Korean Wholesale Clothing With Free Shipping Worldwide

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The USA is seeing a rise in popularity of the wholesale clothing industry. To start your own clothing business, you must first find the right supplier.

This process is crucial, but it can also be tedious and even frustrating. It is necessary to evaluate many suppliers before you can finally find a wholesale supplier that will supply high-quality clothing at an affordable price.

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Even if you’ve been in the Korean wholesale clothing market for many years, it will still be challenging. Not to mention the novice.

This is why we created this post. In the hope of helping you make an informed decision, we have gathered information about the top 11 Korean wholesale clothes suppliers.

Korean Clothing Wholesale Market: Challenges

All businesses have difficulties and challenges, but so does Korean wholesale clothing.

These are the challenges that you might face if you want to run a wholesale clothing company.

  • It can be difficult to find a Korean clothing store which offers qualified clothing.
  • We all know that most suppliers use dollars for transactions, so Won may be a challenge to do business with.
  • It is difficult to find an online shop that will ship your clothes to Korea if you are looking to sell clothing.
  • Shipping time may be longer because most don’t have a Korea warehouse.
  • You will need to spend more time marketing if you’re new in the wholesale business.
  • To find the best marketing strategy for you, you need to try them all. Then, you will have to invest more money in it.
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How do you start a Korean wholesale clothing store?

These are the key factors that will help you to start a Korean wholesale clothing company.

Many clothing store owners are skilled at identifying fashion trends and clothing styles. They are less skilled when it comes finding a Korean clothing supplier.

The most important aspect of your business is finding the right wholesale supplier. It will either make or break you business. Here are some things to consider:

#1. Niche Down or Go Broad?

Do you want to sell one product, like fur slides, swimwear or blouses, or all of them at once? You shouldn’t decide on what you like. Instead, you should consider what your customers prefer.

After you have made your decision, it is time to search for distributors. Below are the top 11 Korean wholesale clothing distributors.

#2. Contact Your Distributor/Supplier

There are many distributors available and it is easy to find their contact information. Contact them to get the contact information and a list of suppliers.

This is also an excellent opportunity to establish a relationship with your supplier.

#3. Do Thorough Research

What do you know about suppliers?

You should also do extensive research on the clothing companies and compare their quality and shipping times if you are interested.

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Top 11 Best Korean Wholesale Clothing Suppliers

#1. Apm-Wholesale

Apm-Wholesale has a lot of positive reviews. Most customers are happy with the quality of their clothing.

They provide high-quality, affordable women’s fashion clothing.

You can order online, or you can visit their store in Korea.

Apm-Wholesale is a trusted distributor of Korean clothing. You can pay your order using payment methods such as telephone marketing, mobile banking and credit card.

However, once you place your order for their Korean wholesale clothing, it may take a few days (1-3 days in Korea, 7 days outside Korea) before you receive your items.

#2. Kooding

Kooding, an online shop that sells Korean fashion clothing, aims to provide you with new lifestyle products.

Kooding has a wide selection of stylish clothes that you won’t find anywhere else. Over 100 countries are now served by Kooding.

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As you would expect, high-quality clothing will be made from soft, breathable materials.

They also offer excellent email support that is responsive and can help you in a timely manner.

Kooding is a great choice for those who are concerned about shipping times. Once you place your order, your items will be delivered within a few days.

#3. Wholesale7

Wholesale7.net (W7) sells wholesale clothing online. It mainly focuses on Japanese and Korean fashion clothing.

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High-quality Korean fashion clothing will be available at wholesale prices. If you purchase Korean wholesale clothing, you will get great deals (up to 85% off or the fifth item free).

If you order your first item, you can save 30% on shipping and get a 7% discount.

W7 offers a unique service that allows you to print custom logos and order single items.

#4. Chinabrands

Chinabrands is a leading supplier of wholesale goods from China and has customers in over 200 countries.

Chinabrands offers a wide range of products including shoes, clothing for men and women, as well as 3C products, home décor, jewelry and many other products.

You can find a full range of products that cover low-end and high-end, which will also give you large profit margins.

Once you buy something from Chinabrands, your CB points will be earned. This credit can then be used to pay. To shop, you must register.

If you buy in bulk, you can get great deals and earn more profit.

Online stores will receive SEO-optimized product descriptions that you can upload to their store or other platforms.

You will not only save time but you will also rank higher and get more traffic.

Chinabrands has a professional QC team that ensures product quality. This is a significant advantage over third-party platforms where you might be more likely to choose a poor supplier.

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#5. Koreanfasionista.com

Koreanfasionista is another excellent place to source fashion items.

Koreanfasionista.com offers wholesale prices for all types of businesses, whether you’re a wholesaler, retailer or physical store owner.

This site offers many payment options, including Western Union, PayPal, Western Union, moneygram, and bank transfer. This site is a great option for international buyers.

They will expedite your items if they take care of logistics and have a more responsive inventory.

#6. Kkami.nl

Kkami.nl, a great platform for finding quality fashion trendsetter clothing for women and kids, is another option.

They are trusted suppliers and have a great reputation in Korean wholesale clothing.

They offer many options, as they feature many brands that update their fashion clothing frequently.

If you live outside of Korea, it is possible to take 3 to 4 days before you receive your goods.

Their customers love their company for their excellent customer service.

Their inventory response time could be improved. You will have to wait until they replenish stock.

#7. FcPlaza.com

FcPlaza.com, another fashion wholesale site, allows you to purchase affordable clothing items.

They promote Korean fashion, and place Korea on the international stage as Korean clothing fashion.

Once you have placed your order, they will handle the logistics.

You will enjoy a pleasant experience with their responsive inventory and caring customer service.

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They also have long-term clients around the globe due to their excellent services.

#8. Alibaba.com

Alibaba.com is undoubtedly one of the largest wholesale suppliers and is a trusted brand.

They offer safe and secure transactions, as well as a variety of payment options.

They have clients all over the globe, and warehouses as well.

If you choose the right supplier, you will receive high quality products at a very low price. Why do I call it the “right supplier”?

Because Alibaba is a third party platform, there are many suppliers that participate.

The greatest drawback is the fact that you will need to spend time and money to test these suppliers.

On the other hand, there are more product categories to choose from.

#9. Yuki Wholesale Clothing

Yuki Wholesale Clothing was established in 2008. You can purchase Korean-style clothing online at wholesale prices, including blouses, jackets and coats.

The dresses are simple but elegant and perfectly match the Korean aesthetic trend.

You will likely find a variety of trendy styles on yukisale.com to meet your needs.

They also have excellent customer service and high quality clothing.

These customers are from more than 40 countries, and they continue to grow.

#10. Sthsweet.com

sthsweet.com is the best place to shop if you love Korean brands and want to purchase Korean clothing in bulk.

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Sthsweet.com is part the Korean fashion group PPB Studios which also owns the renowned brands CHUU and Icecream12.

Sthsweet.com regularly updates their clothing products, so you won’t miss the latest clothing if sthsweet.com is your supplier.

High-quality clothing at a great price. Enjoy a pleasant shopping experience. Get accurate information about the products.

You can track your order online and they ship worldwide. For assistance, contact the customer service department.

They have served clients from more than 75 countries and offered over 20 Korean Fashion brands.

They are the owners of CHUU, Icecream12 and Mossbean as well as DaliHotel.

They also distribute Cherrykoko and Chichera as well as Chopper, Dabagirls, Fiona, Michyeoras, Mocobling and Pak-Namae.


OKVIT is an innovative company that has grown rapidly and recently renovated its service.

All the necessary processes, including order, payment and shipping, can be handled on their website.

They offer international shipping security and prompt customer service.

Wholesale clothing is possible. If you order in bulk, an OKVIT coupon will be issued and you can enjoy free shipping

You won’t face any language barriers if you speak Korean and they have a strong customer support team.

You can speak your mother tongue at any time.

How do you promote your Korean clothing wholesale business?

Social media such as Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook will help you promote your online store, target your customers and increase your influence.

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Their ads can be used to promote your brand. It will also bring you more visitors. Data shows that Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest have a 9.21%, 3.5%, 1.5%, and 8.5% respectively.

Facebook’s 0.9% conversion rate is far better than Twitter’s.

Paid ads can be used to reach your clients. If they make a purchase you will earn the difference.

Instagram is a great platform for virtual marketing.

The data shows that the conversion rates of Facebook ads and Pinterest ads are 9.21%, 8.5% and 3.75% respectively.

These data are only benchmarks. You will see a vast difference in the performance of different companies.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Search engines are used to optimize search results.

If the search term is “Korean Wholesale Clothing Supplies”, most people will find a website that interests them within the first or second search results page.

You will be more likely to attract clients if your store ranks in these places.

Search engine marketing is the most effective.

Discounts on clothing are a great way to increase your conversion rate, especially during holidays.

Your clients will be regular customers and more likely to recommend your store’s services to others if they have a pleasant experience.

People love receiving gifts. Many wholesale suppliers and retailers offer giveaways to encourage consumption.

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There are many ways to give your giveaways a chance. For example, if they have bought four items you could offer one free.

It will be a hit with your clients and is a win-win situation. Clients get more products, and you get more clients.

Sponsored events and social gatherings can be a great way for your company to get more attention.

It is possible to sponsor local charities or provide scholarships for locals.

It is possible to think of it as spending money and time on advertising, which will result in awareness and orders.

This has the drawback that you might spend more on it than other methods and your customers are not as specific.

It is generally a low-conversion rate method that will increase awareness about your store in the area.

What Korean Clothing Wholesale Suppliers Offer Worldwide Free Shipping

These four websites offer free shipping worldwide:

  • Emmacloth.com
  • Alibaba.com
  • Lovelywholesale.com
  • Shein.com

Last Thoughts

The lower cost of time, money and almost all of the wholesale industry are driving shifts to online.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking to open an online store or a physical one, it is important to find the right wholesale suppliers.

The next step is to market, but that is another story.

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You can find more information on how to choose wholesale clothing suppliers if you are still having trouble finding the right wholesale supplier.