Best Aluminum Deck Balusters Wholesale Suppliers

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Aluminium Deck Balusters Wholesale for Your Property

Union Metalworks offers wholesale aluminum deck balusters for large projects. You will find the right option for you with our large selection. Our prices are very affordable because of the extensive discounts we offer to contractors and other purchasers. You can shop our entire product range online. It is a quick and easy way to get the deck supplies you need quickly. Our top priorities are convenience and customer service. Our team will quickly get your metal deck spindles, or any other product, to you. Take advantage of our sample pages if you are still planning your project. You can select from a variety of styles, including straight or curved black metal balusters. This allows you to try them before you commit.

Aluminium Balusters For Decks

Deck spindles or aluminum deck balusters may seem like a simple and limited product range. But don’t be discouraged! Deck Expressions can help you find the right aluminum balusters for your needs. We have a wide selection of aluminum balusters on hand and can ship them the same day. We offer free shipping for orders above $99! Let us help you navigate the selection process so you can make the best choices for your deck.

Features & Benefits

Aluminum balusters are the most sought-after type of baluster because they offer many benefits and features.

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–Incredibly durable.

–Lightweight, affordable

–Anti-rust, corrosion, warping and cracking.

Aluminum balusters are a great addition to deck railing projects, no matter how big or small.

Deckorators Aluminum Balusters

Deckorators Balusters are a popular brand and they can be used with aluminum deck railings. They also look great when paired with vinyl or wood railings. Deckorators have the right face mount balusters for you. Among the choices are:

Round balusters are a classic and simple look.

Square balusters are a subtle touch of elegance.

–Bolly Bow Baroque and turned aluminium balusters give Old World tradition a unique look.

Dekpro Aluminum Balusters

Deck Expressions proudly carries Dekpro, another core brand. The aluminum balusters they make are made of high-quality aluminum and have a premium AAMA2604 powder coat finish. To accommodate many railing options, they are available in a variety of finishes: Smooth Satin or Finely Textured. These balusters can be used to accent wood or composite rails. Some of the features and options include:

Square and Round Balusters measure 3/4 inches in diameter and come in satin or textured finishes.

Face Mount Straight, Belly and Bow Styles

26″, 29″, 32″, and 36″ lengths (Lengths may vary depending on Baluster Style).

–Extruded Aluminium

AAMA 2604 Powder Coat Finish, Powder Coated Ends

–Available Finishes:

Smooth Satin – Black, Bronze Hammered Bronze White, Clay, Rust & Green

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Textured. – Text. Black, Text. Brown, Text. Bronze & Text. White

Contractor Deals

Contractors, take note! Our contractor program will help you save money and provide your clients with the best decking materials. Deck Expressions has you covered!

Bulk Aluminum Balusters for Sale

For larger orders, most of our aluminum balusters can be ordered in bulk!

Deckorators and Dekpro aluminum balusters are made of high-quality aluminum and have a premium AAMA2604 powder coat finish. To accommodate many railing options, both smooth satin and finely textured finishes are available. These balusters can be used to accent wood or composite rail systems.


CAN Supply Wholesale (CSW), offers a Do It-Yourself (DIY), modular aluminum railing system. It is unparalleled in quality and versatility. To ensure maximum durability, all of our aluminum railing systems use the highest quality T6 aluminium. Standard railing heights are 42 inches high. However, we can also make 60- and 72-inch high posts for privacy or windwall applications. CSW’s “patented” picket and glass aluminum railing systems comply with the National Building Code of Canada. To meet Canadian safety standards, our aluminum railing systems have been professionally tested and stamped with an engineering seal. CSW’s test results can be requested. All of our DIY aluminum railing systems come with a durable, high-density powder coat finish that conforms to AAMA 2603.