Beginners Guide to Sell and Dropship on

Dropshipping has evolved tremendously in the last years. Strategies and techniques that worked for 2016 and 2017 no longer work today.

Dropshipping is still a viable business model. It is more popular than ever, thanks to the pandemic that has increased the shift of consumers from physical shops to eCommerce.

The story is different when it comes to suppliers. Dropshippers used to source their products almost exclusively through Chinese Marketplaces years ago. However, this supply method is no more profitable.

  • Chinese marketplaces sell products at B2C rates, lowering profit margins.
  • Dropshipping is a simple supply method that can be built quickly, which has led to increased competition.

Do you want to dropship on Would you like to know how it works? You are now here. You’ve come to the right spot. has been the online marketplace of choice for buyers who want high-quality products at a low price for quite some time. Its ease of transactions and low entry costs have made it a favorite among many dropshippers looking to make a living online. is now standing shoulder-to-shoulder alongside Amazon, Flipkart and other major players in the ecommerce space.

There are many things you can dropship through this platform. Jet supports any type of product or service, so it doesn’t matter if you are dropshipping services or products.

This online marketplace is still relatively new, so it’s worth learning how to make a sale on it. Continue reading to learn more.

Here are some quick facts about Jet

Marc Lore and Mike Hanrahan officially launched Jet into the e-commerce market on July 25, 2015. The company became an annex to Walmart in the fall 2016.

* It offers the same products and services as Amazon, but at a significantly lower price. Comparing to its competitors, the price drop is between 5 and 15 percent.

* Jet owners have only made profits from the $50 membership fee they charge. There is no plans to add any additional charges before 2020. It is the lowest of its competitors.

JetCash is an affiliate program that offers shoppers savings on their next purchase. JetCash is a coupon that allows shoppers to get $1 off their next purchase.

* plans to be a profit-oriented business by 2020 after it has attracted at least 15,000,000 members around the world. currently stocks 12 million products and has a global customer base of approximately 4 million.

* Most buyers on are first-timers. has sold over $1 billion worth of goods since its inception. It sells an average of $33.2 million worth of goods each month.

Before Selling on Jet: Things to Consider

There are some things you need to keep in mind if you want to dropship on jets as soon as possible. These are the things we have listed below.

Monthly Fees

Online marketplaces charge dropshippers fees monthly for listing products and services. These fees can often reduce the profit margins of sellers, especially if they are excessive. doesn’t charge anything for you to list your products and services on the website. A $50 annual membership fee is required. Any subsequent profits you make through the website are yours.

Listing takes time to show up

Your listing will not appear immediately on It may take several weeks for your listing to become visible to buyers. This is because the marketplace administrators conduct routine checks on all products before they are approved.

The admin will want to make sure there are no conflicts of interest if the product you propose to dropship on Jet is identical to one already in existence. Your product may take longer to appear on the site if it is similar to an existing product.

Other than duplication issues, there are other factors that could cause delays in listing approval.

* The inclusion of prohibited items or drugs that have not been cleared.

* The inventory amount does not include

* No SKU, UPC, or other identifier.

* Non-compliance with rules regarding images

* The description of your products is too long

Listings can be uploaded through a third-party partner

Jet has many partners, including Chinabrands. Listing on Chinabrands is easy with Chinabrands. Jet with Chinabrnds allows you to upload listings from other marketplaces to Jet directly.

After you have signed up for an account, you can access your dashboard to upload information like tax information, fulfillment options, bank details, and even your business name. Once you have created your account, you can start adding products. You can also import products from other websites using Chinabrands.


Jet is different from other e-commerce platforms that redirect you to the landing page of third-party sellers once you click on them. Buyers click on your products to be directed to a more filterable page where they can view your other products. cannot be used to link to your brand’s website.

Shoppers offers a unique arrangement that allows buyers to pay less for each purchase, provided they pay less when returns are made, buy multiple items at once, and include digital tags with any items that they add to their cart. uses specialized algorithms to find customers’ locations and ship them to them from their closest warehouse. This greatly reduces the cost burden for the customer.

Benefits of selling on Jet

Lower Competition has a lower number of dropshippers than other online marketplaces. This means that you will have less competition and more sales opportunities.

Impressive Growth has surpassed Amazon in customer growth, particularly in its early years. This marketplace has nearly four hundred thousand users who join it on a monthly basis. This puts its growth at 278 times the rate of Amazon. You have a lot of options as a seller.

Equal Selling Opportunities

Jet’s CEO may be able to see the prejudice new dropshippers can face without an established brand. This means that buyers who use this e-commerce platform don’t know the identities of their dropshippers until they check out. All sellers have the same chance to sell.

Meet New Customers

You can attract new customers by offering features like in-house pickup or discounts for customers who exchange their email addresses. This is due to the incentives it provides, which attracts many buyers. This medium can bring you customers who are not local to your store.

Average Cart Value

The Average Cart Value of Jet is 0.4 higher than Amazon. This means that Jet’s Average Cart Value is 1.5, while Amazon’s is 1.1. This means that each order contains multiple products on e-commerce.

You Can Prioritize Orders

Jet offers a filter function that allows you to determine the minimum order buyers are allowed to place. You can also set priority for the type of orders that you wish to receive, which will ensure you the highest profit margin.