What are the Best Font Pairings Available on Squarespace?

Fonts can be one of the easiest and fastest ways to transform a Squarespace website, instantly conveying brand’s personality while making it feel distinctively yours. The right font pairing will leave visitors feeling inspired.

Brandon Grotesk features the geometric shapes that creatives love while JAF Lapture adds gothic medieval flair for headers, making this font pair ideal for creatives looking for adventure! This bold font combination shows their adventurous side.

Aktiv Grotesk & Ohno Blazeface

Fonts bring life and character to any website, conveying brand messaging, supporting imagery, and adding an inimitable stamp of individuality. By taking the time and care needed in developing an impactful font pairing that speaks directly to your ideal clients while elevating Squarespace 7.0 design, fonts can create an unforgettable user experience and elevate Squarespace 7.0 designs.

With their striking aesthetic and bold font choices, this pair would make an excellent match for fashion bloggers or travel and lifestyle influencers. Their bold fonts draw readers in while creating an impactful message. Furthermore, the mix of serif and sans serif fonts gives this sophisticated yet approachable design suitable for personal websites, boutiques or bistros alike.

Orpheus Pro & Neue Haas Grotesk

This pair of fonts convey a sense of professionalism and reliability – ideal for wellness professionals such as therapists, coaches and wellness coaches looking for their website to be taken seriously. Combine it with light backgrounds and bright images for an eye-catching effect!

Serif fonts can be easily identified by their extra strokes at the ends of each letter, making them appear blurrier on screens than intended. But when used effectively they can still exude an elegant, classic style – combine one with a thin sans-serif font for an updated feel, and you will have found your ideal pairing for website designs.

Montserrat & Montserrat Pro

Montserrat font is one of the most favored sans serif fonts on the web, due to its clean lines, modern aesthetic and easy readability. Pairing well with other fonts, and its varied weight options makes Montserrat an excellent choice for websites of any kind. Julieta Ulanovsky of Buenos Aires created it to salvage urban typography from early twentieth-century cities through crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter before making it open source via Google Fonts.

Herz is an excellent Montserrat alternative, featuring geometric slab-serif lines. Highly readable, its distinctive style sets it apart from similar fonts in its category – ideal for use as body text on lifestyle blogs or law firm websites; also ideal when combined with JAF Lapture which features gothic shapes and medieval flair.

Montserrat & Montserrat Pro Bold

When creating a modern Squarespace website, pairing fonts that provide contrast is of key importance. One method for doing so is pairing serif fonts such as Montserrat with sans-serif fonts like Courier. Serif fonts tend to be more legible at smaller sizes while sans-serif fonts may appear bland and less precisely kerned than their serif counterparts.

Montserrat was designed by Julieta Ulanovsky as part of her Sans-Serif typeface family and comes with Alternates and Subrayada as sister families for enhanced readability and is available free under SIL Open Font License.

This combination is ideal for therapists, coaches and wellness businesses that wish to portray an open and transparent image. Sofia Pro’s roundness adds a friendly feel while Cormorant’s delicate serif font conveys trustworthiness.