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You can sell hair extensions without having to purchase inventory

Do you need a trustworthy 100% Human hair extension drop shipper vendor that can pack and ship your hair extensions orders?

You can order hair extensions from us and have them shipped directly to you. Dropshipping is not for new companies that want to start hair businesses.

How about branding? We can handle branding too! We can also pack and ship your orders with your branding if you order one of our hair branding options.

Ideal for established hair businesses that don’t need to keep inventory or worry about minimum orders. Malaysia Hair Imports Private label Extensions is more that a reliable wholesale hair company. It also offers dropshipping services.

We will do the branding and heavy lifting for your hair salon.

No Minimum Dropshipping Orders for Hair!

Our Dropship Membership has another advantage: it’s based on lower quantities.

Hair bundles can be ordered individually or in multiples if you need. This option is great for customers who place smaller orders. You can send them out separately.

You can start selling hair without any minimum orders. These are the reasons many people hesitate to start a hair business.

Dropshipping solves this problem, and you can start selling hair immediately for your hair-business.

Ship with Organization

Dropshipping also has the advantage of being able to ship all your orders for you.

Shipping orders can be stressful and not as enjoyable as you might think, especially when they get out of control.

Let us take care of all your shipping needs. This allows you to spend more time on marketing and sales and less on shipping logistics. When it comes to shipping, we are extremely meticulous and exact. No company information is included on the packaging.

Every order is photographed by our shipping department. If there are any questions about missing items, we can “roll back” the tape and check if it was.

Your branding can also be added to every individual bundle. This may take extra time.

Do you offer DropShipping Hair?

Malaysia Hair Imports is happy to work alongside you. Consequently, we are directly to the customer-supplier/manufacturer and are able to accommodate most requests related hair extensions.

Contact us for further information on our range of products we have to offer and in addition for information on our hair extension dropshipping services available worldwide

We can help you with custom branding. We are happy to work with you.

Send us your designs instead so that we can work with you to build your brand.

Whilst Malaysia Hair is flexible, we do have a minimum order requirement of 10 KG 100 bundles for our hair extensions for dropshipping hair

We are able to produce the finest extensions as we make everything in house.

We offer a variety of hair extensions and ship internationally.

We can supply Cambodians because we own our factory.

We can help you with custom hair colors.

You can choose from a range of hair extensions, so take the time to learn about the differences.

Contact us for more information about dropshipping hair

How Dropshipping Hair Works

Congratulations on your first sale.


This will be the first of many that we hope. You may be wondering what the next steps are if you use our drop shipping service. You must ensure that your customers receive their hair orders as quickly as possible to be known for providing great customer service.

Think about it, who doesn’t want their hair fast shipped? It is important to be recognized for quality hair extensions, a high-quality brand, and excellent customer service, including fast and accurate shipping.

We are here to help. Let’s say that you sell a few bundles at a retail price $300 plus shipping fees. Now you’ve accepted the payment. You now have the money in the account.

Recreate the order of your customer and enter your information in the “Billing Address” section. Your customer’s information is in the “Shipping Address”.

You can set your prices!

Dropshipping has the advantage of being able to set your own prices. We don’t work on percentages. Wholesale is where you buy and retail is where you sell. You can set the retail price to whatever you want.

Dropship Hair Products Online:

You can now sell many different hair products online. The cost of running a wholesale business selling hair products can slow down your business’ growth. Dropshipping hair products may be the answer to your problem.

It is possible to offer many hair products, without having to order them from a supplier. Dropshipping hair products is as easy as researching the products you are interested in selling.

Malaysia Hair Imports platform places the products on your website for customers to purchase. You can only notify us if someone has placed an order to ship the product.

Why sell hair products online?

There are many hair products available, including organic and natural hair care products as well as salon-ready products. Entrepreneurs who want to sell wholesale hair products online are great options.

The hair products industry was worth about 87.73 billion U.S. dollars in 2018 and is projected to grow exponentially in the next five years. To be a successful online hair products business, you need great products, exceptional customer service, and quick delivery to make your mark.

Malaysia Hair Imports offers 100% Human Hair Products and Fast Delivery through our Wholesale Hair Product Distributors. This will allow you to make your customers happy 100% of time.


Since more than nine years, hair extensions has been our passion. We have grown to be the most trusted hair extension and hair wigs company in Bangkok Thailand.

Our company has the finest quality 100% Remy Raw Cambodian, Raw Burmese, and Malaysian hair.

High-quality hair extensions are made only from the best remy human hair.

From Thailand to the World, The Best Hair Extensions

Malaysia Hair Imports’ headquarters are in Bangkok, Thailand. This is where our success story began, and we continue to expand our network around the globe from there.

The warehouse in Bangkok receives our hair extensions and wigs.

You can now order hair extensions anywhere in the world. To ensure that you receive the best quality product, our production process is constantly monitored by Thailand’s control institute.

Our high-quality standards have been a success for many years in the fashion industry and at many hairdressing salons all over the globe.

Not only Bangkok, but also the USA, Poland and Austria, France, Canada, Australia, and Italy.

Malaysia Hair Imports Hair Extensions & Wigs are a favorite choice of professional hair stylists. Our hair extensions and wigs have been proven to last.

Hair Extensions with Cambodian Quality Hair – Perfect hair Everyday!

Cambodian hair is a common source of high-quality hair extensions. This hair takes less time to process than Indian hair.Because Asian hair is closer to European hair structure than European, it doesn’t need to be thinning. Even without this step, the attached hair extensions will still look natural.Human hair from Cambodia can be bleached, and then dyed in various colors.

Malaysian Human Hair Extensions

Malaysian hair is an excellent raw material for high-quality hair extensions. This hair takes less time to process than Indian or Chinese hair.

Because Asian hair is closer to European hair structure, it doesn’t need to be thinned.

Hair extensions with Burmese Human hair

Burmese hair is very similar to Indian hair. The hair does not need to be thinning before being used for hair extensions.Because the Americas and Europe share the same genetic lineage, Burmese hair looks more like European hair than Indian hair.

Micro link/Microbead/Micro-ring/Loop Hair Extensions

You can apply this type of hair extension by looping single-strand microbead extensions through your hair, and then clamping it down using pliers and a metallic bead. These tiny beads will cover your entire head. For micro-bead hair extensions, you need to see a professional.

Hair extensions that are sewn in/weave

These hair extensions can be sewn in a weave. They are for those with super thick, naturally curly hair. The extensions are attached to your hair by attaching a needle and thread.

These hair extensions are great for girls with thick hair. However, tight braids can strain the scalp and cause hair loss.

Consider hygiene reasons as well. Cornrows can make it difficult to clean and condition your scalp. For sewn-in hair extensions, you should visit a professional. Also, it is important to regularly visit the salon every six weeks to check that the extensions have been properly inserted and to determine if they need to be tightened.

Clip-in Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are the fastest, most convenient, and least damaging hair extensions that you can apply yourself, without needing to consult a professional. Clip-in hair extensions can be clipped in and out at will.

If you want to add length and volume without spending a lot of money, clip-in hair extensions can be a great option. Clip-in hair extensions are very popular among bridesmaids around the world. They can enhance any hairstyle.

Your clip-in hair extensions must be removed when you shower, bathe, or go to bed. However, it takes just 5 minutes to clip them in. You can heat style and wash real Remy human hair extensions just like you would your own hair.

Clip-in hair extensions of high quality will last for up to 6 months. They can also last up to one year, depending on how frequently you use them and how carefully you care for them. Malaysia Hair Imports’ 100% genuine remy human hair extensions are high-quality.

Tape-in Hair Extensions

Tape is a method for hair extensions that involves simply taking each weft and gluing them to your hair. Your hair is then placed between the wefts and clamped around them.

This method of hair extension has many benefits. If you don’t need to take a break, your extensions can stay in place for between 6-12 weeks. Tape in hair extensions can make it difficult to style your hair the way you want. The wefts can become tangly as your hair grows out. Tape in hair extensions should only be applied by a professional.

Pre-bonded/Glue-in Hair Extensions

These hair extensions attach to the hair using keratin bonds. The technique is heat-based and requires regular visits to the salon for maintenance.

They can look amazing, but it is better to avoid using oils, conditioners, or other hot styling tools. This can weaken the bonds, and cause the extensions to come out.


Raw Virgin Hair refers to human hair in its natural state. There have been no chemical changes or color and the cuticles remain intact. Malaysia Hair Imports sells only virgin hair.

How can I measure the length of my hair products?

Measure your Cambodian, Malaysian and Burmese hair extensions or wigs to the length of the hair. Measure from the top of the wig cap, at the weft, to the ends of your bundle. Measure the length of your Cambodian and Burmese Wavy hair extensions or wigs, Burmese Body Wave, Burmese Curly and Kinky Curly extensions by pulling your hair straight. Start at the weft and pull the hair straight up from the ends. The length will be at your hair’s tips.

Because tension can alter the fall of each strand, every bundle won’t measure exactly when it’s still wrapped in its wrap.

Can the hair be straightened or curled?

Malaysia Hair Imports 100% Human Raw Virgin Hair Extensions can be styled just like your hair. To curl, straighten, curl or crimp your hair, you can use a hot (thermal) tool. Remember that your hair doesn’t have the same nutrients as a strand of hair growing from your scalp.

The heat can cause hair to become dry and break. It is important to use a heat-protecting shampoo, co-wash your hair every day, and keep it protected during sleep hours.


A professional should perform any chemical process or consult one. You are making an investment in your hair. Chemically altering it can cause damage. Our Raw Virgin Hair Extensions can be dyed, but please be careful.

If the hair has been chemically altered incorrectly, it can cause damage to the cuticle, which can lead to fraying, breakage and dryness. This can affect your hair’s overall appearance and feel. We cannot reverse chemical damage and will not be held responsible for any damages.


No hair is perfect, but it’s possible to minimize it. To reduce shedding, we have strengthened our machine wefting. While styling or detangling, you may notice a few strands. However, this is not a problem. Sealing the wefts is the best way to prevent shedding.


The 100% human hair extensions and wigs are durable enough to last multiple installations. Your extensions’ life expectancy depends on how well they are maintained. If taken care of properly, our customers can usually use their extensions for 6-8 months. Learn more about Caring for your Raw Virgin Cambodian, Malaysian and Burmese Hair Extensions

What does CO-WASH HAIR imply?

Co-washing is simply washing your hair with conditioner. This is an important task to prolong the life of your hair extensions and keep them healthy. To ensure that your hair receives the nutrients and moisture it requires, we recommend co-washing once per week with a moisturizing shampoo.

Co-wash your hair after receiving extensions. Malaysia Hair Imports is a factory manufacturer.

Hair can be damaged by shampooing. Use WARM water to shampoo your hair. Hot water can cause damage to the cuticle.


Every virgin hair reacts differently depending on the product used. Avoid ingredients that could strip your extensions’ moisture, such as silicone, parabens, and sulfate. These products often have high alcohol levels, which can dehydrate the hair follicle and take away its nutrients.

You should not use heavy oils to maintain your extensions. It can cause hair loss and damage. To remove any product residue from your hair, we recommend that you wash your extensions once a week and then shampoo them bi-weekly. Deep conditioning is possible if necessary.

What hair products do you recommend I use?

Our customers have different experiences with textures and how to maintain their extensions. No two heads are the same. We have accumulated knowledge over the years about what works best.

Customers highly recommend product lines like Creme of Nature and Carol’s Daughter. Cantu, As I Am and many more. These products may not be the best for your extensions, even though they are suggested by our customers.

How many hair bundles should I order?

How long you want your bundles to be depends on how many you need. All bundles weigh the same (3.3oz). Therefore, longer bundles have shorter weaves and shorter bundles have more wefts. We recommend 3-4 bundles for a complete sew-in. We recommend ordering 4-5 bundles for lengths greater than 18″.

You will need to have 4-5 bundles, or 4 bundles that include a closure if you want an installation with lots of volumes. You will not have any leave-out with a closure. It is a complete protective style that covers all your hair.


All orders are subject to a standard 24-48-hour processing time before shipment. We will ship within 5-7 business days. This processing timeframe can be altered due to holidays or sales. For an estimate of the time it will take to receive your package, please refer to our shipping methods.