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You might have ever created an email subject line, advertisement, or social media post for an online store. If this happened, then you may want to consider a more automated copy-improvement process. An AI copywriting tool called Anyword can take your email, SMS, blog content, and turn it into high-converting copy using artificial intelligence. We review Anyword to find out about its pricing and notable features. Also, we look at the interface to determine if it is worth the investment.

Notable Features

Anyword’s main purpose is to take the messages that you have already written for a ecommerce website, and to regenerate them with AI to increase conversion rates.

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All of these features are in line with the needs of an ecommerce merchant.

What features can you expect from optimizing your store with AI?

Here are some of the main features.

A Predictive Performance Score System

Anyword’s most interesting feature is the score that is presented for each block of text generated by the program.

For example, you might write some copy for a Facebook advertisement selling smartwatch replacements. Anyword will send you the original text and generate an improved version to increase conversions.

But that’s not all you get. Anyword will provide a bonus evaluation by predicting the result’s performance based on the original copy and marketing channel. The overall performance score will be displayed along with other metrics such as who the ad copy is most targeted at, including elements such as gender, age and shopping preferences. This will help you to refine your targeting options.

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Optimizing Dozens Of Ad Copy Formats

Ad copy is crucial in ecommerce. It can make the difference between sales that are impressive and ones that don’t. It is common to run multiple native ads for the same product. Then, you can run A/B testing to determine which ones are performing well. You also have to tweak elements such as headlines, descriptions, captions.

Anyword makes it easy to tweak your copy. You can simply type in the initial batch of advertising copy and then wait for the AI-powered engine, which will produce advertising copy that is not only stronger but also more tailored to the ad platform.

Anyword supports many ad copy formats.

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Verizon
  • There are many more

Anyword automates optimization of the platform for which you have posted your ad. You can also link your ad account for ongoing optimization, rewrite copy based upon target demographics, or include specific keywords or promos within your ad.

Help with turning landing pages and product page text into high-sales copy

Online marketers and business owners often turn to landing pages after ad clicks to ensure that customers who click on the ads can purchase their products. Your online shop’s product pages are a large portion of your written content.

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Anyword can help you improve your landing pages URLs and product copywriting skills, regardless of whether you aren’t confident in your writing abilities or prefer to switch to an automated, data-driven system.

This works in the same way as the ad copy improvement section from the previous section except that you tell Anyword you are trying to fix a landing page or product page.

Artificial intelligence tools are used to quickly create high-performance CTA buttons, product titles, product descriptions, headers, and sub-headers.

With the help of AI, blog post optimization

Optimizing blog posts is also important. This is an important part of Anyword. While it cannot create a blog post from scratch it can take your ideas, such as an outline or post, and combine them into a blog post that is more organized and readable. It may even be publishable at the end.

Anyword will create a comprehensive article that you can post to your website by simply entering keywords and intro paragraphs. If you are having writer’s block, there are some features that will attempt to complete your sentences.

We recommend that you double-check and revise your articles. After all, it’s not possible to assume that an AI can create perfect sentences from scratch.

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Email and SMS Optimization

Anyword offers text-improvement tools for more than just web copy and ads. It can access the messages that you send to customers, such as automated welcome emails, abandoned cart email, and SMS messaging.

Anyword will know that you are creating an email or SMS. Anyword AI will accept whatever you write or paste and will restructure it to make sure you send out compelling copy that motivates customers to visit your website or purchase products.

This feature is great because you still get the same performance score you receive for ads, which makes it easy to know what results you can expect from Anyword.

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A “Custom Mode” that tries to write close to your own voice or brand voice

Each brand needs a voice. It can be funny and quirky, professional and on-the-point or outdoory and whimsical.

The Custom Mode by Anyword analyzes the brand voices of other companies to help you create your brand voice. To have Anyword create a brand voice, you can insert your existing voice in email copy, marketing materials, and ad copy.

It does more than just establish a brand voice. Our Anyword Review revealed that it continues to evolve and maintain that voice in order to provide consistency across all future marketing messages.

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Continuous Optimization in the Background

Anyword allows you to link your system to your online shop and optimize your marketing text. This depends on the pricing plan. If you enter new text on a product page, Anyword will present a more polished version without you having to open Anyword.

All of the content you add to your website is analyzed. After being notified about any suggestions, you can either activate the changes or request revisions.

The User Interface

The interface was easy to use and modern during our Anyword Review. Here’s how to turn your text into high-performance copy once you have signed up and logged into Anyword:

  1. Simply paste your text or a URL to the webpage and ask Anyword to create the best copy possible for the channel or format you are using.
  2. Choose the format, tone and style you prefer.
  3. Anyword will generate an optimized block for your chosen format and a predicted performance score.
  4. Ask the AI for text variations or to rewrite the copy so it sounds different. You can also compare multiple versions of the AI generated text.

That’s it. We love the way you can quickly create a list of projects and then click on “New Project” to start with something like an Ad, Email, Landing Page or Ad.

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The interface is so simple and intuitive that even non-techies can use it. They just need to click through the prompts and then copy and paste their original text. Once that’s done, they will receive a professionally crafted version ready for publication.

If the first round does not turn out as you expected, adjust the settings to make it more fun, more targeted at a specific demographic or include keywords.


How much does it cost for your ecommerce messaging to be analyzed and enhanced by artificial intelligence? It’s quite affordable and you can sign-up for a free 7-day trial without entering a credit card number.

The trial period ends after the free trial. You will be prompted to select one of these premium plans.

  • Starter: $19 a month for artificial intelligence text generation at 15k words per day. You get 1 user seat and a variety of text generation formats, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, text messaging, landing pages copy, Pinterest, Outbrain. Twitter, YouTube, Taboola.
  • Business: To receive a consultation about custom pricing, you will need to demo the plan. These features include all the same features as the previous plan and tools to personalize the Anyword system so you can write in your own voice. You can link advertising accounts, run unlimited text generation, and add multiple users seats to your account. The Business plan also gives you an indication of the effectiveness of your copy by providing a performance score.
  • Enterprise: To receive a customized quote, this plan requires a demo. All features are available in the previous plans. You will also have access to customized language models and API integration. A customer success manager will be there to help you every step of the way. Access to traffic acquisition management, including advanced collaboration tools and optimization methodologies. You can also optimize for small business goals. You can also take advantage of advanced targeting technology and Facebook lead capture features, as well as cost-effective user acquisition.
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Customer Support

The payment plan you choose will determine the level of customer service with Anyword. Enterprise plans offer the best customer support. You will be paired with a customer success manager who will help you with onboarding as well as answering any questions about Anyword.

Other plans can use the Anyword online resources. This includes a Submit A Request ticketing form that allows you to contact the company directly.

It doesn’t appear that there is a phone number to contact. The live chat box is just an email form. However, we believe it should suffice to satisfy users considering how intuitive Anyword is.

You can also access the online documentation and help center to view the Getting Started guides as well as the FAQ. You can also use the Help Center search bar to enter any keywords to find the correct articles. The content looks great for the getting started sections. There are videos, articles on Javascript, blog posts and how to generate ad copy using Anyword. To answer questions such as “What type of copy can you create?” or “Where can my word usage be tracked?”, articles with visuals are also available.

We expect the help center section to be more comprehensive in its article quantity in the future.

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We like that there are many other ways to get in touch with the Anyword brand. There are several social media pages, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. The Anyword blog highlights the latest insights in artificial intelligence and how to improve your copyrighting process.

Anyword’s customer support is a great option for ecommerce. To receive tips and tricks on improving your ads, emails, social media copy, or to send an email to any questions about the Anyword copywriting software, you can sign up for the blog.

Can Anyword (, Optimize Your Marketing Copy With Artificial Intelligence

That’s the short answer. The Anyword interface has a lot of charm. There’s very little to it. Anyone can use the program to copy and paste text into it. Although there were some mistakes in our testing, we were impressed by the conversion-centric improvements Anyword made to our site.

We believe it is a smart decision for merchants to look into a tool that can increase sales.

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