Banggood Dropshipping Review and How to Start?

Human lives are becoming more complex due to changing times. We have less time to go to the shops to buy everyday items as we become busier in our daily lives. E-commerce is a solution to our problems. It makes life easier. Dropship is just one of many fundamentals that e-commerce relies on. Drop shipping does not require the merchant to be either the wholesaler or manufacturer. Dropship sellers simply list the products on their website. When an order is placed, the dropship agent reciprocates by listing the exact same product to the wholesaler or manufacturer. In return, the dropship merchant ships the product directly directly to the customer. Banggood is a well-known name in drop shipping.

What is Banggood?

Banggood Dropship is headquartered in China. It was established with the intention of making e-commerce accessible to everyone. Banggood delivers products all over the world. It has warehouses in Australia, Europe and Hong-Kong, as well as the United States. The company’s main goal is to ship products made in China around the globe. The company wants to make online shopping easier and the whole team is working hard to achieve this goal. The company has an email and live chat support system that is available 24/7. This support team is committed to solving customer problems and resolving them as quickly as possible. The company has a team that works to improve dropship services on both ends. The company has been entering into lock-in agreements recently with top brands from various domains, such as Xiaomi. Although the majority of its employees are Chinese, it also has an international team that includes employees from Australia, Asia Pacific and Europe. Banggood Dropship offers many coupons and offers to promote its international business. For example, if a customer purchases 3 products, they get a discount on their purchase. Banggood uses all possible means to expand and grow its business around the world.

How is banggood?

Banggood is constantly striving to reach new heights in dropship services by implementing new strategies to gain more customers and manufacturers. Banggood comes with its fair share of benefits and drawbacks. Drop shipping Banggood is a way to expand the Chinese market in all countries.

One of the main benefits of banggood is

Warehouses – Banggood’s large warehouse in China has all the latest technology updates to ensure hassle-free inventory management. Banggood has warehouses on three continents. Drop shipping to Banggood from Asia, Europe and North America is easy and quick.

* Shipping – Banggood uses Split Shipping, where different types of products are kept in designated warehouses scattered across China. This allows for the storage of many products in different locations, which leads to multiple shipping hubs. This eliminates the need for a central shipping hub.

* Banggood provides prompt customer support. Banggood is available 24/7/365 to provide live customer service. Chats and emails allow customers to access live customer support, which elevates customer service to a whole new level.

The majority of the flaws in Banggood

Despite its many advantages, banggood also has its flaws. Most flaws can be found in the following:

* Customers were seen reporting on the product’s quality. This shows that there is no control over the product’s quality. Banggood continued to sell the product despite negative reviews. This raises questions about the quality control of the product.

* Shipping and delivery dates were found to be significantly different from expected on several occasions, which clearly shows inefficient logistics control.

* International shipping can be very slow in some cases, which causes customers to have negative opinions about the product.

You can find reviews all over the Internet about Banggood

There are many reviews on the internet, but these are a few.

* “I have bought many electronic-related products from Banggood, from high-end to low-end, and I am always satisfied with the results. Despite the fact that not all transactions go according to plan due to shipping issues beyond their control, they offer amazing customer support. Recently, my item arrived damaged. I took pictures and contacted the company to get a replacement. They responded quickly and offered their solution. 5 star indeed”

* “In the past, I had great experiences with banggood. But today there are many things that have changed. I chose the European shipment because it was faster and cost me a little more. It sounds great, but it is not the truth.

I was never delivered the goods by a European shipment! The parcel never reached the country after 1 month. They won’t give me my money back if it doesn’t reach 60 business days. They also don’t want to ship the goods with a faster courier to alleviate the inconvenience. This is fraud. The European shipment states 7-15 business days. It’s an estimate deadline, but it’s not guaranteed. Banggood is not professional and provides the worst customer service I have ever seen.”

What services does banggood provide?

Clients can get the following services from Banggood:


Banggood offers wholesale services where customers can purchase goods from different categories wholesale. Banggood offers wholesale services, where you can purchase products of various categories in bulk.


Banggood Dropship is one service offered by this platform. They will deliver your goods on time and have a large warehouse. They provide high quality products and exceptional services that will allow you to make a profit.

Services for the buyer and customer

Banggood offers B2C services to buyers and customers, where they sell directly to customers through their platform.

Affiliate programs

Banggood offers lucrative affiliate programs. You can earn commissions as customers buy from Banggood through your affiliate links.

What Banggood Dropships Do?

Banggood is a reliable dropshipping agent and dropshipping with Banggood is easy.

When customers place orders on your platform, the merchant will also make the same orders to Banggood. Banggood will then deliver products directly to the customer if you are a merchant registered under the banggood Dropship Program.

Can I earn the Banggood Commission?

Banggood allows you to earn commissions as an affiliate. To earn commission, you don’t have to purchase anything. You just need to promote their products to get people to purchase through you.

Registering for the banggood Affiliate Program is free. You earn a percentage of each product sold through you. You should be aware that affiliate programs have different levels. The more products you sell, the higher your commission.

Premium affiliate members can earn 7-10 percent, while standard affiliate members can earn as much as 5-6 percent. VIP affiliates earn between 9 and 10 percent. These commissions are based on which type of customer purchased the item-old or new members.

Is there a membership fee for Banggood?

To become a Banggood member is not required. However, you will need to sell more in order to receive discounts or coupons for dropshipping and wholesale businesses. They offer different discounts for different membership levels.

Banggood Payment Methods

Use PayPa to make a secure payment with banggood. Your bank account, credit card, and debit card details will need to be linked to PayPal. Then your order will be shipped at the PayPal address.

Banggood also has API and can interface with a variety of e-commerce platforms, including eBay and Shoplift.

The Pros and Cons Of Banggood Dropship


  • As they strive to satisfy the client’s needs, large warehouses are available for fast delivery.
  • You can feel secure with their payment system. All orders are processed via PayPal, which is the best payment platform in the world.
  • There are many products they offer, including accessories and mobile phones, apparel and clothing, as well as watches, beauty and health products and home products. These wide selections ensure that your client can find the product they are looking for and place orders through you.
  • Banggood Dropship Program is easy to make money. It’s free to sign up and it’s easy to use. You will also be provided with the necessary support to succeed.


  • Banggood’s dropship program has one major drawback. You will need to use PayPal to pay. This is an issue for countries that don’t support PayPal, and it restricts people to one payment option.
  • Banggood offers dropshipping for many types of goods. However, there are dropshippers that prefer to dropship a company that specializes only in certain products.
  • It’s more difficult to promote so many banggood products to your clients than with products from droppshippers. You will have targeted customers who will be interested in the product.
  • Concerns have been raised about the method they use to calculate their commission, especially for new and old clients. Clients feel the commission matrix is unfair for this platform. Old clients’ commissions had to be different than those of new clients.

How to make money with the Banggood Dropship Program

Banggood Dropshipping Program is a great way to make money.

There are many categories of products that you can offer, which is an advantage because it allows you to reach as many people as possible with different interests. Banggood allows you to promote products through your blogs and social media platforms.

Wholesale business owners can get huge discounts when they register as members. You also have the option to dropship high-quality products to clients who shop on your platform. Integrating with popular platforms such as shopify or eBay can help you make more money.

The Banggood Dropship Program is a program that guarantees that clients make money and provides support from sales professionals.

Affiliate programs can be a great way to make money. You can promote their codes and links on social media to your followers, so they have the option to shop at banggood.

These platforms are free and you don’t need to invest much money in order to start your dropshipping company with banggood dropship.

How to market your banggood Dropship Business?

SEO Experts

An SEO expert can help you market your dropship business online. An SEO expert will help you reach more people online that will be interested in your products and services, increasing conversion rates.

Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms such as facebook and twitter can be used to promote your banggood dropshipping business. You can start groups and share information on current topics that relate to your products.

Email Marketing

It is possible to collect data by collecting information from people who are interested in your products and services, and then sending them emails containing constructive feedback about your services.

To attract people to your website or platform, you can place a paid advertisement.


Sponsoring celebrities with high followings or events can help your business reach a wider audience. You can reach more people with your banggood dropship company by sponsoring them. They will also be able to wear your brand, giving you much exposure.

Banggood To eBay Dropshipping

Banggood has been a reliable supplier to China for many years. Its wide range of over 250,000 products at affordable prices allows it to easily compete with other Chinese suppliers and help you find the next best seller for your store. Banggood is a leading supplier to the dropshipping market since 2005 when it was founded. Banggood provides reliable dropshipping services for merchants who are looking for original and valid catalogs. It offers more than 250,000 products at very competitive prices, 10 warehouses and a well-organized logistic system.

Huge Selection of Products

Banggood allows you to sell products in niches such as electronics, clothing, computers, flashlights, lasers, flashlights, toys/hobby items, outdoor gear, motor & car parts, jewelry/accessories and more. Banggood can be used to create niche or general stores.

Low Competition

Dropshippers typically launch their business using US/UK suppliers. This allows Banggood dropshippers less competition and greater profit potential. You can import over 25 million products from Banggood to your dropshipping shop. This huge variety reduces the product competition even further.

Low Prices

China suppliers offer low prices. Banggood offers low prices, which will enable you to make high-profit margins. You can offer a wide range of high-quality products and beat your competitors effortlessly.

Banggood’s Dropshipper

Banggood fully supports dropshipping, which is one of the best things about their work. Banggood offers a dropshipping agreement. If you’re ever asked if you have a certificate to dropship from this supplier, the answer will be yes. If you are an AutoDS member, you can contact our customer service team to request this contract.

Dropship Center

Banggood offers a section called “Dropship Centre” which includes all the information a dropshipper might need.

There are no membership fees
Product recommendations based on your preferences
A credit point accumulation system
You can download images without watermarks of all items
Dropshippers VIP levels offer dropshippers discounts up to 20%
Cashback sites: 9%

Step By Step Explanation

After signing up for AutoDS, you can add your eBay store to the top-left menu. You can link your store by following the instructions on screen.

Locate Products to Sell & Create Drafts

To import products to your store, create product drafts. Use the AutoDS Extension to import all/any product from any page at Bangood US, CN or AU, CZ or UK with just a click. After they are done, you can edit them and import them to your eBay store.

Optimize and Prepare Your Products

Our system makes it easy to optimize your product draft. Edit the title, description, variations, images and price. Once you are done click “Import” and add the item to your eBay store. Or schedule an import at a particular time and date.

Stock & Price Monitoring

AutoDS monitors every product you import from Banggood, and looks for price or stock changes. AutoDS will adjust to any changes and sync the changes to your eBay store. AutoDS calculates shipping costs if applicable and adds them to your final price.

Manage your eBay customer support

You don’t need to switch between different systems to manage customer support, cases and returns . AutoDS allows you to manage them all from one system.

Automate your Banggood Orders

AutoDS’ Solutions to Banggood Order Automation:

Automatic Orders – AutoDS will fulfill your orders and update your tracking number. Relax and enjoy the moment.

Fulfilled via AutoDS service. Simply load your balance and we’ll process your orders through our accounts. Cancellations and returns will be taken care of as well.

Enjoy the Freedom

AutoDS will automate your eBay dropshipping while you do what you love or spend your time doing the things that will help your business grow.