Best Live Stream Shopping APPS for eCommerce Brands

You might like the convenience of shopping in your living room. Are you looking to start your own business? It doesn’t really matter what side you are on, our top live shopping apps roundup may be exactly what you’re looking.

Shopify calls live shopping apps the future of eCommerce. They offer a digitalized, real-time shopping experience consumers can use from their home. It seems like it is taking over the internet. Core Insight research estimates that this type of shopping generated $60 billion in global sales just in 2019, which has only increased due to the pandemic.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Today’s post will focus on some of the most popular live shopping apps available so you can also get on board with this exciting trend. We have a lot to talk about, so let’s get to the point!


First, a live streaming app. This app, in addition to being an end-to–end product streaming platform allows users create, manage, and publish video or photo content.

One of Bambuser’s most unique features is the ability to embed live shopping events directly into your websites. The app allows you to track your customer and transaction data and provides customer engagement stats.

Pricing plans for Bambuser start at $599 per month (the Lite plan), which includes one centralized dashboard, customer support, and the ability to register five users. The Standard and Enterprise packages are available above this package, but the prices of these packages have not been disclosed. We do know that these plans allow you to access media editing and client management tools.

You can add additional features at any time, which allows you to grow the app with your business. Bambuser’s chat feature is one example of such an add-on. The price of add-ons will vary depending on what you choose.

The case study shows that Samsung achieved a 147% increase in conversions within their first campaign. This app is not recommended for those who don’t have enough money.

Live Scale

Another popular live shopping platform is Live Scale. It boasts integrated checkout and in-video purchase. Live Scale allows you to brand your sales experience and stamp your live shows. Access to real-time analytics is also available.

Live Scale, like many other apps in this list makes it easy for you to embed videos or other content on your website.

Prices start at $99 per monthly with a 7-day free trial. Live Scale also has experience working with large brands like Lacome. One live stream generated 46,000 viewers and gathered 200,000 comments. It’s clear that Live Scale is able to provide everything you need to live-sell to customers regardless of their physical location.


Channelize, a cloud-based integrated eCommerce solution, leverages live shopping and real time engagement to increase sales and brand reputation. It will integrate seamlessly with your existing website as well as other apps such Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Channelize also includes API and webhooks, which allow you to build custom features and scalable apps that extend Channelize’s functionality. You can also customize the UI (user interface), with the SDK and UI Kits.

Channelize offers a free plan. Prices start at $49 per month, depending on what features you choose. Customers love the platform’s functionality. This includes pinned messages and language translation. Product spotlights, reminder emails, and the ability for customers to display add-to-cart promos during live shopping events.


Smartzer allows customers to buy directly from a live video. It integrates easily with Shopify and Woocommerce as well as Magneto stores. It also offers video performance insights and in-video add to your basket functionality.

Smartzer also allows you to create a clickable popup with a clear CTA. This is a great way to encourage viewers to click through and learn about a product, or make a purchase. Smartzer refers to these as ‘interactive heatspots’. They allow viewers to click through and learn more about a product, or even make a purchase.

Price of this subscription-based product varies depending on how many features and integrations you choose. Smartzer can provide a customized starting price by contacting them directly. Smartzer boasts that its standard service level offers a 55% increase of viewer engagement and a 25% rise in click-through rates. That’s quite impressive, if true!


InstaConnect allows Shopify store owners the ability to host live videos that showcase their products. It is not a traditional live shopping platform, however, unlike other apps on the list. It focuses on product demonstrations and customer service via live video chat.

Click the “Live Help” button to ask customers questions. This connects your website visitors to your customer service representatives via video chat.

InstaConnect comes with a slideshow and classroom feature. The app pulls product descriptions and images from Shopify and creates an automatic slideshow. To share your slideshow with others, you can upload the accompanying notes. This is so handy! !

It is available for free for 30 video conferences per month. This makes it an ideal starting point for anyone who wants to experience live product demonstrations and video-based customer support for the first time.

It’s important to note that InstaConnect, unlike other products, is only available for Shopify users.


ShopShops, a Chinese-based live stream app, is slowly making its way to the west. Harper’s Bazaar has hailed it as the most promising live streaming app.

This app is great for brands and social influencers who want to connect with customers and get new customers.

The app also promises to onboard new brands, where you will receive training on how best to host live streams and collect orders efficiently.

Hosting streams with ShopShops is completely free. Hosting streams are free with ShopShops. Instead of paying an upfront charge, 20% goes to ShopShop.


Brandlive allows you to create private, branded online showrooms that showcase your products and events. Online product catalogues can be shared and secured for single-day or multi-day events. The best part is that attendees can see your products both before and after the event.

Your’showroom” contains everything your customers need to interact with you live shopping event. It’s basically a closed platform that allows customers to view your products, live stream and agenda. You can change the features of your showroom depending on the type and content of the live event.

Brandlive also includes analytics and interactive chat tools. You can also tag and organize each session and video. Brandlive allows you to submit event questions and conduct surveys during live streams, which will improve audience engagement.

Brandlive offers a variety of pricing options. One-off events start at $3500 and annual pricing starts at $15,000. It is a very expensive product. However, the green room production tool is designed to handle complex shows in live, pre-recorded and mixed formats. We still think the price is a bit high.

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shopify dropshipping store set up


NTWRK allows you to shop for your video content anywhere in the world from your smartphone. It makes it easy to organize exclusive product reveals, festival-style events and interactive product panels.

NTWRK also hosts daily episodes that feature the top brands and most notable names in pop culture. This app doesn’t have a set price. However, this app is only for highly-qualified artists and influencers. NTWRK must review your application before you are granted access.


Another live-streaming shopping app, Liveby, allows you to broadcast product videos. You can join a livestream where you can make in-video purchases and have a chatbox to ask questions.

Liveby allows you to coordinate all of your revenue using the app. This means that you can easily see which sales you have made and share this data with others. The Liveby app can only be accessed on Apple/iOS devices at the time this article was written.

You can host videos on Liveby for free. Or, you can access Liveby’s influencer network and request one to host your stream. The app does not indicate if an additional fee is required.

To become a Liveby creator you must submit an application and complete a questionnaire. They will issue you an approval code if you are successful.

Instagram Live

Instagram live shopping is an exciting new feature. You can use this function to tag products from your Instagram shop and show them off during a live stream. Customers also have the option to purchase in-app.

You will need your Instagram store setup and your product catalog to start Instagram live shopping. This catalog can be used to group products into collections that you will use on your live streams.

Instagram live is completely free and offers more marketing options than any other live shopping app. Because you can access all pre-existing Instagram advertising tools, in addition to live shopping.

Amazon Live

Amazon Live is now available to Amazon Influencer Program participants, professional sellers who are registered with Amazon and retailers using Amazon vendor central.

Amazon Live allows you to stream live video from anywhere with the Amazon Live Stream app. You can also sync and tag Amazon products from this app. Below the stream is a carousel that allows shoppers to browse product details and make purchase.

Although the app is still under development, it can be downloaded via Google Play or the Apple store. It is free to use. You will still have to pay Amazon fees if you are a seller or a vendor. You can also pay for a boost to make your streams more visible. Depending on your campaign length and budget, the cost of this service can range from $0.05-10 per click.


Shoppee offers an online shopping platform that features a live stream function. Users can chat with you live via live chat and order your products from you.

You have two options when it comes to tagging products on live streams. You can choose up to 500 products from your store or a list of your favorites. You can also add discounts and promotions to live products. There’s even a seller education hub that will help you learn more about selling on the platform.

Although the platform is available worldwide, it is not yet free to use in certain countries such as the UK and US.


CommentSold allows you to sell via social media using live streams and comments. To increase your sales, the comment selling function can be used after you have sold a product via live streaming. It generates replies to messages via threads, pages and emails, using pre-defined comments. It can send customers reminders about invoices and let them know when their cart expires.

CommentSold allows you to create your own website or app. From these apps, you can host live streaming. You can also set up live video on pre-existing Facebook pages by using a stream key. This redirects your Facebook live video to the CommentSold application. Once you have set it up, you can stream simultaneously across your Facebook profile, web store, and app. This allows you to maintain a single inventory across all sales channels. These videos can be overlayed with clickable product information or in-stream buying.

After the 30-day trial, the basic plan starts from $49 per month. Prices increase depending on what features you add. CommentSold is compatible with all social media platforms, regardless of the plan you select. This is a great bonus!


TalkShopLive can be described as a social selling network similar to QVC. You can create your channel to broadcast your shows, share them and build your audience. Third-party integrations such as Shopify or other popular product managers allow you to embed your products in the video. After that, customers will be able to make in-stream purchase.

These videos can be shared across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Stories. Customers can also purchase products within the in-app browser of each social platform. You can also use Lives streams to answer customer questions and increase engagement.

It gained popularity when A-list celebrities used it to sell merchandise. Dolly Parton and Matthew McConaughey are just a few of the notable people who have used it to sell their merchandise. You can join for free and pay only 10.25% plus $0.30 per sale. This fee is included in the retail price of the product.


This platform was created for retailers who want to offer a fully virtual shopping experience. Conferwith allows you to give customers real-time information about your products. It also offers video sharing, demos, and product promotion options.

Conferwith promises that live shopping experiences will increase your direct-to customer sales by as much as ten times. Prices will vary depending on the requirements of your company, but you can reach out to the Conferwith team for a demonstration. Conferwith also offers training and seamless tech integration. Forecasting is also available for improved implementation.

Are you ready to start using some of the best live shopping apps?

There are many live shopping apps available, as we have seen. Live shopping, no matter what app you use, is a great way for customers to interact with you. Live shopping gives you the opportunity to answer customer questions, show products, and add some humor to online shopping. This will result in more sales for you business. Live shopping is a growing trend, so it’s time to capitalize on this popular and lucrative approach to ecommerce.

Which live streaming shopping app caught your eye? Let us know all about it in our comments box!