Best Wholesale Clothing Suppliers for Women, Men, and Kids

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Selling clothing and apparels is the best way to make money.

We can see that many people make a profit from their apparel and clothing business online, as well as offline. So, can we make the same profits as they did?

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Yes, the answer is yes. But how do we get there? It is not easy to start a business, especially for beginners.

Do not be confused, this post will share my experiences with wholesale clothing suppliers and clothing websites, so you can start your apparel and clothing business.

Which clothing should I buy from wholesale clothing suppliers

Since I had sold clothing online for eight years, I divided the clothing into three main categories: men’s clothing, women’s clothing, and baby/kid clothes.

So, basically, I recommend that you choose one category to sell first for your business, then expand your product line depending on how much profit you made.

You may be confused about which category to choose. Let me briefly explain the importance and benefits of supplier selection.

I believe that many sellers who have been in the business of selling for a while will agree with me. You need to find reputable suppliers so your products are available wholesale.

First, you must maintain your supply. Then you can start to build the inventory for selling.

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Top 5 Wholesale Clothing Suppliers and Distributors

1. Chinabrands

Chinabrands, one of the most popular wholesale clothing distributors and dropshippers in China, sells not only women’s clothing but also wholesales men’s clothing.

The company offers over 1,000,000 products in 100+ categories. Chinabrands is a wholesale clothing distributor and supplier that has the greatest strengths in terms of trendy designs and qualified products.

Chinabrands employs professional quality control staffs to ensure that each garment can be worn for a longer period of time.

Chinabrands has a team of professional designers to create trendy seasonal clothing.

Chinabrands also has a selection of plus-size clothing that should allow any woman or man to achieve their best size.

Chinabrands offers wholesale clothing prices at special discounts to members. If you purchase more clothing, you will get more discounts.

Chinabrands provides product information. We offer high-definition product images and SEO-friendly product descriptions. This is important for your business because of the rapid growth of e-commerce.

You don’t have to worry about long distance logistics delivery. Chinabrands has already established global warehouses around the world as follows:


b. Los Angeles

c. New York

d. Alicante, Spain

e. Birmingham

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f. London

g. Italy




k. Czech


Moscow, Russia

n. Saudi Arabia

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p. Shenzhen, China

q. Hong Kong

r. Australia

2. City goddess

City Goddess is one the UK’s best wholesale suppliers of women’s clothing. They specialize in women’s boutique clothes, but only offer female clothing such as dress, skirt and plus-size clothing.

One of the most important aspects of City goddess is that sellers can buy women’s clothes in bulk and save money.

City goddess has the greatest advantage because they are focused on developing their women/female apparel wholesaling business. According to City goddess’ announcement, they demonstrate that they provide the most fashionable and trendy women clothing from many famous brands and designer team.

3. Alibaba

Alibaba is one of the largest e-commerce sites. It offers tons of products.

The biggest advantage of Alibaba should be its product quantity. Many sellers used to tell customers that they could find anything on Alibaba.

Quality control is the greatest problem due to the large product range on Alibaba.

Alibaba’s large product inventory does not permit them to perform quality checks on every product. This means that the more wholesale clothing you buy, the greater the risk you take.

If you are a beginner, I believe you should choose another clothing wholesaler than Alibaba.

4. Sammy’s dress

Sammy Dress is the best wholesale supplier of ladies clothing. They mainly wholesale plus-size clothing and accessories for women. Sammy dresses is a women’s clothing supplier, so it should not be a problem for sellers to partner with Sammy.

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Sammy dress, on the other hand, is doing well in clothing design, especially for trendy womens wholesale clothing. Sammy’s plus-size clothing is a major selling point. Sammy’s dress also has a selling point: wholesale women’s clothing online.

Sammy dresses can be a great alternative if you are looking for a wholesale supplier of women’s fashion clothes.

5. Tasha apparel

Tasha clothing is a leading wholesaler and distributor of women’s clothing. It is located in Los Angeles, California. Tasha apparel also offers fashion clothing for boutiques as well as boutique clothing for kids.

Tasha apparel opened an offline store in Los Angeles. (For more information, visit Los Angeles wholesale clothes distributors). This will allow Tasha Apparel closer to its customers.

Tasha apparel regularly releases new seasonally-appropriate women’s and kids boutique clothing to ensure that all products are in fashion in the wholesale women’s clothing market.

Complete list of wholesale clothing suppliers and distributors

As I have already mentioned, clothing can be separated into men’s, women’s, and child/baby clothes.

In this section, I will show you the total list of 3 based on each of these categories.

Complete list of wholesale suppliers of women’s clothes

1. Chinabrands

2. GoodstuffApparel

3. Liquidation General

4. American Bazi

5. Ccwholesaleclothing

6. Wholesale lookbook

7. Fashion Atlas Group

8. Helen’s Heart LLC

9. Beverly Hills Uniforms

10. Jillian Distributor

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11. Cotton Bleu By Nu Label

12. Peace Frogs

13. Buck Wear

14. Judson & Company

15. Mad Oxx

16. Wholesale Fashion Square

17. Foryoudress

18. Bloomwholesale

19. Stylishwholesaler

20. Curvy Fashion

These top women’s clothing wholesalers can be divided into many styles, such as women’s boutique clothes, dresses, ladies tops, skirts, and so forth.

Chinabrands, a fashionable clothing wholesaler, has over 20 warehouses around the globe. Customers can choose from tops, dresses, and underwear.

Chinabrands hire designers to create fashion clothes. They also offer boutique clothing for women, as they strive to provide the best fashion clothing and the latest plus-size clothing.

Wholesale female clothing suppliers may have heard of Sammydress and Zaful before. However, unfortunately, these two largest online suppliers of women’s clothing don’t offer wholesale services.

Here’s the solution. Globalegrow also owns Zaful, Sammydress, and Chinabrands, the e-commerce suppliers.

Chinabrands is a great wholesale clothing supplier for collaboration with high-quality clothing wholesaling or drop shipping.

Except for Chinabrands, every website can have specific selling categories. Goodstuff Apparel is primarily wholesale women’s boutique clothes, while Liquidation General sells women’s fashion clothing.

Complete list of wholesale distributors and suppliers of men’s clothes

1. Chinabrands

2. Fashion TIY Inc

3. All USA Clothing

4. Peace Frogs

5. Mega Group NYC

6. Via Trading Co.

7. Western Express Inc

8. Specien Apparel

9. Newbery Knitting Co.

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10. Chainsaw CCB

11. Fox Outdoor Products

12. Fortune Fashion Wholesale

13. American Eagle Trade Group

14. Closeout Connection

15. D2wear

16. Topper International Liquidators

17. Clothing Island

18. Alpha Omega

19. Different Touch LLC

20. LA Showroom

Clothing suppliers are now not just targeting women’s clothing but also men’s clothing because of the increased awareness.

It does however have the distinction between wholesale clothing for women and wholesale clothing for men.

For example, while there are many luxury men’s clothes with high prices, Sigrid Lynch found that 75% of male customers prefer to purchase clothing online at a lower price.

This is why men’s clothing distributors and suppliers now sell cheap suits and clothes for men.

While wholesalers of ladies clothing may be able to focus on design and trend, men’s clothing suppliers should focus more on pricing.

If you’re looking for wholesalers or suppliers of men’s clothing, it is important to choose suppliers who can offer you low-cost menswear online. You should also order in bulk because bulk buying will reduce your costs.

Complete list of wholesale suppliers and distributors for baby/kid/children clothes

1. Chinabrands

2. ZOE – Kids Blanks

3. Penguin Kids Wear

4. Kid’s Dream Made in USA

5. The Hair Bow Company

6. Doodle Pants

7. Peace Frogs

8. Mega Group NYC

9. Bambini Infant Wear

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10. Via Trading Co.

11. Western Express INC

12. Yu International Company

13. Wholesale Princess

14. Bailey’s flowers

15. Trooper clothing

16. Wholesale girl’s dresses

17. Whispers LA

18. Seven Seas Inc

19. Mai Tai

20. Closeouts for Tuxedo

What was the first thing that parents considered when purchasing clothing for their children?

Designs? Colors? Prices?

Let me give you the truth. Approximately 95% of parents place safety first. You can also understand it as product quality.

Parents will tend to place the most importance on product quality before considering prices, designs, or anything else.

If you’re a wholesale seller of baby/kid/children clothes, you shouldn’t only look for suppliers that sell cheap baby clothes but also qualified wholesalers.

Chinabrands, for example, is one of the top wholesale suppliers of kid clothing online. They offer high-quality clothing, especially bulk kid clothing.

They established a strict quality inspection system and hired a professional quality control team to ensure that each child’s clothing was suitable for sale.

How can I find more wholesale clothing distributors and suppliers?

You can also search online for wholesale clothing distributors and suppliers, in addition to the three I have already listed. Here are some tips to help you find them.

Use different keywords to search.

You can search for keywords child, child, or children to find the same meanings, but they may be used in different ways.

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Google Search Engine might automatically show the most relevant results. However, you may be able to search with different keywords and find different results. These are just a few examples of how you can find distributors and suppliers on search engines.

a. Change the order of words

You can change the order of words to obtain more results.

b. Add details

If you need to search for baby clothes wholesale distributors at lower prices, add the words ‘lower price’ such as ‘cheap’.

You can also search for results using long tail keywords such as ‘wholesale boutique clothing suppliers’. The more specific words you search, the better the results.

c. For more results, use synonym

As I have already mentioned, synonyms can be used to replace the original keywords in order to get different results.

If you have already searched for ‘wholesale babies clothes suppliers’, you may be able to use ‘kids’ instead of baby’ such as ‘wholesale children clothes suppliers’.

Depending on what keywords you searched for, you might find more results.

Top 3 Fashion Clothing Styles

Fashion trends are changing rapidly, so wholesale fashion distributors must offer a wide range of fashionable and trendy clothing.

1. Suits for ladies

When we speak of suits, the first thing we might think of is “official”, “work”, or “business”.

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Customers always perceive suits as formal. However, customers who are women especially love to wear casual suits in ladies’s sizes.

Ladies suits wholesale suppliers are the best choice if your goal is to find new products for your business.

You can also search for ladies suits wholesalers online by searching the keyword “ladies top wholesale”, because both formal ladies tops and ladies suits can be matched up to make a set. You can also search for high-fashion clothing.

2. Men dress

You might be a little confused if you first hear the term “men dress”.

Yes, it is possible! The men’s dress is one the most in-demand styles of clothing for men. You may have heard that the Scottish dress is the most popular for men. There are many clothing companies that offer men dresses.

This is a sample of Scottish dress for men. You don’t have to search for the exact Scottish style men’s dress. Many popular designers already make casual styles for men.

This is a way to make profits by selling wholesale men’s clothing.

3. Spanish-style baby clothes

Spanish-style baby clothes should be the most in-demand style right now. Its unique design and cultural significance should make it the most sought after style for baby clothes.

Find Spanish-based clothing suppliers to help your business. It should offer you a great chance of leading the baby clothes market.

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These are some of the most frequently asked questions by clothing sellers. (FAQ provided)

1. How can I manage supply issues when opening a women’s boutique clothing store?

Boutique-style women’s clothing is a great way to make money. How can we address the supply problems? Is it possible for women to find trustworthy wholesale suppliers of clothing that offers enough boutique-style clothing?

The answer is yes. But how do you know?

First, it is important to ensure that boutique style dresses suppliers, online and offline, clearly show you their stock for each product. This is the best way to find out about its stock and make a decision.

The second is cooperation between brands and manufacturers. We can ask suppliers’ customer service representatives for help by asking how many brands and manufacturers they have in common. This is a key statistic that shows how suppliers and wholesale websites can develop. We can then decide whether to buy from them in the long-term or short-term.

Last but not least: Alternatives. We must ensure that we have sufficient alternatives to be able to sell in such a competitive global market.

We can quickly change our strategies and even switch suppliers if our current wholesale suppliers are unable to provide enough clothing for our business.

We must ensure that our business is always in operation, with no interruptions, particularly in the supply chain.

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2. California is where I live. Where can I buy clothes in bulk at a cheap price?

The fact is that distance doesn’t matter with the rapid growth of e-commerce, global delivery and global shipping. If both our suppliers and business location accept delivery, then it doesn’t matter where we live.

Let’s get back to the original question. You don’t have to look for wholesale clothing stores in California (or anywhere else), as there are many clothing suppliers online. These suppliers offer higher quality products in a variety of styles.

Below is a list of wholesale clothing suppliers who are available to ship their products to California.

1. Chinabrands;

2. Liquidation General

3. American Bazi

4. Ccwholesaleclothing

5. Wholesale lookbook

6. Fashion Atlas Group

7. All USA Clothing

8. Peace Frogs

9. Mega Group NYC

10. Via Trading Co.

11. Penguin Kids Wear

12. Kid’s Dream Made in USA

13. The Hair Bow Company

14. Doodle Pants

15. Peace Frogs

If you live in California, you can also visit these wholesale clothing suppliers who are actually located in California.

1. Boulevard

2. Apparel for New Yorker

3. Tasha Apparel Wholesale

4. Wholesale Fashion Couture Inc.

5. Wholesale Fashion Square

6. Fashion Showroom

7. Steal Deal Inc.

8. Delta Apparel Inc Distribution Center

9. TSC Apparel

10. The Apparel Source

11. Fortune Fashion Wholesale

12. LA Showroom

13. Jasmine USA Clothing

14. Orange Zone

15. Apparel Candy

It is important to mention again that finding a reliable wholesale clothing supplier will be a foundation for your business. They can supply you with high-quality and affordable clothing.

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One of the most important is that you can order clothes in bulk. This will reduce delivery costs.