BigSpy vs PowerAdSpy What are the Differences?

Advertising marketing is an ever-changing field. Marketers must be able to keep up with the latest marketing information and study the strategies of their competitors if they want to succeed in this ever-changing field. Ad spy tools are essential for marketers to be able to analyze the competitive dynamics. There are many spy software options on the market. We compared ad inventory with advanced filtering methods and found 2 useful tools. These are PowerAdspy and BigSpy . Which one of these tools is better? Let’s compare.


PowerAdspy, a mature ad spy software for monitoring competitor’s ads, is available. Only a simple search is required to analyze and learn about the ads of your competitors. PowerAdspy is capable of monitoring up to 50M ads across 20 countries. It helps advertisers discover and use successful ads. PowerAdspy not only allows you to spy on competitors but also offers powerful search and filtering features that will allow you to quickly understand the market so that your affiliates can start making money immediately without any testing.


BigSpy can be used as a social ad-spy tool. He can access advertising data in 40 countries, 76 languages and 14 networks. BigSpy’s mission is to help more marketers get more revenue and provide the best materials for their users. BigSpy is able to help you overcome your current situation and open new markets. It is also a source for product inspiration. BigSpy analyzes billions ads from many angles, including creatives and ad copy. also tracks the user performance for each ad. BigSpy leverages big data analytics capabilities to assist advertisers in improving ad data performance across multiple dimensions, optimizing creatives, and increasing ROI.

Below is a quick overview of the tools. The three main aspects of the ad spy software that you need to be aware of are the total amount, filtering function and data analysis capabilities. Here is a detailed comparison of PowerAdspy vs BigSpy based on these three aspects.

Comparative advertising data volume


There are 50 million total ads
Crawling advertising data in 20 countries
Every day, add the latest 10K ads


1 billion advertising inventory
Analyse of advertising data from 40 countries
Explore 76 languages to find crawling creatives
Every day, Facebook adds 10K new ads to its channel

Comparative Analysis: BigSpy is tens to times larger than Poweradspy’s advertising data and BigSpy’s daily increase in revenue is greater.

Comparison of social media channels that are being monitored:

Poweradspy offers 4 main channels

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google
  • Youtube
  • Reddit
  • Quora

BigSpy offers 7 main channels

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • AdMob
  • Yahoo

Comparative Analysis: These two tools have similar main channels, with Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. BigSpy is more focused on social media channels than the other channels. PowerAdspy focuses more on Q & A channels.

Comparison of filtering and search functions

Poweradspy’s filtering and search functions are broken down into three modules.

Search Mode

  • keyword: keyword,domain,Advertiser,Text in image
  • Ad text: Search for content in comments
  • Likes:
  • Sort:
    • Sort by Newest
    • Sort by Running the Longest
    • Sort by Like
    • Sort by Comments
    • Sort by Share
    • Sort by View
  • Date:
    • Ad Seen Between
    • Post Date Between
    • Domain registration date

Filter Mod

  • CTA:
  • Country:20 Countries
  • Type of Ad:Image,video
  • Ad Position:News Feed,Side Column
  • Gender:Male,Female
  • Language: 50+ languages
  • Ages:6 age categories

Lander Properties Mode

  • Tracking tools:Voluum,AdsBridge,TrackingDesk,BeMob
  • Ecommerce:Shopify,WooCommerce,Magento
  • Funnel:
  • Source:Desktop, Android, IOS
  • Search by niche:15 categories(

BigSpy’s filtering and search functions are broken down into three modules.

Search for

  • Keyword search: Type keywords that are related to an advertisement
  • Keyword location search: advertising title, text, advertiser, landing page URL
  • Search for keywords exclusion: Enter excluded keywords
  • Keyword search by category: This will prompt the subdividing of these three categories (Game Ecom, APP).

There are 13 filtering methods . They are broken down into four types depending on the needs of different users. These are:

  • Basic:
    • Pages Categories: According to the industry, 50 page classifications are most commonly used
    • All Languages:76 languages
    • All Countries:40 countries
    • All Creatives:image,video,carousel
    • Device Types:IOS,Android,PC
  • Marketing:
    • Marketing Objectives:PPE,WC,COD,App Install and other
    • All CTA Types: All CTAs
    • ECommerce Softwares:Shopify,WooCommerce,Magento,PrestaShop,BigCommerce,OpenCart
  • Advanced:
    • Total likes:
    • Affiliate Networks:9 Affiliate networks
    • Affiliate:Inscribe an Affiliate ID or Offer ID
  • Date:
    • Today,7 days,30 days,90 days, Optional time
    • Only when it is created
  • Sorting 6 Sorting Methods
    • Sort by Last Seen
    • Sort by Created Time
    • Sort by Like
    • Sort by Comments
    • Sort by Share
    • Sort by Heat

Comparative Analysis: Although both PowerAdspy (and BigSpy) have very specific search and filtering functions, BigSpy’s filtering system is more practical. BigSpy offers a wider range of advertising countries, languages and creativity. It also has Affiliate, ECommerce, and ECommerce Softwares. It offers advertisers a greater variety of options in the app, game, and Ecom sectors. PowerAdspy is more flexible than BigSpy in that it allows you to screen for crawling ads and the gender and age. Users don’t need to know the source of the advertising.

Comparison of tracking and advertising analysis functions


PowerAdspy analyses each ad, and displays the details of each ad as the following:
Ad collection: You can save any ad that interests you
Ad time: Shows the start and ending times of the ad
social engagement: advertising likes, comments, share over time curve
Country: The country in which the audience is located
Age: The age distribution of the audience
gender: audience gender


Click on any search creative idea to see more information, including:
Analysis of Advertising:
Advertising classification: APP. Ecom. Game.
Ad duration: The start and end times of the ad
Advertising popularity and performance: Comments, likes, shares, and advertising popularity
Language description: 76 languages
Country where ads are served: forty countries
Advertising devices: IOS, Android, PC
Advertising creativity: image, video and carousel
Download Ad Creative: Click “Downland”, to download any creative
Advertising Tracking: Click on “Get Access” and track the performance of your ad over the past 7 and 30 days.

Landing pages: BIgSpy monitors the landing pages for every ad.

BigSpy audience analysis: BigSpy analyses the gender ratio, age division and country percentage of each audience in great detail.

Comparative Analysis: Both PowerAdspy (and BigSpy) provide basic information about advertisements such as the time and demographics of the audience, their country of residence, engagement with advertisement, and so on. BigSpy offers a more detailed analysis of advertising. BigSpy also allows you to download creatives and all competitors’ advertising pictures and videos. You can also track the demographic information of your competitors.
BigSpy’s advertising analysis does not stop at the idea, but also the copy. This helps advertisers choose the most effective ad text.

Compare the functions of your competitors:


PowerAdspy allows you to find competitor ads using a variety filtering options.


To view the entire collection of advertisements from any advertiser, you can also search for them on BigSpy. BigSpy also analyzed each advertisement’s advertising creativity, copywriting, audience, time spent advertising, and user reaction. We can compare all advertisements from the advertiser to assess their advertising strategy and identify advertising ideas that work.

Comparison of different usage methods


PowerAdspy will need to install the chrome extension in order for it to be used. The registration process can be complicated. You will need to enter personal information, such as your phone number.


BigSpy can be used online after opening the website. The registration process is very easy, just a mailbox.

Pricing comparison:


$ 49/month: Facebook search function
$ 99/month: Some Facebook and Instagram features
$ 149/month: Full functionality of all three channels
$ 249/month: Full functionality of all four channels
$ 299/month: Full functionality of all five channels
$ 349/month: Full functionality of all six channels


Register to get most functions for free
$ 9/month: Facebook and Instagram channels available
$ 99/month: All channels available
Two friends can use BigSpy together to receive the $ 99 function free of charge for a week

Conclusion: PowerAdspy and BigSpy are excellent spy tools. Comparing the tools shows that BigSpy is cheaper and has more functions than PowerAdspy.