Best Landing Page Builder and Creator Tools

Over the last few weeks, we’ve put in a lot of effort and time to find the best landing pages builders. We concluded that HubSpot Landing Pages is the best currently. It has amazing landing page building tools for teams, reasonable pricing, and features like conversion-ready templates, heatmapping lead generation systems, and many integrations.

You, whether you are a business owner or a marketer, know that having a digital presence is essential to your success in today’s digital world.

There’s more to making money with your ecommerce website that just setting up a page, waiting for people to find your products. It is important to find a reliable method to draw people to your products and convince them to buy.

Landing pages are one of the most important tools in any marketing department when it comes to increasing sales and conversions. A landing page allows you to instantly show the value of your offer and drive customers to your checkout page.

Studies consistently prove how important landing pages are. One study found that companies can increase their leads by 55% if they increase the number of landing pages to 10.

The problem is?

It’s not easy to create, implement, and manage a landing page.

You will most likely need to rely on a professional to launch your landing pages and make sure they work. You will need to wait days, if not weeks, before you can launch new campaigns or test an updated version of your current strategy.

Drag-and-drop landing-page builder tools make it easy. They are code-free and allow you to test, spin up and modify landing pages whenever and wherever you want. You can spend less time waiting for developers and more time connecting to your customers in high-converting environments by using the right tools to create landing pages.

We’re going today to show you some of the most powerful landing page builders on the market.


HubSpot, a digital marketing company that is well-known for creating a wide range of amazing tools for business owners and digital marketers, is the leader. HubSpot’s landing page tool is part of its complete Marketing Hub, which simplifies the way you promote your site.

Drag-and-drop allows you to quickly create landing pages that are responsive on all devices. Choose from a variety of professional-designed templates optimized for mobile. Or you can create your own pages. You can also dynamically display different content depending on where your user is located.

The HubSpot landing page builder is easy to use and extremely feature-rich.

A landing page tailored to your location with dynamic content.

All landing page analysis, testing and reporting

Complete compatibility with Hubspot Marketing Hub including email marketing solutions and blogging

Integration and access to CRM for detailed information on leads

Drag-and-drop landing pages builder with templates

Plugins, forms, and simple-to-manage pages

Outstanding customer service and end-to–end guidance

HubSpot Pricing

The best thing about HubSpot’s marketing hub is the ability to get started without spending anything. The “free tools” package allows you to generate new leads immediately. Alternately, if you need a pad solution, upgrade to the $50 “Starter” or $800 “Professional” packages. The Enterprise package costs $3,200 per monthly.


Unbounce is a leading marketing tool in the market today. It’s also a great solution for anyone looking for landing page software. Unbounce may be the right tool for you if you are looking for marketing automation, professional templates, higher conversion rates and A/B testing.

Unbounce is the leading landing page platform for over 15,000 brands. It allows businesses to convert more customers, and generate more leads. Unbounce is also considered by many market leaders to be the company that developed the first landing page software experience.

Unbounce allows companies to create any page they wish using a drag and drop builder as well as hundreds of templates. The customizable templates can be customized with optional CSS or JavaScript input. Although this extra functionality may not be for every small business, it is worth considering if your goal is to create highly customizable landing page software. Unbounce features include:

Drag-and-Drop builder

You can customize templates using CSS or JavaScript

More than 100 templates for professionals

Reports and A/B testing to show you what is working

Specialized solutions for SaaS, Agencies and eCommerce

Page design and plugins that are friendly

Modify pages to make them mobile-responsive

Integrate with top CRM, analytics, or email tools

Dynamic keyword insertion in SEM

Popups and sticky headers

Unbounce Pricing

Unbounce, one of the most widely used landing page tools in today’s industry, is a simple-to-use and highly customizable tool for both small and large businesses. Unbounce’s greatest asset is its ease-of-use. With a $90 per month package, you should be able drag and drop your way into a complete landing page. You can also choose the $135 Optimize package or the $225 per-month Accelerate solution. Paying annually instead of monthly will save you 10%


Landingi and Kickofflabs are just a few of the many options available in the marketplace for landing pages. You might be surprised at what the Landingi Landing Page tool can do for you if you take a closer look. You have many options with this flexible page-building tool to convert traffic into paying customers.

Landingi allows businesses to easily create landing pages without any coding or IT skills. Without any technical knowledge, you can easily create professional landing pages and optimize them. Landingi also offers the drag-and-drop editor, which is popular with many other top tools like Instapage or Leadpages.

Landingi is a landing page creator for non-programmers. It doesn’t require any programming skills to create a great landing page. The service can also be connected to other tools such as Salesforce, Mailchimp, and HubSpot.

These features include:

You can use lead management tools to learn about each individual lead

There are more than 250 templates in the box

Analytics and A/B Split Tests

Integrations of leading tools with external partners

Import landing page to clone other sites or software

Automated actions can be taken to capture leads

Performance that is easy to use without programming skills

Trial offer available for free

Landingi Pricing

There are many pricing options for Landingi’s landing page software. All of them include a 14-day free trial. You can start with the $29/month package or upgrade to the Automate plan at $49/month. You can also explore the Agency plan at $109 per month.


Talk to anyone about the best-performing landing pages companies today and you’re bound to hear at most one mention of Instapage. Instapage was created to help all companies get the most out of digital advertising. It can convert up to 400% more.

Instapage offers a free trial option to give you a taste of the software. After you purchase your package, you can create stunning mobile-responsive landing pages using more than 200 templates. You don’t need to have any HTML or CSS knowledge and you don’t even need a professional developer.

Although there are many similarities between Leadpages & Instapage, Instapage is more flexible and offers more collaboration options. This makes it a great choice for teams that work together. Instapage’s page design is also more flexible than Leadpages, which is a major consideration when selecting the best user-friendly solution to unlimited landing pages. Your custom landing pages can be moved wherever you want, and there are virtually no restrictions.

Instapage features include:

Create your custom domain

Reduce bounce rates by using dynamic text replacement

Get advanced analytics and heatmaps

Have complete control over your page design

Templates for responsive landing pages included

Integration with a variety of top tools is easy

Dynamic keyword insertion options available for PCC

With HTML and CSS, you can create custom code pages.

Zapier Integrations

Instapage’s core plan starts at $149 per monthly. It includes everything a business will need to optimize their post-click experiences online. A slight discount is offered for annual pricing, as it is with most landing page builders. You can upgrade to the Enterprise plan if you require something more specific for your business. You can choose a price that suits your requirements for the Enterprise package.


Instapage and Leadpages are often compared when companies look for the best landing page creator tool for them. Leadpages is a great choice if you are looking to create landing pages quickly and easily. This high-converting service is designed to simplify your marketing campaigns. It comes with integrations and templates for landing pages.

While Leadpages is now able to update your marketing campaigns with opt-in forms and PPC tools, the main focus of Leadpages remains on landing pages. You can expect an exceptional experience when you create a responsive landing page for you website. The drag-and-drop editor in Leadpages is simple to use and has grids that prevent you from creating a random page design.

The code-free builder also offers other features such as split testing and analytics showing conversion rates that highlight your page’s performance. Leadpages can be used to buy a domain and host your landing page as a downloadable asset. The following features are available in Leadpages:

Split tests can be used to access detailed analytics

You can host your custom domain and download assets

Integrations with CRMs, marketing services, payment gateways, and other tools are available

Your entire website and landing pages can be built

Popups and alert bars

Sign up for your email list in one click

Drag-and-drop functionality

Small businesses will love the all-in-one functionality of this software

Leadpages Pricing

Leadpages cost only $25 per month. This includes everything you need to start your own small business or market services online. Access to stunning landing pages, marketing automation tools and reports to track conversion rates will be provided. Leadpages offers two packages: a Pro package that costs $48 per month and supports up to three sites, as well as an Advanced package at $199 per per month.


Wishpond’s landing page builder is available as part of its extensive suite of marketing tools for business owners. Companies around the globe have embraced the Wishpond landing page builder as a powerful, intuitive, and simple-to-use service. Wishpond is as simple to use as other drag-and drop builders like Squarespace and Wix. It also makes it easy for you to create a powerful landing page.

Wishpond is just like the other landing page builders we’ve reviewed so far. It offers drag-and-drop functionality as well as the ability to customize an existing template and create your own page design. Wishpond has a lot of functionality that can be used to support anyone, from businesses building membership websites to eCommerce store owners.

Wishpond is compatible with many popular services. You can easily create A/B testing to make sure you get the best out of your money. Wishpond’s emphasis on contests, promotions, and other unique popups is a bonus that will allow you to make your marketing plan more original.

These features include:

A wide range of attractive pre-designed templates

Reporting and A/B Testing

Continually updating the list of integrations with major platforms

A powerful suite of marketing automation and lead generation tools

It’s great for creating popups, contests and online forms.

Non-developers will find it easy to use

Comprehensive knowledge base and useful content

Wishpond Pricing

Wishpond’s purpose is to be used by a wide range of companies so it makes sense that there are a number of pricing options. The “Starting Out Plan” starts at $49 per monthly with the possibility to reach a maximum 1500 leads. Wishpond offers two options: “Do it yourself” and “Done for you”, depending on the level of assistance you require.


Russell Brunson, who founded ClickFunnels and has since made more than $100 million per year by promoting this software, ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels, at its core is a funnel-building software that allows you to create high-converting landing page using a drag and drop editor. To manage the whole process, you’ll have access to autoresponders and email marketing as well as a shopping cart.

You basically have all you need to market your company without having to hire a team.

The best part about this software is the support that comes with it. It is not enough to be given a set of Clickfunnels and expect to make money with funnel marketing. This would be quite daunting.

ClickFunnels offers a 14-day free trial. We encourage you to give it a try. This gives you access all the information mentioned in this Clickfunnels review. All features are available, including templates, tutorials and the editor.


Getresponse allows you to use email marketing apps such as:

Create a mailing list, and collect data on it

Send newsletters to your subscribers

Automate your email marketing to subscribers with ‘autoresponders’

View and analyse statistics about your email marketing campaigns, including open rate, clickthrough, forwards, etc.

However, Getresponse has seen its feature set evolve over the years to become a more comprehensive marketing tool. It now offers webinar hosting, landing pages, and CRM (customer relationship management).

Aweber and Campaign Monitor require that you use a third-party landingpage creator tool such as Unbounce or Instapage in order to achieve this functionality. Mailchimp has recently added some landing page functionality but it is still not as advanced at Getresponse.

Getresponse: The pros

You have excellent marketing automation options, even if you only pay for the most expensive plans.

Getresponse offers the same functionality, but at a lower price, as long as you’re happy to use a Basic plan.

You will receive a generous discount when you pay upfront for one or more years of service. It’s hard to find comparable reductions from key competitors.

Merchants who wish to control all aspects of their sales funnels, e-commerce activities and other business operations under one roof might find the new Autofunnel feature useful.

Its unique webinar functionality is an advantage that no other similar products offer.

The CRM functionality is also quite unique amongst the competing products (although it must be significantly developed before Getresponse could be considered a replacement for a CRM tool).

Its split testing capabilities and reporting are excellent.

Getresponse publishes figures on its website, and provides deliverability statistics for each e-newsletter you send.

It is a great way to segment data — it’s much more flexible than other products, particularly Mailchimp.

You can add subscribers to your mailing list using either a single or double opt-in method.

Getresponse: The Cons

The drag-and drop interface for creating landing pages and emails is complicated and should be improved. A revised version is expected to be available in September 2019.

A fix is in progress (coming in September 2019). However, e-newsletters that were created in Getresponse do not display as expected in the Gmail mobile application.

Data capture forms are not responsive, so you cannot control where and when they appear on your site.

Only the most expensive plans have access to marketing automation, which is the platform’s greatest functionality.

Before it can be used as a replacement for standalone CRM products, CRM functionality must be significantly improved.

Who is Landing Page Software for?

This question can be answered in a few words: Every business who wants to increase sales. However, I understand that not all brick-and-mortar stores have ecommerce shops which makes landing pages less appealing for them. They are useful, that’s what I am saying. Everybody should seriously consider using a landing page creator, especially brick-and-mortar shops trying to compete in the digital age.

It’s amazing, just think about it. Chicago’s hair salon believes that the majority of its customers are local residents and people who pass by the shopfront. What can a landing page do for them? Yelp and Google pages would be two reasons that customers visit my site to get a new haircut. This is all digital. To move up in local search engine rankings, the salon must have a website. A smart hair salon owner will deliver targeted Google ads to specific styles, treatments and cuts. These ads will lead to unique landing pages.

To use the landing page effectively, you don’t have to run an ecommerce store.

Landing pages are essential for the ecommerce industry. They are especially important when sharing new products, sharing promotional offers, and introducing events. It doesn’t really matter what industry you are in, as an online jewelry store could have the same success with a landing site as a Zappos giant.

It’s amazing to see that landing pages can actually help small businesses gain more. Big brands such as Target , Amazon, Macy’s Home Depot, Walmart, Macy’s and Macy’s have their brand recognition in stone. Although they spend millions to place Google Ads linking to landing pages, this is where small businesses have an opportunity to be on the same playing field.

Small hardware stores can’t compete in the search engine department with Lowe’s or Home Depot. What is local SEO? Absolutely. However, someone who is not from your area will most likely end up at the Home Depot site looking for a drill or hammer online.

Landing pages are where the magic happens. The big dogs won’t be able to box you out if you pay money for a Google or Facebook advertisement. You have the same money as them, and your ad results will be high. It is up to you whether your ads are linked to landing pages. You’ll waste your money and lose out on any chance of competing if you don’t.

Informational businesses and individuals are the final area that we will be focusing on. These people could be bloggers or online marketers looking to build a following. Although these people might sell physical products occasionally, you will find many free webinars, eBooks, and blogs.

These can all be effectively sold using landing pages. Even someone who is just trying to build an email database can create a landing page to increase conversions. Beautiful landing pages are essential for smaller companies, whether they’re creating a webinar registration page or an eBook sales page.

These features are mainly focused on optimization, client management, and integrations.

These are just a few of the additional features that a landing page builder can use to their advantage:

  • Heatmapping to view customer behavior. This heatmapping tool can be used in real time or as a snapshot over time. Heatmaps show your landing page and then they have different colors to indicate where users are most likely to click on your page. You might notice that your primary call-to-action button is more blue than red. This could be a sign that a lot of people are clicking on it, so you will need to find ways to improve it. Heatmapping is a great combination with A/B testing. You can identify areas that need improvement and then test your solutions to determine if they are working.
  • There are many useful integrations. The main integration that I would be looking for is email subscriptions. MailChimp, for example, can be integrated directly into the landing page to allow all emails to drop into your email list. There are many other integrations that can be used to build your landing pages. For example, many companies will require landing pages that connect to SalesForce to manage their clients. Integrations with office products such as Zuhu and tools like Google Analytics or Facebook are also a great option. You want your users to share your landing pages on social media.
  • Support for large businesses This is all about support, speed, and up-time. Many less-respected landing page companies don’t offer quality support and leave you to manage your landing pages and keep them up. With the best software, you can speak to a representative by phone or email and they have the tools and resources to ensure that your landing pages are powerful and fast. Enterprises don’t have to worry about whether a landing page will be created, as they likely have many pages at once. They will also likely need to contact a support team if something goes wrong. This is not something a simple landing page plugin can do.
  • Multiple user support, and powerful client management. I want my landing page maker to support multiple users since I won’t be the only one creating the pages. A second option is to allow others to edit the designs. This is where the “read-only version” comes in. There may be stakeholders within your company that only require the read-only version. It’s important to have a client management module that allows you to send leads to the appropriate departments. This is a tie-in to the integrations that we discussed above, as you may want some leads sent to your SalesForce program but only one department.
  • A/B Split testing and other optimization tools – When searching for a landing page, look out for real-time reports. This will ensure that you get the most current information about your landing pages. Analytics and reports on your mobile phone are also a great idea. You can see exactly where people are coming to you and what is stopping them. The A/B testing feature, which is essential for optimization, is also crucial. The creation of a landing page is only the beginning. To determine which version is most effective, you will need to create multiple versions. A simple change in the location or button color could be enough to increase your conversions by 10% or 20%.
  • Tools to adjust your copy based upon what people search. Many landing pages get clicks from people who search through Google and Bing Ads. It makes sense to target these services. Let’s suppose a user searches Google for basketball shoes for women. Your Google Ad is displayed. Click through to be redirected directly to your landing page. It sounds great, right? It sounds great in theory. But wouldn’t it make more sense if your landing page text changed according to the search keywords that the user used? This advanced tool is not available in many landing pages creator options. Although it’s not my first choice, I love the fact that you can use dynamic testing and campaign management to test your campaigns. You can automatically adjust your campaigns.
  • Audit logs– An audit log records information about users, transactions and movements, as well as any history of landing pages. A landing page’s purpose is to attract more customers. However, if someone has trouble signing up or didn’t get a message after they visited your landing page, you might need technical support to resolve the issue. Access to audit logs with details about what customers have done on your site is the only way to do this.

A Few Final Thoughts and Things to Keep in Mind

Instapage is the best landing page software if you want to get the most value. Instapage is the best-rounded solution because it offers stunning templates, powerful integrations, and unique features such as dynamic text changes.

Wishpond is a good choice if you want to participate in contests, promotions or marketing automation. Instapage has some of these features, but Wishpond’s is stronger. Unbounce is strong in the popup and lightbox fronts, so if you’re interested, Unbounce might be for you.

Instapage is my personal recommendation. It is the most affordable and has the largest feature-set. You can always move on to the next option if you decide it is not for you.