Avasam UK Dropshipping Review and Alternatives

About the app

Avasam, the UK’s only multichannel DropShipping marketplace provides all the tools for online sellers to integrate their stores, source products from UK-based verified vendors, and automate product listing, order processing, shipping, and inventory synchronisation.

    • During our thorough onboarding process, we verify all our suppliers.
    • Select from thousands of products to add to your stock
    • Just a few clicks to push products to your BigCommerce shop
    • Bulk source and bulk listing in minutes
    • Orders are sent directly from your online shop to your supplier
    • All orders are automatically paid from your registered credit card
    • Tracking details are provided to your customer and shipping instructions sent to your suppliers
    • To help you avoid overselling, inventory levels are automatically synchronized every 30 minutes.
    • CSV files can be exported to edit and uploaded in bulk to your online shop.
    • All your product listing, price, stock and product mapping can be managed from one location
    • Set dynamic profit margins using our pricing rules functionality
    • You can return as-new items within 30 days of delivery
    • You can return items that have a fault up to 60 days after delivery
    • Refunds will be made for the entire invoice value, including outbound shipping costs
    • You can escalate a dispute with your supplier to us if you are unable to resolve it.
    • We are available via telephone, support ticket, live chat, email, and/or email to assist you.
    • To get setup quickly and easily, follow our onboarding wizard
    • Take a look at our interactive help pages to see step-by-step instructions
    • You don’t like reading? Instead, watch our quick help videos

App Features

Integration is easy

In just a few steps, you can link Avasam to your BigCommerce shop and begin selling immediately

One-click product sourcing

You can access our catalog of products and find inventory quickly from UK verified suppliers.

Automated product listing

In just a few clicks, you can send product data, images, descriptions, and more to your BigCommerce store

Processing of orders

Your BigCommerce store automatically sends your order information and shipping notifications to your supplier

DropShipping Service

Live customer support is available six days a week. We have clearly defined policies regarding returns, refunds and dispatch times.

Avasam Alternatives


Best cloud-based TMS software to manage logistics. All inbound and outbound transportation management can be managed from one login, including parcel, LTL and FTL. air. It can be integrated into your existing tech stack (ERP/WMS/CRM). You can configure it to suit your existing workflows. With connections to more than 300+ carriers, brokers, and marketplaces, it’s easy and quick to find the best shipping rates.


Ecommerce can be complicated. Shipping doesn’t need to be complicated. Shippo can help you grow your business through integration with your workflows and expert support. We also connect you with the best rates from the most carriers. Easy access to the lowest rates from the most carriers. Access over 85 carriers around the world and get the best rates at each one, even regionals.


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2Ship Solutions

2Ship is an online shipping platform that connects businesses to multiple carriers. 2Ship allows you to ship everything from parcels to envelopes through its same-day to next day couriers and skids with LTL/FTL service. 2Ship’s flexibility allows you to ship as many packages as you want, whether it is 100, 1000, 10,000, or 1,000 per day. We love shipping and we are sure you will, too.