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Drop shipping is a popular e-commerce organization design for little and novice sellers. If you are a drop shipping seller, you:

Recognize items that consumers may like to purchase

Discover them for sale from another supplier at an excellent rate

Deal these items for sale on eBay, Amazon, or Shopify, without very first purchasing them

When buyers buy these items from you, you then:

Contact the supplier you have actually recognized for the item

Position an order for the item and have it delivered straight to the purchaser

As an organization design, drop shipping allows you to establish an online store, deal items to buyers, make sales, and make a revenue all without needing to shop and handle your own stock, or make a big up-front investment.

The Drop Shipping Gotchas

While countless purchasers and sellers have actually had favorable experiences with drop shipping, lots of without even understanding it, the reality that sellers do not in fact have the stock they’re selling on the properties can result in some traditional drop shipping issues:

Making sales when stock isn’t really offered

Shipment times that are longer than they would be if the seller kept their own stock.

Return and exchange procedures in which purchasers are asked to engage with business from whom they did not straight acquire.

All of these issues can be prevented by drop shipping sellers that work diligently to supply a fantastic client experience– however they are likewise propensities that can rapidly turn consumer experiences bad if sellers do not actively work to prevent them.

And as constantly, while there are lots of diligent sellers out there, there are likewise some that get careless or cut corners. That’s bad.

eBay’s Newest Drop Shipping Policy

For this reason, many markets are reluctant to uncritically accept drop shipping by their sellers, and many have actually thoroughly crafted policies that drop shipping sellers should fulfill if they are to continue to offer. eBay is no various in this regard.

What are the bottom lines of eBay’s present drop shipping policy for sellers? They are:

Drop-shipping is enabled, however

Drop shipping providers need to be wholesalers, not sellers, and

All the other eBay guidelines and efficiency requirements still use

Let’s break down what each of these points suggests in practice, so that if you’re thinking about drop shipping on eBay, you understand how to do it in a manner that will not wind up producing issues for you on eBay.

1. Drop Shipping is Enabled

In spite of what you might have heard, there is no blanket policy prohibiting drop shipping on eBay. In fact, eBay’s policy page plainly states:

If your potential provider does the majority of their organization with the public, you most likely can’t utilize them as a drop shipping provider on eBay. (Image: © Thodonal/ Dreamstime).
” Drop shipping, where you meet orders straight from a wholesale provider, is enabled on eBay.”.

That’s quite unambiguous– and it’s safe to state that eBay does not especially wish to obstruct completely great sales from happening. They make money from every deal, after all.

However with that stated, the next point is essential.

2. Drop Shipping Providers Need To Be Wholesalers.

The exact same eBay policy referenced above likewise consists of another essential line:.

” [L] noting a product on eBay and after that buying the product from another merchant or market that ships straight to your client is not enabled on eBay.”.

It’s enabled, however it’s not permitted? What are we to make from this?

The secret remains in the distinction in between sellers and wholesalers. People typically think about retail and wholesale as words that are everything about rate, however there’s more to the distinction than that. Merchants:.

Accept orders mostly from private buyers and households.

Are simple to discover and purchase from.

Need no previous relationship for an order to be made.

Have sites and customer support policies targeted at consumers, not resellers.

Frequently engage straight with individuals that will really utilize their items.

Wholesalers, on the other hand:.

Accept orders mostly from resellers.

Are not as simple to discover and purchase from.

Usually need a relationship or initial contract prior to the very first order.

Have sites and customer care policies targeted at resellers, not clients.

Hardly ever, if ever, communicate straight with individuals that will really utilize their items.

So if you’re going to be a drop shipping seller on eBay, to abide by the guidelines your providers require to be organizations that offer to or through other services (like you), not organizations that offer straight to the general public.

Exists a simple method to distinguish in between the two for sure? Most likely the most convenient is this:.

If a prospective buyer would get a parcel or packaging slip that lists your service name someplace on it, you’re most likely handling a wholesaler.

If a possible consumer would get a parcel or packaging slip that lists just their name and the name of your provider on it– or if your consumer can utilize what they find out by getting your bundle to make a future purchase straight, bypassing both you and eBay– you’re handling a seller, and need to avoid for eBay functions.

3. eBay Rules and Efficiency Standards Still Apply.

It’s extremely essential to comprehend the distinction in between merchants and wholesalers in order to abide by eBay’s drop shipping policy, however it’s at least as essential to comprehend that all of the routine eBay efficiency requirements still use.

You get no breaks, to put it simply, even if your service is based upon drop shipping and some eBay requirements might be harder to fulfill.

Shipment times and procedures should still fulfill eBay requirements.

Returns and exchange policies should still abide by eBay requirements.

Your consumers can still offer truthful feedback about your deal later.

It is very important to make these points due to the fact that it is objectively harder– though not by any means difficult– to do well in these locations as a drop shipper. They will, to put it simply, need unique care and attention from you if you’re going to be successful on eBay as a drop shipper.

Side Note on FBA and Other Gray Areas.

For a couple of sellers, these policies raise an apparent extra concern: what about eBay orders that technically do not break eBay’s drop shipping policy in any way, yet are processed and/or satisfied by services or brand names that are likewise sellers sometimes?

Considered that eBay prohibits sourcing items through Amazon when drop shipping, for instance, what are sellers to make from utilizing Amazon fulfillment on eBay to provide their own stock?

For the moment, the response is a nuanced one. Third-party fulfillment and order management are not versus eBay guidelines today, a minimum of not in The United States and Canada, so you’re most likely on solid ground to utilize them. Nevertheless, there are some things to keep in mind for the future:.

On some other international eBay websites (significantly Australia), Amazon fulfillment is currently versus the guidelines, so there is no assurance that it will continue to be allowed in The United States and Canada forever.

eBay has actually hinted and experts have actually anticipated that eBay is working behind the scenes to supply eBay-branded options to sellers that presently work by doing this, no doubt to put an end to the less-than-ideal experience that takes place when– for instance– a client purchases on eBay just to get an Amazon-branded shipping box.

For these factors, it’s most likely best to presume that even if you utilize retail fulfillment partner like Amazon now, you’ll most likely stop doing so in the future if you prepare to continue to sell on eBay.

Keep a Trust Worthy Shop and Stay Out of Problem.

The secret to having a lasting shop is understanding eBay’s standards. The primary and essential do’s and do n’ts.

As soon as you have actually carried out these guidelines, your shop will continue to grow and make sales, and you’ll understand how this “selling practices” message was not pertinent in your case– a skilled dropshipper who treats his shop like a genuine company that it is. And what are these standards, you ask? Look no more:.

1) Ship your products on time.
Make certain that your orders are delivered and tracking details is published on time and according to your shipping policy.

Purchasers like when they can track their deliveries, and it’s an industry-standard in e-commerce.

2) Interact with your purchaser.
Order running late? Let your purchaser understand with an upgraded shipment time. Sometimes, they will not mind the wait. In any case, this reduces the opportunities of them opening an “product not got” case, keeping an excellent score on our eBay Account Seller Level.

Even if your order runs out stock or the provider has actually increased the rate, you need to constantly practice exceptional interaction with your purchaser. If the product runs out stock, search from other providers.

If it still can’t be discovered, look for a comparable product and ask the purchaser if he would choose it rather. Attempt to provide a much better cost and ideally a much better product than the one out of stock. Purchasers delight in great and sincere client service, therefore does eBay.

3) Do not publish VeRO secured listings.
Registered trademarks and patents are not enabled on eBay unless you have actually composed permission from the brand name owner.

Do not take opportunities with VeRO items and just keep away from them. They are never ever worth the risk.

4) Do not phony the product place.
If you’re dropshipping from China storage facilities, do not utilize an U.S.A. product place postal code. Or any other nation for that matter aside from China.

If you’re dropshipping from several storage facilities, which holds true for the majority of dropshippers, you can compose ‘several places’ or utilize a zipcode from the very same nation that the product is delivered from.

5) Cases/ Returns.
You must deal with cases, returns, and cancellations on time. Do not await the eleventh hour. Make certain that all of your cases are waiting on the purchaser’s action and not yours.

As long as cases are closed without eBay needing to intervene in favor of the purchaser, your Seller Account must stay in good health.

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