DropshippingXL by VidaXL Review, Pros, and Cons

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Today, there are two main ways that stores can operate. There are two main ways that stores operate today: those that keep inventory and those who don’t. Physical items are purchased and packed by stores that have an inventory. These items are then sold and shipped to clients when they are received.

Stock is not kept in other stores. They depend on wholesale distributors or suppliers who have the products in stock. Dropshipping is a term used to describe this process. Dropshipping is a way for businesses to avoid having to store inventory and ship products. Dropshipping partners handle these tasks for them.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Dropshippers are able to focus on increasing website traffic, search engine optimization and revenue while others relax. They don’t have to handle the products that are sold through their website.

These cases allow you to place an order with your dropshipper after a product has been purchased in store. The supplier will charge you for the item costs and then ship the products to your customers.

Dropshipping indoor and exterior furniture, gardening accessories, sporting goods and hardware is a focus for vidaXL’s dropshippingXL service. This service allows you to access many incredible brands and products.

This dropshippingXL review will explain what it does, how much it costs, and the pros and cons.

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DropshippingXL Review

vidaXL, an international online retailer, has its headquarters in Venlo (Netherlands). They offer products such as sporting goods, furniture and home, as well as garden products.

DropshippingXL allows businesses to sell products to customers in 29 different countries, without the need to store or buy inventory.

After registering as dropshippingXL seller, you can access their extensive product catalog. The catalog can be accessed by your online store or marketplace. Resellers have access to a friendly support team and low investment costs.

If you are a private seller, you don’t have to provide a tax number. For those who wish to register as business sellers, a valid tax number is required.

You can run your company from anywhere, at home or abroad. Join the thousands of dropshippers already in existence. Your site can also have any of the over 50,000 vidaXL products. You can set item prices and calculate the profit from each product.

Without the need to deal with inventory, returns or shipping, vidaXL products can be sold to customers in Australia, the U.S., the EU and Australia. DropshippingXL handles all shipments and returns. DropshippingXL’s customer support team is available to provide valuable assistance if needed.

You can only sell items in the registered local currency. Only local currency payments will be accepted. Customers residing in Germany will pay in Euros, while customers in the United Kingdom will pay in British Pounds.

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DropshippingXL products can be sold on Amazon and eBay.

Benefits of being a dropshippingXL Seller:

  • Large catalog – More than 50,000 items are available from vidaXL. There are many product categories available, including hardware, sporting goods and garden accessories. You won’t need to worry about out of stock issues because all current products are available. Visuals and marketing material will be provided to help you sell different products.
  • DropshippingXL doesn’t require any warehouse space. They will handle the shipping, packaging and inventory management of your items.
  • Translation – Product content can be provided in 23 languages.
  • Low risk – Inventory charges are not charged upfront. Only after customers have bought the items, will you be charged for them.
  • DropshippingXL handles returns.
  • There are no commission fees – you won’t have to pay any commission fees. No matter how many items you sell, this is true.
  • International presence – Products can be sold in 29 countries including Australia, the United States and the EU.
  • Incredible discounts – Many products are on sale at incredible discounts
  • Fast and free delivery Shipping costs apply to all parts of Australia.

Integration Options

Integrate dropshippingXL into your store via API, WooCommerce, Magento and Lightspeed add-ons. One of my favorite options is WooCommerce integration. Woosa is a third-party website that provides this integration. Although the plugin costs money, there’s a free seven-day trial.

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Woosa plugin features:

  • From vidaXL, you can choose the product categories to be imported into your WooCommerce store.
  • You can use the suggested vidaXL pricing or assign a percentage or fixed amount. This will ensure that you can meet your revenue and profit goals.
  • All categories can be imported automatically with products so you don’t need to create them.
  • Dropshipping can be done completely automatically, since vidaXL automatically processes all incoming orders.
  • As inventory stock changes, it is updated. The maximum delay time is five minutes.
  • Once an order has been shipped, vidaXL will provide shipment tracking information. This data will be added to WooCommerce as a custom field. This field can be added to an email template to notify clients.
  • You can modify the product information such as category, description, images and title. To prevent the information from being automatically updated from the XML feed, you will need to activate the plugin settings. Your changes will be overwritten to prevent this.

Import Products

Once your application has been approved, you will receive a B2B feed to dropshippingXL for the product catalog. Automatically, the feed will sync.

In real time, vidaXL products stock, price and item content information will be made available. Prices are updated daily and product inventories updated hourly.

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After you have selected items, you can add them to your store or marketplace. The process can be accelerated by plugins. WooCommerce plugin is currently supported. You can also adjust the price and profit margin for each vidaXL product you wish to sell.

vidaXL will handle all warranty issues. All products are covered by vidaXL’s two-year warranty. Information about products can be provided in 23 languages.

Upload content to your website easily in XML and CSV formats. You can only use one language per account, so be aware. You can also upload vidaXL product photos.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Placing Order

Once your customer has placed an online order, collect their order details and place the order through dropshippingXL.

You can submit this information in less time by using an API or plugin to automate it.

vidaXL provides an easy way to confirm orders. This feature allows you to pay your customers automatically for any orders they place. Only the VAT and product price are your charges.

vidaXL handles all aspects of shipping, customer service, and returns. When paying for products, you have the option to use PayPal, credit cards, or PayPal.

Prices for product feeds won’t be subject to any taxes. The proper tax will be calculated in the checkout section. DropshippingXL will process your payment and send you an email tracking code. You can also retrieve them via API and export orders.

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Refunds will be made according to each individual’s circumstances. If necessary, vidaXL will issue refunds. The required reimbursement will be credited to your wallet account.


DropshippingXL from vidaXL will ship orders in the following countries: Australia.

You can only ship to one country with one account. You will need an account for each country where you wish to ship your items. Shipping times can vary from one country to the next.

Shipping costs will not be charged to your clients. Australia offers free shipping to Sydney and Melbourne. Shipping charges will be determined by the parcel weight and whereabouts.

One account can be linked to one country. You will need an account for each country you wish to have orders shipped to. You can choose the “Add a New Reseller Country” option to create an account for another country.

Tracking data for all shipping orders will be available in the Order History section. It is the responsibility of vidaXL to ensure that all orders reach their destination.

Currently, you can’t have your logo printed on packaging. Invoices will not be included in order packages. Invoices will only be sent to the registered dropshipping partner.

DropshippingXL shipping can be done by land transport. Different logistic carriers work with the vidaXL Warehouse. Most orders ship within two working days of payment being received.

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If you return an order, all costs will be refunded except shipping charges. Clients have 30 days to inspect all orders once vidaXL packages arrive. After vidaXL has received the returned items, and verified that they were in good condition and not damaged, your wallet account will be credited within five days.


DropshippingXL sellers can run their own stores with minimal stress. You can choose from thousands to promote or sell for EUR30/month. PayPal is the only method to pay the monthly subscription fee.

Dropshipping fees will not be charged an additional fee. You have the right to cancel your subscription at any time.

API access is available to monitor stock and pricing and order management. Your monthly subscription includes bulk import and data feeds. There are more than 50,000 items you can choose from to sell. You can choose from products related to home, garden, personal, and furniture.

DropshippingXL makes it easy to spend more time in sales and marketing.

If you wish to cancel your membership with vidaXL but have not placed an order within the first 30 days, you will be eligible for a full refund of the subscription fee.

DropshippingXL Review Conclusion

DropshippingXL and vidaXL make it easier for businesses to perform operational tasks. You can sell your products immediately, no matter how advanced you are. You can find many products such as furniture, gardening accessories, pets toys, and home improvement.

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You can work from home and manage your own dropshipping business. You will be part of a supportive and growing dropshipping community. While you can decide your profit margins, vidaXL handles shipping, customer service, returns, and returns.

There are no hidden fees. Their pricing is clear and transparent. There are 29 countries where you can sell your products: Australia, the EU and the USA. Dropshipping concerns or questions can be addressed by VidaXL’s customer service staff.

DropshippingXL distributors do not have to worry about global shipping, warehousing or order processing. They act as a bridge between your customers and you.

Products can be imported from multiple suppliers and shipped to different countries through dedicated logistic channels. Quality inspection services are offered by vidaXL in order for you to grow your business.