Virgin Hair Dropshipping Will Make You A Lot Of Money

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Dropshipping virgin hair is when a merchant partners with a virgin hair Wholesale Provider. The items are purchased a wholesale rate, and the seller resells them to acquire revenue. This may appear like the like a standard Buy and Sell an organization, however they are various from each other. With dropshipping virgin hair, the Wholesale Provider looks after the product packaging and shipment of the product to the consumer. On the other hand, the seller supervises of marketing or offering the items from an online shop. When the consumer buys, the merchant contacts the Dropshipper to have actually the orders provided.

Dropshipping opens a chance for aiming virgin hair business owners who are on a budget plan. Dropshipping gets rid of a great deal of expenses connected with company start-up such as materials or stock, leasing a storage area for the stocks, employing employees, and shipping expenses. If you wish to launch your own small company through dropshipping, here are necessary actions that you should do to be an effective dropship seller:

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shopify dropshipping store set up


Select a genuine and trusted Wholesale Provider. The secret to effective dropshipping virgin hair is dealing with the best partner. You require to discover a genuine Wholesale Provider that uses dropshipping services. There are a lot of fraudsters on the web who camouflage themselves as virgin hair Wholesale drop shippers.

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You require to do substantial research study and background checks to distinguish genuine Wholesalers from phony ones. Instead of simply utilizing online search engine to discover potential drop shippers, utilize a Dropshipping Directory site from a reputable resource.

Protecting business

Protect your service license and organization tax number. If a particular Wholesale Dropshipper virgin hair states that you can open an account with them even if you do not have a Service Tax ID, then you are handling a fraudster. Keep in mind that business Tax Number is among the standard requirements that a genuine drop shipper will need from you.

Be familiar with the items well. Prior to registering for a handle a drop shipper, make sure that you understand the items you will be offering. Can you ensure that the products are of the highest quality? Have you attempted the item yourself?

Virgincityhair Dropshipping Service

Dropshipping hair extensions allows you to sell high-quality virgin hair to customers with your brand, without having to stock the hair.

Dropshipping hair extensions is a great way to get your business started! Dropship membership gives you wholesale access to our virgin hair extensions.

Program Features

The products can be sold under the name of your hair company/brand/website. We supply hair and ship products to customers on your behalf. It is important to remember that your product marketing and advertising will remain entirely up to you. You will still need to establish your company brand, but we take care of the inventory. We also have a range of hair extensions that you can sell to your customers. Dropshipping can help you save time and money by taking care the inventory. We also offer the ability to ship hair directly to customers or to you at no additional cost. You can also set your own retail prices to promote your hair business.

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Dropshipping hair extensions allows hair businesses to run more efficiently, without having to invest in inventory, logistics, packaging supplies, or staff to ship orders. This will reduce operating costs and increase your profits. Your profits can be quickly reduced by factoring in shipping time, inventory management, and managing the entire process. These items should always be considered when you are considering starting a product-based business.

We can help your company get started in this multi-billion dollar hair and beauty industry by charging only $19.99 per month and a $79.99 non-refundable sign-up fee.

Become a member of our Virgin City Hair Dropship program today! Once your membership is active, you will be able to login to receive wholesale prices on our inventory of hair extensions and other products. Your account will take up to 72 hours to activate.

What is the membership fee?

We distinguish RETAIL clients and DROPSHIP/WHOLESALE customers like you. Your clients would not need to purchase from you if the program were available to the general public. They could access wholesale prices.

There is no minimum number of bundles!

Although wholesale prices apply, minimum orders are not required. Bundles can be bought in any quantity starting at one. This is a great feature for clients who place small orders.

Transparent Shipping

You have the option of having the hair shipped to customers or directly to you at no additional cost. This allows you to spend more time marketing and selling your hair. We never mention your company or brand when you ship the bundles. Before shipping, our team conducts a thorough quality inspection of virgin hair extensions. We take photos to give you confidence and prevent clients trying to hustle you. You can also add your branding to each hair bundle, but this can slow down processing times.

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The Leading U.S.A Virgin & Raw Extension Supplier.

We believe everyone has the right to the hair they desire. We are proud to offer 100% natural, unmatched quality human hair extensions.

You are interested in Raw Burmese hair wholesale or dropshipping

Virgin City Hair will be your dropshipping provider. This means you get a hassle-free experience as a hair extension supplier. We take full responsibility for all the tasks involved in communicating with suppliers, quality-checking the wefts and dealing with any other problems that may arise with hair. Virgin City Hair also has clients around the world. You can find our wholesale clients in the UK, Caribbean and South America, Canada, Africa and the United States.

Virgin City Hair is the solution if you are looking for wholesale solutions or dropshipping hair extensions (especially Raw Burmese Hair Wholesale).

We also understand the challenges associated with keeping an inventory of virgin extensions. It can be expensive to buy just a few lengths and curl patterns, especially for long virgin hair. A few hair bundles will not suffice to make a successful business. Customers can order multiple curl patterns or lengths from the same bundle, which is especially important.

Virgin City Hair can solve all your problems with virgin hair extensions inventory, sales, and the tasks aforesaid. Your membership will allow you unlimited access our raw virgin hair extensions inventory.

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Ballicevirginhair Dropship Program

Dropshipping This is a method of retail fulfillment where the store does not keep its products in stock. Instead, a store purchases a product from a third-party and then has it shipped directly. The merchant does not see or handle the product.

This is our own Service Offered by the Blog Author.

shopify dropshipping store set up

Ballice Dropshipping Hair Dropshipping customers include hair salon owners, online hair sellers, and hair shop owners. Ballice hair would initially sell samples to online hair sellers. After testing the hair quality several times, they can start drop shipping with us. Ballice hair will place your logo on the package and send the products directly to your customer. The merchant does not need to keep stock.

Ballice virgin hair factory offers dropshipping services for our clients worldwide.

Dropshipping is a service we offer to our clients. Drop shipping is free. There are no additional fees, no inventory costs and no shipping logistics. The Ballice hair factory will send the hair to your client without our information.

Step-by-Step Guide for Hair Dropshipping

Step 1

You receive an order from your client. You can place an order from any hair shop, website, or social media channel …).

Step 2

Send your order to us, or order directly from our website. When placing an order, please include the client’s receiving address.

Step 3

We can prepare your customer’s ‘order without labels, or using your warp label/ bags

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Step 4

We will ship your order directly to you, and then we’ll send you a tracking number.

Dropshipping Hair FAQ:

What are the requirements to get started with dropshipping?

Answer: Drop shipping is free of charge

Drop Shipping: How can I make a profit?

Answer: Normally, your profit per bundle will be between $20 and $30. If you take the Ballice Hair price at $30 per bundle, your client can make $50.

Are you able to offer customized labels?

Answer: Yes, we offer custom labels with your logo. For 1000 pieces of label, we charge $40. Your label can be kept in our office. Once we receive your order, we will place your labels for hair bundles.

What is the best way to pay for dropshipping?

Answer: PayPal is accepted. Western Union, Money Gram,Bank wire transfer.

Please note: PayPal payments require that you modify your PayPal address to be able to receive hair from your client before you can pay.

What is the shipping fee?

Answer: We charge $15 for orders less than 10 pieces. Shipping fee is waived for orders over 10 pieces or over $400

How can I place an order for dropshipping from my client on your website?

Answer: Please leave your client address with us when placing an order. However, please change your PayPal address to be your client’s receiving address.

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What is the shipping time?

Answer: Orders will be processed within 2-3 business days.

How can I order from your site and get a wholesale price?

Answer: Wholesale price. You can buy one bundle and still get wholesale pricing. Our website allows you to place orders directly.

How long does it take to reply to your email?

Answer: In a few hours

How long is the processing time before shipping?

Answer: In less than 24 hours (expect Sunday).

Can you mail to PO Box?

Answer: No. Because PO Box is not accepted by international shipping express.

How can I tell if you’ve shipped my hair?

Answer: An email will be sent to you with information about the tracking number. This tracking number can then be shown to your client. We will not contact your client directly.

Will the customer be able to see the original price of the hair cut?

Answer: Your client won’t know the original cost of hair. Because we used to place very low values on commercial invoices. Your client will notice that the price per bundle is $5-6, which is not fair.

What should I mention when I place drop shipping orders?

Answer: Please see the following image.

Hairmaidenindia Dropship Program

Hair Maiden India was established in April 2015 under the name Red Dot Imports LLC. It is located in Pascagoula MS. However, the idea behind the vision started many years ago. The Hair Maiden India team travelled India from November 2014 to June 2015, learning about human hair and how to source it.

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Hair Maiden India travels back and forth several times a year. With our Indian partner, we are able to source the highest quality hair extensions quickly. We are the only ones who can do what we do. We know both the languages and people of both countries.

Young business-minded Indians, who were raised in the States and abroad, own and operate our company. Our owner holds a bachelor of science degree from the University of South Alabama. He has held various positions in the marketing and promotion industry. Kandola has been a keen tennis player since childhood and continues to teach the game to children in his spare time.

The best industry research from India has given us the most valuable information. Human hair industry is setting new standards with our open and efficient practices for controlling quality and managing worldwide logistics.

Every company wants to help others and give back. We do this by partnering with global cancer foundations, and donating a portion of our profits to these organizations.

Dropshipping Benefits with Us

To receive our wholesale 10 bundle prices, sign up for our NEW drop-ship program. You don’t have to purchase 10 bundles. The prices are valid for as long as your subscription is paid. The $99 setup fee is only one-time.

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$150 per month will allow you to purchase less than 10 bundles at once and start your wholesale hair business without needing to buy large quantities of stock.

You will receive a one-hour phone call for $99 to setup your website so that you can accept orders notifications.

Access to more than 50 professional photos is also included in the $99 setup fee.

You can also use the $99 setup fee to receive 2-30 minute calls for marketing assistance.

We will receive your logo, design and any other information you wish to include in your client’s package. After your clients have paid you, you will pay us via Venmo or Paypal for the 10 bundle rates. You will also be provided with a code that allows you to check out on our wholesale section of the site. This code will allow you to purchase 10 bundles.

We will create a Account, which we share with you, so that shipping prices and tracking are transparent and always available to you.


It will be much easier to promote an item online if you are personally persuaded about the advantages and quality of this item. If you have doubts yourself, how do you anticipate your consumers to be pleased with their virgin hair purchase? Will they be motivated to make another virgin hair buy from your store? Or will they feel fooled and dissatisfied? Every organization owner’s success likewise depends on developing strong and enduring consumer relationships.

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Dropshipping virgin hair is when a merchant partners with a virgin hair Wholesale Provider. The items are purchased a wholesale rate, and the seller resells them to acquire earnings. This may appear like the like a standard Buy and Sell a company, however they are various from each other. With dropshipping virgin hair, the Wholesale Provider looks after the product packaging and shipment of the product to the consumer. On the other hand, the seller supervises of marketing or offering the items from an online shop. When the consumer purchases, the seller contacts the Dropshipper to have actually the orders provided.