to create your own online antique shop.

Find Antiques To Dropship Using AliExtractor

AliExtractor is the best product research tool on AliExpress. It can save you hundreds of hours searching for antique items to start your drop-ship store.

AliExtractor will show you how many home decor items an antique vendor has sold per month in units and dollars. This eliminates all guesswork.

You can be a market leader simply by selling trending antiques that high-rated vendors have already sold successfully.

Alibaba has many attractive, sturdy, durable, and visually appealing products. Dropship antique is available for all types stoneworks, commercial and residential. These products can be used for many years without any compromise on quality or performance. These. Dropship antique natural stones are durable and can be used to make a variety of products, including countertops, slabs and tiles, wall and sculptures, and more. These stones can be purchased from the top. Dropship from wholesalers and antique suppliers to get attractive prices and lucrative deals.

Choose from the wide range of. Dropship antiques are 100% natural and provide unparalleled durability over time. These. Dropship antique can be cut in different shapes to meet your needs. These materials are extremely dense and can withstand any weight or impact. These materials are. Dropship antique stones are available in intricately shaped and printed designs so that both aesthetic appearance as well as performance are maintained. offers unique products. Dropship antique stones in various shapes, sizes and colors based on your specifications and selected models. These finest quality. Dropship antiques are available in a variety of surfaces, including brushed, hammered and flamed. They also come with machine-cut edges, such as square, pointed, or round. These. Dropship antiques are available in many formats, depending on what you need.

Browse the extensive category of. Dropship antiques at to purchase these items for affordable prices. These products also have the option of after-sales service on selected models, and are available as OEM orders. They are ISO certified and require very little maintenance.

Vintage Dropshipping

Is it possible to sell vintage clothing online through a dropshipping company?

Why not? Although these garments aren’t vintage, they can still be of great value to your customers. Let’s find out why!

Vintage clothing is a hugely popular choice. This is evident in the Google Trends graph below.

Vintage clothing is clothing and accessories older than 20 years. Clothing articles older than 100 years are called “antiques”. This leaves you with a lot of time to research and integrate into your dropshipping store theme!

Are you able to compete online with vintage clothing shops?

The items sold by AliExpress sellers or manufacturers are not vintage. These are contemporary pieces of clothing made from modern fabrics and in line with current standards. They aren’t historically accurate, even though they were made using the same fashions as the past decades.

What are you waiting for?

They are still a big draw for many! You can target buyers who are:

  • A tight budget?

Vintage clothing of high quality can be quite costly, especially if it is in good condition. A 1950s wool coat or 1970s velvet jumpsuit is not affordable for everyone. A replica is also available at a reasonable price.

  • Try new styles

Many YouTube channels offer tips and tricks for incorporating vintage clothing into their wardrobes. Even if you are knowledgeable about the subject, it can be difficult to create a wardrobe that is entirely vintage. These people need basic clothing that matches their style. AliExpress has a great selection.

  • Look for clothes in different sizes and cuts

Online sales of vintage clothing are rare and often unique. There is nothing you can do if the size, cut, or color does not suit you.

However, this is not true if you are buying a modern copy. You can select the size that suits you best and the color or pattern you prefer. AliExpress’s flexible sizes and color options can make AliExpress a great alternative to vintage clothing.

How to sell vintage clothes in your dropshipping shop like a pro

Vintage clothing is just like any other niche that dropship. You need to have some knowledge or passion for historic fashion. Here are some things to consider when opening a vintage clothing store.

  • Respect your buyer’s hobby (and their time).

Consider the following: Your store visitors visit your website because your products are a good substitute for authentic vintage clothing. Don’t disappoint them: Show that you are knowledgeable about the business and can offer something of value.

First, make it enjoyable and easy for your visitors to navigate your website. Separate categories are necessary to create a logical layout in your store. Each category should be dedicated exclusively to the fashion trends of that decade. It is not a good idea for a 1920s-inspired gown to be placed in a 1960s section.

Pay attention to what you write on product pages. You might consider including photos of historical clothes that are similar to your products in the gallery. This will allow your customers to see if your clothes match their style.

  • Your store should be competitive

You will need to compete with many other online shops along your business journey: the ones selling vintage clothes and those that sell ordinary clothing. We have previously created a comprehensive guide to dropshipping apparel. You can adapt it to fit your store theme and continue!

  • Your buyers should be advised about good product combinations

It would be wonderful if your customers could buy all of their matching vintage-style clothes in one purchase. This is a great opportunity to offer your customers.

The Upsell addon allows you to ‘attach’ related products to any item in your store. This is how you can make adorable vintage sets that will encourage customers to spend more.

Now that you are able to set up a dropshipping business selling vintage, let us see what AliExpress has to offer!